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Fri 8/31/12 11:02pm # | tweet this

Using SVGs

I was reading this article online about SVGs and started wondering why I don't do more SVG images. I do very much like Illustrator. I should start doing more SVG images I think.


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Fri 8/31/12 6:17pm # | tweet this

Artemis Starship Simulator

6 different networked computer stations simulating a starship bridge.

Very amusing awesome entertaining video. Give it a watch, it's great.

Apparently, you can download this and set it up at home too.

Imagine multiple stations of the this networked across the world with skype built in too. You could have your own Battle of Wolf 359.

Artemis - Game download page.

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Fri 8/31/12 4:37pm # | tweet this

Hanna Barbera Figures

More toys in the mail. interesting Jazware figures Hong Kong Fooey is 6" scale, the others are 4" scale.

Scale is all over the place though, which is too bad since while their articulation isn't good, they're not terrible given how cheap they were.

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Tue 8/28/12 9:01pm # | tweet this

White Bud World.

Hear what you want to hear. Watch what you want to watch. Read what you want to read. See what you want to see.

Feel what you want to feel. Believe what you want to believe.

Don't mind me, I'll be rocking to my own white bud world too.

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Sun 8/26/12 9:29pm # | tweet this

Let's Go Surfing

Reconnect Project Spurs Creativity with Online Blackout
source: Mashable!

Turn off the internet for a day and "participate in the real world". Um no. Actually Online is part of the real world now, it's not a separate thing any more.

So Who Killed Ralph Dibny Anyway?
source: Bleeding Cool

Who wrote Ralph Dibny's death?

Curiosity Hot Wheels "car"
source: dean trippe | moonbase a

If I can find one of these in store, I'll probably get one. Coming in September.

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Sun 8/26/12 8:05pm # | tweet this

Let's Go Surfing

Star Wars 1313 concept art and developer's video
source: Super Punch

Star Wars meets Bladerunner.

COPS The Skyrim Edition [Video]
source: the How-To Geek

Like the ancient Star Wars Troops parody, but, like for Skyrim.

All the Planets to Scale [Infographic]
source: the How-To Geek

Picture is missing poor Pluto, but nice minimalism other than that.

Separate Mobile Website Vs. Responsive Website // Presidential Smackdown Edition
source: Smashing Magazine Feed

Strikingly similar site designs.

source: One Thing Well

Really nice Javascript for grabbing tweets.

Alternate Dark Knight Endings Rise to Animated Parody [VIDEO]
source: Mashable!

How it Should Have Ended... Dark Knight Rises:

Improvised Pudding Spoon
source: Instructables: exploring - featured

That's a fantastic idea.

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Sun 8/26/12 7:07pm # | tweet this

Dialing and Clicking

We don't dial phones any more, but many still use the dial word.

If you have a tablet, you probably tap links instead of clicking them. Will we adopt the tap verb? Or will people call it clicking even though they are tapping?

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Sun 8/26/12 7:02pm # | tweet this

Keyboard Light

Went up to the drugstore on the corner to get some hamburger buns. Saw a nifty little $5 LED desk lamp. It's perfect for lighting my keyboard when the room lights are off during Jennifer's gaming sessions.

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Sun 8/26/12 4:58pm # | tweet this

Let's Go Surfing

Get your Android Phone Notifications on your desktop.
source: C|net

Pretty cool Anroid/Windows app combination. Once you install both parts, your Android phone notifications will pop up on your PC. Plus you can respond to text messages right from your PC too. This is Internal Wi-Fi, so no cloud service, ie: this is only going to work when you are on the network you set it up on.

Great for when you have your phone on it's charger in another room and you're working on your computer.

Rogers and Stark 2012
source: RIPT Apparel

Nice. "Avenge America".

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Sun 8/26/12 3:19pm # | tweet this

Walk through Palmer Park

Jennifer has been gaming and I've been playing around with some code all day, So we took a walk through Palmer Park around 2pm. It was a little hot, but not too bad.

At least we got outside abit this afternoon.

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Sat 8/25/12 10:23pm # | tweet this

The Moon and Mars

We should go there. Permanently. There should be bases and colonies on both right now.


