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December 2011

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Sat 12-31-11 07:33:22 PM #

Posterous Post
Check out Thicket iPad Music/touch app.

Perfect App to play with on New Years Eve. and it's Free on iPad

Check out this application on the App Store:

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Interval Studios

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iTunes for Mac and Windows
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Sat 12-31-11 06:24:58 PM #

Tonight I shall be drinking Jones.
Ptw Tonight I shall be drinking Jones.
Pure cane sugar. Don't worry, I won't be driving. ;)

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Sat 12/31/11 1:58pm #

Let's Go Surfing

Ilias Kyriazis brings us 52 inches of merry marching DC characters
source: Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources - Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment

Really cool illustration. He has a Marvel one too. Go check them out.

Scroll the above.

What would Battlestar Galactica: The Animated Series have looked like? [Battlestar Galactica]
source: io9

More art at the link, I'd totally watch such a show.

Rumor: Wii U as powerful as an Xbox 360, but with better graphics
source: DVICE

Still no idea why someone would want one of these.

Millenium Enterprise
source: RIPT Apparel

Very cool.

Jetbook Color E-Reader Coming in January, Priced at $500
source: Tablet News

Very interesting. iPad sized device with Color eInk. Supposedly ships on 1/15/12 Charge lasts for 10,000 page turns.

NOVO7 Android 4.0 Tablet Costs a Mere $110... What More Can You Want?
source: Tablet News

For $110 this is looks very tempting to get just to play around with Android 4.0.

After watching the video, it looks like the tablet isn't "signed" yet so you are limited on what you can download from the app store.

Announcing Mallyable!
source: Fabbaloo Blog

Interesting. Site that sells 3D models for 3D printing. Once cheap desktop printers start showing up in regular homes, I imagine this will become an Etsy-like industry.

Stormtrooper Motorcycle Armor
source: Likecool

Very cool leather Storm Trooper riding suit.

Squeezing a Little Extra Life From a 1st Gen Apple TV
source: Unplggd

Ebay looks to have these in the $50 to $100 range, which really isn't that much of a savings over a new one. Article does have links to installing Boxee or XMBC on it though.

US Supreme Court to rule on whether practicing medicine is patentable
source: Boing Boing

This just seems wrong on several levels doesn't it?

Neil Gaiman Selects His Highlights From This Years Doctor Who
source: Bleeding Cool

2 minute video of Neil Gaiman talking about the last season of Doctor Who.

Portable USB Interactive Whiteboard (IR Pen-based) - CVGI-E199
source: New Wholesale Electronics | Latest China Wholesale Products | Cheap Electronics From China

IR pen that you use in conjunction with a projector screen up to 150". It would be interesting to tinker with something like this. I wasn't able to in a quick search find any sort of demo on Youtube though.

5 Free Tech Accessories You Can Print at Home
source: Unplggd

Printable iPhone dock. Download PDF.

As you wish. The Princess Bride by Sarah Mensinga ::...
source: Hey Oscar Wilde!


Micro Pod
source: Likecool

I love these little backyard pods.

Quote of the day | Louis CK and ‘the death of comic shops
source: Robot 6 @ Comic Book Resources - Covering Comic Book News and Entertainment

Y'know, I'm really glad that this experiment worked out for Louis C.K.. I bought the video, watched it, really enjoyed it and think it is a fantastic entertainment model. More comedians and television programs of all kinds should do more of this. But it's not like Louis C.K. was and outsider, he was already a mainstream media established name and alot of his free promotion for this came because he was a mainstream name doing this in an Indy way. It's not exactly revolutionary, but good for him and us that it seems to have worked out, hopefully paving the way for more of this type of thing.

Lego Comes To Middle Earth
source: Action Figure Insider - Best Toy News on the Web!

One brick to rule them all.

Whatever Happened To… The 1988 Death Of Superman?
source: Bleeding Cool

Fascinating Death of Superman theory.

Bringing up a beta board
source: Raspberry Pi

A lot of power in a $35 package.

Why Graphic Designers Must Hate the Holidays [Video]
source: Gizmodo

Video at the link is worth watching. Sometimes I watch these type of videos and wonder why it is I do what I do.

