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February 2009

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Sat 2/28/09 5:47pm #

Random Non-Sequiters

» I went up to Meijer real quick. I had a short list of things I needed. Including light bulbs. I got my first pack of Compact Florescent light bulbs. hmmm... After screwing in the CFL bulb, it only took one of me to do that if you're wondering, I'm not sure I like the light as well as a nice energy wasting regular bulb.

» Also swung by Staples on the way back home. I saw a couple of the large HP all-in-one touchscreen desktop computers. They had a 22in touchscreen All-in-one floor model for $945. Very slick opening up paint and drawing across a surface that large

» Still wrapping my brain around the Kevin Kelly TED talk I watched this morning. The concept of a post-web already is just mind expanding.

» Along the same thought plane I've been thinking about this NPR Science Friday podcast that looked at a scientific study that promotes buying experiences over buying things.

Psychologists say people reported feeling happier when they spent their money on experiences rather than objects. Ryan Howell, a San Francisco State University psychologist who led the study, explains the results and speculates on whether the findings extend to gift-giving.

I've been wondering why people would keep working in a post-Walmartization of cheap quality goods. I've been noticing the focus on travel and experiences in my own office environment for awhile, but I think there's something to the above interview. I think this is going to be where they, they in the generic sense, shape the zeitgeist next. There needs to be a reason to go to work, and with goods becoming cheaper, experiences are starting to feel like the direction they, again in the generic sense, will push the American mindset next.

More thoughts on this on my blog in the weeks and months to come I think.

» I've been also thinking a lot about Dunbar's Number.

Dunbar's number is a theoretical cognitive limit to the number of people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships. These are relationships in which an individual knows who each person is, and how each person relates to every other person. Proponents assert that numbers larger than this generally require more restricted rules, laws, and enforced norms to maintain a stable, cohesive group. No precise value has been proposed for Dunbar's number, but a commonly cited approximation is 150.
and also this article on How Many Friends can you really have on Facebook
Thus an average man—one with 120 friends—generally responds to the postings of only seven of those friends by leaving comments on the posting individual’s photos, status messages or “wall”. An average woman is slightly more sociable, responding to ten. When it comes to two-way communication such as e-mails or chats, the average man interacts with only four people and the average woman with six. Among those Facebook users with 500 friends, these numbers are somewhat higher, but not hugely so. Men leave comments for 17 friends, women for 26. Men communicate with ten, women with 16.
Put differently, people who are members of online social networks are not so much “networking” as they are “broadcasting their lives to an outer tier of acquaintances who aren’t necessarily inside the Dunbar circle,” says Lee Rainie, the director of the Pew Internet & American Life Project, a polling organisation. Humans may be advertising themselves more efficiently. But they still have the same small circles of intimacy as ever.

The above concepts along with my recent thoughts on People Time and Math as well as my “just getting a little older” is really making me think about the actual scope and size of people that I can have intimate, influencial, and meaningful relationships with.

It's a small number, and I find myself dwelling on how to attract and interact with the “right” small number.

More thoughts on this in the weeks and months to come as well I think.

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Sat 2/28/09 10:59am #

Kevin Kelly TED Talk

Twenty minute TED talk by Kevin Kelly on the next 5,000 days of the web. A very accessible presentation on where the web is and is going. Very thought provoking. Give it a watch or listen.

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Fri 2/27/09 3:34pm #

I think my commenting system is broke. It just says invalid user when I try to leave a comment. I'd log into the system and check it but I haven't had the password to do that in about 3 years. (It was tied to an old email that no longer exists.

I may need create a new commenting system or at least migrate to the newest version of their software.

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Fri 2/27/09 12:28pm #

Tech Thoughts

I have a Pocket PC. An archaic phrase I know. But in the grand scheme of things it isn't that old of a device. In anycase, it's battery is completely dead at the moment.

Y'see, I haven't touched the the thing in at least two weeks and also haven't put it in it's charging cradle in at least that long as well. This is the second time I've had it go dead in the last 4 months, from extreme lack of use and way to much standby time. Previously in the last 5 years or so, I've only had it's battery and backup battery completely die twice. so to have it happen again twice in a few months, hmm... habits have changed..

I don't use the Pocket PC much. There was a time when we were inseperatable. I used to have podcasts, TV show downloads and AvantGo, eBooks, and I used Wi-Fi web on it. I used the note taking app and Word and Excel on it incessantly.

Then a couple years ago, I got a web enabled phone, and all the web information I used to access with the Pocket PC, I ceased accessing, the phone was easier to grab info from the web. Then I got a little sandisk MP3 player and all my podcast playback went to that, because the battery life on the MP3 player would go for weeks and weeks of use on my morning drive. But still the Pocket PC was good for note taking and retrieval of Word and Excel documents.

Then a little over a year ago I got an Asus Eee PC. The Eee is so much better for Word and Excel, and PDFs, graphic apps like Gimp and Inkscape and using Wi-Fi I grab Google Docs from the either. the Eee is small too. I can take it into any conference room and use it for notetaking. And typing is so much faster and useful than hand notetaking on the Pocket PC. And video, the Eee has a larger screen and it tilts toward me. I was always propping up my Pocket PC against a salt shaker or napkin holder to watch video while I ate.

The netbook has killed my use of my Pocket PC. The sole two uses in the last year or so that I have used the PPC for has been hand scribbling note taking of shopping lists, and occasionally the calculator. It's sad, because I used to so love my PPC. Nothing about it changed, but I just had these other devices come into use, and I find myself with little use for it. So little, that I forget for several weeks to take it out of my bag and charge it, because it's been a couple weeks since I've even used it. And so it is, my Pocket PC battery is dead.

I'll charge it tonight though-- if I remember.

iPhones and Blackberries and Pre's oh my

I'm waiting til June to see/get the Palm Pre. I want a better web enabled phone, but I want one that shoots video, this leaves iPhone a non-option. On my phone I do: email, camera, calling, and video. I also occasionally like Sprint TV for CNN.