Because we can. Isn't colonizing new worlds something humanity should aspire to?

How depressing is it, that as a species we're just staying here on this one rock orbiting the sun?

It's been 40 years, a few months shy of my entire life, since man walked on another world, what did we do in the mean time that we couldn't still have achieved while also putting colonies or at least permanent research stations on Mars and the Moon?

How inspiring would it be to look up into the night time sky and know that there were people out there, not just the few people we have floating in a tin can spacestation around the earth, but to look up and know that there were people on other worlds.

How depressing, no matter how nifty, that we only send RC cars and satellites out there instead of men now.

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Sat 8/25/12 8:49am # | tweet this

What could you make it show?

I saw this article on a tech blog about the Amazon Kindle. In the Article, they had this little amazon box robot toy climbing on an eReader.

I thought the little box robot looked cute, so I searched for it on Amazon to see if it was a $5 little action figure or something.

Turns out the little toy robot is quite pricey.

No matter really, but then I started seeing the little Amazon Box Robot show up in the Amazon Stalker Banner ads that advertise at you things that you've recently viewed on their site. The self refrentialness of this amused me, and got me thinking, I wonder what you can get Amazon to show you on one of their banner ads that might be more amusing.

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Sat 8/25/12 1:10am # | tweet this

Let's Go Surfing

Best Buy a bad buy for investors
source: Boing Boing

Love this photo.

David Carr on the Decline of Magazines
source: Daring Fireball

They do feel like they will become more and more a novelty. While some tightly curated narrowcasted publications will probably continue to serve certain audiences, the mass market general purpose volume certainly seems like it's days will be numbered.

Double Robotics Gives the iPad a Segway to Ride Into (Video)
source: Tablet News

Very very cool. Some very interesting possibilities with something like this.

Why Im No Longer Buying Games On Steam [Opinion]
source: MakeUseOf.com

One really doesn't "buy" something with a system like this.

Plush Mass Effect
source: Super Punch

Very cute.

Pocket-Dungeons: 3D Print Your Own Dungeon Crawling Adventure
source: the How-To Geek

Very cool use of a 3D printer.

source: One Thing Well

This Strapdown.js is very cool. You can type an entire page in markdown and include the javascript at the end and your markdown will be transformed into html. Very very cool. (Learn about markdown syntax here)

DIY Replay Arcade Brings Back Memories of Coin-Up Entertainment
source: Unplggd

Neat custom arcade machine.

Flipboard Next?
source: Daring Fireball

I'm going to guess that they cut them off on a holiday weekend like Labor Day or something.

Star Wars Detours
source: Super Punch

Kindof like Robot Chicken for Star Wars.

New Space Ghost action figure by Jazzwares
source: Super Punch

I really want this Blip to go with my Gleek.

How The Internet Is Killing The Family Recipe
source: Big Think

Oh internets is there anything you can't disrupt?

Is a federated Twitter even possible?
source: Marco.org

You could have something good enough.

Boutique Comic Shop Panel-Style Displays Pop Off the Page
source: WebUrbanist

Cool comic boutique.

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Tue 8/21/12 7:32pm # | tweet this

A declaration of twitter follower independence.

When in the course of internet events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political tweets which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the web, the seperate and equal status updates to which the laws of TCP and HTTP entitle them a decent reply to the opinions of twitter kind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to post to the nation.

We hold these tweets to be self-evident that all tweeps are created equal and that they are endowed by their creators with certain unalienable [rt]s, that among these are Drink pics, is it friday yet? and comments in the pursuit of hapiness-- That to secure these tweets, accounts are instituted among men, deriving their just posts from the consent of the followers-- That whenever any tweeter becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the tweeple to alter or add said person to their block list. Cleansing the stream and laying the foundation for better twitter lists that will most likely effect their sanity and happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that tweeters long followed should not be dropped for light and transient updates; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while annoying tweets are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the followers to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same topic evinces a pattern to place one under absolute frustration, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such followers, and to add new tweeple for their future sanity-- Such has been the patient sufferance of these tweeple; and such is now the necessity which constrains them to alter their follow lists. The timeline of the present status feed is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having direct messaged these purveors of absolute tyranny over the followers. To prove this, let the 140 characters be read from the stream.

