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Tue 2/16/16 12:38pm # | tweet this

Doctor Who

Above, a new Sarah Jane figure I finally found for cheap. Doctor Who 5" figures can be hard to get cheap, so Sarah had been on my list for quite a while.

The K-9 is a 3D printed version I made a couple years back.

Above a new Missy ("The Master") from the current Doctor Who series. Also picked her up cheap after a holiday pop-up toy store clearanced out some merch post-Christmas. Fun figure, and I like how well the purple tones go together with these 3 figures.

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Tue 2/16/16 12:38pm # | tweet this

Motorcycle Spidey

Completely random $5 eBay purchase of Spidey in motorcycle riding gear. The bike is from an old Wolverine Marvel Legends set.

Fun pick-up for that price.

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Tue 2/16/16 12:38pm # | tweet this

M.O.D.O.K. and Son

The larger MODOK is a Build-a-figure I've had for years now. When I saw this little Playmation/Amibo-type video game figure clearanced down to $3.74, I figured, MODOK needed someone to go fishing and play catch with.

Fun piece of plastic for the price.

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Tue 2/16/16 12:37pm # | tweet this


Another Superior Foes of Spider-man figure. This one I got thru a friend of mine who had bought an entire case and only wanted this figure for her included Build-a-figure piece.
Very Toyetic design, she's shown here with the years ago released overly armored male Beetle.

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Tue 2/16/16 12:37pm # | tweet this


Could not find my bad shoulders "Doop" Deadpool, I may have given it away years ago, but I picked up this one cheap on ebay. Lots of removeable weapons and a great sculpt that still holds up for an older figure.

Planning on seeing the movie this coming weekend. If it's half as good as it's marketing has been, it should be fun.

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Tue 2/16/16 12:36pm # | tweet this

Bootlego Scooby Doo

Imported Scooby Doo lego mini-figs, not as nice as the real thing, but a quick way to get the whole crew.

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Mon 2/08/16 9:37am # | tweet this

My hot take and slightly oversimplified thoughts on the hubbub around the Gloria Steinem chastising young women to vote for Hillary:

If you are an older woman, having a candidate that simply represents your demographic, 67 yo Hillary, seems very appealing to many, I'm sure. (not all, but many.)

If you are 20 to 30 something, you don't "identify" with either Hillary or Bernie on a personal level, so you look at their policies.

Bernie has better youth focused policies.

Many older women have been working a long time for women's equality and Hillary is their generation's "last shot" at the Presidency. That sucks for them when you think about it. When Hillary loses, so does their "last chance at bat".

Desperate people reach out in desperate ways.

But the thing is, other than protect Social Security and Medicare, there isn't much to offer a generation that is retired or retiring. That's oversimplified, there are other topics: Help keep consumer goods prices low. Maintain home values. Slow cultural change. Exercise parental desires to prescribe solutions for the younger generations based on the experience and fading memories of their youth. However, politics past a certain age, isn't very forward looking. Old Politics is about protecting what you've acquired. It looks back, more than it looks forward. (again, generalizations)

Bernie is an anomaly at his age, to be so long term focused on issues largely the contemporary of youth, but that's why younger voters are interested in him, his long term outlook/vision/direction matches theirs.

Hillary doesn't want to over promise, and wants to lower expectations and not dream too big. She wants to "protect the progress 'we' have achieved". She wants to sound pragmatic, grounded and reasonable to a fault. But that's not the mindset of a young person. And it shouldn't be. They don't have as much to protect yet, they're looking for help acquiring rights and financial security. They are looking to conquer and solve problems, and not just stay grounded and pragmatic and protect the status quo from ďgetting worseĒ.

Bernie has a shot. If young people come out to vote, if they ignore the Hillarys of the world saying they can't expect too much change. If people believe and act, change can happen. But it doesn't end with Bernie as President. Young people need to vote in mid-term elections, they need to vote in local elections. Young people need to put political and economic pressure on those against their interests. They shouldnít focus on going along with the flow and on winning later and taking their place at the top when they are 60. They should do what they can, now, make things better, now.

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Thu 2/04/16 10:25am # | tweet this

Social Media

Boy Iím tired of Facebook. Most of the time itís just like old 00ís bad email forwards and looks like ad ridden Myspace now. Sadly itís the only way to keep up with the going-ons of various extended family members and old acquaintances, so I check it, far more often than Iíd like.

Linkedin, Iím never comfortable being on. Linkedin is super shady. I donít trust itís apps on my phone because they just want to rape your contacts list. And there are otherwise honest people on there, I know and have worked with, with some downright misleading or at the very least, overly self-aggrandizing profiles. Like Facebook being the one stop for extended Family and secondary-plus circles of friends and acquaintances, Linkedin is the only game in town to keep track of old coworkers, so I begrudgingly keep a minimal profile on there.

Not much going on different with Twitter since they switched stars to hearts last July. Iím sure things will get different there once they roll out their new 140char to 10,000char expansion.

Instagram, the other Facebook social app, is ok, if you are into a picture primary low social environment.

Snapchat, at this time, I have no interest in cultivating and maintaining yet another following/follower list no matter how popular this gets with the youths.

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Mon 2/01/16 3:48pm # | tweet this

Captain America 2016 Wave: Whirlwind and Mockingbird

Was in Toys R Us this past weekend and saw the entire Captain America 2016 wave. Only bought these two figures, for now, at full price. Will keep a look out on some sales for many of the others.

Whirlwind plugs into several Marvel bad guy teams and rogues galleries. And Mockingbird as a founding member of the West Coast Avengers and current character on Marvel's Agents of SHIELD TV show is a long time coming.

While it would be nice to have Mockingbird's 1980s costume with the long flowing sleeves, this modern take is one of the better of Marvel's costume updates and the figure looks great.

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Mon 2/01/16 3:47pm # | tweet this

Super Adaptoid

This figure is one of those toys that works with a video console. I don't think this particular line is selling well though, because all the figures in a store by me were clearanced down to $3.74.

Super Adaptoid is pretty much Marvel's version of DC's Amazo. He can copy the powers of the Avengers. He's never been made into a Marvel Legend, and although his scale is more in keeping with a large 4" or small 5" figure, for $3.74, he's hard to pass up.

Even though he's a statue for the most part, his arms have should articulation and his upper torso moves a bit too.

this would be a great figure to get proper in the 6" Marvel Legends line as a Build-a-Figure.

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Mon 2/01/16 3:47pm # | tweet this


Picked up a Legend of Zelda, Link figure. Good articulation for a $10 toy. Nice addition to my small section of video game figures.

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