June 2015

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Sun 6/14/15 7:43pm # | tweet this

Captain Malcolm Reynolds

Earlier in the week, picked up a Firefly Captain Mal off of Amazon. I'm happy with the figure. Funko has been doing a nice Job with it's 6" lines. Firefly is a surprising pick for them, since the show and movie aren't exactly current. But I'm not complaining.

Also in the wave: Kalee, Zoe, Wash, and Jayne. Which I may try to pick up if they clearance price them as some point.

Not yet made: Inara, River, Simon or Shepard.

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Sun 6/07/15 8:44pm # | tweet this

Random Non-Sequiters

I've not worked for Meijer for 13 months now. I've been a Dad for about 3.5 months too.

Both come with big changes to your relationship with time.

The biggest thing I think about not going into an outside office everyday, is just about every day is a t-shirt and jeans day, plus you eat out less and can use your kitchen more. We live near several parks and trails too, and those are great for midday walks.

The interesting Dad thing, beyond how great the little guy is, is how completely a little one does and can absorb every moment of your day. Except after 8pm when he goes to bed, then there's roughly 2 hours of time for you and your wife to do things. But even that 2 hours seems like a race against the clock before the inevitable onset of tiredness sets in. I would imagine that this changes a little with each passing month though.

I know the first month was largely just baby and sleep, and there was very little sleep. From the second month on we've been lucky and our little one has gradually slept more and more of the night to where at the moment, there is the semblance of a pretty normal feeling sleep and (albehit early) wake time.

I've spoken with various parents and the one thing I've noticed, the whole time/timeline/how-the-day-goes experience gets real mashed together and real fuzzy fast for most people I've spoken with. It seems like there is a heavy focus on the experience of what parentling is now-in-the-moment for people and the early months, like I said above get very fuzzy on details.


My lack of whelm on general tech stuff is becoming somewhat of a repeating refrain on this blog over the last year or so, but there's not a lot of really transformative things going on at the moment in my observation. You could maybe argue this point about [insert your interest here] but 2015 isn't really looking that much different from 2013 or 2012 from a tech standpoint.

There's an Apple WWDC event tomorrow, so maybe there will be something interesting there, but Google I/O was fairly flat last week, so I'm not expecting too much from Apple tomorrow either.


I've read Secret Wars up until #3 and various Convergence issues here or there. Secret Wars feels like it's written for the trade, the first 2 issues felt like Prologue, and it's only now in issue 3 that you can see some story start to take shape. Convergence was a mess, the concept of giving every book essentially the same plot: characters have been powerless for a year, dome over displaced city comes down, characters fight some other characters from another dome, was way too repetative. There were some nice standouts though: Noteably: Shazam, Blue Beetle, and Crime Syndicate.


I have a real hard time watching any of the News Networks or broadcast news shows now. They're just too bad and inaccuarate. Much better right now to read good print journalism on the web. I'm going to miss Jon Stewart's Daily Show when it ends in a few months, but for the most part it feels like he has nothing to parody any more any way. Flipping thru the channels today, I saw an advertisement for some 70s Game Show that CNN is going to have it's anchors participating in next week. I mean, what do you do with that? It's like when MTV slowly over time stopped playing videos, the news networks are going down the same path and slowly dropping any real reporting.

Back to the baby thing

I don't know how people managed with infants before smartphones and Netflix/Hulu/Apple TV. I really don't. Those devices/services are just amazing if you're holed up in the living room with a young baby all day.

Oh, and Facetime is just the best thing for letting family that's out of town visit with the baby too.


That's about it for the moment. I figured a week into June, I should probably add a post of some sort to the June 2015 page.

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