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October 2008

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Fri 10/31/08 10:23am #

Happy Halloween

Picture of my friend Jeff and Dan's costumes that they wore to work today.

Dan's G.I. Joe Outback is brilliant!

I'm not really feeling the Halloween Spirit this year so I didn't do the costume thing today :( Maybe next year.

Update: Go to Dan's blog scroll down a little and see the picture of him photoshopped onto a G.I.Joe Action Figure Card (Click on thumbnail 3).

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Thu 10/30/08 6:34am #

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Sun 10/26/08 9:08pm #

Keep Calm and Carry On...

Saw the above graphic on boing boing. Great stuff.

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Sat 10/25/08 9:41pm #

Sprint CEO says Android not good enough for Sprint yet. Um, I really hope they change their mind in the next 3 months, because in January my contract is up and I really want an Android phone-- more than I want to stay with Sprint.

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Sat 10/25/08 4:07pm #

It takes about 4 or 5 days to really unplug. Hooray for being on day 5.

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Sat 10/25/08 11:41am #

Random Non-Sequiters

Yes, you can have everything, but the problem is you'll want more. Everything isn't the problem, we could have had everything 60 years ago, the problem is you want more, everything is not enough.

Let's Go Surfing

» The Watchman Movie Trailer, looks really good.

» Looking at the Top 300 Comics for September 2008 #6 is a book only selling 86,851 copies. #20 is only selling 64,911. You only need to sell 53,736 copies to break into the top 30 and only 44,160 copies to break into the top 50. Want to be in the top 100 comic books? You only need to sell 24,515.

That's just crazy.

» Video demo of Britekite on the iPhone You know how you use an answering machine to screen your calls, this thing is going to let you screen your locations. Exciting GPS based tech.

» Play Alien Hominid in your browser. Cool.

» Five Web Based Image Editor Photoshop type programs Pixlr, Splashup, Phoenix, pixer.us, SUMO Paint

» Y'know a couple years ago these commercials were cute, now in my opinion they just make Apple look like a dick. Vista is not a bad OS if you have new hardware to run it on. And there's nothing really alternative, edgy or hip about "buying Mac" . It's just computers and electronics, it doesn't make you cool just by sitting on your desk. *sigh*

» I'm not really sure what to think about the iKit, a tiny palm-sized computer in a laptop form factor. It looks slick for $170, but is there alot of need for it in a world of iPhones and G1s? Not sure.

» Funny Flash Animation, Dark Knight Meets Superman.

» Hushie is sort of a combination of muxtape and plorf. Type in an artist and get a bunch of songs that start playing.

» Frank Miller might do Buck Rogers Next. Sign me up if Twikie is in it.

» Hulu has episodes of Johnny Sokko's Flying Robot. All you crazy kids with your Power Rangers and what not, this is where it was realz, you hears me?

» Interesting article: The Trouble with "Free Riding" this is going to become a bigger and bigger deal. If a thing has no cost, you can't charge for it, we're going to need a system that deals with that fact eventually.

» Blotchman is a quirky little, and pretty well done 24 hour comic effort. 24 pages, give it a read.

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Sat 10/25/08 7:48am #

Wazzup 8 years later

Yeah, you're first reaction might be to not watch it. Watch it anyway.

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Fri 10/24/08 4:24pm #

Last nights' Wil Farel and Tina Fey SNL Political skit.

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Thu 10/23/08 9:42pm #

This week is a dry run vacation for a much larger vacation I'm taking in a few weeks.

I definitely am enjoying the time off. What I enjoy most about not working is not having someone pop up five feet from me in an anxious peeved panic with something they believe has to be addressed immediately.

There's a certain addiction to panic adrenaline in my workplace at times.

Back to the vacation topic. People think I should go somewhere. Maybe I should, but distraction is not my goal with a vacation. “Going somewhere” especially by oneself tends to be just a lot of random newness to throw at oneself for the sake of the excitement of unfamiliarity. Works for a lot of people but my mind isn't wired that way. New is cool and all, but it can be as much an addiction as that panic adrenaline rush is.

Earlier today, I mentioned I was thinking a lot about a world without scarcity, I guess the compliment to that thought, that I am also having, is “What has value when you remove it's scarcity?”

That's the nice thing about when I have vacation time, it gives me even more time for nonsensical contemplation than usual. I like that.

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Thu 10/23/08 9:07pm #

Scarcity and capitalisim

Thinking a little about scarcity lately. Capitalism is based on scarcity and control of capital. What happens when you don't have scarcity. What happens when needs are met? At what point to you stop generating new needs to satisfy?

No real answers to here, sometimes i just think about the questions for awhile.

