February 2015

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Sat 2/28/15 10:11am # | tweet this

Quinn Oz Karath

February 18th, 2015, our son Quinn was born.

Jenn did fantastic, and everyone has been and is doing well.

Still not a lot of sleep for us yet.

It's quite the experience though, something I may do a longer post on, at some future date when I'm actually rested again.

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Mon 2/16/15 3:54pm # | tweet this

I could see Apple making a car

What else are they going to do with their money? Keep making phones and computers? Both of those are commodities. Apple needs to make something big, expensive and cool that they can sell at high margins.

Hasn't that always been what the auto industry see's it's product as?

Tesla has shown on a small scale that a new car company can be started.

With all of Apple's money in the bank, it's not a completely ridiculous idea.

Thing is, I don't think any amount of money or branding will make cars cool again for the masses. Not even Apple. Everyone likes cars, they are a still status symbols, sure. But it isn't the 50s or 60s any more.

They need something big again. The iWatch will be a nice business, but it's tablet big, not phone big. An iCar? Sure why not.

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Mon 2/16/15 1:15pm # | tweet this

Let's Go Surfing

Arti 1.0.0 free download
source: downloadcrew

Cool tiny app that shows you the width/height and aspect ratio of a folder full of images. Neat.

Cable TV viewing declined by more than 12 percent in January
source: gigaom

This is the problem with growing forms of entertainment and a desire to grow consumption of all those forms. It can't be done, since the day is still 24 hours in length and no technology looks to change that anytime soon.

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Sun 2/08/15 3:27pm # | tweet this

Let's Go Surfing

McDonald's Creates Worst Marketing Campaign in History of Marketing
source: motherjones

The marketing industry is too often, full of itself and trying too desperate to come up with "clever" things.

Internally the marketing process over emphasizes "clever" to a point to where they are really only speaking to themselves now.

It's not just internally motivated though, the external motivator is the promise of "going viral" the fabled promise that if your idea is clever enough, it becomes part of the culture and everyone else appropriates the idea and you get "FREE ADVERTISING" and "MINDSHARE" due to your clever idea's popularity.

It's a disease at this point that may never be cured.

15 Minutes of Fame? More Like 15 Seconds of Nanofame - NYTimes.com
source: nytimes

Still only 24 hours a day. The more content and subgroups you create, the more finely you slice that attention. I found the below 3 points from the article, interesting:
But as social media has splintered into ever tinier subcultures, the atomization of fame has only accelerated. There are simply too many microcelebs on too many platforms to keep track of. Microfame, in other words, has evolved into nanofame.

Nanofamers may be idolized by their million-plus followers, but they are often unknown to those on the outside.

“When there are lot of people making a public claim for their own importance, each gets a smaller bit.

‘This. Has People Clamoring for an Invite - NYTimes.com
source: nytimes

Now, “this” is a social network, This.cm, which allows users to post one link a day, with the intent of sifting through the Internet noise and focusing attention on a standout news article, blog post or podcast.
Too limiting. Would work better as a "this flag" that you could set on twitter and facebook guaranteeing that your followers would see that "one" important post.

Displaying figures using Ribba
source: ikeahackers

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Sun 2/08/15 12:08pm # | tweet this

Let's Go Surfing

New 3D Printer for Kids Uses Low Temperatures and Biodegradable Filament
source: solidsmack

Interesting. Melts at 80c instead of usual 200C

Here's a background tutorial...
source: giancarlovolpe


Every X-Man Ever - YouTube
source: youtube

Not really, but a pretty good history from 1963 to 2015.

The Internet Loves Simplify3D's All-in-One 3D Printing Software
source: solidsmack

I have had this for many many months now, and it's been very much worth it. Great software.

What's coming to Netflix in February and what's disappearing
source: mashable

2/11 Mr. Peabody and Sherman, 2/18 Earth to Echo, 2/21 RoboCop (new one), 2/27 House of Cards Series 3.

source: welcometobusinesstown

Modern parody of Richard Scary's Busy Town.

Folding Bunk Bed
source: swiss-miss

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Thu 2/05/15 2:54pm # | tweet this

Junior Superheroes

Two pick-ups this week.

First up, Damian Wayne (Robin) show here with the other angry Robin, Jason Todd - The Red Hood. Damian is inspired by the recent Son of Batman animated DVD, and it's a nice version of the character. I like his hood and his sword. He's a great scale and sculpt as befits the 10 year old Bat-sidekick and heir. I got him in a nice sale on Amazon for pretty cheap last week.

Second up, Miles Morales the 14 year old from the Ultimate Universe who also gets bitten by a radioactive spider and gets powers similar to Peter Parker (who was killed in the Ultimate Marvel Universe.)

There had been a previous Miles Morales Spider-man action figure, and I have that one shown below. Which one looks like a 14 year old boy to you?

Yeah, the new one on the right does. The figure on the left is from an Amazing Spider-man line from a year or two back. It was a nice figure, but this new one is a much better body type take on a barely teen hero.

I found the Miles Morales figure at Toys R Us. I wasn't even aware of it until I saw it on the pegs. Toys R Us had it for $6.99 which is a great price. It only has 5 points of articulation. But standing posed on a shelf, he works great with 6" Marvel Legends. At right above, Target has the exact same Spidey-figures, in different packaging, but for $2 more with some pack-ins of dubious play value. The Target figures are $9.99. Probably not worth the extra $2 for those "web slinging action" pack-ins.

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Thu 2/05/15 9:23am # | tweet this

Let's Go Surfing

Vixen Animated Series Coming to CWSeed
source: actionfigureinsider

Cool. An animated show in the same universe as the Live Action.

REMEMBER 1990 - YouTube
source: youtube

Wait, What, I'm a Millennial?
source: nytimes

Nice article. Personally I think people born 1977-1982 are "Gen Y" and Millennials are a different group, born roughly 1983-1996. Like any artificial grouping like this people can identify with stereotypical qualities of either depending on their individual circumstances.

Staples is buying Office Depot in a $6.3 billion deal
source: theverge

Best Buy is the last Tech chain. Barnes and Noble the last Book Superstore. Now Staples may be the last office supply chain.

Best Buy and Barnes and Noble aren't doing well though.

Growth is the problem. Neither are "growing" markets. So they consolidate competition to have simulated short term growth from the merger. But combining two companies serving shrinking markets, will not produce one company with a growing market.

It's not enough in our current system to be profitable. You have to have year over year growth. There's no incentive, in the current mindset, for investors to invest in any business that doesn't do that.

It's a bummer, though, profitability should be enough.

The Galaxy S6 will bring change to the entire mobile industry
source: theverge

I'm currently waiting for the S6 to replace my S4. But with that curved screen, I don't know if that's something I want.

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Mon 2/02/15 4:27pm # | tweet this

Interoperability - what a bright idea.

Discovered that the $15 GE Link Lights at Home Depot work with the Hue Basestation and app.

The GE Link Lights don't have colors, they are white only, but they are dimmable.

Anyway, I have one in a ceiling light right now and I will probably add a couple more to some hall lights that would be nice to turn on/off from the phone, but that aren't worth spending $60 for more actual Hue Lights.

It's neat when different companies make their products work together.

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