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January 2017

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Sun 1/29/17 4:46pm # | tweet this


I found a sculpt on Shapeways appropriately sized for a Wrestling figure body, that I picked up cheap on eBay. a little dremeling of the head and figure neck to fit the head on, a little Super Sculpty in the neck and some acrylic paint, and I have a nice addition to my villain shelf.


Head on Shapeways.

WWE Basic Paul Heyman Figure at Amazon, you also may be able to find one cheaper on eBay.

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Fri 1/27/17 9:08pm # | tweet this

Action Figures

Some various action figures, new and old, I've posted pictures to Twitter over the last couple months.

Star Wars

A shore trooper I picked up at Walmart a little while ago, only one I've yet to see in a store.

Jyn Erso about to ambush a couple of Stormtroopers

Princess Leia I picked up from Amazon a couple days before Carrie Fisher died. :(

Director Krenic and a couple of Deathtroopers. Love the design of both.


A couple of Shield agents, flanking a Nick Fury head on a Suited DC Multiverse Joker body I picked up for cheap.

Was happy to learn the Ultimate Goblin right arm worked well with the Abomination Build a Figure wave pieces.

Finally was able to pick up a Karai not too long ago.

DC Superhero Girls Katana.

Movie Captain America in front of a Lootcrate metal Shield replica.

Spider-Gwen, Batgirl of Burnside, and Ms Marvel. 3 of the more successful 2014/2015 Superhero designs that really successfully targeted young women/cosplay culture as an audience. I'd also really like to get a Squirrel Girl figure added to this grouping.

Masters of the Universe Scorpia, a cheap pick-up from Black Friday when Matty Collector was having their Blowout sale, WWE Mutant Sting, a surprisingly good $12 figure, and an old Scorpion Spidey-villain figure.

My birthday falls under Scorpio, so these are fun for me because of that fact.


Amazon had some crazy good deals on the newer 6" Halo figures in December. Master Chief was $12 by himself, and the Covenant alien and vehicle were $12 together. Only Twelve bucks! Insane pricing for a 6" scale vehicle with such a nicely done figure.

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