July 2015

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Fri 7/17/15 8:02pm # | tweet this

Movie Hawkeye

I believe there has been one movie Hawkeye made as part of a boxed set. This isn't that figure.

I got this figure on eBay, cheap. I doubt it was released in the United States. It has only 9 points of articulation: head, shoulders, elbows, legs, and knees. But it did come with a nice shoulder strap, bow and a quiver. The actor likeness is right-on too.

In anycase, even though it's not a true Marvel Legends figure, it works perfectly with them.

I would gladly get more figures of this type if they made more obscure unmade in Legends characters.

And Below is a shot of the the 7" scale DC Collectible Arrow figure with the 6" scale Hawkeye. There's a slight bit of forced perspective in play to make this shot work.

Good Stuff.

Jenn took some of these shots with me.

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Thu 7/09/15 8:32pm # | tweet this

The Rocketeer

Great 6" Figure from Funko. It also came with a Billy Campbell head, not pictured.

Really liked this movie and character when I was younger. Also a huge fan of Dave Stevens', his creator, art.

This figure was announced almost a year ago, it's the only figure in it's wave. Great sculpt, great detail and great addition to the shelf.

Below, Rocketeer shown with a couple of Justice Society members. He fits in nicely with that crew doesn't he?

And who wouldn't want to see a Rocketeer/Indianna Jones Team-up movie? I know I would.

I think these are probably the two most famous rocket packed heroes in comics?

Packaging is pretty much the same as Funko's Game of Thornes and Firefly figures

I had bought a custom cast head and rocket pack off of eBay and was in the middle of converting a Marvel Legend's AIM Soldier into a custom Rocketeer last year. In the middle of the project Funko announced they would be making an official 6" Rocketeer figure, so I stopped my custom. Since I've already got a couple other AIM soldiers, I'll need to find another project for this AIM body now.

Anyway, really fun figure. Hopefully this and the Firefly figures do well enough for Funko that they tackle some more figures in the 6" scale.

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Mon 7/06/15 8:36pm # | tweet this

Kid versions of Marvel Superheroes

I was reading a kids book to Quinn and found these two pages disturbing.

May Parker is Spider-Man's (sic) younger cousin and has the same abilities as the famous Spider-Man (sic).

They take some liberties in these preschool versions of Marvel's superheroes. May Parker is actually an the daughter of an alternate Earth Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson. Ok, maybe alternate Earths are a heavy concept for the toddler/preschool set, so even if I don't like the revision, I could probably let it slide.

Ususally, Bruce Banner is a shy young man who likes to study and do experiments. But when he gets excited by things like sunny days, weekends, and ice cream trucks, Bruce turns into the green playing machine known as the Hulk!

No. Bruce Banner doesn't change into the Hulk because he's excited about Ice Cream Trucks. Bruce Banner changes into the Hulk when you make him angry. You wouldn't like him when he's angry... etc. etc. That's the whole point of the Hulk. Hulk doesn't play. HULK SMASH!

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Mon 7/06/15 8:02pm # | tweet this


Picked up these on Amazon.

Neat Mini-Figs. Super-Man came with Wolverine hair and Spidey, Hulk and Supes came wtih guns.

Fun stuff.

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Fri 7/03/15 4:00pm # | tweet this


Picked up this nifty little action figure for cheap a few weeks ago. Many years ago, he was quite the little internet meme. I've had him on an Amazon Wishlist waiting for a cheap one forever.

When he was finally available recently for less than $10, I picked one up. Typically this meme character is depicted as being made from Amazon.co.jp boxes. The picture for the listing I bought (see right) also showed the Amazon logos but when he arrived, he was the logoless version shown above. Bummer.

It didn't seem worth the trouble of returning him. Perhaps I'll eventually make up some little Amazon Logo decals and add them to the figure myself.

Cute figure though.

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