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Fri 12-30-11 06:03:36 PM #

The New Phonebooks are here!
Ptw The New Phonebooks are here!
Seriously, why do they keep randomly delivering these? Taken with Magic Hour

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Fri 12-30-11 05:55:57 PM #

Picked up an epic amount of Chinese takeout & now waiting on @ckarath's non-Chinese takeout
Picked up an epic amount of Chinese takeout & now waiting on @ckarath's non-Chinese takeout
Pic by Jenn. Picking up takeout this evening.

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Fri 12-30-11 03:07:36 PM #

Pick up
Ptw Pick up
Taken with Magic Hour

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Fri 12-30-11 09:38:39 AM #

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Thu 12/29/11 9:28pm #

Holiday Tech Doldrums

This has got to be the most boring couple weeks for tech news junkies.

Shortly before Christmas, the RSS feeds dry up like an drought put upon riverbed.

At least we have CES in a couple weeks, but even with that, I'm not really that optimistic.

It might just be a long techless winter.

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Wed 12-28-11 06:14:54 PM #

Doctor Who?
Ptw Doctor Who?
New toy came in mail. It makes the noise and everything. I pointed it at my door locks already too.

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Wed 12-28-11 09:20:10 AM #

Ptw Morning

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Mon 12-26-11 09:13:06 PM #

What's Next?
Ptw What's Next?

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Mon 12/26/11 7:52pm #

Looking back about a year ago

Spent some time reading January 2011 thru November 2010 of my own blog this evening. Some stuff that caught my eye.

A look back at January 2011

Right around this time last year

Looks like I was thinking about tablets and blogging. I properly predicted Apple would reign supreme on the tablet front for another year. You didn't need to be Nostrodomous to figure that out though.

Looks like I was talking about the ever decreasing visitation of my blog. That's a trend that hasn't changed. Visits of 1 or 2 a day are not an uncommon statistic.

I was fascinated with a then new to me Kinect. I still am, but it's a shame that Microsoft hasn't been able to move faster to capitalize on it's capabilities. Maybe they will this year, or maybe the Kinect will just be a Microsoft Surface type thing that actually made it out of the lab before it was left to die.

I had some thoughts on check-ins, and went so far as to call it a fad. That might have been a bit strong, but it seems that little has happened in the checkin space over the last year. It's a useful utility at times, but doesn't seem to be much of a revolution.

January of 2011 I was talking about how Egypt shut down their internet and how Lieberman wanted a kill switch for ours. Looks like they're still working on that vis-a-vis SOPA. I'm sure they'll figure out how to get that thru eventually.

I notice that I had a link to Facebook statuses becoming ads you can't opt out of, that's not here yet, but it's coming soon.

RFID seemed to be a bigger deal. Not much seems to have happened with that this year.

Google was holding a Honeycomb event. There was alot of excitement but I'm not sure Honeycomb made much of a splash and now the tech world seems to only be focused on Ice Cream Sandwich.

Amazon had launched it's Kindle Singles, that worked out really well. I've bought some of these myself.

comiXlogy was talking about selling digital comics thru retailers. I'm not sure that really went anywhere, but it does seem like comiXology is still rising.

I completely forgot that Windows 7 has voice recognition. At the time I didn't have Windows 7 at home, and now I do. Microsoft are really should do a better job of trumpeting the capabilities in already has out there that people don't even know they on the computers.

I found a recipe for homemade Oreos I still haven't tried.

This is still pretty much true

I think alot of the social internet stuff that was exciting last year, is mostly becoming just another utility as we go into 2012.

Oddly enough we were just talking about Anne Hathaway as Catwoman last January, and the first real trailer just came out last week and the movie itself is still 6 months away. Crazy.

Ha. pretty much nailed the Touchpad.

Seems we we're worried about RSS dieing that was probably abit premature, but the slick Flipboard and Zite apps and their preselected feeds probably still aren't helping the cause much.

I still need to make one of these seats.

I seemed to be interested in the Looxcie. They have a newer one now, but I still haven't convinced myself I have much use for one.

Same post above has mention of 3GS iPhones for $50. I think those have worked out pretty well.

