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Fri 6/24/16 12:26pm # | tweet this


There's a certain sarcasm and negativity that comes from many characterized as Generation X. On it's best days it's a sarcasm and a negativity born of describing and targeting a problem or at least discouraging negative behavior by aiming countervailing negativity towards it's source.

I'm starting to think that younger generations are seeing that GenX style sarcasm and negativity the same way GenX viewed the Boomer and Greatest Generation's soft bigotry and racism.

"You just can't say that." and the like are being used in similar ways.

Call it Political Correctness or whatever you like, but like generations before, there are some tone shifts going on. And the shift gets stronger every year.

I wonder what the Millennials and GenZ will be told "they can't say" in another 10 or 15 years?

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Mon 6/20/16 11:09am # | tweet this

I think the term millennials will soon mean people born after 2000, not people who graduated after 2000 like it was originally defined.

Marketers love the word millennials, they ain't giving that up, just because the people it originally applied to will be 40 in 5 years.

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Sat 6/11/16 4:01pm # | tweet this

Let's Go Surfing

Twitter Adds Message Button So You'll Send More DMs | Re/code
source: recode

The only people I want to use twitter direct messages for are when I need to privately message someone that I don't know well enough to email, text or messenger a message too.

Google Calendar wants you to achieve your goals
source: engadget

Nice how it dynamically recalibrates the appointments. Great for people who live on their Google Calendar app all day.

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