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Sat 12/29/18 3:48pm # | tweet this

Year end rambling

I haven't blogged much this year.

Reposting Instagram images has given me a little content on this blog though. And I've still done a handful of rants and essays, so it hasn't been a completely empty blog year, I suppose.

Twitter and Facebook still continue their slow death spirals.

I read a handful of people's Facebook posts once or twice a day. There are like 5% of the people I follow responsible for 95% of the posts that show up in my feed.

Twitter I spend far more time in than I actually get anything out of. Checking Twitter is the equivalent of having cable news on in the background at this point. For me, it's barely a social feed, and more a worse version of 10 year ago Google Reader at this point. I'd all but quit it, but there isn't a good alternative.

Instagram is the closest thing left to a real social network for me, but it's mostly about likes, and not so much about social conversation.

I added a 2nd low end 3d printer this past month. I'm enjoying occasionally running two at a time on different projects.

Action Figure collecting has been interesting. It's mostly about buying online now though. There is so much new product from Marvel and Star Wars lines especially that by the time the stuff shows up in brick and mortar stores, it's often being price reduced already online. Mattel lost the DC licence to Spin Master. Their new product starts in 2020. It'll be interesting to see what Mattel does with the license, if much of anything, in this last year they have left with it.

After years of one car, we got a second car a couple months ago. It was mostly so that I could get Quinn out of the house more during the week. I can still go a couple days without using a car generally, but it is nice to get more errands done during the week and not have to save them for the weekend, when Jenn is home.

My son getting potty trained this year has been a big change too, It's been nice not having to leave the house with so much diaper gear all the time. Like last year, I still miss him taking naps though.

VR, AR, and 360 photos have been disappointing technologies this past year and a half or so. It seems like little is on the horizon to replace or even compliment the dominance of the smartphone's scrolling and finger tapping anytime soon.

I still dig Amazon Echo and Google Home. Not too much new with them in the last year, but I continue to enjoy turning on and off lights, asking for news and weather, and getting quick answers to simple questions like movie releases and measurement conversions.

I've been keeping up with Adobe Creative Cloud, and have enjoyed a lot of their updates from this past fall. Adobe Rush in particular has been a nice addition.

I plan to get a little deeper into digital sculpting this coming year. I was almost ready to make the jump, $$$, to Zbrush, but I really like what I've seen so far with the new Blender 2.8 release. I think I'll play a bit with that for now.

2018 is finally the year I've had to declare defeat on binge watching tv shows. There's just too much to keep up with now, and more often than not, it feels like work watching everything rather than escapism. And with my son still to young for many of the shows I'm interested in, it's hard to find the time for as much of it as I'd otherwise want to watch. Too much good stuff to watch is a nice 1st world problem to have though.

I'm fairing a little better keeping up with movies, especially animated ones, that are ok for, and can hold my son's interest, in the theater. That's been cool, for us to be able to go to the movies with him this year.

I tend to hit a lot of the same beats with these posts the last couple years, but I think that's due to a lot of things being static. Good static overall though. If I don't post again until next year, have a happy New Year!

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