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Sun 11/27/16 10:12pm # | tweet this

The state of the universes

Here's my thoughts on the Marvel and DC Comic Book Superhero Universes-- they feel like run-on-sentences and fan fiction at this point-- stick with me a minute.

Let's look at the Young Justice Cartoon. I like that. It's it's own parallel universe number. Earth-16. That works for me. It means I really don't have to pay any attention to the whole history of the characters and deal with the fact that these heroes have somehow been never aging teens since the 1960s. On this Earth-16 they haven't been around since the 1960s. The show is a tidy digestible amount of storytelling.

I like the CW DC TV shows too. They have their problems, but again, they exist in their own little universe apart from the comics and so far they are based around actors that are ageing in realtime.

Same thing with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, self-contained, all original actors all aging in realtime, so far, easy to follow and keep up with.

The comics? Some of these characters have had weekly or monthly stories that may or may not be in continuity (who knows?) going back 75 years or more. But the 75 year continuity isn't the only problem. It's the fact that in 75 years, these characters have only aged, at best, 10 years.

Plus in each universe there are 50+ books a month that all are supposedly occurring in the same universe, which really doesn't work as it's too much story (alien invasions, city destructions, world changing technology development, etc) that should be massively drifting the Comics Universe away from any recognizable similarity to our real universe, but that doesn't happen because in these universes, people forget most things that happen. There's a continual rolling retcon of forgetting major events, and you almost never explicitly know what is still in or out of continuity.

I still like the 60s thru 80s Marvel and DC, while a 20 to 25 year span of real time, it feels to me like it could be 10 to 15 years of story time. There's still too much that probably happened to Earth in even that many stories for them to really make sense as cohesive universes, but it's easier to wrap your head around. Post-Zero Hour, New 52, Rebirth, and whatever you call Marvel's never ending timeline. Too much.

It's just too unwieldy at this point. There are well done stories being made now, and interesting characters, but neither of the universes per se, and even if there is an interesting run on a book, the fact that these well done stories are in one of these non-functioning main DC/Marvel universes reveals it's frayed edges as soon as the character bumps up against something that changed out of left field in another book.


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Sat 11/19/16 9:38pm # | tweet this

Random Non-sequiters

We got a Google Home a little while ago. We received it a couple weeks after we got the Echo Dot 2.

Digging Google Home. Love the Chromecast TV integration. Looking forward to them doing more with that aspect. Still use the Echo Dot as well, both have their strengths. We tend to ask each to do different things. Voice computing is fun, and while you can do this sort of thing with your phone too, it is different to just ask things to the thin air of your home and get answers back. You'd have to play with it a couple days to really get the difference between this and your phone I think.

I'm pretty negative on the Facebook experience right now post-election. Twitter hasn't been much better really either. Culled people and feeds on both.

How cool is that CW DC TV crossover pic at the top of this post? I've fallen behind on these shows, but I am looking forward to this 4 night crossover in another week.

Got these Orion Labs Onyx communicators a little over a week ago. They are little Star Trek like communicators that pair with your phone. You can tap them like Star Trek and talk to whoever is wearing other ones in your group instantly, without calling them. They are pretty neat, but one of ours has had some battery difficulties out of the box, so we'll probably need to get that one replaced. They are also supposed to work with Amazon Alexa soon.

I've still been getting a fair number of 6" scale action figures, haven't been doing much with pics lately though. So above are some recent random pick-ups.

Got sick a couple weeks in a row, right after some leaf raking each time. Coincidence? maybe, but I really don't want to finish the rest of the leaves in backyard now, on the oft chance I fall to the same fate a third time. If weather stays like it is now though, I might not need to until spring anyway. From 70F yesterday, to snowing today.

All for now.

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Tue 11/01/16 2:51pm # | tweet this

Random Non-Sequiters

Even if two people have similar experiences, backgrounds and live similar day to day, that may not be enough for commonality if they interpret those things radically different from one another.

A productive argument, requires a shared framework of ideas for each party to stay inside or push up against.

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