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March 2008

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Mon 3/31/08 5:08am #


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Sun 3/30/08 1:12pm #

Let's Go Surfing

» She'll be back Sarah Conner Chronicles renewed for a second season. Very cool. It started sortof bla, but has been pretty decent since the addition of Brian Austen Green.

» David Eick to create Children of Men TV show. Could be interesting.

» Edward James Olmos, Commander Adama in a futuristic Farmers Insurance commercial

» Sexy Star Wars Recruitment Posters

» Four rules of PowerPoint are: The Goldilocks Rule, The Rudolph Rule, The Rule of Four, and the Birds of a Feather Rule

» Sara Silverman was on Star Trek Voyager A couple of videos at the link.


» Magic Highway. This is the future we were promised, someone needs to pay up. (Youtube)

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Sat 3/29/08 9:14pm #

Random Non-Sequiters

» Halo 3 Lan Party last Night. 9 people in one house digitally running around shooting eachother. Good Times.

Let's Go Surfing

» Steven Colbert Fantasy Painting

» BrickArms weapons for lego minifigs. A Lego Arms dealer, now that's cool.

» Network Attached Hard Drive with built-in Bittorrent. Interesting.

» Eee Desktop PC looks nice.

» Snake Eyes Picture. the movie may very likely suck big time, but that Snake Eyes Picture is pretty cool.

» Punisher War Zone Website. Yea! Pulo!

» Sega's The Incredible Hulk Video Game I liked the smashy smashy of the Hulk:Ultimate Destruction game, this one is supposed to be similiar.

» My Life in a Cube Nice cartoons.

» Paul Pope designed T-Shirts for DKNY Here's the secret to fashion: Be very very attractive, then you can wear anything you want and people will say it's "fashionable" or "trendy" because obviously it must be, because that's what attractive people are-- fashionable and trendy.

» X-files 2 movie poster looks very slick


» iWash iPhone Application

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Sat 3/29/08 2:56pm #

Magical Gnomes

I have some co-workers that have been building a Gnome display above a small cabinet at the end of my cubicle row. Another co-worker brought over some Dry Ice to add to the display Friday. Above Video of the Magical Gnome Display. It was quite the office draw yesterday.

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Fri 3/28/08 9:05am #

A couple weeks ago a co-worker of mine started sending out a daily Seinfeld Trivia quiz by email. You reply back to his email with your multiple choice answer and he keeps a running tabulation of the ongoing score.

The questions are very esoteric. I really liked Seinfeld when it was on, but I invariably just blink twice at the questions, as I usually do not remember the episodes from which the questions come.

The questions aren't the issue of today's scribble though. The issue today was the #18 in front of the question. Has it really been 18 working days since these have been going on? My-- where has the last month gone? 18.

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Thurs 3/27/08 3:46pm #

Friend Dan made the below overview of last night's Heroclix Game.

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Tue 3/27/08 3:00pm #

Big Splash Last Night

Had game night last night.

Toilet has been running abit the last few days. Small leak in the tube the fills the tank after a flush. By the end of the night last night you could hear that the toilet tank was just contstantly filling. When my friends went home near midnight-- game went into "extra innings"-- I pulled the tank lid off and took a look. I grabed hold of the the white "flow regulator?" thingy and then...

Pop! Splash! Spray!

Water everywhere. It was like all of a sudden a fire hydrant opened up.

I fidgeted with the white plastic and seated it back on, but it was no longer connected. Nothing was holding back the torrent other than my hand pressure.

It took me a while to look around to find something to hold the cap against the pipe but I managed to flip the tank lid upside down and that was a temp fix.

I tried to turn the knob to turn off the water pressure to the toliet, and then the corroded handle that hadn't been touched in a decade started to break.

Water still barely being held back I called the complex emergency maintence number and fortunately someone was able to come right out and fix the thing. 'course it's after 1 am now and I had to be ready to get up before 5am today to be to work early for the last couple days of my busiest week in the cycle.

Basically I'm a sleep deprived zombie right now, and that's my toilet splash story for the day.

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You have new Picture Mail! New comic Picks for 3/26/08

BLUE BEETLE #25 $2.99
TEEN TITANS #57 $2.99

JLA Series 2 Figures???

Available today according to this weeks shipping list

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Wed 3/26/08 4:59am #

Marvel at how bad this is

[sarcasm] Wow! Another exicting video coming from Marvel Animation! [/sarcasm]

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Tues 3/25/08 4:32pm #

Random non-sequiters

A co-worker was planning a group luncheon tomorrow. There's already a group of us at work that religiously go get comics every Wednesday at lunch. Wednesday is known as New Comic Wednesday (NCW).

