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Sun 6/17/18 10:01am # | tweet this

Random Non-sequiters from the past month or so

Tr*mp, He's still in office, I mean seriously. Sigh.

Elon Musk, guy has gone off the rails.

Marvel Legends. So much product this year. Makes me wonder if they are dmping the license next year. Will be interesting to see what they show at SDCC.

Potholes, so many potholes in this state.

Google Home and Eero router have been flakey this month. Tech in the cloud, constant passive updates, proprietary solutions, depreciated home tech after only a few years. Meh.

E3, neat, more of the same though.

VR, wherefore art thou VR.

AR, seriously are you going to hold that iPad in front of your face like an old taking a picture of their granddaughter at the zoo circa 2012? A lot of people in tech have as their highest goal: automating everything possible and eliminating the need for people.

Automating is fine, it's that eliminating people mindset that is problematic.

The little red stick is no longer in the packs of cheese and crackers.

Solo was good.

Wife pulls out a Where's Waldo book, and explains to 3yo how it works.

She explains to him that Waldo is on every page.

3yo: I don't think he is.

I want to hear your

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