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Mon 6/19/17 4:19pm # | tweet this


My new Samsung S8 does not have swapable batteries. Most of the time this has been fine. I have a couple wireless charging pads around the house and it tops off nicely throughout the day, usually.

Every so often, once a week or so, I'll get toward the end of the day and I won't have been able to top it off periodically and I actually have to plug the S8 into a charger for an hour. That's fine too.

The interesting thing is, I still have my old Samsung S4 around, that I use for twitter and messaging, while the S8 is on the charger, I'll use the S4. I only turn on the S4 about once a week or so when I'm in that situation. You'd think, that would work great, but Android, or at least my S4, really doesn't like being off that long, because as each app starts it's background processes, the phone proceeds to notifying me about just about every notification since the last time I turned the S4 on, likely 5 or 6 days at least, even though I've used the same apps, and same accounts on the newer S8, just minutes before.

This constant notification buzzing of a weeks worth of notifications pretty much instantly hits the battery on the S4 from 100% down to 84% and is annoying as all get out while these notifications continually go off for 5 minutes straight.

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