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Thu 4/21/16 10:14am # | tweet this

Cardboard VR viewer given away in grocery store

Saw in store on 4/10. Free with a couple boxes of cereal.

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Thu 4/21/16 10:10am # | tweet this

Life-Size Batman Action Figure

Saw this earlier in the month at FYE. Quite huge, small head. Not sure why if you were going to spend that much money on something like this that you would go with the Arkham Video game version of the character. But it's interesting.

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Thu 4/21/16 10:07am # | tweet this

Hostess Sea Salt Caramel Cupcakes

These are a thing that exists and they are delicious.

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Thu 4/21/16 9:57am # | tweet this

Movie TMNT Casey Jones

Picked up this figure a few weeks ago, it's the upcoming TMNT 2 movie Casey Jones, he's played by Steven Amell (Arrow) and a cheap figure, so why not.

Wish the mask came off and there was a Steven Amell facesculpt on it, but it's a cheaper kids line, so not so much.

I prefer the younger Casey based on the current Nickelodeon CGI cartoon, but it's still a good pick-up. Along with Sportsmaster, and Jason Vorhees, I could probably set up a hockey mask corner of the action figure shelf if I wanted too.

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Tue 4/05/16 9:38am # | tweet this


My Grandparent's and Parent's generations largely let go of their superheroes and childhood stories. They were characters for childhood and when they became adults, they put them away or passed them down to their children.

My generation (X) did not. Like our parent's generation, we've attempted to pass these characters down as well, but we also don't want any of you younger people to change them, because we still view them as ours. Look but don't touch.

No where is this more evident than in comics, where people of my age or a little older attempt to circle characters back to an unchanging form they existed in during the mid 80s, a form that was itself mostly just a more polished version of the superheroes we inherited from our parents from their 60s childhoods.

My generation also fully established nostalgia as a never ending thing. Except now, Nostalgia has been repeating itself for 50 years and it's like xeroxing a xerox. Each copy of the copy becomes a little weaker in it's impact.

There's newer stuff out there. There's anime, that's a thing largely after Generation X. And video games. While we've tried to restart Pac-man and Frogger from our childhoods a half dozen times, it hasn't worked, and we know that nothing really got cool until Nintendo or Playstation or after and that's not something that was really our generation's stuff, so you can do what you want with that stuff, most of us don't really get it anyway.

But TV, Comics, and Movies, we're keeping that for us, at least for another 10 years or so. Sorry about the endless retreads and reboots, learn from our mistakes, when you finally pry our parent's IP, that we've been recopying endlessly and keeping on life support for 35 to 50 years, away from us, don't just take it over, break the cycle, make new stuff for your kids, and then let it go, and let them change it, or make it into new stuff if they want.

We really should have.

Now having said that, I'm going to go back to Twitter, where I'll have a serious argument about why Batman in the new movie shouldn't use guns, even though my Grandparent's Batman used guns, but because my parent's Batman and my Batman didn't use guns... well you know...

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Fri 4/01/16 11:44am # | tweet this

Microsoft Bot Framework

Looked a little at Microsoft's Bot Framework documentation.

Interesting stuff.

This is going to be pretty big in 5 years I think.

Looks tedious, although not too difficult, to develop.

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Fri 4/01/16 11:22am # | tweet this

Legends of Tomorrow

Last night's Legends of Tomorrow was one of the better episodes of the season. It was the one that opens with half the team left behind in 1958. I think the thing that worked is that they got off that ship for awhile and had some real character advancement outside the mission of the week happen for a change.

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