Back in January, we got our first look at the new Spider-man. And that movie is still 6 months away too. Methinks the hype cycles for superhero movies are just much much too long.

I had gotten Jenn a Snuggie that actually worked out pretty well.

A look back at December 2010

Last year on the 26th I made a sock puppet This year I picked up a jacket on the 26th for my Muppet. Not sure what it is about Christmas and puppets lately.

One thing apparent, I took many many bad iPod photos in Dec 2010

The Craig Fergeson Doctor Who Youtube last year around this time was awesome though:

QR Codes seemed to be a bigger deal They're around right now, and used occasionally but still not much of a splash and like RFID seem to have died down.

Last year I linked to this Jonathan Coulton Shopvac song. Still some really really good commentary on US suburban life in this song.

Last Dec, I was playing with iPod video and we did my Lego Mini Fig video series.

At least according to last December's blog, it was a slow news month, alot like this year. Maybe we should go back one more month to...

A look back at November 20110

Amazon had their Price checking app which got considerably more mainstream press this year

Interesting 2010 link about Student Loans exceeding US credit card debt. I wonder how that statistic has been doing this year?

There were a link or two about selling things via social networks, I've yet to see anyone use such an app on either my Twitter or Facebook though. The occasional post selling something, sure, and some indy comic book people promoting their sites or ebay, but never anything as complicated as Yardsellr.

Oh yeah, in 2010 there were some tablets besides the iPad.

Hard to believe that the Social Network movie came out over a year ago Good article looking at Facebook and the movie at that time.

It's been over a year since Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore America. There was a good speech.

Nothing really became of that though. And The Daily Show has been more or less lost in the wilderness since that.

Well that's some stuff that caught my eye and is probably enough for now. Here's to hopefully an interesting 2012!

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Ptw Little Tree and Holy Christmas Cartoon Trinity are up.

Ptw Little Tree and Holy Christmas Cartoon Trinity are up.

Flickr: Fri 12-16-11 20:31:52 -0500

Fri 12/16/11 12:39pm #

You've probably seen the above picture before, it's been often on the net titled: Expendibility, Guess who's not coming back.

I was thinking about the above picture this morning.

Y'know Kirk is a real jerk. He beams down with his two best friends and Reddy there and Reddy never makes it back. Sometimes it's an especially dangerous mission so Kirk brings Reddy, Redstone, Redmond and Redgenald. Ain't noone in Red coming back. Kirk wins the day of course, but at the expense of the red shirts.

I think Kirk knows this. And that makes Kirk a jerk.

Way to go Reddy for jumping on the pad and beaming down with the bridge crew, that's gotta be fun but it's probably not worth it, not with Kirk wearing that yellow shirt.

You ever notice how rarely Ulhura (Red Shirt) and Scotty (Red Shirt) beam down?

They ain't stupid, those engines don't break that often, and noone really needs to work a switchboard in the 23rd century.

"Beam down with you Captain? um I have to work on the engines and run this transporter from this side."

"Beam down with you Captain? I've been hearing a lot of static on the com, I better stay up here and turn this knob back and forth."

Ulhura and Scotty are some smart red shirts.

(So think before you beam down Reddy, at least wait until they give you a Blue Shirt, alright?)

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Posterous Post #

Carrier IQ? Batman?

Seriously, wasn't this the plot of the last Batman movie?

Doe Wayne Enterprises own Carrier IQ?

Carrier IQ on millions of phones admit US operators

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Posterous Post #

Mark the date.


Mobile Update: Thu 12-15-11 13:00:54 -0500

Sat 12/10/11 1:54pm #

Multiple Monitor Madness

That USB additional monitor adapter worked so well that I immediately bought a second one (the box actually says you can use up to five.)

So the Red LCD monitor above is on the primary machine off of the VGA input. The Yellow and Cyan are both LCDs hooked to the primary machine using the usb monitor adapters.

The Green monitor at far right is actually a CRT I pulled out of storage (but I ordered a cheap 15" flatscreen online to replace it shortly) The Green and the Purple are hooked to a secondary PC.

The above mentioned 5 monitors on 2 PCs are also connected together via Synergy so that one keyboard and one mouse sweeps across the whole set-up.

