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Thu 7/22/18 12:11pm # | tweet this

I used to blog this sort of stuff

I haven't been blogging as much as I'd like to. Twitter and Instagarm have become a substitute for a daily blogging experience. I'll regret that years from now.

In an effort to capture some of that content on this blog here are Instagram photos from the beginning of the year until about the 3rd week in July.

I've captioned some of them, but not most.

Below: An articulated action figure I'm working on. A3dprinted suit body, An imaginext figure that's a homage to Fisher Price Adventure people I had as a kid. A Stormtrooper I made with MyDesktopHero and blew up to 6" from a miniature. Up North trip, A 3dprinted mini, A basics line Bane.

Below: Fireworks. Quinn pics, a 3dprinted pogostick, A 3dprinted wall, my cat, more wall, Quinn, A 3dprinted mini City on Edge of Forever dio for Harlan Elison's a death post.

Below: A 3Dprinted Element Dog I made and painted, A custom Jony Sorrow mask I made, a 3d print gone bad, zoo, Switch controllers printed, Pickerel Lake. Ant-man, the Wasp and a Basics Spidey. A custom Ebony Maw I started work on.

Below: Various, Some Power Pack figures I started work on. Watching a World Cup Game Live in VR. Suprised cat in a bag.

Below: Various. Some Star Wars 3dprints. A new head for a modern Cable figure.

Below: A custom 3dprinted figure head, evill bb unit, Superman Byrne rocket, best Star Wars merch tie-in ever, 3d printed Stormbreaker axe, chibi Deadpool.

Below: 3d printed Gaslands game pieces, various China photos.

Below: Big Wheel, 3dprinted Pokemon game tokens, 3dprinted Steven Colbert head, 3dprinted Rebels figures: Ezra and Chopper, 3d printed Collector figue

Below: Experiments in 3d printed Build-a-figure pieces

Below: 3dprinted Lego columns, Fwoosh guy head that I custom sculpted, Splatoon stuff, window blinds extender I made, castle tower, misc 3d printed figure stuff
Below: Ambush Bug sculpt I started, custom Dawg, Lego tape, Rom, Mini POP figure

Below: Photogramery Jawa test, Booster rocket for son's castle tower, Ghost Rider Johnny Blaze head, generic trooper heads, Duplo wheels, Echo riser, rough Imaginext style sculpt

Below: Luigi's Castle figs, paper figure stands, half birday cake for my wife, more figure stuff.

I want to hear your

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