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Sun 9/23/18 3:28pm # | tweet this

DC Universe App Service went live on Sept 12, 2018
Apple's big announcements this year: It's a $400 watch can detect a fall and heart problems. We are at peak "Apple for wealthy Grandparents"

Meanwhile Amazon announced a $60 Microwave that works with Alexa, so make of that what you will.

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Tue 9/04/18 12:01pm # | tweet this

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DC Universe streaming video/comics app starts on 9/15.

What's an hour of live action Titans cost? A million an episode, prob more than that? You could have many exclusive new monthly comics included for the price of one of those tv series. #DCUniverse

What I'd love to eventually see in @TheDCUniverse service

Actual in continuity monthly issues of:
-Wonder Woman
-Justice League
- and a DC Presents anthology, highlighting other different characters each issue

Basically one real ongoing comic a week included

It would tick off a lot of comic stores worse than the Walmart deal, but it would build the fanbase more in the long run and original comics would be a lot cheaper to produce than a live action video series.

y'know how DC has been doing all those weird realistic Hanna Barbera comics?

I want something like that someday focused on teenage or twenty something PJ Masks /1

Where do the PJ Masks get their powers? Who built that HQ and the vehicles? Who maintains that stuff?

Where does Romeo get all the money for his gadgets? The duplicating ray & a bar of gold, maybe? How?

What's the back story on Luna Girl, can she not come outside in the day? /2

What is a Ninjalino? A failed cloning program of some kind?

I need answers.

I've watched all of season 1 with my 3yo like 4 or 5 times already and these PJ mask questions haunt my subconscious /3 end

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