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Sun 5/21/17 12:14am # | tweet this

Random Non-sequiters

This is starting to feel like the year I've stopped blogging. It's not really the case, it's just working out that way.

I still use Twitter a lot. It feels like most other people just use Twitter to talk about Trump, but there is still some other stuff on there.

Still a fair amount of toy talk, movie and tv talk and as mentioned above, lots of politics and Trump talk.

My Facebook posting has come down a lot this year too. I was mostly posting photos of the kid there. Now the kid photos usually get sent to the grandparents over SMS. There's still the occasional Facebook post, but I tend to post on Instagram and Twitter more.

Google killed Google Spaces, which Jenn and I used to send links back and forth with. We use Slack for links now.

I upgraded from a Samsung S4, to an S8 a month or so ago. Got the Gear VR and the DeX desktop dock for it. Digging both of those accessories. Really like the phone too.

VR is tricky to get the time to use. Best time for VR is after kid goes to bed, my eyes are often too tired to want to use it by then.

Google I/O was last week.

Interesting Google stuff announced at that event. The enhanced Google Home/Chromecast integration will probably be biggest thing for me.

Google Home based Voice Calling will probably be useful for calling a handful of people. Amazon Echo to Echo calling was announced a week ago too. We only know one other person with an Echo that we ever voice call though, so will probably use Google Home Calling more since it can call any phone.

"360 YouTube video" on Xbox One and other platforms, broadens the user base for VR video content beyond just people with VR headsets. It should help generate more content. That's cool.

And I'll be interested in the price point for the Google standalone, NO phone required, HTC Daydream VR headset.

S8 Gear VR is nice, but being able to just put a device on your head instantly without fiddling with putting a phone into it, would be convenient.

Jennifer got a Nintendo Switch a little while back. She has enjoyed Zelda Breath of the Wild on it. We have also played Mario Kart on it with peeps too. I love the mobile/tv dock form factor.

I ordered a couple pair of jeans on Amazon this weekend. I got some socks a week ago from there. Amazon is going to kill the local box store's Same Store Sales numbers over the coming years. Not replace them entirely, but eat into those sales enough that it's going to be painful for brick and mortar I think.

It's been exactly one year since we cut the cable cord. Haven't really missed it. Netflix, Hulu, and HBO have been more than enough. I also watch more on Youtube than all 3 of those other services combined.

It's been 2 years this month since I've been a stay at home Dad full time and 3 years since I quit my Art Director/Graphic Design job at Meijer. I wrote about the 1 and 2 year anniversaries of these events last year.

As to changes for the past year. Less naps now equals less time during the day for me. But my son is much more interactive, intentionally funny, and doesn't try to eat things he shouldn't or fall off of things as much now, so that's more fun too. The rolling 2 month sense of change are more like rolling 4 month changes now and are more gradual and less disruptive to my routine.

As to the 3 years out of the office, the biggest difference from last year to now, is that now, I've lost almost any sense of what day of the week it is. There are two days a week where my wife doesn't work and is home, but other than that, days of the week have little difference between eachother. This is not all negative, it is different than my previous sense of the passage of time though.

That's all for now.

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