I love the look of all those shiny neat iPhone apps, but then I think of my Pocket PC and wonder, will I use them or will I just take 25 seconds to boot up my netbook?

But video? I know I use that, and it would be something I miss switching to an iPhone, so Pre it looks like it will be. (And I like the Pre's real keyboard too.)

...unless Android adds video support before the Pre... then, hmmm, who knows.

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Tue 2/24/09 5:12pm #

Why, Mr. Anderson, why? Why do you do it? Why get up? Why keep fighting? Do you believe you're fighting for something, for more than your survival? Can you tell me what it is, do you even know? Is it freedom or truth, perhaps peace -- could it be for love? Illusions, Mr. Anderson, vagaries of perception. Temporary constructs of a feeble human intellect trying desperately to justify an existence that is without meaning or purpose. And all of them as artificial as the Matrix itself. Although only a human mind could invent something as insipid as love. You must be able to see it, Mr. Anderson, you must know it by now! You can't win, it's pointless to keep fighting! Why, Mr. Anderson, why? Why do you persist?

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Mon 2/23/09 5:14pm #

Networks effect

One person can be right.

If 1,000 people decide they don't like that "right" person and they decide to storm the "right" guy's castle as an angry mob with torches and pitchforks. It may not matter if the "right" guy is right.

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Sat 2/22/09 11:08am #

Oscar Live Blog

10:52:21 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Goodnight internets

10:52:09 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Ok, I'm going to bed... maybe when I wake up in 7 hours, this will be over.

10:47:27 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
yeah, um, I don't think it's going to be worth it to watch the rest of this.

10:40:07 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
hmmm I don't know if I want to watch more of this... there's got to be about 3 hours left. They haven't done Actor, Actress or Film or Producer or Director yet.

10:32:30 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Slumdog for sound mixing over Wall-E? I haven't seen it... but it seems unlikely.

10:29:57 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Dark Knight over Wall-E for sound? really?

10:27:43 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Wow Oscars, way to award the most boring Special Effects movie.

10:22:56 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
funny Jimmy Kimmel commercial

10:17:29 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
more movies noone has ever heard of.

10:16:17 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Leather suit.

10:15:40 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Bill Mahr's movie should not have been nominated. It was not even a good HBO documentary.

10:13:43 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Bil Mahr? really?

10:08:35 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Heath Leger... well that was unexpected *rolls eyes*

10:07:33 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
You know what this Oscars needs? More cowbell!

10:04:20 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Is Philip Seymour Hoffman's head cold?

10:03:42 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Oh God they're going to do an hour an a half presentation for supporting actor too.

09:57:48 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
The musical isn't back.

09:56:27 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Really the High School Musical kids again.

09:55:59 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
looks good, but getting thicker isn't she.

09:54:21 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris

09:51:56 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
It's not like they do it voluntarily... it's a state program.

09:51:16 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Seriously? coke wants to take credit for recycling?

09:51:12 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Seriously? coke wants to take credit for recycling?

09:50:07 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
What's with all the JCPenny commercials

09:47:26 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
short films, more movies, noone has ever heard of.

09:46:24 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
That comedy feature... featured alot of movies that wern't comedy

09:41:39 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Robert Downey Jr. and Jamie Fox are definently chasing an Oscar with that pretentious looking Solosit movie

09:39:16 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Jessica Beal's dress has a little too much fabric on the left side.

09:37:36 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
At least they've ditched the bad Bruce Valench jokes this year.

09:37:06 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Joaquin Phoenix... could not think of that name for the life of me.

09:35:29 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
bla...slumdog gets cinematography

09:34:24 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Ben Stiller is stealing this moment

09:32:36 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Ha... topical joke

09:30:23 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Weird Coke commercial

09:29:27 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Jud Apatow short film coming up

09:26:05 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
I can't place the girl

09:25:34 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Twilight Vampire guy

09:24:21 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
mke-up to Benjamin Buttons

09:22:50 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris

09:21:31 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
A movie I haven't even heard of.

09:16:07 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
bond, James bond

09:13:00 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Gweneth Paltro American Express commercial. nice

09:10:58 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Domoaregatto Mr roboto... that's funny

09:09:50 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Don't they make any English short animation anymore?

09:08:02 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Hooray for Wal-E... but it would have been better if they put it in the Best Picture category.

09:06:11 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
They need to bring back some 2D animation... It's a bummer that everything is 3D

09:04:46 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris

09:03:47 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Ah that's what the Oscars needed, a Thunderstorm Warning graphic running across the bottom of the screen for the night.

09:02:16 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
A little slow and sparse on the graphics...

09:01:15 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Log in to the chat at right

08:59:48 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
They should have had Fey and Martin host!

08:57:28 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Haven;t seen Milk

08:56:40 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
I'd be cool if Wall-E wins

08:56:37 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
I'd be cool if Wall-E wins

08:54:39 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Fey and Martin rock!

08:54:28 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris

08:53:54 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
30 Rock in the house!

08:53:40 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Tina Fey and Steve Martin!

08:50:40 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Where have they hidden the orchestra?

08:49:42 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Ok, I take it back... I don't want to hear from the winners either. Play Penelope off.

08:46:22 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
We don't want to hear from the presenters, we want to hear from the winners.

08:45:15 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Oh god if they are going to do a different person/different speech for every nominee we are going to be here all night.

08:43:26 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Whoopie and the Oscar equivilent of The View

08:41:41 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
curtain malfuncton

08:40:40 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
ha Brad and Angelina joke was funny

08:40:15 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Nice 20 min delay joke

08:38:50 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Nice plug for Wolverine tho.

08:37:52 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
I think they are going all out for just women on this show now.

08:36:00 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Brad Pitt grew some more facial hair so he doesn't have just that lame gable mustache anymore

08:33:54 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Billy Crystal did this bit better.