Here's a copy of an email reply I crafted and sent back to the question of whether we would go to lunch or go get comics:

A NCW Prayer:

Our Comics which art in stores on Wednesday.
Hallowed be thy day.
Thy issues come.
They will be got. Unless bumped from postal holi-day.

Give us this our weekly stories.
And forgive us our missed lunches, as we forgive others.

Lead us not from our four color pamphlets, for they can not be delivered.
And must be got, on Wednesdays, this week and unto always.

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Tue 3/25/08 8:51am #

Random Non-Sequiters

» Outside this blog, I try to keep my inner fanboy contained as much as possible. but one thing that really creeps into my geek craw is when Batman is mentioned as being published from Marvel comics.

Batman is DC. Superman is DC. Spider-man, Hulk, Iron-Man, Wolverine and the X-men. those are all Marvel.

It's not really a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but calling Batman a Marvel character will make the little hairs on the back of most geeks necks stand on end, after which they are likely to discount you as an authority on anything.

Just sayin' is all.

» Just saw the first part of HBO's John Adams last night. Very much enjoyed it. looking forward to watching the rest of the series over the next few weeks.

Also watched another episode of Madmen. We are upto episode 8 I think. Very Very much enjoy that series. It's as good as anything you would find on the premium channels. Seek out and watch if you haven't yet.

» Busy day today. All for now. Have a good day Internets

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Mon 3/24/08 9:33am #

Random Non-Sequiters

It's Monday morning and I'm drinking an RC Cola.

A couple weeks ago, I had a friend abandon his regular Mountain Dew Pop. With game night approaching I asked him what I should pick-up at the store since he was no longer Doing the Dew.

RC Cola was one of the requests. It was an odd request. I've never heard of anyone specifically requesting RC Cola, in fact I was quite surprised the store even had any. But the store did have some, Cases of Cans, but they did have have some.

Anyway, now my refrigerator is full of RC cola, and when I went to grab something to take to work with me this morning, I was down to a choice of various diet pops-- also purchased for friends, i never touch the stuff, Dr Pepper-- which it just seemed way to early for, or RC Cola.

So here I sit in my cubicle on a Monday morning staring at my computer screens drinking a can of RC Cola.

It says something about my life today I think.

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Sun 3/23/08 9:56 am #


• It's Raining McCain. (Youtube)
Warning this video is very disturbing. Watch with caution.

• Forward Through Backwards Time. A Rocketboom video. (Youtube).

• Onion Newscast from the robot dominated future. (Youtube)

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Sun 3/23/08 8:12am #

Happy Easter

Happy Easter!

y'see, cause Buggs is a Rabbit, like an Easter Bunny right?
And Superman was sent to save the Earth by his father, died and came back from the dead.
heh. oh never mind.

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Sat 3/22/08 9:07pm #

Feeling much better today..

Will hopefully be perfectly back to normal tomorrow after a good night's sleep.

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Fri 3/21/08 10:00pm #

A&C Art

» The above is just a tiny little clipping of a really nice Sci-fi western commission friend Adam did. It's very very slick! Go give it a look!

Also Comfort has posted a partially finished color page from Uniques #2 over in The Uniques forum, so you're going to want to take a peek at that too!

Random Non-Sequiters

» I've got the bug that's been going around these parts. I don't think I've gotten it as bad as some, but I do have to say, Kleenex is my noses best friend right now. Bleh.

» In what is probably not the brightest idea, I did hit a couple stores on my way home sick from work today and as I mentioned earlier in my forum I picked up an Iron-man movie figure (Mark03).

If I ever can manage to stay awake more than a couple hours this weekend (this cold bug is really kicking me in the head), I'm going to try and snap a picture or two of that.

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Fri 3/21/08 4:42pm #

The Uncanny (and hastily scribbled) Wolverclops


Above was in response to a thread over on A&C's Uniques forum

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Fri 3/21/08 6:19am #

Random Non-Sequiters

Below was a response I formulated to the headline on a Progressive Ruin post about comic ages: "Or maybe we're in the 'Downloadable Torrent Age.'". I think Mike's headline was probably intended more as a tounge-in-cheek inticement to read his post, and I probably took the headline a little to serious in my response. But his headline gave my brain that final little push to fully organize (such as it is) my current thoughts on that matter.

