November 2014

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Sat 11/29/14 7:35pm # | tweet this


A friend of mine is currently wearing a bracer for a problem with his wrist. He commented that it was like a Batman gauntlet, so I made up some gauntlet spikes on the 3D printer to slide over the velcro straps, and now it really is like a Batman gauntlet.

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Let's Go Surfing

Compression Shelf Room Divider
source: Instructables

Google Cardboard app immerses you in a Paul McCartney concert
source: Engadget

Some things fly under the radar, but later turn out to be a big deal. This is one of those things.

Superheroes don't exist to solve problems, they exist to punch bad guys
source: theverge

Yes, yes they do because those who fail to learn the lessons of Superman IV are destined to repeat them.

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Let's Go Surfing

Interview: Kyle T. Webster
source: Business of Illustration

Seth's Blog: Organizing for growth
source: Seth Godin

Interesting. But very quickly you see the guy isn't a painter any more.

Even With The Novel Sprout, HP Just Cant Win | TechCrunch
source: Techcrunch

Imagine if Apple had announced the Sprout. The media would be going bonkers. Word about it would be on every evening news program. Fanboys would be beside themselves, crying out that Apple is finally doing Steve Jobs justice.

Micro Raspberry-Pi arcade cabinet
source: Instructables


Styling And Animating SVGs With CSS
source: Smashing Magazine

Very clear, easy to read overview of creating and using SVGs for the web.

Amazon just surprised everyone with a crazy speaker that talks to you
source: The Verge

Very interesting device. Haven't tried it yet, and still not really sure about another device always listening in the home (beyond the smartphones, tablets and XBOX One that are listening already.) But it is neat.

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Grand Rapids Comic Con 2014

Jenn and I went to Grand Rapids Comic Con at the Deltaplex today. Technically it's the 2nd year of this con, but arguably I'd say it's the first. Last year the con was in the terribly small Home School Building in Wyoming. this year it's a proper-sized con, and could already use an even larger venue I think.

Adam and Comfort were guest of the show and had a very impressive booth. It was great getting to chat with them. It's also great that they move back to GR next week!

We also saw Corinne in her booth. Corinne has a great illustration style you can see a lot of her work on her deviantArt page.

There were the ususal booths of comics and action figures etc. But a couple booths stood out. There was a very cool custom miniatures gaming booth being set-up. I wish I took more pictures of it later in the day when it was completely set.

I loved this Ruppits Hand Crafted Puppets booth.

I mean look at that Flash puppet? How cool?

I also really liked this custom comic box/shelf by a company called Epic Loot Furniture. Looks like they do gaming tables and such also, really nice stuff. Their website says they are based in Grand Rapids, MI. One of the guys I spoke with in the booth had a Green Lantern tatoo, so you probably can't go wrong there.

Legos! Look at that classic "Benny" style spaceport on the right side! Wish I got a clearer picture. Really neat set-up.

They also had the droids we were looking for. This Chopper from the new Rebels cartoon was fantastic. I also really liked those booth background panels. Might be a great idea for the garage.

They also had Batmobiles, classic...

and Tumbler!

They also had a Starship Horizons simulator. Which is a very interesting multi-device-screen app that allows a group of people in one room to command a starship, with each person manning a different station.

I didn't try it, but it's something that I want to try to do in my TV room with a group someday.

Console Gaming...

The concessions were reasonably priced for this type of event too.

I didn't get much in the way of toys... just 2 obscure 6" scale figures for cheap, and a $5 Green Lantern Lego figure with power ring piece :)

There were lots of great toy booths though, but at this point it's hard to find 6-inch scale figures I don't already have. Still fun to look though.

Overall, a great con, and a great addition to Grand Rapid's geek scene.

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Random Blogging

We got our first big snowfall of the season yesterday. And this morning, I got up early this morning and shoveled the drive before Jennifer had to go to work.

This is one of those posts where I want to write something on the blog, but I don't have anything much in particular to say.

I'm currently typing this post in the desktop version of the Hemingway editor. It's a neat app I bought awhile ago that helps you keep your writing clean. It discourages hard to read sentences, adverbs and complicated phrases. It also flags use of the passive voice.

I played around yesterday with a nifty drawing app called Mischief. It's an invinite canvas app, you can draw in any direction and the canvas expands as you need it too. They have a free version and a paid version with layers for $25.

I also continue to play with Manga Studio. It is a delightful program for drawing and not bad for notetaking either. Basically, it works well for any and all "virtual" paper needs.

I've been using Google's Inbox instead of Gmail about half the time. Inbox can monitor incoming mail in a smaller window than Gmail proper. I still prefer Gmail most of the time beyond that use though.

I looked through some of the major retailer's Black Friday ads this week. I didn't see anything much that interested me. There wasn't anything worth leaving a Thanksgiving dinner with friends and family for. A lot of the prices didn't seem that different from other good sales throughout the year. I'm sure people will still go nuts with the early shopping again though.

All for now.

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Odds and Ends

I haven't blogged much the last couple weeks so here's a mishmash post of stuff.

This past Tuesday was Election Day. Unfortuanately election day didn't go so well this year. Hopefully the results in 2016 suck less.

Got a nice 6" Darth Vader figure as a birthday gift. Not too long ago I finally picked up a Bobba Fett. I also got a Storm Trooper as a gift. The force was strong with this year's birthday.

I've got a few Storm Trooper now, which is pretty neat. They're the kind of figure that looks cooler in groups.

I built a color copy/foamcore display box for some of the Star Wars figures to go on my action figure shelf.

I'm pretty happy with it how it came out for a quick project.

I also built a larger box for some of my Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Figures.

Another quick project, a tiny working 3D printed fairy door placed in a small hole in the moulding of one of the walls of the house. Our tiny "Littles" should appreciate it.

Easy quick custom to make a Henry Morgan "Forever" action figure. (Movie Reed Richards head, Movie Prof X body, ML Bruce Banner lab coat.)

Friend Dan brought over a Lord of the Rings Card Game last week for us to play. Cool game mechanics.

Bit by bit, Jenn and I have been working on the Baby's room too, including shortening some drapes this weekend.

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Let's Go Surfing

The Greatest American Jedi
source: Neatorama

Pivoting FOTO lamp
source: IKEA Hackers

I've fallen, and I can't get up! on Vimeo
source: Vimeo

Neat CGI video.

The Lost Art Of The Mini-Comic
source: Bleeding Cool

Old School vs. New School
source: Neatorama

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