08:32:48 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Not Funny.

08:32:18 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
OMG, I just realized this whole evening is going to have an Australian accent. Hmmm... that might be abit much.

08:31:26 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris

08:31:08 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Oscar set looks like the set from Tron!

08:30:43 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Everytime I hear Leary's voice, I think of the MTV/Cindy Crawford bit from years and years ago.

08:30:27 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Everytime I hear Leary's voice, I think of the MTV/Cindy

08:29:49 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Dennis Leary as the voice of Ford F150 Trucks

08:29:46 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Dennis Leary as the voice of Ford F150 Trucks

08:28:30 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
fairly lame Red Carpet show... not enough famous people.

08:24:50 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Seth Rogan

08:23:39 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Jack Black

08:22:30 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
The dad from six feet under, cool

08:20:40 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
who really wants to see the acountants walk down the carpet?

08:20:21 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
who really wants to see the accountants walk down the carpet?

08:18:16 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Really the Nasanex Bee during the Oscars?

08:15:42 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Mylie Cyrus is definently the next Britney train wreck.

08:13:52 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Robert Downey Jr. Looks very young without facial hair.

08:13:23 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
High School Music kids the girl is cute the guy seems kindof lame

08:12:23 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
I've seen Benjamin Buttons... that might be it for the Best Pictures Oscars.

08:11:18 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
I don't think I've seen alot of the nominated movies.

08:10:37 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Now they are interviewing a fashion designer on the red carpet? I do not want to see the designer. I want to see famous people.

08:07:40 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Hopefully the commercial get better. Oscars used to be Superbowl level commercials for a few years.

08:06:49 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
I like Frank Langella, I need to see that Frost Nixon movie at some point.

08:04:35 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Sarah Jessica Parker is wearing a wedding dress

08:04:03 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Amy Adams, nice Red dress

08:03:44 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Red Carpet

06:46:37 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Come back at 7:45 or so.

06:35:59 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
You can save wear and tear on your twitter account

06:35:42 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Sign in to the chat at right.

06:35:40 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
Sign in to the chat at right.

06:31:17 PM Sun 02/22/09 Chris
I think I'm going to Live blog the Oscars.

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Me1jer didnt have,but d&w did.
Flickr: Fri 02-20-09 18:38:10 -0500

Killer Moth
Flickr: Fri 02-20-09 18:17:13 -0500

Mon 2/16/09 4:22pm #

Twitter multiplier effect

On Twitter You see the comments of people you follow.

If one of the people you follow targets their message at someone you do not follow, you do not see that comment.

If a person you follow targets a message at another person you follow, you do see that comment.

Recently some of the people I follow were getting very very chatty. I was getting too many updates. I liked following all the people I was following, and I like seeing their general comments, but I wasn't very interested in alot of the crosstalk they were having with eachother.

There is an exponential twitter multiplier effect. The more networked together the people you follow are, the more chatter you get.

Since I was getting too many messages, I looked at this connected group and unfollowed one of them to cut back on the multiplier effect. By getting rid of the one person I not only lost that persons few messages, but I hid from view the 5 or 6 people's messages targeted at that user which were greater in quantity than even the unfollowed user's messages.

I can envision a day when twitter will need to give you granular control of the connections you can view between individual people on your follow list, where you will be able to specifically exclude connections between individual people, yet still see their general posts or their crosstalk with other friends.

Sadly that granular control is not here yet, so in order to exponentially reduce tweets, I had to cut one person to reduce my view of the crosstalk on that specific group.

What a difference it made in the tweet count I received!

Picture from flickr

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Sun 2/15/09 11:16pm #

Plastic Logic Reader

Very Very Cool.

I want to hear your

Sun 2/15/09 7:32pm #

Lawn Scrabble is an absolutely brilliant idea.

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Sun 2/15/09 10:35am #

» Scott Adam's, Dilbert creator, blog Post: Quality Follows Popularity. Interesting blog post. Makes some good points.

Some quotes from his post below:

The common notion about entertainment is that the better the quality, the bigger the audience. There's some truth to that. But what I find more interesting is that it works the other way too: You need popularity before you have the luxury of developing quality.
Entertainment gets a chance to find an audience only if the concept is so simple it can be understood in a few words.
So here is the key learning. If you are planning to create some business or other form of entertainment, you will need quality at some point to succeed. But what is more important than quality in the beginning is some intangible element that makes your project inherently interesting before anyone has even sampled it. That initial audience will give you the luxury of time to create quality.

I have a twofold test for whether something can obtain instant popularity and thus have time to achieve quality:

1. You must be able to describe it in a few words.

2. When people hear about it, they ask questions.

I want to hear your

Sun 2/15/09 9:36am #

I hate Valentine's Day. You hear that alot.

But why do people hate Valentine's Day? Do people not like red and pink? Are people anti-love or anti-doing-things-for-people-they-love? Do people hate cards, chocolates and flowers? Really, what's the deal with hating a holiday constructed to celebrate all those things?

Or do people hate Valentine's Day because we are a "too me centric society"?

Valentine's Day is exclusionary compared to many other holidays. To fully participate in Valentine's Day you have a prerequisite of being in a positive relationship or coupleship. Are we growing that petty that we condemn a holiday because it excludes us? I'll admit, historically speaking I have not been able to fully participate in Valentine's Day more often than I have been able to. But I don't begrudge the holiday.

Too many people seem to feel judged by it. I don't think they should see it that way at all. All holidays do not have to pertain to everyone. I mean, Mother's and Father's Day is a little one sided for many people, but I don't see the vitriol for those. So to all the Valentine's Day haters out there, relax abit. Sure the holiday was created by card companies, but there's nothing inherently bad about the concept.

As I look around the gray Michigan landscape in mid-February, I'm happy for any day that just promotes a little color and it's ok to me if I get nothing more out of it than that.