Those thoughts below:

For Comics to truely go from print to digital

To truely transition to a downloadable torrent age, I think we would need a bridging technology of some sort.

For music to transition to MP3s we had a bridge in the form of the burnable CD. When enough people collected MP3s for burning CDs, it then made leaving the files as MP3s on iPods practical.

If comics were to get a bridge device, say a home printer or kinkos kiosk, where people could print: bound or stapled one-offs of downloaded books. Then we might be on our way to comics truely transforming to digital like music did. Then with all those digital files, it might become practical to get color eInk book readers.

There ain't nearly as many people reading comics as there were people listening to CDs however. That's probably the reason why noone has developed the bridging technology to make the transition happen. Last month DC's highest book was in a 70,000 range print run. Even if you get a majority of people to go digital, how many people is that really going to be?

P.S. 'course with all that said, you should still go buy a digital download of my friends Adam and Comfort's The Uniques and if you don't have confidence that a digital bridge technology or an eInk reader will develop soon, don't forget they have paper copies available too.

P.P.S. I get nothing from the sales of A&C's book, other than if it becomes really really successful we're going to have them start buying the pizza for every game night we have ;) That and eventually I want to be able to buy Uniques action figures and the book needs to still become much more popular to make that happen ;)

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Fri 3/21/08 5:49pm #

Battlestar Galactica cast reads Top 10 List

Hooray! only a couple more weeks! (Youtube)

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You have new Picture Mail!
New Comic Picks for 3/19/08

BIRDS OF PREY #116 $2.99
CATWOMAN #77 $2.99
DEATH OF THE NEW GODS #7 ( OF 8 ) $3.50
FLASH #238 $2.99
ROBIN #172 $2.99
INVINCIBLE #49 $2.99

According to Newsarama's Shipping List

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Sun 3/16/08 4:02 #

Random Non-Sequiters

» I bought a very nice small table remote control holder thingy this weekend. I also bought a lovely little mini-adapter to plug my cellphone into my car radio so that I can listen to CNN over Sprint TV or Sprint Digital Music Channels when I'm in the car.

You probably don't really need to know either of those things, but such is the way of blogs.

» I also installed the Filezilla FTP program on my Eee PC this weekend. It works very well. It's been surprising the number of times of late that I've been out with the Eee and wanted to use and FTP program.

Musings on Motivation

...but first a classic Office Space moment.

Peter Gibbons: The thing is, Bob, it's not that I'm lazy, it's that I just don't care.

Bob Porter: Don't... don't care?

Peter Gibbons: It's a problem of motivation, all right? Now if I work my ass off and Initech ships a few extra units, I don't see another dime; so where's the motivation? And here's something else, Bob: I have eight different bosses right now.

Bob Slydell: I beg your pardon?

Peter Gibbons: Eight bosses.

Bob Slydell: Eight?

Peter Gibbons: Eight, Bob. So that means that when I make a mistake, I have eight different people coming by to tell me about it. That's my only real motivation is not to be hassled; that, and the fear of losing my job. But you know, Bob, that will only make someone work just hard enough not to get fired.

I'm not sure that quote is as accurate now as it was almost 10 years ago, I know my particular organization has gotten much flatter since that movie was released, but when I thought of motivation it was one of the first things that popped into my mind.

Y'see I listened to this NPR Science Friday Podcast on 'Persuasive Computing' and there was a section in there where one of the panel spoke of motivation.

Here's the three Motivators he layed out:

1. Near term reward or punishment.

2. Hope or Fear

3. Social cohesion (social acceptance or social rejection)

Now, Peter above is obviously fearful of hassle, the hassle is clearly a form of punishment, and there also might be a little social rejection mixed in there as well, so the Motivators seem to hold up. In anycase, it's been an interesting lens to look at people around me through the last couple days. I've spent several mental background cycles looking at why people do what they do and then running those actions through the above three step sub routine. I've come up with some interesting models based on that analysis tool for several happenings around me.

Musings on Definitions

...but first another interesting, yet much shorter quote.

To define is to kill, to suggest is to create.

A couple days ago I also posted one of my odd cryptic mini rants on people and definitions. 'Definitions' are another concept I've been playing around with. Basically the idea that I am kicking around is that most people are completely unreasonable and are instead guided by definitions. Now, this is not to say that most people act unreasonably, because I do believe that unreasonable people generally act reasonably.

What I mean is, most people's actions are not guided by reason but are instead practical reasonable outcomes of pre-set conclusions based on preexisting held definitions.