There's also an iPad (Lime-Green), Phone (Brown) and a PocketPC (Orange) hanging out on the corner desk- The Pocket PC is nostalgic mostly.

It's not an expensive set-up. The components are pretty budget, excepting the iPad, you could probably do all the above for less than $1500 if you wanted to. It's kindof cool and kindof nuts all at the same time though.

We don't have flying cars but, the internet and computers are neat, if you squint, and blur things out of focus abit with a pencil filter for example, the present does feel very much like the future.

Maybe we'll get monitor paint for our walls, or VR augmented reality glasses that will bring the whole real world into a computer virtual reality soon enough. And when that happens this whole era will seem exceedingly quaint, but at the moment when you think of what it available on a modest budget it really is quite wondrous the tools and toys that are available.


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Posterous Post #

Bomb Buddies

My friend Chris' companies' social game: Bomb Buddies




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Mobile Update: Fri 12-09-11 00:18:53 -0500

Ptw Cat in center.

Ptw Cat in center.

Flickr: Tue 12-06-11 20:47:59 -0500

Sun 12/04/11 1:26pm #

Let's go surfing

A bunch of Flipboard and Twitter starred items from the past few weeks.

7 Steps For Creating Disruptive New Retail Experiences

What do we mean by “scripts”? Sociologists have spent years studying experiences and have noticed that there are shared rules that govern how we act. These scripts are unwritten and unspoken, yet greatly influence our day-to-day behaviors and interactions.

Scripts are why we know what to do when we go to the DMV. Unfortunately for the DMV, that script includes complaining to the people in line with us, expecting a bad photo to be taken, and talking afterward about how inefficient the process was. On the other hand, a birthday party is supposed to be a happy experience. We appropriately sing and smile, often in spite of how much is on our minds.

The Comfort Principle: Spend Money Where You Spend Your Time

If you don't work at home, you probably won't have as easy a time finding items that you use a majority of your day, but you still can. Start by making a list of what you do all day, then evaluating what equipment you need to do those tasks. For example, here's a generic list:

  • 8 hours: (Work) Office chair, computer, office desk, monitor
  • 2 hours: (Commute) Car, car stuff
  • 1 hour: (Cooking) Kitchen utensils
  • 3 hours: (Living room recreation) TV, video games, music
  • 1 hour: (Reading) Kindle/iPad
  • 1 hour: (Exercise) Running, treadmill, elliptical

Affordance An affordance is a quality of an object, or an environment, that allows an individual to perform an action.

Why we need to take computers out of computing — Tech News and Analysis

Click the link above, scroll to the bottom and watch the video. Good stuff.

Google Drops The Price Of Chromebooks to $299 And Polishes The Interface I like the idea of Chrome, but it seems to be a long term bet by Google that hardware is going to get real cheap, since that seems to me to be the only way such an OS makes any sense in the next 10 years. There doesn't seem to be any institutional desire to make sub $100 laptop hardware.

Tata Nano - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia They can make a new car for $2,879. Think about that for a minute.

Hello Little Printer, the fun gadget that brings the web to you — Tech News and Analysis Cool little printer idea, hopefully it's very cheap and inexpensive when it comes out (although really, what are the odds of that?) I think I would use something small like this more than my standard printer. Basically a device like this would seem to be a digital equivilent of post-it notes.

Rasperry Pi A credit card sized Linux Box for $25? yeah that would be cool.

Catvertising Funny.

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Ptw Monitors!

Ptw Monitors!

Flickr: Sat 12-03-11 22:22:16 -0500

Sat 12/03/11 5:58pm #

Let's Go Surfing

Tinkercad Gets Funding
source: Fabbaloo Blog

Tinkercad.com is a neat online browser based tool for creating 3D models. Fairly simple but quite powerful with it's addition and subtraction of various shapes construction model.

Copy Paste Character
source: swissmiss

Custom Projects Backdrops and Dioramas
source: thefwoosh.com

Some really neat ideas here.

FlicFlac: An Audio Conversion App That Does Not Require Installation
source: MakeUseOf.com

flicflac Nice audio conversion app, drag and drop dead simple.