Picture found on flickr

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Sun 2/15/09 7:43am #


» Brave New World. Sure it's slightly reverse offensive... but it is topical

» Lost Generation - I see what she did there.

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Sat 2/14/09 7:23pm #

Let's Go Surfing

07:20:38 PM Sat 02/14/09 Chris
» iyhy.com Surf the web stripped down.

07:16:22 PM Sat 02/14/09 Chris
» Random Images

07:10:13 PM Sat 02/14/09 Chris
» Creepy Robot Kid

07:06:57 PM Sat 02/14/09 Chris
» Google books for iPhone and Android

06:58:19 PM Sat 02/14/09 Chris
» At-At wants outside.

06:55:57 PM Sat 02/14/09 Chris
» Neverending Story

06:41:02 PM Sat 02/14/09 Chris
» Guy builds a joystick into a tray table.

06:31:50 PM Sat 02/14/09 Chris
» Printablechecklist.org Make a checklist, print it out.

06:26:10 PM Sat 02/14/09 Chris
» PMSbuddy an online PMS tracking/alert system.

06:23:21 PM Sat 02/14/09 Chris
» Online Rhyming dictionary

06:17:53 PM Sat 02/14/09 Chris
» Google Lattitude is Google's competitor to BrightKite. It allows you to show your friends where you are on a google map. It will work with most cellphone's soon.

06:12:49 PM Sat 02/14/09 Chris
» Posterous Auto Posting Bookmarklet is pretty cool.

06:06:05 PM Sat 02/14/09 Chris
» Speaking of Tetris, here's and interesting alleyway art installation of giant Tetris Blocks

06:02:09 PM Sat 02/14/09 Chris
» If you use utorrent, I learned that you can go to the Help->About uTorrent menu and then press Ctrl-T and you can play a hidden game of Tetris.

05:59:05 PM Sat 02/14/09 Chris
» yourfonts.com Make your own handwriting font. Print their template. Fill it out. Scan it into your computer. Upload it. Viola. I haven't tried it yet, but I'm going to soon.

05:51:06 PM Sat 02/14/09 Chris
» Q10 is a full screen distraction free windows text editor. Download the portable app version with spell checker. After installing hit f1 to see the menu. Ctrl-P to change fonts and colors or to turn off the typing sound. F7 for spell check.

05:36:50 PM Sat 02/14/09 Chris
» embed custom Google News on your website Neat.

05:35:02 PM Sat 02/14/09 Chris
» Mashable list of 15 Firefox extensions to work with Flickr

05:29:19 PM Sat 02/14/09 Chris
» Zombie Valentine

05:17:41 PM Sat 02/14/09 Chris
» io9 interview with Summer Glau worth digging just for the pictures.

05:14:10 PM Sat 02/14/09 Chris
» Bitbox wrinkled paper textures

05:12:13 PM Sat 02/14/09 Chris
» Various Microsoft Songsmith remixes that pretty much just show that Songsmith mostly sucks.

05:06:10 PM Sat 02/14/09 Chris
» Gmail tasks APP for the iPhone read and watch the video.

05:04:02 PM Sat 02/14/09 Chris
» Song.ly is a site where you can put in a link to an mp3 and it will give you a tinyurl like link to a player that you can paste into twitter or email.

05:00:13 PM Sat 02/14/09 Chris
» ginipic.com is a very very slick windows desktop application for searching and working with images from a bunch of different internet services. Take a look at this go2web20.net article

04:46:20 PM Sat 02/14/09 Chris
» 99chats.com looks like a quick and easy way to add a chat room to any web page.

04:43:33 PM Sat 02/14/09 Chris
» Zelda-computer humor Visual pun.

04:40:37 PM Sat 02/14/09 Chris
» Article on how to backup various Google services

04:38:45 PM Sat 02/14/09 Chris
» Mr. T hits a Shark

04:33:49 PM Sat 02/14/09 Chris
» Besides being on Cartoon Network, Star Wars Clone Wars will also be on TNT After the first 3 episodes or so, it's a very good show.

04:18:01 PM Sat 02/14/09 Chris
» I haven't tried it yet but Camspace looks like a neat program. It allows you to control any windows game using your web cam.

04:07:54 PM Sat 02/14/09 Chris
» These felt crafted mii's are a neat idea.

04:05:41 PM Sat 02/14/09 Chris
» I'm sortof surprised to read that they are making a Ghost Rider sequel

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Posterous Post #

Using the Posterous Bookmarklet - Posterous Help

Posterous has a bookmarklet that makes sharing things on your posterous blog similiar to tumbler. I feed my posterous blog into my regular blog too, so this should be useful.

Mobile Update: Sat 02-14-09 18:09:00 -0500

Video Post
Click the Picture to Play the Video
The International
Flickr: Thu 02-12-09 00:52:15 -0500

Wed 2/11/09 10:20pm #

Random Non-Sequiters

» I saw a free advance showing of The International this evening. Well worth seeing Free. I wouldn't see it in the theater unless you really like Thriller/CSI type Novels. You could certainly wait until DVD or Cable. There were three quotes/lines in the movie that made me think... and that's more than most movies. One quote was on banks and debt, the second quote was on the truth, the third was a rather long speech about the state of the world. Movie starred Clive Owen and he spends most of the film trying to look as intensely at the camera as possible.

» Trying to figure out some stuff at work lately. Trying to figure out what the place "wants" beyond money. All corporations want money, but corps are collections of people too, and people want things. For example, Apple wants money, but they also want to be considered to have taste. Google wants money, but they also want to be smart. I'm trying to figure out what the gestalt at my place wants. I've been there awhile, I used to know what "they" wanted, but things do change and lately, I'm not really sure.