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Sun 8/19/12 9:29pm # | tweet this

Are we there yet?

Sometimes I just keep looking at Flipboard and Google Reader long after I've exhausted anything of interest in them. Scrolling, flipping, scrolling, flipping...

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Sun 8/19/12 7:34pm # | tweet this

Let's Go Surfing

Camera Strap Necktie
source: Likecool

Neat idea.

Sight: haunting short sf movie
source: Boing Boing

Nice futuristic look at where tech might be going.

Machine-stitched monster patches
source: Boing Boing

Cute pants idea.

Changing Work Spaces One Flexible Office System At A Time
source: Furniture, Gadgets, Inspiration and More for a Better House

Interesting table idea.

Windows 8 May Force You To Boot Into the UI-Formerly-Known-As-Metro [Rumors]
source: Gizmodo

I wonder if Windows 8 will provide any impetus for a revival of forward momentum of Linux in the home.

Watch Moebius complete some of his last digital drawings
source: Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources - Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment

Videos. Very cool.

Concrete Chair
source: swissmiss

I'd love to have a couple of these chairs in the backyard.

What a "self-made" man owes to the world
source: Boing Boing

Individual vs. Collective and recognizing which is which. Not really something you make someone focused on the former realize if they choose to ignore the realities of the latter.

An Event Apart: What Clients Don't Know
source: LukeW | Digital Product Design and Strategy

When is someone a client? A requestor? or simply a coworker? How your office answers that question can really shape your day.

US Government Wants to Ban Zen Magnets [Magnets]
source: Gizmodo

When magnets are banned only criminals will have magnets-- or be Magneto, or something like that.

The kitten that Gotham deserves
source: Super Punch

Bane kitty is awesome.

Curt deck chair
source: Likecool

I've seen these on the internets before. I think it'd be a fairly easy project to make some afternoon.

A woman and her pet Utahraptor go traipsing through the streets of Melbourne [Video]
source: io9

Some pretty cool large scale puppetry here.

source: xkcd.com

This XKCD cartoon is very much along the lines of the Beloit Mindset List

The Human Jukebox
source: Likecool

Cool street performers.

Lego Celebrates 80th Birthday With Whimsical Animated Short [VIDEO]
source: Mashable!

Interesting "Pixar-like" 17 minute "history" of the Lego company.

Weekend Viewing: The First Six Episodes Of Bryan Singer H
source: Bleeding Cool

Really interesting video. It's a shame they're cutting it up into tiny little 5 minute chunks like this instead of playing it through.

This Batman fan film teams the Riddler up with Scarface! [Video]
source: io9

Good video. Played straight. Not comedic. Fits in nicely between the 2nd and 3rd Nolan movies.

Insurance company defends policy holder's killer in court
source: Boing Boing

This went around the internets last week and was the twitter outrage of the day for a couple days. Corporations are people my friend.

source: swissmiss

Visual Spreadsheet for iPad. Ain't out yet, but looks neat. Video at the link.

Design Tip: Never Use Black
source: swissmiss

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Sun 8/19/12 5:58pm # | tweet this

I saw Ruby Sparks today

I don't know what to say about Ruby Sparks. It's not the type of movie you can talk about without giving it away.

Overall I like it, not as much as I liked Saftey Not Guranteed. But I liked the movie.

I think the biggest issue I have with it, is I feel like it chickened out toward the end. I think the movie started to lose it's way the longer it went on, in deciding if it wanted to be an indy film or a mainstream "chick-flick" from a guy's point of view.

Grab it on Netflix or DVD some night, if this sort of quirky indy-like film appeals to you.

Ruby Sparks - IMDB

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Sun 8/19/12 9:56am # | tweet this

Let's Go Surfing

source: One Thing Well

PHP Forum Software. This is brilliant. Downloaded and unzipped it. Dropped it in my XAMPP folder on my local machine and instant forum. No configuration needed. This is perfect for intranets.

The title of the X-Men: First Class sequel is a huge, thrilling spoiler [Video]
source: io9

X-Men: Days of Future Past. This seems like a terribly bad idea for them to try to do.

