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Sat 5/29/21 4:51pm # | tweet this

Worked/working on decluttering the basement today/this weekend. It is a never ending task I've been working on for 9 years. And likely, 9 more yet to come.

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Fri 5/28/21 8:20pm # | tweet this

I had to replace a toilet seat today. Why do they reinvent the toilet seat bolts every year?

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Thu 5/27/21 7:27pm # | tweet this

I'm trying to resist using Twitter as a conversational media. That ship sailed a long time ago, but in 2021 the more broadcast/less talk back/less like mode of usage has even taken hold of some of the older people I follow.

If I'm going to yell into the void, I might as well make my blog that void more.

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Sun 5/23/21 10:44am # | tweet this

Interesting academic type presentation on adult collectible action figure collecting

I know Scott has popularized the 80/20 kids/collector idea. But I'd be interested in more fact based data on that, as those numbers feel very anecdotal (and possibly 10 years out of date?)

My opinion. There are people who like acquisition, people who like the hunt , and some people who need both the acquisition and hunt.

It's this last group, this overlap, that the toy producers/sellers are targeting.

Perfect availability thru only online preorders would lose the hunters.

In-store only, no online, would cause those interested primarily in acquisition, to give up.

One thought on ebay. A subset of Hunters love ebay, because ebay is a medium for hunting and it satisfies non-price-conscious hunters by substituting outrageous prices for war driving multiple stores as the hunting barrier to overcome.

ebay also satisfies non-price-conscious acquirers from the hassle of hunting.

Also some acquirers and hunters will both set discounted prices as self imposed barriers to acquisitions and hunting wherein "winning" is predicated on acquisition/hunting of product below "regular" retail.

For many, the product is only "worth" collecting/acquiring if there are winners and losers.

If no losers, then no reason to play for some.

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