» Also trying to figure out what I want to do after work in the larger cosmic sense. If the past couple decades are any indication, things should continue to remain fairly solitary (with occasional bursts of social activity, much like "light showers") You can never predict life of course, but past performance can be indicative of future results. With contacts and relationships generally fleeting, there's just a certain futility to it. Not in a despair way, but in a sand castle sort of way. ie: It's all well and good to build an elaborate sand castle but if the tide is going to roll in and wash it away, well there is a sense of futility to it after the waves roll out. The more waves I see coming, and the older I get, I do see the waves coming, the less interested lately I have been in getting out my bucket and shovel.

» Hmm, that's all for now, tomorrow is already Thursday. Time can really fly sometimes.

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Flickr: Wed 02-11-09 12:29:40 -0500

Video Post
Click the Picture to Play the Video
Warm weather continues.
Flickr: Wed 02-11-09 08:16:09 -0500

Sun 2/08/09 10:18pm #

Random Non-Sequiters

» I saw Push today.

If you liked Jumper, you'll probably like Push. If you like and buy comics you'll probably like Push. If you liked the first season of Heroes, before it started to suck. you'll probably like Push. If you did not like any of those things, you probably won't like Push.

» A week ago I did a post I titled People, Time and Math. Lately, Been thinking more about that, along with thoughts on power, money and self. Also have been watching people in cars who get cutoff, or find themselves unable to turn because of traffic. Been watching the dysfunction of politics post-election. Been thinking about all the advances of technology and what they mean to our interaction with people. Been thinking of some things my mother said, and my grandmother said, and my grandma said. Been thinking of Ben Affleck on a Big ass boat in He's just not that into you (not Ben, but the concept that represents.). Been thinking about "first mover advantage" and "power law". Been thinkng about growth and exponential growth. Been thinking about the desire for lies and the distain for truth. Been putting all those thoughts and more into one big crockpot of thought.

I think my brain has come to some conclusions based on the above, but my brain also has locks and safeguards, sometimes fortunately and sometimes not, that are preventing those conclusions from passing into any sort of accepted thought. Perhaps one night soon, while I sleep, the locks will be loose and guard will drop down and the conclusions will fully slip thru, settle and take hold. That's how it usually happens, not with a start, but a sleepy quiet realization acted out in a dream that really isn't such.

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I love full moons!
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Sat 2/07/09 6:21pm #

He's just not that into you

I saw this movie at a matinee today with a few people. I enjoyed seeing at the theater, because I love movie theaters. I enjoyed seeing it with the group i was with. I enjoyed the first half or maybe 3/4 of the movie. Now I'll tear part of it apart. I'll try not to give anything away, but stop now if you don't want to be spoiled.

First off, I am not familiar with the book other than it was supposed to be a popular dating guide for women out not too long ago. One structural plus to the film is it's little asides with "real people" or at least real looking people that are obviously paraphrasing parts of the book. These scenes are very pop culture documentary style and are very funny.

The cast is varied, large and filled with likeable romantic comedy actors and actresses. I won't break them all down. You can go watch the trailer and see the star power and archetypes for yourself. I will say that they manage to represent several different single and couple archetypes across the late twenties/thirties spectrum.

This is an ensemble piece, and the movie introduces the characters one by one well and takes it's time showing you how they are all connected. Since they are all connected you get several different overlapping stories that get more interconnected as the film carries on and these connections are quite fun. And most of the scenes are amusingly constructed, working individually and as part of the whole.

At it's core the movie spends most of it's time illustrating why many popular women's misconceptions on dating are just that, misconceptions. I imagine this is in keeping with the book.

By it's end however, Hollywood really comes into play and undoes all the movie's "lessons" and reinforces all the misconceptions the first part of the movie skillfully dismantles.

There is a reoccurring line, paraphrasing, "everyone thinks that they are the exception when in fact they are actually the rule." By the end of the movie, everyone in the film, however, is the "exception" and gets their Hollywood ending, except for two characters, who cross the "social line", and as you would expect in a Hollywood film, get the "ending they deserve".

It's a good movie, I did enjoy it, I would have liked it to take more of an indy high road at the end, instead of the well worn Hollywood path, but if you like any of the actors in this film, you'll like them here. They all play wonderfully to type. If you're leaning toward seeing, go see.

P.S. Oh and guys if your girlfriend/wife wants to see this film but you'd rather see Taken or Push. It is the Valentines season, so you might want to just go with her on this one, it's a nice guy thing to do and you'll be rewarded with two or three Scarlet Johansen scenes well worth the price of admission (and a pretty good scene with Jennifer Connley too. ;)

P.P.S Somewhere out there, is a friend that will see a scene in this movie, and may think of me and laugh a little extra hard for no apparent reason.

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3 gas stations no air 4 tires
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Great weather for feb
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Sat 2/07/09 7:42am #

Celebration Movie Theater Matinee Coupon

See any Matinee before 1pm for $5 Feb 7 thru Feb 13. (Coraline is $7) Print their Coupon

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Fri 2/06/09 5:50pm #

Electrical Madness

Had an Office-wide electrical failure around 4pm today. Lights started flickering then my computer made a noise and "turned off". Hopefully they have the issue resolved by Monday. And hopefully my computer isn't completely fried. I'd hate to get a new one and have to reset up everything again.

Below is some video of the crazy strobe lighting effect we were getting. It is not an artifact of the video. It really looked like that for the 30 min before they managed to turn off the lights and I went home.

It was a disco dance party in there, without the disco or the party.

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Feb 09 oprah cover.on coworker desk.hands such bad photoshop.
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Ptw sandwich
Turkey and cheese sandwich on focosia bread.yesterdayslunch.nom nom.
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Quick Link Post Fri 02-06-09 07:25:11 -0500 #

Official Gmail Blog: New in Labs: Multiple Inboxes
Neat. Gmail can now display multiple inbox sections that filter on multiple labels or searches.

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Quick Link Post Wed 02-04-09 09:59:06 -0500 #

Google Latitude
Google has a BriteKite/Twitter Like service now. Slick.