An Event Apart: Properties of Intuitive Web Pages
source: LukeW | Digital Product Design and Strategy

A design is intuitive when current knowledge is equal to target knowledge. A design is unintuitive when there is a gap between current & target knowledge.

Is This App the Next Siri or the New Big Brother?
source: Mashable!

This is an interesting thing to think about. Lots of entities collect information about us all the time now. Most people don't like it. Most people tolerate it as long as these entities aren't too obvious bout how they are using this information. But once we start using software like this, the surveillance goes from being kept on the downlow to being pretty out in the open doesn't it? How does that change our relationship to these sorts of tracking activities?

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Sun 8/19/12 7:29am # | tweet this

Magneto AND Gandalf

I saw the above photo on the internets and it got me thinking... is Ian McKellen the first actor to have played TWO lego figures?

Then I thought of Indiana Jones and Han Solo.

Still cool though.

original photo

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Sat 8/18/12 2:37pm # | tweet this

Ate lunch at Bagger Dave's today

Ptw Ate lunch at Bagger Dave's today. Very tasty. Still full. At lunch today Jennifer and I ate at Bagger Dave's. Two hours later I'm still full.

Bagger Dave's is a regional chain Burger Tavern. Really Good Hamburgers. At the tables they have little golf pencils and build-a-burger sheets where you can tick off exactly how you want your burger made. They also have their own craft sodas and Michigan Beers.

Picture at right was from when we ate there last month. The Chili Fries are pretty hefty, you'll probably want a group to tackle those. I opted for just a regular order of fries today and that was more than I and Jennifer could finish.

One other interesting thing. There really aren't any brand logos anywhere. Like I said above they have their own pops. Even the Ketchup, which looks suspiciously like a Hines Bottle has a Bagger Daves logo on it. The only brand marketing that you are going to see is whatever comes across the commercials on the flat screen tvs along the ceiling and the Tootsie Roll they give you instead of a mint with your check.

Good service. Good food. Take a look at their site for a location in Michigan near you.

Bagger Daves site

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Sat 8/18/12 8:02am # | tweet this


Here's a picture Jennifer took of me unboxing and playing with my Tardis. You can see the light at the top is lit. What you can hear are the whooshing sounds.

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Fri 8/17/12 10:57pm # | tweet this

Nice temperatures

After the July we had, this is turning out to be a very pleasant August.

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Fri 8/17/12 6:35pm # | tweet this

Doctor Who, Rose and the Tardis

Hello Sexy

Yeah I know that's more an Eleventh Doctor and not a Tenth Doctor sort of thing.

Saw a good price on a Tardis on Amazon. It takes 3 AA batteries, the light at the top pulses and it makes dematerializing and remateralizing sounds when you lift it off the table or set it down.

Very cool.

...and for those that don't watch the show... The Doctor calls the Tardis, the police call box-- Sexy.

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Thu 8/16/12 11:21pm # | tweet this

Thoughts on a Winter Morning

Saw a review and downloaded a digital copy of a nice little short story comic by Kurt Busiek and Steve Lieber. Itís basically a poignant autobiographical character sketch of a manís reflection of his childhood, childhood home and own young daughter. Itís only eight pages long, but well worth the 99 cents.

No superheros, explosions or giant robots. Just a well written, well illustrated reflective passage. Good stuff.

buy the book for 99c on Comixology

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Thu 8/16/12 9:11pm # | tweet this


Twitter is changing it's API in a way that is going to be severely limiting to third party clients interfacing with Twitter.

Do we need Twitter? Was it fun while it lasted?

There's probably very few times that people really need to read my thoughts in real time.

I managed fine for years just posting to random non-sequiters to my blog. I met my wife thru Twitter, so on that level, it's very hard to feel completely bad about the service. Whatever Twitter becomes, it will have done something completely awesome for me. But the seredipity and the openess of Twitter that alowed me to meet my wife and others on their service has mostly been gone for a couple years now.

Many people go the private Twitter account route, and those that don't, now mostly maintain a very saccharine/sanatized public facing persona on the service.

Twitter just ain't the same thing it started off as.

