November 2015

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Sun 11/29/15 7:58pm # | tweet this

The Art of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

Artbook I picked up with the Amazon black Friday 30% off discount. Arrived today. I'm about 20% through it. Very beautifully put together book so far.

I'm enjoying the included marketing background stuff surrounding it's production and creation too.

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Tue 11/24/15 4:03pm # | tweet this

12th Doctor and Clara

Finally added the Capaldi Doctor and Clara to my Doctor Who collection. The Clara figure is a perfect likeness, and the Doctor is actually better in person than the photos suggest. He also has the red lining inside his coat.

This season he's been going a little more casual with a jacket over a hoodie and the sonic shades. If they do a second figure, I think I'd be likely to switch this one out.

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Tue 11/24/15 3:54pm # | tweet this

Felicity Smoak

I'm sortof a sucker for the civilian attired supporting characters since they don't make that many of them. Too bad she's 7" instead of 6" scale, but otherwise, she's a very nice figure. Goes good with Arrow on the shelf.

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Mon 11/23/15 8:32pm # | tweet this

1:12 Scale Desk and Chair

Cool 1:12 scale model desk I picked up on Amazon for $10 at the time. It was fun to assemble and didn't require any glue.

The desktop keyboard, monitor and keyboard are models I 3D printed from files found on Thingiverse.

Nice scale desk for Marvel Legends sized figures.

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Wed 11/11/15 4:34pm # | tweet this

Let's Go Surfing

The creator of the Fargo TV series is working on an X-Men show for FX | The Verge
source: theverge

Two X-men shows: Legion and Hellfire Club. The second especially could be interesting (although probably too racy for Network TV to do right). There's just too many superhero shows now though. They are watering down their audience pool.

Seth's Blog: Advertising's hidden design and its impact on our culture
source: sethgodin

The next wave that hits new forms of media, almost always, is the seduction of the direct marketer. That's because direct marketers always have plenty of money to invest in ads that pay for themselves. The thing is, though, that direct marketers don't care about the medium, they care about the response. As a result, there's a huge gulf, a tension between what the medium wants (a great podcast, a website with authority, a social network with character) and what the direct marketer wants (measurable click

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Mon 11/09/15 3:58pm # | tweet this

Don't refine your tastes to the point you can't enjoy a McDonalds' Cheeseburger.

Life is complicated enough, without making it difficult to enjoy simple things.

Apply the above recommendation to more than just hamburgers.

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Tue 11/03/15 10:03am # | tweet this

Random Hot Takes


There's a lot going around about streaming right now. Some of it precipitated by the new App centric Apple TV model. Every company is going to have it's own streaming app/service now, or so they think/hope.

Its just not rational that all of us in the content business sold our content to a distributor and have allowed that distributor to gain so much share and offer it without our brands. Discovery CEO David Zaslav

Nice enough quote, and you can even feel a little sympathetic to the channels that have this opinion. But are these channels "Brands"? Do you watch one Discovery channel show or one CBS show because you previously liked another on that network? Is a network a brand or a distributor? I'd argue that CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, etc. et al. None of these are brands, yes, they go through the branding motions and have the surface appearance of brands, but a consumer doesn't see them that way. The consumer just sees shows they like or don't like that happen to be on different networks. There is no affection for these networks, there is only affection for their shows.

People do not want to subscribe to a dozen tv distributors. At best people will subscribe to around 3 of them at $10 a month. Netflix, Hulu and HBO would probably be the leading 3 at the moment. The average person is unlikely to subscribe to many more than that unless they find a way to bundle themselves ala cable.

The networks do not seem to know if they are content creators or distributors? They think they are both, and in many ways they are still, but in the upcoming world, they are going to need to decide which side of the business, content creation or distribution is more important to them, because trying to split their attention and do both is not going to work out well for most of them.

In my opinion, most should focus on content creation and give up on distribution. Apple, Comcast, Netflix, these 3 companies will handle distribution and charging customers. The content creators, should look to make as few exclusive deals with as many of these sources as possible so that no single one becomes all powerful.

There's too much content already. People will look in a couple places for something in particular and if they don't find one show, they'll find something else that's easy to watch that doesn't require them to consider another purchase decision or subscription.

But the land of every "network" having their own app, is only going to work out for a small handful of "networks", the rest are going to need to get their content on as many platforms as possible if they want to get seen, and get paid.

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