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Sat 7/16/16 9:42pm # | tweet this

Who you gonna call?

The new All Girl Ghostbuster reboot is in theaters this weekend. I do want to see it, but not so much that I want to deal with the hoops my wife and I jump through to see a movie together in theater with a 16mo right now.

But I look forward to it streaming or on DVD.

I did pick up 2 figures, over the last month or two, Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon's characters. I like them on SNL.

The Bill Murray figure and Slimer I've had for awhile.

I think when I see a good deal, I'll pick up a Dan Akroyd figure. Then I'll have two new, and two old and a nice blended grouping.

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Sat 7/16/16 9:21pm # | tweet this

Pokemon Go

Jennifer has been playing Pokemon Go the last couple weeks. Interesting game. It's built by the same people who built Ingress that we played a couple years ago. It also uses Ingress's locations and photos. It's cool seeing some of the pictures I took for Ingress also showing up at Pokestops.

I'm not playing Pokemon myself though, since I don't get out too much during the day anyway. Jenn works downtown, so it's a great game for that environment.

I did pickup a Pokemon action figure recently though. Because of course I did :)

Above is the figure picture put through this cool iOS app: Prisma, from Prisma Labs. Very fun app, it mimics a lot of different art styles. Prisma isn't available yet on Android, but it should be by the end of this month, according to their site.

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Mon 7/04/16 4:40pm # | tweet this

Assimilating stuff

Right below this post, I went on and on a bit about my action figure clutter. Read that post first, and come back to this one.

So below, I talked about toys in my collection that sit in limbo. I'm going to talk a little more about other life stuff in limbo here.

Sixteen months ago my son Quinn (above at his new play table) was born. About 6 months earlier than that "stuff limbo" took on an even bigger presence in our life.

Planning for my son's arrival created it's own piles of displaced stuff, as what was once an extra bedroom needed to be transformed into a nursery. Things were bought, some put together and used immediately some bought in advance (a small potty chair sits in our bathroom right now, even though we aren't quite potty training yet.)

Once Quinn was born, there were items that were useful for a short time but quickly not needed any more (a saucer chair for example, no longer needed once Quinn started walking). Some of this stuff gets thrown out, given away, other things move into the basement, garage or attic. There's a lot of this rapid use and disuse of stuff this first year or two. Baby dresser drawers are constantly cleaned out, boxing up smaller sizes to be replaced by larger sizes for example.

There's also stuff that my wife and I used a lot more before our son, that the last year and half we've used less or not at all. Sewing Machines, 3D printers and other gadgets and gizmos that hopefully get turned on once a month now instead of the every other day or the once a week that they used too.

Books that get bought, but not read as fast as in the past, tend to pile up. Even mail that used to be dealt with quickly now sits a little longer in limbo spaces.

Spaces used for hobbies, pile up and collect more dust as they are used infrequently. There was even a point where I questioned the existence of our tv/video game den entirely because we spent most waking hours in the upstairs living room with the baby as it is nearer the kitchen and easier to keep baby proofed. A week would go by without even entering the TV room at times, as we watched things on the smaller upstairs tv, or on tablets at night exhausted in bed. Even less use of the tv den as my wife began to of necessity favor the practicality of a small Gameboy over the impossibility of regularly getting into a 2 hour session on a console game.

Every morning as I reach for a pair of jeans and one of a handful of t-shirts I wear, I look at my "work" clothes, I infrequently use now that I stay home with my son. They occupy most of my bedroom closet, and I wonder, is that the best use of that space? There are khakis in there I haven't worn for 2 years now. But where else to put them? Box them up to the basement?

And then there's the stuff that with a toddler, and routines still constantly in flux that we used in our previous no-kid life that we may or may not get back to using with the frequency that we used to, or in the case of some our gadgets and hobby things, might be obsolete before we do again.

Well -- who wants to take what rarer free time one does have with an active toddler that often decides not to nap at all -- who wants to take that extra time to figure out if the work khaki's should go into the basement or if one of a hundred other things from a previously differently paced life should be demoted to the garage or basement (and then what from the garage or basement should be given up on altogether and tossed?)

Sigh... This is why people start to fantasize about minimalist blogs or minimalist boards on Pinterest I think.

Life even when it's changes are expected, changes faster and differently than most people think it will. Dealing with all the stuff that's so easy to accumulate in suburban life that may or may not be needed now or in the future but was useful in the past, becomes a life skill in and of itself...

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Mon 7/04/16 3:53pm # | tweet this

Collecting Piles

I've always had the collecting gene. My father hads it, my mother has it. It may not be completely genetic (my brother doesn't have it) but there's probably a partial compulsion to collect things that is.

When I was younger it was comic books, and art books. When I was a kid, it was Star Wars and G.I. Joe toys. Even in my early 20s when I didn't have a lot of extra cash I focused just on Green Lantern stuff of all sorts.

Collecting takes up a lot of room and anyone who has or knows someone with such a hobby (compulsion) knows that.

Finished collections are manageable. That point where you sortof don't actively collect something any more but still have the items, those inactive collections are manageable. Finished or inactive collections get tucked away in basements, shelves, closets, or what have you and they sort of own the space they occupy and other objects and life route around them.

Active collections are another thing all together.

Active collections are slowly growing beasts. There are portions of an active ongoing collection that need space for quick access or display, and larger portions like the subsurface part of an iceberg that are hidden away occupying storage. Periodically, items that were in easy reach need to move into the archives to make way for new members of the collection favored for display. And just as periodically, items from the archives move back into easy reach and display as they come back into favor.

It's a never ending cycle.

For me there are active periods where I buy things faster than I finish being done with or store things.

For me the cluttering part of any collecting isn't the stuff on display, or the stuff in storage -- it's the stuff piled in limbo.

There is the new stuff and the older stuff pulled from storage that I haven't quite found a place to display (or chosen a currently displayed item to displace.) There are the new, displayed, or limbo items that haven't been recategorized and placed back into storage. There are several limbos scattered in my office, closets and basement: a corner of a table in my office (above) where there are piles of figures I have recently or plan to soon photograph. A bin of figures I haven't photographed or tinkered with yet. Figures I haven't even unboxed. Customs I have in progress but haven't finished. And figures that I'm sortof done with at the moment but haven't decided to display or store.

Some items in my collection can spend a lot of time in limbo.

And the limbo is the most cluttered part.

When things find their place, they rarely feel like clutter, when things haven't yet or are inbetween spaces, the clutter seems to take on a life of it's own.

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