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Sat 9/30/17 9:48pm # | tweet this

Random Non-Sequiters

Went to Best Buy today. They went through a reset since the last time I was there. Larger Amazon and Google mini-store sections. Smaller Samsung section.

Lot's of internet of things things. A surprising number of door locks and doorbells, I'm sure there are people who have use cases for those, I don't see myself getting either.

Best Buy also had 12" Marvel Legends and 6" Basic Justice League action figures. A couple aisles of traditional non-electronic toys actually.

There's not a lot at Best Buy really grabbing my attention at the moment. Store is layed out very nicely at present, but there aren't a lot of "must get" gadgets on my horizon.

Google has their big fall event next week. A mini Google Home leaked out last week. It's something I could see getting as a portable Home for the office or TV room.

There's also rumors of a stand alone Daydream VR headset. I could see that being of interest too. I have Gear VR and a Daydream already but both require use of my phone. I like the idea of something stand alone, especially if it supports multiple accounts. Something you could just pop on and use quickly, no fiddling with the phone required.

Elon Musk did a presentation a couple days ago on his plans for a rocket system for traveling to the moon, mars, and any point on Earth in 30 to 60 min. The presentation received less news attention than it should of in my opinion.

Upgraded to an Eero mesh networking wi-fi set-up recently. Very pleased with it. Much better than old router plus extender setup we had for past several years.

All for now.

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Sat 9/30/17 9:06pm # | tweet this

Another month, and again not much blogging. I'd like to get back to blogging more regularly, but haven't really made the time yet. Maybe soon.

Does anyone read this thing anyway?

Not that anyone has to, this has always been something I've done with my future self looking back in mind.

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Thu 9/07/17 4:50pm # | tweet this

People in their thirties to early forties desperately want to pass on their wisdom to those ten to fifteen years younger than them.

People in their early to mid-forties begin to get bitter and realize no one is listening and that for the most part that is a waste of time.

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