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Tue 2/03/09 10:13am #

I was listening to an Google Talk today while working. This chart struck me as interesting.

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Mon 2/02/09 1:57pm #

Star Trek Clip

Just saw this Star Trek Next Generation clip on io9. It's one of my favorite Star Trek scenes ever. As it explains why all the races in Star Trek are primarily bipeds and look the same except for bumpy foreheads, spots or strange ears.

Good Sci Fi.

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Mon 2/02/09 12:25pm #

Random non-Sequiters

Happy Monday,

Today is rolling like runaway train. I was up late due to the Superbowl last night, so got a slightly late start into work. Went over to our other office building across the street this morning. Had a meeting with our eCom area. Haven't been over there too much but I enjoyed it, it's fun getting a chance to talk technical things with technical people.

Back to the Superbowl-- Hulu was very impressive. they had the commercials up on one clean web page within a respectable timeframe of the commercials airing on TV. They also had a RSS feed set-up that pushed out the commercials in a steady stream too. On my own front, I tweaked around with some AJAX chat software and created a live blog page which I live blogged my reactions to the Superbowl event on. Worked pretty well I think. I am going to expand the page though. Build in a chat window and possibly embed a stickcam or a ustream camera. I also want to better integrate loading photos along with the text. Not sure when the next major tv event will be to make that useful but soon. It'll be a fun project.

The live blog is just an interesting exercise to tinker with and contemplate when it is preferable when compared to twitter, IRC, IM or a forum or a web chat room.

Our work cafeteria is under new management today. There are napkin dispensers on every table. The plates are black plastic styrofoam (classy compared to the paper boats before) hamburger was fine, fries were crinkle cut and slightly smaller portioned. The rest of the cafeteria seemed similar to the previous company in set-up and execution. They had cheesecake that I might try out at afternoon break. Not much junk food in the cafeteria section, but I'm going to go check out the new vending machines on my way back downstairs.

Lots to do this afternoon, so the rest of the day should go fast.

New Heroes tonight. I fully expect it to suck, and after tonight I'm not sure I'm going to watch it on Mondays... may just let them collect and view them as filler if the show is as bad as I expect it to be.

That's all for now, have a good Monday internets, maybe more from me later.

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Sun 2/01/09 10:16pm #

Superbowl Live Blog

10:15:01 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
And so concludes my live blogging

10:10:35 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
Congrats Steelers!

10:10:26 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
That was a pretty exciting 4th quarter

10:05:23 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
Is it me or NBC... my surround sound keeps cutting out

10:00:50 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
holy crap... thats awesome

09:58:15 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
nail bitter of an ending

09:54:58 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
and Danica Patrick sucks

09:54:32 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
Go Daddy commercials are way too 1999/2000

09:54:01 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
I wish bud light would make the winter go away

09:48:56 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
thats some pretty exciting football... long hair dude ran with that

09:33:35 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
MacGrubber Pepsi FTW!

09:33:14 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
wind energy ge bla

09:30:49 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
sigh... more football

09:28:06 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
no singing heroes

09:27:56 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
he\'s also in charge of microwave programing!

09:27:32 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
Alec Baldwin for Hulu!

09:27:09 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
Alec Baldwin!

09:26:55 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
taco bell should just do a commercial where they have a taco, a logo and the bell ringing... I get totallylike pavlovs dog whenever that taco bell bell rings

09:25:54 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
I could go for some taco bell though

09:25:41 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
taco bell commercial was like a bad beer ad.

09:24:34 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
scarecrow ge looks cool

09:24:04 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
taco bell fail

09:23:36 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
vizio good commercial for generating name recognition

09:22:39 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
I\'ve been totally ignoring this game... I just wait for commercials even though most of them aren\'t that good

09:19:03 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
Hammertime and McMann Cash4gold... thought that was going to be a joke... wasn\'t

09:18:06 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
coke zero commercial kinda funny

09:12:40 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
Chrysler commercial in the local block... but no US car makers in the Superbowl proper.

09:12:03 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
Applebees is buying alot of GR time

09:11:48 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
local commercials

09:07:10 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
love french fries

09:03:56 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
if your conan lasts 3 hours, call a doctor

09:02:28 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
coke is just too high concept... pretty commercials though

09:01:48 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
love peter and the wolf!

09:01:38 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
Peter and the wolf music

09:00:31 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
heroes is going to suck

09:00:22 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
carearbuilder.com was retty goode. they punched a kola!

08:59:10 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
cool... more crazy transformers fun

08:45:37 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
Office episode looks good.

08:42:11 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
I actually do want to see the Witch Mountain movie

08:41:44 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
too much on the grandpa clydesdale

08:38:08 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
ha monster nice moose ass

08:37:32 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
mmm bacon

08:37:06 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
jump jump spacemen. cool

08:36:49 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
cool coke commercial with the avatars

08:35:54 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
that guy spooned the other dude a little long after that last tackle

08:28:00 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
the NFL reserves the right to control recitation of factual information

08:27:04 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
any accounts of the game are prohibited....

08:24:59 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
local commercials... save big money with menards

08:24:30 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
Millions of people Lauging their ass off... ha

08:23:34 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
commercial rerun... already seen the cape kid

08:23:05 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
bling bling

08:22:36 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
It\'s the shat!

08:22:25 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
tranny truck... lame

08:21:19 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
the quote is disney world not disney land

08:20:59 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
springsteen songs generally have more of an introspective undercurrent... that felt almost like springsteen channeled thru jimmy buffet

08:20:01 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
I\'m not sure springsteen really works when he\'s having that much fun.