Facebook isn't an alternative. Facebook is full of people that while you may have some interest in, largely you don't want to talk to. And Google+, well Google+ is nice software, but isn't really any more open than the other two.

So what's the alternative?

RSS/Blog feeds and email I think.

Blog and RSS. This blog platform, for example, is completely written from scratch. A little PHP and MYSQL. It's completely portable to any service that supports those two base technologies. There's lots of blogging platforms out there that you don't need to bake from scratch though. And almost all support RSS.

People with a RSS reader that subscribe will be able to keep up with a blogger's posts every 5 to 10 minutes or so.

Email. Email gets a bum rap sometimes, but if you configure your blog to send you an email when someone leaves a comment, you'll notice responses fairly quickly in iPad or smartphone notification sections. Email is much more upfront thanks to these notification centers than it was a few years ago.

Sure there might be a five minute latency on both of the above, but is that really that bad for a no-ads experience that you control?

Not really.

I'm not jumping the Twitter ship yet, and honestly I'll probably ride it a good long way below the waves to the ocean floor, but I am losing alot of enthusiasm for it lately.

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Wed 8/15/12 6:33pm # | tweet this

Marvel Legends Black Bolt

Marvel Legends Black Bolt, leader of the Inhumans.

Got a really great deal on this on ebay. Less than retail, even including shipping.

Nice figure.

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Wed 8/15/12 12:43pm # | tweet this


Typing this out on my iPad right now, using a program called enso writer. It's one of the more popular minimalist word processors available on iPad.

Woke up this morning an saw that the two main founders of twitter had launched the beginnings of a streamlined blogging platform. medium.com. Love that name. The medium is the message I would imagine. It's read only and has very hard to find, hard to navigate posts at the moment. But it is interesting, and it looks fantastic on iPad and desktop. It's hosted though. Not something you could install on your own server, or it least it seems that way at the moment.

Also installed an iPad app called Boxfish yesterday. It's a tweetdeck/twitter-like experience that gives you snippets of the closed captioning of all the various news channels. Very interesting dashboard like way to see what all the different news channels are talking about. You can click on an update and read back quite a ways through the show's transcript too.

So many different ways to share and consume information.

Narrative, descriptive, persuasive and expository.

Perform, inspire, persuade and entertain.

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Sun 08-12-12 06:11:50 PM # | tweet this

Clearanced Hanging plant
Clearanced Hanging plant
They had a clearanced plant too. Between all the moving this spring and the 100 degree June and July, this is our first outdoor plant of the year.

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Sun 8/12/12 2:38pm # | tweet this

Star Trek Continues

5 minute scene of a "fan" made classic trek series. Fan made is used loosely here as the actual son of James Doohan, Scotty, plays Scotty in this.

Lighting, music and sets are dead on.

I would imagine Paramount will be sueing them Monday, so watch it while it's up.

View it on Vimeo

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Sun 8/12/12 12:24pm # | tweet this


Was out earlish today, swung by Target and Wal-Mart (Don't worry, spent plenty at Meijer yesterday.)

Wal-mart had a good back to school deal on a Canon all in one printer/scanner. Didn't really need the printer part, but my flatbed scanner is old enough that it only works with Windows XP. For the $29 they had this all in one for, seemed worth it to be able to scan directly from my Win7 machine instead of always firing up the older XP one.

Target had a little storage cube that I probably didn't need, but I was sort of a sucker for a low price.

Also spent a little time organizing the basement tool shelf and putting things in little plastic Sterelite containers. Good times.

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Sat 8/11/12 9:49pm # | tweet this

Chrome USB2VGA Woes

I've started recently noticing alot of of problems with Chrome on my second and third monitors. My second and third monitors are both LCDs plugged into Startech USB to VGA adapters. Symptoms of the problem: Pages won't scroll and some pages don't display at all. Turns out after reading this thread and some others that Chromium doesn't like the USB to VGA adapters functioning as their own GPUs.

Alot of pages still work fine on the secondary monitors, but the more HTML5 or Canvas or 3D bing bang boom on the page, the more likely Chrome takes over the GPU functions and doesn't play nice with the adapters.

Firefox seems to work perfectly fine on the secondary monitors still though, so it's not a total loss.

