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Fri 11/23/18 2:28pm # | tweet this

The best people at so many things have online presences now that we’ve become pretty focussed on just those that show up on Google or Youtube’s first page of search results.

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Tue 11/13/18 1:56pm # | tweet this

Read an Article about Me1jer online grocery shopping/delivery being about 2% of sales.


Overall ecommerce compared to bricks and mortar is only a small multiple of that, so I imagine their ceiling in the next decade is probably about twice that.

Problem with food online/delivery, it's not additive. People do 3 meals and some snacks each day, but that number isnt going to increase.

Taco Bell tried to invent 4th meal, and Hobbits did 2nd breakfast but neither took hold.

So, if you cant create additional demand, that leaves you with profiting from price increases, increased productivity you dont pass on, or stealing market share from competitors or other segments

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Tue 11/13/18 1:55pm # | tweet this

Action figure collecting on the internet:

1. The most important thing is how fast can you get the newest Marvel Legends and take photos/videos of them.

2. The 2nd most important thing: is there a great deal on action figure pricing you can share? Or do you have a link to a new preorder that hasn't gone up yet.

3. Don't take photos of any action figures more than 3 or 4 years old, people obsessed with the latest figures don't care, and newer collectors just feel bad that they can't get those older figures outside of eBay inflated prices.

3a. The other reason not to take pictures of older figures: people will complain about the sculpts, paint, articulation not being up to current standards, and unavailability.

4. Aspects of hobby ranked:
1) newest figures
2) new reveals
3) poses
4) head swaps or effortless customs
5) toy photography with backgrounds/lighting
6) import figures
7) non-superhero or non-Star Wars Black figures
8) customs involving sculpt or paint
9) 3D printing customs
10) kids line figures
11) Pops, unless you are a Funko Pops collector then move this to 1.

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Mon 11/05/18 8:49am # | tweet this

"I want to be Mtv"

Some thoughts.

Twitter is still getting less social. More performative. People want lots of followers, likes and praise, but little conversation.

Many people used to escape their workday by having a freelance dream, then a start-up dream, but now it's all about being a Youtube/Social personality. The internet isn't for interacting with people, it's about broadcasting to large groups.

Thirty years ago it was: "I want my Mtv", now it's "I want to be Mtv".

And I get it, the workday world is so group driven now, it's being a tiny cog in some boss or corp's machine. It's about the group voice all day long, the evening and weekend is a time for one's own voice not to be drowned out. Broadcast to one's followers, cultivate one's image. Debate and discussion is something forced on people all day long, everything is, at best, a group decision or likely, someone elses' decision-- little room M-F for the individual.

So that's the observation, what's the point?

I'm not sure the point, it's why I don't blog much any more, noone is going to read and contribute to the conversation, not one on one or small group. That takes too much time away from cultivating one's own following, or working one's own way up the social internet ladder. And time is so very limited, I mean not really, but there's so much more one can do each year, it sure feels that way, and if it feels that way, for most people, that way it is.

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