08:16:09 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
I\'m fairly indifferent to springsteen... its an ok performance if you like springsteen I imagine

08:14:15 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
watching bruce springsteen now... I\'m a few minutes behind live

08:13:45 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
items in the middle of the tv look 3d but anytime the subject gets cropped it goes flat with the plane of the frame

08:13:13 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
tried it again with the sobe glasses and came to the conclusion that the real problem is that the 3d doesn\'t work when any part of your subject gets cut off by the tv screen frame

08:12:31 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
I tried the 3d commercials with some other glasses that were more red and more blue... they didn\'t work

08:05:32 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
3d commercials didn\'t work for me... not sure if it\'s my tv or the glasses... I\'m ging to rewind the dvr and try some different glasses

07:59:57 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
live blogging in 3d

07:55:20 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
dude landed on his head

07:51:23 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
If your hair covers up your name on your jersey... it\'s probably too long for football

07:49:36 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
I\'m not sure I care for Chester Cheetahs new voice

07:48:32 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
Is the dude who makes the sounds on the field too?

07:48:08 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
I thought Hightower was a Police Academy character

07:46:08 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
not witty, but it was a well done Jay leno commercial

07:45:14 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
not sure whtats up with the flowers in a box

07:44:56 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
handr block meh

07:43:54 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed

07:41:00 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
hmmm not sure about up but Pixar rarely fails

07:37:43 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
hulu advertised on the superbowl, that\'s going to crash the server

07:37:17 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
my 3d glasses are ready

07:36:29 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
etrade baby!

07:36:00 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
yea commercials

07:34:29 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
james dude has quite the helmet visor

07:31:57 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
ok, less football, more commercials

07:25:27 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
cars.com sortof benjamin button like, but fell flat

07:15:04 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
Star Trek is going to kick ass

07:14:04 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
daisy dating, eh

07:11:45 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
Heroes is going to be LAME

07:11:05 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
or maybe you should get a clydesdale... weird back to back commercials.

07:10:30 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
pedigree ad not bad

07:09:55 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
I\'m good!

07:07:35 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
go daddy is just a little too juvenile

07:06:34 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
good commercial... doritos is on a roll!

07:05:55 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
Basterdizing my childhood. Land of the Lost

07:05:12 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
amusing for an oil commercial... who doesn\'t love monkeys (chimps)

07:04:13 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
wasn\'t there already a fast and furious movie shouldn\'t it have a different name?

07:03:06 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
Mrs Potato head. amusing

06:56:30 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
They have a player named after the terminator on sarah conner chronicals

06:53:39 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
nope I\'m not a venza

06:53:20 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
Year One... well that\'s an odd looking film

06:52:23 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
Conan... that would have been a funny commercial if it featured a serious actor instead of a commedian

06:49:06 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
Are comercials showing up on the Hulu rss before the tv? there\'s an NBC LMAO commercial on the feed that was pretty funny.

06:44:58 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
doritos snow globe.. nice

06:44:32 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
ok pepsi commercial

06:42:00 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
cool car chase commercial

06:40:42 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
Angels and Demons... no interest.... never saw the davinci code either

06:40:00 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
office meetings with Bud Light?

06:35:31 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
love the 2nd and 10 style graphics that get superimposed on the field

06:33:35 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
I like the live video floating heads

06:31:37 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
nice splitscreen

06:30:56 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
better Hyndai commercal... but um still a Hyndai commercial

06:27:57 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
General Petraeus you\'ve invaded several countries, where are you going next? The Super Bowl!

06:27:11 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
old guys on parade

06:25:59 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
Hyndai... lame

06:24:25 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
singing heroes... um no

06:23:35 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
ok... can\'t rip on Ronald McDonald house.

06:23:02 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
Avon! yeah there\'s your recession proof business. oy

06:22:27 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
it\'s the lame ass G.I. Joe commercial

06:21:25 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
Why does everyone do this song a different way? Can\'t we standardize it a little more?

06:19:44 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
Sounds like the National Anthem if done in a Disney Movie

06:19:13 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
really? Jennifer Hudson?

06:16:15 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
more faith hill

06:14:10 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
julia roberts and clive owen... duplicity... probably a meh movie but it\'ll be filled with good quips I bet.

06:13:28 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
subway, I like that 5 dollar foot long slogan

06:13:08 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
Verison commercial... bla

06:12:42 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
ok Universial Studios commercial. Kids in capes are cool.

06:12:02 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
lame best buy commercial

06:11:36 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
lame lebron commercial

06:09:47 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
There\'s a steeler named Colon. Is he a tight end?

06:01:16 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
Are you ready for some Faith Hill Football?

05:56:17 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
Live Blogging

05:10:40 PM Sun 02/01/09 Unnamed
I\'ll be live blogging Superbowl commercial stuff soon.

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Sun 2/01/09 5:03pm #

Let's Go Surfing

04:59:52 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Wow finally worked thru last weeks starred items in my google reader. Done Link Blogging for now.

04:53:37 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Mozilla giving cash for Open Video development to make video work better on the web link Cool.

04:51:26 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Bittbox Free textures Flicr Pool. link Good Stuff

04:49:37 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Ihardlyknowher.com the curiously named stripped down Flickr browser. link I don't think Flickr is that hard to browse... but this is interesting anyway.

04:46:59 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Good Article: Here's what's wrong with the DC Universe link some good points and an amusing WOW analogy.

04:36:54 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Free Ubuntu Pocket Guide PDF download link cool.

04:28:21 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Song.ly share MP3s on Twitter. Basically ad an url to an MP3 and songly will give you a link to an embeded player to play it. link looks useful for some instances.

04:18:09 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Track packages via twitter. link Get a dm everytime your pacakage moves. Interesting

04:03:33 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Being Human BBC series about a vampire, werewolf and a ghost that live togeter. Video link Looks interesting in a No Heroics kindof way.

03:47:37 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Browse entire magazines in Google Book Search link Lots of well known ones too.

03:02:38 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Very cool Darth Vader leading Storm Troopers into battle illustration. link Neat.

02:59:29 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» When I grow up I want to be like mommy. Humor, funny. link rotfl

02:57:39 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Netflix profits way up link Bigger TVs at home and more expensive tickets to cookie cutter movies at theater. No doubt this trend will continue.

