March 2015

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Wed 3/18/15 9:10am # | tweet this

There comes a point where every generation looks at the generation before them and collectively decides what they did wrong and that they will do things differently to achieve success, oblivious that the generation behind them will in ten years come to the same conclusion about them.

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Tue 3/10/15 11:01am # | tweet this

Mayday Parker Spider-girl

Week of new Marvel Legends continues, Jenn picked up a Mayday Parker Spider-girl.

This Spider-Girl is part of Marvel's late 90s/early 00s MC2 universe that basically aged their original character's in real time from the 60s. So in this Universe, you have a teenaged daughter of Peter Parker and Mary Jane that inherited her father's abilities.

It was a fun book, and had the sort of legacy connections you used to find in the DC Universe. Good stuff, fun figure.

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Mon 3/09/15 3:19pm # | tweet this

Today's Apple Event

The $1K to $10K Apple Watches are just marketing gimmicks. The $350 Apple Watch is still too pricey though. People don't spend that on phones. Phone subsidies make these watches much more pricey than the phones they are accessories too.

The case for a Smartwatch was made no better today by Apple than AndroidWear or Pebble did last year. If you don't need notifications at a glance, you won't find much use in a smartwatch of this type.

I think the Watch will have an iPad like life cycle. People will buy them, but hold onto them for 4 years. The watches will get lots of scratches, most of them will look beat up after a year. This will not help the premium image they are trying to project.

There was almost nothing new in the Apple Watch presentations. The drawing messages are a nice feature, but will be limited since you'll need to know that the recipient has and is wearing his/her Apple Watch to use it. Everything else they showed can be accomplished more or less by Android Wear or Pebble to a limited degree.

Neither Pebble or Android Wear have carved out more than a niche market, Apple Watch probably won't accelerate that market much.

HBO on Apple TV without a cable subscription was probably the biggest announcement of the day. That will effect how media is consumed and change the way people watch the next season of Game of Thrones. HBO Now marks the begining of Ala Carte Cable, just without the "cable".

The thin Macbook is a parody of itself at this point. Apple made a device so thin, it has only one port and a headphone jack. Interesting as a really expensive Chromebook, but as an everyday laptop/computer, it's just too thin to be practical.

Research Kit and Apple Pay show where Apple's current true passion lies, becoming middleware for more expensive transactions like healthcare and finance. They are losing their product focussed soul as they chase the illusion of being other industries private infrastructure. Sectors like Health Care, Finance and Entertainment will not allow Apple to be their exclusive middleware, those sectors will always try to cut out middlemen that aren't themselves. Those monster sectors didn't get to me be monsters by sharing profits "for nothing" with middlemen like Apple.

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Fri 3/06/15 11:34am # | tweet this

Carol Danvers Captain Marvel

Went by Meijer again this morning for a few things and they had restocked their Legends. I was able to pick up a Carol Danvers Captain Marvel this time.

I saw Scarlet Witch as well, but since I have the earlier one, I decided to wait for a good sale for her sometime in the future.

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Wed 3/04/15 5:22pm # | tweet this

Machine Man

Was at Meijer this morning picking up some groceries and they finally had some of the new Legends figures. I picked up Machine Man. Nice random character to add to the shelf.

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Mon 3/02/15 12:22pm # | tweet this


Was bummed about Spock.

Didn't care about that dress thing.

Read today that Google is going to "seperate" Streams, Photos and Hangouts out of Google+. That's a good thing on their part. It'll be easier to advertise all those things seperately than it will be to promote them together.

Saw the Samsung S6 event yesterday (or was it the day before? Time gets murky around here now). What a borring product launch. I'm going to get one though. My S4 is already due to be replaced. I love my Samsung Gear Smartwatch's built0in camera, and since the Gear only works with Samsung and no other smartwatches have cameras, looks like it's another 2 years of Samsung for me.

I'm excited about the S6's wireless charging. I loved the Wireless charging on my Palm Pre back in 2007, so it's nice 8 years later to get that functionality back. I'm not as thrilled about the non-changeable battery though. I'm a heavy phone user and my batteries tend to drop in capacity about a year and a half into the phone's life, so not being able to change the battery might become an issue somewhere around holiday 2016.

Not a lot of other news I've noticed recently. It'd be interesting if there were though, I've got time to consume news on my iPad with a baby in my other arm now, so now is the time for them to bring it.

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Mon 3/02/15 12:10pm # | tweet this

Just about at the end of Week 2 of Newborn month here at Casa la Karath.

Quinn is doing great. He has in general a 2 to 3 hour cycle, whereby he eats for about a half hour and then sleeps or is active for percentages of the remaining 1.5 to 2.5 hours of the cycle.

The cycles repeat all day long.

It's expected, but it's also interesting. It's the longest stretch I've been home, but not truly productive. Now of course we are productive. We do a lot of laundry, we try to keep up on the house and kitchen, there's more meals to do when noone leaves the house. Quinn requires around the clock attention at this stage. But it doesn't feel productive, not a lot of tinkering, making, programing or designing.

I'm about halfway through Cory Doctorow's Information Doesn't Want to Be Free. A good book, so far. I'd recommend it to anyone interested in working in the creative arts.

We're also 5 or 6 episodes into House of Cards Season 3 too. Not productive.

We've managed to keep up, sometimes a day or two off, with the Daily Show, the Nightly Show and some other random Netflix things here or there.

We're current on Flash and Arrow, although it helped that Flash didn't have an episode this week.

I've also managed to keep up with Twitter, Facebook and my Newsblur RSS feeds too.

Having the baby has slowed, but not stopped our ability to consume media. At the moment, our abilities to tinker, make, program or design are the more challenged things.

Looking forward to possibly seeing friends again this week, although our regular TV night probably won't happen. Quinn let's us watch things, but usually requires us to do it in random chunks of 30 to 20 minutes at a time still.

Our regular game night will still be out too. Those 30 to 20 minute time chunks don't let you get in to deep to to much.

But it'll be good to sit an chat a bit and hear tales of the outside world from live conversation instead of a social media stream.

None of this is complaining. All of this was expected, and it's a time period that will change and pass-- morphing into something different across the course of the next few months. It's just what I have to blog about at the moment.

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