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November 2017

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Sun 11/26/17 4:38pm # | tweet this

Tree Up

Finished out the 4 Day Thanksgiving weekend by putting the tree up and doing a little Christmas decorating.

Had a lot of fun with Quinn. At 2.5 years old he was really into it this year.

Also got to play around with Adobe Premiere CC abit today. Filmed a time lapse of the tree going up. Video is up on Facebook. Never get near the views of videos on facebook as you get with Pictures, but the video was fun to play around with anyway.

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Sat 11/25/17 6:00pm # | tweet this

Random Non-Seqiters

New Computer

My desktop computer died a week ago. It was also partially resurrected. Despite that, I got a new Surface Pro 2017 i7. I'm impressed with the new machine so far.

While I've dabbled with Windows 10 on some of my secondary machines, this is the first time I've started using Windows 10, instead of Windows 7, full time, as my primary machine. I'm liking it so far too.

The 3D features in Win 10 are useful for some of my 3D printing activities. The Surface Pen is a delight to draw with. The form factor of the Surface makes Windows 10's, "Is it a tablet or desktop OS?", quirkiness make sense, in this Surface Pro package at least.

I have a little standing cart in the space between the kitchen and living room, so I can sneak some computer time in here and there while the toddler plays.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Also, subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud. I'm digging, digging into that, as well. While the broadstrokes of the core apps have changed little in the last 10 years, it's still a lot of fun to dig into all the newest and latest features too.

Pixel Buds

Jennifer, a short while ago, got the Google Pixel Buds for her Pixel. I got a chance to play with those. I think they'd be very interesting devices in an office environment. There is some feature duplication between the Smartbuds, and Smartwatch though. Two ways to pump the same notifications into your brain.

The buds would probably fair better at short replies and Assistant operations. Whereas, I imagine the watch would do better displaying/triaging notifications, unless you are very active in keeping up with EVERY notification in realtime, then points go to the buds on that too.

Too many Superhero shows

In the first third of Netflix's Punisher, might break on that for a bit and do some Runaways, but the CW/DC four show crossover is next week. Lots of media on the tights and capes front.

DC Unlimited?

Now that I have the Surface Pro, anytime DC wants to do a comics subscription service like Marvel Unlimited, I'd be down with that. Comics look even better on the larger Surface Pro screen than they did on my iPad 9.7" one.

Black Friday

Black Friday sales seemed unusually relentless and all encompassing this year. Lots and lots of stuff, from absolutely every place that sells anything, at very good prices. Are things that overpriced the rest of the year? Or are the companies somehow "making it up in volume?". All seems suspect, if you spend more than 5 minutes thinking too hard about it.

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Thu 11/16/17 11:20pm # | tweet this

Random Non-Sequiters

Twitter and the news have been really awful for a long while now.

If you look at things through those lenses, everything is bad.

Some people have some terrible situations too.

In my case though, everything is not bad, it really isn't, I just need to better focus on that fact.

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