At least I know what's up with it now.

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Sat 8/11/12 12:25pm # | tweet this

WORX Electric Lawnmower

First a little prologue story.

In April when we bought the house, we bought a brand new gas mower. I used that mower once a week for a couple months. Then we had the really hot spell in July and the grass went dormant and stopped growing.

After sitting idle for a month, I tried the gas mower again, and it wouldn't start. I looked over it abit, I tried to troubleshoot on the internet, I came up with several hypothesises but in the end, small engine repair really isn't something that holds alot of my interest. So with this gas lawn mower out of commission, I needed a new lawn mower and I decided to look into electrics.

WORX Electric Lawnmower

That brings us to the WORX electric lawn mower. After researching online I came across these fairly affordable well reviewed cordless electric lawn mowers. None of these mowers were available in store anywhere so I had to online order one. At first I ordered one "Ship to Store" at Lowes. That took a week, they shipped a tablesaw instead of a lawnmower. The counter help was unhelpful and disinterested in resolving the matter. Jenn has a good write up of that terrible experience on her blog. In anycase, I had them refund my money, and we ordered from Amazon instead. UPS package fail.

Amazon delivery took another week. Prime shipping wasn't an option, and it was shipped standard UPS. UPS delivered on a very rainy day and left the package by the side door, out in the open in puddle of water. Nice.

Anyway. The package was only there for about 2 hours and the cardboard hadn't managed to soak through yet, so overall no harm no foul.

That evening I took the lawnmower out of the package and assembled the handle together. The 4 screws and two pieces of the handle was the only assembly required. I took the small motorcycle battery sized Lawnmower battery out and plugged it into the charger. About 30 minutes later, the battery charger switched from red light to green light.

Saturday morning, it was supposed to rain, and it did rain the entire day before, but by 10 am it had been dry for several hours and the weather radar was clear so I decided to give the lawnmower a try.

The grass was still damp, not too wet, but damp, and since it hadn't been mowed in 6 weeks, there were plenty of high spots even though the drought we've had kept alot of the grass brown and low.

Anyway, I slid the little gray starter key and pulled the handle lever and the mower started right up. No pull cords, no smoke, and it's very quiet. Less noisy than a vacuum cleaner.

I proceeded to mow the lawn.

It cut the grass. The 14" deck is smaller than the 21" deck I had been using, but in the WORX defense, I felt like I didn't do as much overlap as I would normally do with the larger gas mower. So it really didn't take much longer to mow with this mower than with the previous gas mower.

One difference is the WORX does not have as much suction and rolls right over some sticks and stones that the gas mower would suck up and destroy. In the case of the sticks, I was a little bummed, as I enjoy the satisfying sound of a lawn mower munching small timber. But not sucking up the rocks was a bonus as I wasn't worried about a stray rock hitting the house or the car in the driveway in the slightest.

The one side of my house is very sandy and rocky and previously I didn't mow it with the gas mower because of all the flying rock carnage that would ensue. The WORX worked great over that side of the yard. It took down the grass and growth, but didn't fling rocks anywhere.

Also part of my backyard is very soft ground as well. The heavier gas mower would sink half it's wheels into the ground in spots, but this light little electric glanced over the yard without sinking with ease.

Overall, it's a very nice little mower. The Tim Taylor in me is a little said at the viseral lack of noise and raw destructive power, but the little electric did do what it needed to do... it cut the lawn. And what the mower did lack a little in manliness, it made up for it in a quiet sci-fi electric futuristic feel, so overall, still good.

If you have a modereate to modest sized suburban yard, I reccomend this mower.

The only outstanding question I'll have is how well it's battery does over time, and how it handles the leaves in the fall. Any issues with those though, I'll likely update this blog/post in the fall.

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Sun 8/05/12 11:23pm # | tweet this


Blog, blog bloggity blog blog blog. Blogggity blog blog blog, bloggity blog. Blog, blog, bloggity blogity blog blog.

Blog, blog, blog.

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Sat 8/04/12 6:52pm # | tweet this

Let's Go Surfing

A Truly Musical Doorbell
source: Unplggd

This is a brilliant idea.