02:55:34 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» PayPal has joined the OpenID Foundation link And OpenID keeps barreling along

02:53:43 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» How to survive a social media revolt link Good suggestions for apoligizing in general in this article.

02:48:09 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» I posted about one of these last week but i really like the idea of these 7 in. USB displays link Very slick.

02:41:15 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Awesome drawing of 1970s Television heroes. link Very very cool.

02:39:01 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» V to return as a family drama? link Does not sound like a good idea to me. but you never know.

02:37:13 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Muxtape returns with a new focus on legal music. link Doesn't really sound like muxtape has returned then.

02:29:05 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» You can draw on Brisol paper featuring the art of KatieCanDraw link Pretty cool.

02:02:43 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» NBS Nightly News video about Dr. Manahattan from Watchmen link retro neat

01:32:03 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» twtpoll looks like a pretty simple poll web site you can embed them in your blog or twitter them link neat.

01:28:37 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Her Morning Elegance. The Girl on the Bed Stop motion Video link Very slick.

01:24:07 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Fontpicker is a Flash based Font Picker link It also installs as an Adobe Air application.

01:21:16 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» 4 Web Apps to make your own motivational posters link Cool.

01:20:07 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Thinkgeek: Back to the Future License Plate $29.99 link Neat.

01:15:50 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Hamburger Bed! link I caz sleepz in a cheezburgr?

01:14:06 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Hand Drawn Icon Set link Neat.

01:08:47 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Video of Dark Knight as an Old-School Nintendo Game link

01:07:47 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Marry Me. Very cute little short film youtube video link

01:06:20 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Time article. Does Facebook Replace Facetime or Enhance It? link Depends on the person if you ask me.

01:04:37 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» It's a real Spaceship link Click and scrolldown abit.

12:59:53 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» The The Impotence of of Proofreading Video link

12:57:49 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Cookie Monster Cupcake. Awesome. link

12:55:10 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Central Station dance video link

12:51:54 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Pic2color, upload a JPG and get a hex color pallette from it link

12:45:26 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» 1984 Steve Jobs Macintosh Demo link

12:41:40 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» David Letterman Top Ten Things We'll miss about Bush link

12:39:17 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Nigerian goat detained as robbery suspect link

12:11:47 PM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» I discovered FBReader link the eBook reader software on my Eee PC. Works pretty good.

11:36:40 AM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» MTVMusic.com link Wow MTV and music? what a strange combination. You can watch videos there.

11:33:20 AM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Tetris Necklace link Neat.

11:31:44 AM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» ChaCha CEO's 8 monitor computer set-up. Now that's the way to roll. link

11:30:26 AM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Carbonmade.com link is a easy to create artist portfolio site. Very clean and upto date looking in it's execution.

11:27:28 AM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» TechCrunch Cheap Web Tablet Prototype link Will this be the year we get uber-cheap sub $200 web tablets? I hope so.

11:10:46 AM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» KatieCanDraw Dr. Horrible. link

11:07:12 AM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Neat Zip Code program link Click the map and as you start typing it will narrow down the zip code location, by lighting up the map.

11:03:16 AM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» This 3.5 inch scale new Star Trek Movie Bridge playset is pretty cool looking. link

10:58:43 AM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Coolflick.org link is a Flash based, Colliris-like Flickr search tool. Put in your word and then you can flick throught the pictures Minority report style.

10:50:18 AM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Obama got to keep his Blackberry. I imagine he got to keep it, cause y'know he's the President and stuff. link

10:44:31 AM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Sketch Magazine online highlighted friends, Adama and Comfort's FREE Download of Uniques issue 1 last week link

10:38:11 AM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» BSG Photo of Six link

10:36:28 AM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Star Wars Tilt Shift Photography link

10:32:20 AM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Gigapan Super Huge resolution Google Maps style Navigation photo of the Inauguration. link

10:26:47 AM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Crap, I wanted to get the Palm Pre, but it won't have video recording at launch. That's a requirement for me. Looking more and more like I'm going to have to get a blackberry or just keep my flip phone for now. link

10:22:09 AM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Dell Adamo is a pretty sweet looking incredibly thin (MacAir smashing) laptop. link

10:13:30 AM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» 40 Twitter using companines and how they use it. link

09:52:28 AM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Retrosexuals link "the phenomena of people reconnecting via sites like Facebook and hooking up after not seeing each other for a decade or more. "

09:49:03 AM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» MSNBC hates on Linux link

09:46:03 AM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Chrysler uses some of it's bailout money to sponsor Chrysler cars in the movie: Terminator Salvation. Which is cool, because when you think "end of the world" now you can think "Chrysler" link

09:42:51 AM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» BlankSheetMusic.net link Where you can print any kindof blank sheet music free.

09:41:27 AM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Google JavaScript APIs get a playground link I want to start hooking my blog into more services with this sort of stuff.

09:37:41 AM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» MakeBeliefsComix.com is a neat web app you can make comic strips with. Great if you can't draw, but are dying to do a three panel joke link

09:27:43 AM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Leyio Personal Sharing Device, uses UWB and also USB sticks. Even if they ever shut down Bittorrent and sharing on the internet, these things would make Filesharing continue. link

09:15:02 AM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Bratz Dolls May Give Young Girls Unrealistic Expectations of Head Size link

08:58:23 AM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Um, no, we should go to the moon again, and to Mars. It's not a waste of money, it's one purpose for our existence link.

08:49:38 AM Sun 02/01/09 Chris
» Hey they Cloned an Extinct ibex! link but then it died after it was born. Cool, but still a bummer.

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Quick Link Post Sun 02-01-09 08:08:14 -0500 #

Gi Joe: Watch Cobra Rise In New GI Joe Trailer
It looks fun in a Transformers movie sortof way. But it doesn't look at all like G.I. Joe. Trailer Video at the link.

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