October 2015

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The new Marvel Legend figure, the master of disguise, Chameleon comes with an alternate head of the mobster: Hammerhead. The Chameleon body is a little small for Hammerhead though, so I looked eBay and found a cheap Wrestling figure to use as Hammerhead's body. Wrestling figures are more 7" scale, Marvel Legend's are 6" scale but for Hammerhead, a larger body works well. Black and purple are common colors for Hammerhead so this wrestling body works fairly close to the depiction of the character in comics and animation. Normally Hammerhead wears a buttoned up tie and vest as well, but in this case, he's just a little more casual. I dremmeled the neck down a little and used some flesh colored sculpty. The wrestling figure was $5 including shipping, so all in all I'm happy with the solution to taking extra Hammerhead head and getting a bonus figure out of him.

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Photo(s) to 3D model
source: instructables

Google knows where youve been, and Your Timeline for Maps shows you | The Verge
source: theverge

In the months I've been using this feature, I really dig it. Is it a little creepy, sure, but it's also very helpful. since it tracks walking too, you can also get a sense of how much exercise you've been getting on any given day as well as scroll back and figure out exactly what day you did this or that.

A Large 3D Model Repository You Probably Havent Tried
source: fabbaloo

Dayin.la Turn on Chrome's auto translate.

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Author And YouTuber John Green Tells Advertisers To Stop Worrying About Eyeballs | TechCrunch
source: techcrunch

Here's my hot take. Advertising is good for one thing now: awareness. If you advertise people will know your product exists. You can not persuade any longer, you can not communicate more than one idea about your product, you can not convince someone to switch. You can just generate awareness that your product or service is a thing that exists.

People don't believe or trust anything else your advertising tells them. Because advertisers have been lying too long, and people see TOO MUCH advertising, too many lies or exaggerations. It's all slick, everything is the best, and people aren't buying the lines being fed to them anymore.

But advertising does let people know your product "EXISTS".

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Why America's Obsession With STEM Education Is Dangerous - Slashdot
source: science

I think the desire to push people in the direction of STEM, comes mostly from a desire to have more available labor in those areas so that STEM labor costs can be reduced.

The big issue is the automation that these engineers provide. A good engineering team can develop technology that makes thousands or tens of thousands of other jobs obsolete. The more good engineers, the more in theory you make obsolete.

The bigger issue, how do you redistribute wealth that comes not primarily from labor, but from processes and machines, created by those engineering teams?

Phone Scanner Stand
source: instructables

Saving and Spending Are the Same Thing | New Escapologist
source: newescapologist

As a point of lurid interest, refusing to buy anything may be anti-materialist but it is not anti-capitalist even if that’s your intention.

When you stop buying things but continue to earn money through work, your earnings continue to serve the capitalist machine. The bank in which you store your wealth “spends” your savings when they invest it. (That’s why the bank pays you interest: as a reward for letting them play with your money.) Perversely, saving and spending actually amount to the same thing so far as the economy is concerned.

But when you reduce your income as well as your spending, it actually does hurt the capitalist machine! If your motivation to engage in minimalism is to smash the system, you must remember to reduce your income as well as your spending. Thus, only Escapological minimalism, since it aims to reduce work as well as consumption, will genuinely throw a spanner in the works of capitalism.

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Grand Rapids Comic Con

This year was the third year of the Grand Rapids Comic Con.

2013, the con was held in a small school building/gymnasium. Social Media + great weather that weekend made that convention huge.

2014, the con moved to the larger Delta Plex and still couldn't accommodate the crowds of people.

This year the convention was held at Devos Hall in Downtown GR. I don't know the attendence for the weekend. But Saturday seemed fairly busy and Devos seemed large enough to accomadate the crowds on Saturday morning at least. We left before 1pm.

We all wore Lantern shirts, Jennifer a Red Lantern (Rage), myself in Green (Willpower) and Quinn as a White Lantern (life, the combination of all the colors). Read more if you'd like on the lore of the Green Lantern emotional spectrum. Jenn made Quinn's White Lantern onesie and has a short post on it on her blog

It wouldn't be a Con without two things: R2D2 and Stormtroopers. Above is Quinn checking out R2D2. He was most interested in R2's feet.

There were Stormtroopers as well, including the first time I saw someone dressed as a new Episode VII First Order Toooper. No picture, but the costume looked nice in person.