World's smallest house costs only $300 and can be wheeled around
source: DVICE

This is something I think I want to build next year.

Cookie Cup
source: Likecool


Quirky Props Keep Earbud Cables In Place, On or Off
source: Unplggd

Cool idea. wouldn't be that hard to make something like this.

DIY Device Cuts Records on CDs; Brings Recording Full Circle
source: the How-To Geek

Guy turns CDs into records. Actually cuts the grooves into a CD so that it will play on a record player. Nice.

When The Matrix Meets The Office [Video]
source: the How-To Geek

This is Fncking brilliant.

Responsive Design Bookmarklet
source: One Thing Well


Steve Rude starts an Indiegogo campaign to fund his 2012 sketchbook
source: Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources - Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment

Love Steve Rude's art. But not sure about the black wife beater look for a kickstarter video.

Mattels 8/1-8/14 Young Justice 2-Pack Pre-Order
source: Action Figure Insider - Best Toy News on the Web!

I preordered these.

Conversing on Comics with Ryan Kelly
source: Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources - Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment

C3-Bieb-O Wants to Be Your Droidfriend [VIDEO]
source: Mashable!

Same people who did the excellent Goyte Star Wars I used to Know parody.

An Event Apart: Properties of Intuitive Web Pages
source: LukeW | Digital Product Design and Strategy

Good Stuff.

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Sat 8/04/12 3:51pm # | tweet this

Apples Own Email Thread About a 7 Inch iPad Leaks!
source: Tablet News

Familiarity breeds contempt. This Apple/Samsung trial is bringing out alot of behind the curtain stuff about Apple isn't it?

Sure most regular folk are just going about their business watching the Olympics and what have you and paying this no mind, but it's hard to imagine that wave after wave of trivial business detail and behind the scenes waffling and indecisiveness isn't taking a little of the magical sheen off the the worlds most profitable and well regarded company.

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Sat 8/04/12 10:43am # | tweet this

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Action Figures

I saw these figures online and didn't think much of them, but when I saw them at friend Jeff's desk, I went back to my computer and ordered them up on Big Bad Toy Store. $35 + shipping for the set of 4. Not bad all.

These are based on the new upcoming Nickelodeon cartoon relaunch. But they're overall fantasic iconic representations of these 4 indy comic, after school cartoon and theatrical superstars.

Great articulation. Really nice sculpts. All around quality figures. Once I build my display shelf in my new office, I look forward to having a corner of it set aside for these.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Packaging Front

Nice packaging. Doesn't show in the photo real well but they do a nice job with some dayglow green ink that really make these pop.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles package back

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Packaging Back

Really nice individual package art with bios on each turtle.

Fearsome Fighting Team

Fearsome Fighting Team

Leonardo, Donatello, Rapheal and Michealangelo. Great articulation and posability.

Heroes in a halfshell

Heroes in a halfshell

Lots of detail on these figures including holsters on their shells for their weapons.

Turtle Power

Turtle Power

It's suprising to see a mass market kid focussed line have this much sculpt and articulation. One of the better lines I've seen in the last few years.

Get a grip

Get a grip

If you take into account that they are teenagers and turtles, their scale works pretty well against Marvel Legends sized figures

Ninja Action

Ninja Action

Marvel Legends Daredevil sparing against the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Nunchuck vs Nunchuck

Nunchuck vs Nunchuck

Michelangelo vs. Matt Murdock, Man without Fear.



This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle line doesn't slack on the accessories. Each turtle comes with his own set of additional weapons.

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Random Non-Sequiters

There's an entire generation that has grown up in organized activities. They each play their role, they share, and they collaborate. This is supposed to be a good thing for the future.

What if they grow up and decide they don't want to be organized any longer? What if they get tired of playing their role? What if they stop wanting to share? What if they want something that they haven't had instead of more of something they've always had?

There's another generation that considered itself Individualistic, technologically adept, flexible and valued work/life balance. The people who "Work to live" and not "live to work", the people that value the flexibility of the individual instead of the well-being of the collective, what happens when you put them in charge of the well being of the group? Do they adapt to the needs of the many? Or pursue the needs of the one with their new found authority?

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