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Sun 9/18/16 7:57pm # | tweet this

The Overworked American

Just finished this book. It's a fast read. 165 pages. You can skip the last 20. It was written in 1989-90. Even though it is 25 years old, it does a great researched job of explaining how we got the current employment landscape we have. Some of it's stories use some dated examples, but if you substitute in "iPhone" whenever you read "VCR" it still works just fine.

In the last 20 pages the author flails around quite a bit with prescriptive remedies to the previous 145 pages of "problems". These types of books often do that though. I think they want to leave on an optimistic up note. But hey the book is 25 years old, we already know how things turned out, and her solutions are bound to be a little unrealistic in hindsight.

The researched and historical stuff earlier is very good though. It's also cheap. A used edition will run you One Penny and $3.99 for shipping on Amazon right now, so do read it if the topic of the American workplace interests you.

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Sat 9/17/16 10:00pm # | tweet this

We tend to look back over our own lives & our parents lives and think certain things are just the way things have always been, more or less; but the last 150 years or so, there have been monumental changes every decade, and that seems likely to continue too.

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Sat 9/17/16 7:00pm # | tweet this

More Marvel Legends

Some recent movie Marvel Legends. The far right Bootleg Vision is the most interesting of note. There hasn't been an official Movie Vision yet, so for the cheap price this bootleg was on eBay, he's a real nice addition to the shelf.

A little tall, but not so much that a tiny bit of foreshortening, or just placing him in the second row doesn't take care of.

Nice figure.

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Sat 9/10/16 9:37pm # | tweet this

Action Figures

I stumbled across a Schlieich Hyena in Walmart today clearanced for $3.50. I immediately thought, that would go good with my Harley Quinn figure. And it did. I bought one, even though she has two, Bud and Lou ("Who's on first?"), but I figured I didn't necessarily need two, so I just got the one.

Which brings me to a moment of self reflection on my action figure collecting.

Originally, I just collected Green Lantern merchandise, not even action figures particularly, just random Green Lantern stuff of all kinds.

Around 2000-2002, DC and Marvel both started producing 6" action figure lines.

At first I got a Green Lantern. But then being a DC guy, I thought I would start to build out a small Justice League of America collection. When the Marvel figures came a year or two after the DC Direct line started, I bought a couple.

Originally my DC and Marvel collection goals didn't aspire much beyond The Justice League of America Issue #200 and the Marvel TSR Players Guide cover rosters of characters.

I'm long past completing those rosters. Long past (other than a Monica Rambeau Captain Marvel that's never been made.)

At this point there are times that I think I'm pretty much collecting an up-to-date Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe and DC Who's Who guide in 6" plastic.

It's kindof crazy at this point.

Someday, in the not too distant future, I figure really good 3D scanners and really good 3D printers will both be cheap enough, that I'll have the ability to scan various figure pieces and combine them into whatever obscure characters never get made.

And that might be the even crazier next phase.

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Sat 9/03/16 1:17pm # | tweet this

Let's Go Surfing

Sean Parkers streaming service will change movies, and theaters can't stop it | The Verge
source: theverge

This is from April, so maaybe it's not still happening. $150 for a box and $50 for a movie. Now that I have a small kid, I could see doing this as long as 3 or 4 friends wanted to come over and split the cost of the film, ala the way some people do Boxing matches.

Why bots are the new big thing, and what that means for ordering pizza | The Verge
source: theverge

Is Pizza really that hard to order? existing apps, telephone, it's not a difficult experience.

Driverless pods will run on Singapore's roads by end of the year
source: mashable

Above, what "Uber" and the real driverless car experience will be like.

Phone call study concludes we can only have five best friends
source: engadget

They found that their subjects had an average of 4 people in their closest circle, 11 in the next, 30 in their third layer and 129 in their outermost circle of friends.

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