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Thu 10/23/08 4:12pm #

Game Night with some Birthday Goodness

We had our regular game night last night and I got a couple Green Lantern themed birthday cards (My B-Day is Friday), an Evil Yellow Lantern Heroclix, Chocolate cake and ice cream too. Good Times.

Green Lantern Birthday Cards

That stick figure card is from my very talented comic illustration friends Adam and Comfort from The Uniques. Some of their finest work I think ;) Maybe even better than this drawing they did of me a couple years ago The inside was also quite amusing...

Facts about Hal Jordan

Inside were Chuck Norris style facts about Hal Jordan.

Friend Dan gets bonus points for the Green Lantern Logo themed envelope and my Yellow Lantern too!

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Thu 10/23/08 9:28am #

One Line on the Sopranos

Amusing song

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Wed 10/22/08 3:18pm #

I went out to pick-up comics a couple hours ago. More to get out of the house than anything else, as I only got 3 books. (Trinity, Tiny Titans and Final Crisis)

While out, I swung by Target, I hadn't been to target in awhile. I actually went to Target as much to find these little Domo figures friend Jeff posted about as much as anything else. Didn't find any Domo figures at the target I was at, but they did have an Endcap with 8.9” Screen Linux Eee PCs in both Black and White Colors for $299.99. Being Target they also rounded out the endcap with a nice selection of peripherals and some nice cases for the Eee too. Almost got the Lunch Bag shaped case for $20, but talked myself out of it fairly quickly.

Pretty exciting to see a $300 netbook on a mass merchant endcap.

Also still at Target and also for $299.99-- The Sony eReader. One of these days soon, I'm going to talk myself into one of those.

Picked up The Hal Jordan and Sinestro DC Universe figures at Meijer. Passed on the Nightwing, Robin and Deathstroke figures. They are very nice, but then again so are the DC Direct versions of those characters that I already have. The Solomon Grundy looks very good, but again so does the DC Direct version I already have, so no real need for that. I almost talked myself into saving $20 and skipping the GL and Sinestro figures, but then I reminded myself, I'm me and couldn't pass those up.

Right now, going to load some dishes into the dishwasher, take a walk with A&C and then up to Meijer for some groceries to get ready for tonights' Game Night (for which I have a new box of Heroclix: Arkham Asylum pieces to play.)

Oh, one last point, Sprint used to put the subject heading “You've got Picture Mail” into the subject line of a blank picture mail. Looks like they may have changed it to simply “PictureMail”. Anyway it screwed up my auto Flickr picture posting code by whichever one of them (Flickr or Sprint) did that. I'll have to tweak my code a little to get the pictures to auto post to my blog again.

Maybe more later Internets.

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You have new Picture Mail!
Found at Meijer today.
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Sun 10/19/08 8:55pm #

Random Non-Sequiters

» Hey, it's going to be my birthday next Friday. So I'm going to be a little more introspective then usual this week-- I think. I work Monday, but then on the plus side, I have the whole rest of the week off.

Now onto some rambling.

» I made some ground hamburger sandwiches a couple hours ago, and boy am I still full. I crumble up the ground sirloin in a pan, brown, add a little pepper and then briefly cook it with a little ketchup. Add to some hot dog buns, sprinkle on some shredded cheese and it's really quite filling.

» Watched the first episode of Fringe finally. Not sure what to think. It was a little slow, and actually I started to nod off a little toward the end. The structure of the show wasn't terrible and there is certainly a heavy x-files like vibe to it. Maybe someone reading this blog can let me know if it will eventually be worth my time to watch more episodes, as it is, I'm on the fence I think.

» I was surfing my Facebook a little the other day and there is a girl younger than me that is a Facebook friend of mine that has “Sean Hannity” as a friend. I'm still trying to process that concept.

Let's Go Surfing

» Touchscreen Eee Pcs are coming! Cool I love my Eee, but having one that I could sketch, color and take notes with would be even awesomer.

» Cool Darwin Playset/figures $12 on Thinkgeek.

» Take a look at how tiny this $298 eMachine desktop is. This would make a great little media PC to hook up to the TV

» Anti-ballistic polo shirts.

» Productivity 2.0 Interesting article, interesting concepts.

» Artweaver a portable Windows App that's sort of Painter-like,

» Extra 4 inch and 7 inch USB connected monitors. Very neat.

» Joost has relaunched as a Web/Flash based TV service. Not bad, there is some interesting stuff on there.

» Color ePaper Display. Slick.

» I'm digging the look of the JJ Abrams Star Trek. I even like Kirk in the Black only undershirt.

» And on the subject of Star Trek, it looks like replicators are coming soon too.

» Vectorstock.com vector images.

» $400 All-In-One Touchscreen Eee PC Desktop. Slick.

» Averatec has a $550 All in one coming out.

» Sub 500 CTL 2go Classmate Convertible touchscreen laptop Awesome that these things are going to be at such low price points next year.

