Hi Chris:

Like you, I bought and just received an ONDA V701. Mine took 32 days (!) to arrive from China (bought from avoid like plague), and the box was beat to hell, but it seems to work fine ....with one exception.

That said, I like the tablet thus far, but a couple of things aren\'t flying right. One, it was advertised as having Adobe Flash ver. 11.1, but instead, mine came with 10.2. Yours? Not sure this matters, as Flash is going the way of the dodo-bird as far as Android goes.

My only real complaint thus far, and that despite trying everything I could find online, I cannot get NetFlix to work. This was/is one of the main reasons I bought it, as they advertised that it \"works with NetFlix\". I don\'t know whether it\'s the tablet, or the app that is the problem, but nonetheless, no love from NetFlix at this point.

I don\'t know if you are subscribed to Netflix, but if you are, I sure would like to know if it works for you on your V701, and if so, how did you get it going, and what settings are you\'re using to make it work? Appreciate hearing from you.

T. Bass
Applegate, Oregon
T. Bass - 2012-10-24 20:55:50

Sorry, I've been having a lot of problems with spammers spamming my comments with links for unsavory services, so I've disabled my comments. You could respond to me on twitter though.