Above is us with our friend Dan at Comfort and Adam's booth.

Above, Quinn in an awesome handmade Green Lantern hat that our friend Corinne made for him. Corinne also had a table in Artist Alley at the the Con. and surprised us with the hat when we visited her.

It was a nice day out with Quinn and he had fun looking at all the people and things about. It was nice hanging out with our friend Dan who also went with us. It was nice for me seeing many different action figures and other new merchandise in person that I hadn't seen in stores yet. We were only there a few hours from 9:30am to 12:40 or so. I could have stayed longer, but this being Quinn's first outing of this sort, it seemed best not to push it too long :)

Hopefully the Con does well, we are looking forward to it again in 2016!

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Star Trek: Ships Only
source: observationdeck

IT feudalism: the surveillance state and wealth gaps / Boing Boing
source: boingboing

Why spy? Because it’s cheaper than playing fair. Our networks have given the edge to the elites, and unless we seize the means of information, we are headed for a long age of IT-powered feudalism, where property is the exclusive domain of the super-rich, where your surveillance-supercharged Internet of Things treats you as a tenant-farmer of your life, subject to a licence agreement instead of a constitution.

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Downton Funk - Neatorama
source: neatorama

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In the age of niche media, everyone still really wants to be mass | Gigaom
source: gigaom

“It just isn’t about anything in the way that the site’s founders and editorial people clearly want it to be. You can write a manifesto, and you can have some sort of goofy TV channel side-piece going on, and you’re still another site publishing people writing about news and politics and culture and sometimes sports. And in that, you’re joining every other website that publishes about news and politics and culture and sometimes sports.”

What Happens When Robots Can Do All the Jobs?
source: makeuseof

There are a few problems: Culturally we think the purpose of people is to do a job. Culturally people want to be valued more and have that expressed by being compensated more than the people around them.

Culturally we don't understand what the purpose for work is. Culturally we don't understand the concept of enough.

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I haven't link blogged since the middle of February 2015. I have a lot of catching up to do. Working through some old saved items in my RSS reader now.

Toy Fair 2015: Mezco One:12 Collective Judge Dredd Lawmaster Fly-By Video - ActionFigurePics.com
source: actionfigurepics

Very cool vehicle. Too pricey for me, but it'd be a cool custom to attmept someday, since I have a 1/12 Legendary Heroes Judge Dredd already.

Cursive Writing Is Obsolete; Schools Should Teach Programming Instead [Opinion]
source: makeuseof

This is an interesting topic. How much time should one spend learning cursive in this day and age? I'm glad I know it, I can't say I write in cursive much. Even by Highschool I was printing everything I wasn't required to do in cursive.

I remember in school you had to turn in papers in cursive or typed. With the prevelance of computers is that even a thing anymore? I guess I'll find out in a few years when my son goes to school.

Magnetic, wooden, puzzle photo block.
source: instructables

What a neat idea to do for the kid soon I think. Maybe not with magnets, but maybe with pictures on the front and back of 9 cubes with something narrow on the sides.

Make a 3D Aquarium Background - All
source: instructables

Great idea for actionfigure dioramas too.

DioDome: E.J. Worley | The Fwoosh
source: thefwoosh

Cool diorama stuff.

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Action Figures

There are 3 big shows a year where the majority of American action figures get announced. NY Toy Fair in Feb, San Diego Comic Con in the Summer and New York Comic Con in the Fall.

NYCC is going on now. Toyark.com has been doing excellent coverage and pics from the toy floor.

Lots of great Marvel and Star Wars 6" Figures coming over the next 6 months or so. Even a few new DC figures in 6" (a size they've been absent in for awhile) coming up soon too.

Livens up my Toy Twitter in anycase.

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Tue 10/06/15 2:10pm # | tweet this


Thundra is a pretty deep dive into the Marvel bag of characters. A bad guy, sortof sometimes good guy warrior who has traveled back in time from a future race of Amazon Warriors or some such situation, I really don't know. Go ahead read about her online and you still won't know what she's about.

Mostly I remember her from some old Thing Comics from when I was a kid.

Neat figure, even if she should be a little Big Barda style stockier. I bought her loose without her build-a-figure piece, cheap months ago on eBay and finally got her last week.

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