» Do your friends have some red and blue 3D glasses laying around? If they do, this 3D webcam might be for you. I'm guessing there will be some um-interesting websites that will start posting video made with this.

» eprintablecalendars. as some nice basic printable calendars.


» Check out this very cool rising Pool table

» Twitter Song. I tweeted this a week or so ago, but It's worth posting again. More than just a twitter song, it's a little overview of the history of posting online.

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Sat 10/11/08 11:01pm #

Random Non-Sequiters

Haven't been blogging. Been Twittering a little less to.

Have one more week then I have a week off.

After that week, I work 3 weeks and then I'll have 23 straight days off. Never had anything remotely close to that much consecutive time off in my adult life. The almost month long vacation, It's an interesting concept.

Busy week this past week, Game Night and several evenings with A&C, good times.

Weekend is quiet again.

And now Random spouted thoughts...

Been watching the political theater pretty closely. Last Pres debate is this Wednesday and then there's like what? Three week before the election?

Been watching the economic Wall-street mess too. Not sure exactly what they're trying to do with that. Saw some buzz online about possibly “them” creating a new super world bank or something?

Been thinking about pop culture lately. Does it still exist? And how long can the consumer driven culture continue? And what do we do post-consumer culture if there is going to be such a thing? If the world currently measures a man by the toys he has and the travels he takes, what comes after that? How are you going to rank the 6 billion people we have hanging out on this globe.

Also been thinking about peoples' values to eachother. A lot of what I see is mutual validation of individual constructed worlds. There's a great deal of entertaining going on too. You see the words HOPE and CHANGE a lot in the greater social and political arena. For HOPE and CHANGE to be resonating so strongly, their inverses must be in effect, otherwise those words wouldn't click with so many people.

There are a lot of people that want to be entertained. There seem to be fewer that want to entertain.

Found some nice Opensource PHP/AJAX chatroom code today, PHPfreechat-1.2. Installed it on my webste, still need to customize the look a little though. Don't really have a huge need for it, but a chatroom is a nice thing to have around, so I'm happy about that.

Saw on one of the tech sites that there is going to be a touchscreen Eee PC at the beginning of the year. That will be a very cool thing if it's in the $300-$350 range.

Also been seeing a lot more eInk eReader buzz lately. Hopefully those are poised to go mainstream too.

Have been watching a little of the new fall TV shows.

My feelings on Heroes are mixed. It's better than the aborted 2nd season, but the constant time travel by everyone is getting a bit much. The Brundle-Suresh is a little too much to take too.

The Office is good so far. digging that show.

Greys Anatomy has been pretty solid too.

I've seen the first two episodes of Trueblood. Liking that show.

Saw the season opener of Pushing Daisies. It's as good as last season, but I do worry that the quirky novelty of it is going to wearoff for me this season.

Star Wars Clone Wars, watched the first episode with Yoda vs the roger roger robots on the planet of the wattoos. I thought it was a fun show. Looking forward to more of them.

Been saving up, but haven't watched: Sarah Conner, Fringe, Smallville, Knight Rider, Dirty Sexy Money, Mad Men and a handful of others. At this rate I should have plenty of TV even though all the seasonal and summer breaks (never ran out last year either.).

Need to think about what I want to do with my weekends. There's some Flash and web programing I want to learn in relationship to my new work position I'll be starting soon (did I mention that I have a new work position starting soon?) but other than that, I'm trying to think of how to make peace with and then productive use of my Sat and Suns.

Hmmm.... maybe that's enough random rambling for now.

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Sat 10/11/08 9:40pm #

Pretty impressive group lipsync, one "take" video.

Just click it and watch it...

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Sun 10/05/08 7:50pm #

Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain plays Shaft.

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New bluetooth headphones.Pandora anywhere in apt.hooray.
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Posterous Post #

WowWee's Rovio

I think this Wi-Fi enabled streaming camera robot looks very very slick.

From the page WowWee's Rovio gets reviewed: it's one awesome robotic sentry - Engadget:

WowWee goes out of its way to make one thing very clear about the Rovio: "this is not a toy." That being said, it doesn't make the patrolling sentry any less fantastic, as critics over at Robots-Dreams proclaimed that it was "intuitive and a pleasure to use from the moment you first open the box." From the painless setup process to the unparalleled mobility, reviewers sounded like they were grinning from ear-to-ear during the entire writeup process. It performed its robotic sentry duties with vigor and valor, and the review crew couldn't help but note that this bugger was "positioned to be the hottest robot for the upcoming holiday season, and for a long time to come." In other words, if you've been on the fence about dropping three bills on this thing, all your worries about it potentially sucking just got thrashed.

Mobile Update: Sun 10-05-08 18:50:39 -0400

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