Voice Recorder Flash Drive
source: Likecool

I picked up one of these really cheap on an Amazon deal a week ago or so. Neat simple one switch one task device.

Daria cosplay
source: Boing Boing

How to make a projector for your iPod/iPhone for about a $1
source: Instructables: exploring - technology - featured

Make Your iPad Look Like an Apple I With Retro Docking Station
source: Mashable!

Neat. Although since the iPad's speakers are plenty loud, you could probably just build the wood stand.

Printed buildings based on Sim City 2000
source: Super Punch

I'm very geeked about the possibilities of 3D Printing when it gets really cheap in 2012 or 2013.

[UPDATE] WinScan2PDF V1.44
source: The Portable Freeware Collection

Haven't tried it yet, but you've got to love litle single purpose 40K size apps.

Animatronics at Work
source: Thingiverse Blog

Very cool. 3D printer used to create an animatronic shoulder mounted dragon.

Auto sliding door turns your house into the Enterprise
source: DVICE

Yeah, 3/4 of the public buildings in America have automatic doors, but still it's neat as a home project.

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Sat 12/03/11 11:44am #


Was going thru a pile of junk mail on the table… noticed that there was a new Thinkgeek catalog in it. I mentally noted "New Thinkgeek catalog, cool". then, rather than look at the catalog in my hand, I walked into the other room, picked up my iPad, launched the Google Catalog App and started looking at the Thinkgeek catalog on the iPad instead of the paper one.

This was all fairly unconcious.

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Fri 12/02/11 9:31pm #

Social Media

Social Media is no longer a seperate thing. It has been assimilated.


The article I posted via Posterous on my blog before this one is really good stuff when it comes to institutions.


True Balance, homeostasis, equilibrium does not exist. It's desire is hardwired in though, and there are many things that take advantage of that.

The above makes alot of books not work.

But also you can have alot of fun with the knowledge.

It's December

I just sortof noticed.

We're almost to 2012.

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Posterous Post #

Institutions, Confidence, and the News Crisis

Clay Shirky (@cshirky)
12/2/11 3:53 PM
Institutions, Confidence, and the News Crisis j.mp/sSO47i (A reply to @deanstarkman)


Mobile Update: Fri 12-02-11 18:10:30 -0500

Thu 12/01/11 1:06pm #

Does Google+ Scale?

I’ve recently added more people/companies to Google+

I’m having a hard time seeing how this thing scales.

There are some people that really use this alot. But they are very verbose, so it is very time consuming to skim their posts to find out if I should read now or later etc.

I like Twitter’s model. You have 140 characters to sell me on your topic if you want to go long. It’s very efficient.

I realize that with Google+ I can view posts by circles instead of the main stream. but I have 10 circles, granted that isn’t alot, but hitting 10 different streams takes awhile. Plus it’s not sorting by people that is my real issue, it’s weeding out the people who post alot from the people who only post a little.

I’m fortunate that the people I follow in Facebook do not post a lot of links, mostly my Facebook contains personal updates from people. So when I look at Facebook, I’m in a “personal context”

Twitter is built for speed, it’s a newswire… I dive in and see what’s happening now, and the short updates make that easy (plus I can favorite and come back to lengthy links later)

Google+ feels more like a bunch of short blog posts all mashed together. Generally I manage blog posts in my Google Reader. In Google Reader, I have blogs in categories by topic, but I also cross index blogs in high priority categories like “Hot” or “Top” and I check those categories more frequently than the topic area tags.

Do I need to do that with my Circles in Google+? Do I need “Succinct Friends” and “Friend who post alot” to separate the two? Do I need to do the same with Work, Family and Internet People, Companies, and Industry Categories as well? Or do i just pick essential people and Put everything into a mishmash “Check first” (While Hot works for news feeds, i think it might be misconstrued on Google Plus) and leave everything else in individual circles to catch up to later?

But does that work? If I mark a story “read” in my Hot category, that story will no longer appear in my “Tech” category if the feed is double categorized. But there is no way to mark a post “read” if it’s in two circles in Google+ is there?

Dunno, I’m thinking at the moment that Google+ really doesn’t scale.

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