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July 2010

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Sat 7/31/10 5:43pm #

Boogie Board

Some headcam video of me playing with a Boogie Board

Played with one of the $35 Electronic LCD Boogie Boards in Brookstone. It's also available at Think Geek. Neat device. Fun to play with, but I couldn't imagine anything practical I'd use it for, so I passed on buying one. Maybe if it was $20 instead, I wouldn't have been able to pass it up.

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Sat 7/31/10 5:16pm #

Another Jenn Animated Gif

One unexpected use of the new camcorder. Taking the footage from it and converting little clips to Animated Gifs.

The below is 1.5 megs so it might take a minute to load and start to play.

There's another one a little further down this page.

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Sat 7/31/10 3:11pm #

The Wyoming Post Office Pacakage Pick-up

The Wyoming Post Office Package Pick-up is really nothing more than a foyer with a little window cut in a door.

I would imagine that once upon a time it was a full service post office.

Now though, you hand your slip to the guy in the door. He disapears around the corner to grab your package, then you leave the little foyer to be on your way.

If you need to actually mail a package or get stamps or something-- the service part of the post office is actually located in the Rogers Plaza mall around the corner.

Rogers Plaza is the creepy dead mall in town. That store on the far left isn't even a store, it's a giant digital poster of a store posted over a vacant space.

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Haircut Ptw

Haircut Ptw
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Flickr: Fri 07-30-10 14:16:49 -0400

Fri 7/30/10 11:36am #

Today is the anniversary of my and Jenn's first date. I wouldn't normally steal from a VH1 logo but it really has been the...

Best Year Ever.

Jennifer has been the best part of my day. Every day. I could go on and on, but I'll keep this post short--

I love her and look forward to each upcoming day adding up to Best Year Ever, year 2, 3, 4 ... you get the idea.

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Sun 7/25/10 11:26am #

Ann Arbor

Some Photos taken in Ann Arbor yesterday. These are pretty much all stills grabbed from video from my new head mounted camcorder, so quality is a little low.

I also grabbed a few stills to make this neat little animated gif of Jenn entering Borders.

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Fri 7/23/10 8:38pm #

Nifty headmounted video camcorder

I got the above little camcorder in the mail today. Ordered it off of Dealextreme.com a Hong Kong importing company for about $35. It has 4 gb of flash storage, which should give it about 2 hours of recording space at 640x480. It's the size and shape of a small blutooth headset/earpiece. Push once for standby and push again to record. Pretty nifty.

Hoping to try it out a little this weekend.

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Sun 7/18/10 6:30pm #

At @Jeffbrz 30th Zombie Birthday Ptw
Jeff 30th Zombie Birthday

Jenn and I went to Jeff's 30th Birthday party yesterday. It was a Zombie themed event. We brought along some graveyard cupcakes and wore our Zombie best. Links to more and video are below...

Jenn has a nice Blog write up with pictures and here is a flickr photo set of the event.
Some video of the event:

Jeff's 30th Zombie Birthday Stills from Chris Karath on Vimeo.

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