Or put another way, most actions aren't reasoned through, they are instead made more knee-jerk style based on previous experience.

So, if you play around with this definition definition of mine, you might eventually dip your toe into a pool of thought that I've found challenging of late, and that idea pool is: How to present new ideas to people who are locked into preexisting definitions?

I've also been swimming around in the thoughts that most new ideas are likely to be met initially with fear; and if the ideas are very new, a reward might not be perceived as there are no examples of others doing the action in question and being rewarded by it; and if you send someone off with an idea to do something that noone they know of is doing, they might also have a highened trepidation toward possible feelings of social rejection.

And this fair readers is how my mind is currently intertwining and thinking about the concepts of Motivations and Definitions.

Let's Go Surfing

» This "Trunkstation" workspace is neat, but on a practical level, I'd have to imagine that if space was at that kindof a premium, you'd be better off with mobile storage for your files and just using your laptop on the kitchen table.

» Mini-projectors that are small enough to fit into cellphone, pdas, and other gadgets are one of the techspaces I've really got my eye on. This article on visual polution brings up some interesting points that these mini-projectors might have some very interesting disruption uses along the lines of laser pointers. While they're unlikely to be very bright, there will undoubtedly be some interesting potential for projecting statements in public.

» Playstation 3 Head Tracking Demo Video. Just uses a regular Eye Toy, Neat technology. Seems like this is something that should be used more. Shouldn't your computer know if you are sitting in front of it? And aren't there some interesting things you could have it do with that knowledge?

» Another techspace that I'm watching is eink eReaders. Here's an article that features an eReader mulitouch interphase whereby you can "swipe" the screen with 1, 2 or 3 fingers and that will flip more or less pages depending on those gestures.

» Some interesting points about information cascades, herd behaviour and the housing bubble.

The efficient-markets view holds that the market is wiser than any individual: in aggregate, the market will come to the correct decision. But the theory is flawed because it does not recognize that people must rely on the judgments of others.

» Yeah I know the season is over, but I haven't watched the 2 hour finale yet and I think this Sara Conner Chronicles Drinking Game is spot on funny.

» Who has time to read 3,300 graphic novels? Noone asks who has time to watch every TV show? Who has Time to see every Movie, Who has time to click on every site on the internet?

That's one of the interesting effects of the comic community, there is the perception that there are few enough books that people think in order to be a good "comic person", they should be aware of them all.

» TMNT New York Comic Con 4 pack. Cowabunga!

» The Storyblanket looks like a very cute thing.

» I'm sure we're just in the wild speculation phase of the Justice League Movie, but if they do the film without Batman or Superman or even only having those two in cameo roles, it's likely to be very lame.

» JLA was the only DC book to sell over 70,000 copies last month. Ouch. Only one book over 70k and the bulk of the DCU titles averaging 33K. Ouch. Niche city.

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Sat 3/15/08 10:06pm #

Toy Pictures

» I picked up Earth Two Batman and Earth Two Hawkman this past Wednesday at the Comic Shop. Passed on E2 Supes and E2 Wonder Woman since I already like the ones I have from that era.

Love that classic 50s Batman head sculpt. Would have been nice to get a Mace with Hawkman though. Overall these figures fit in very nicely with the earlier Justice Society Figures that have been made. Good Stuff.

Super Squad
Earth Two Batman and Hawkman

Super Squad
Do most people like that the packaging for DC Direct is always so different?
Even though I throw away the packaging, personally I'd rather see a more unified tradedress and package size. One plus with these figures, they had none of those little twist-ties.

Earth Two Batman and Hawkman
Pretty basic figures, but overall I'm pretty happy with these.

Earth Two Batman and Hawkman
I like that Katar Hol is a little taller than Bats.

Earth Two Batman and Hawkman
Katar's wings snap-in with nice round ball joints.

Earth One and Earth Two Batmans
Earth One and Earth Two Batmans. Same basic body, only the heads, capes and belts are really different.

Earth One and Earth Two Batman

Earth Two Huntress, Superman, Batman and Robin
Earth Two Bat Family with Superman.

Earth Two Huntress, Superman, Batman and Robin
This group of Earth Two Superman, Batman, Robin and Huntress work well together.

Earth One and Earth Two Hawkman
Katar Hol and Carter Hall. Earth Two and One Hawkmen.

Earth One and Earth Two Hawkman
Some people don't like the Earth Two Hawkman in a cowl, even as a kid I liked the cowl compared to the whole Hawkbeak Earth Two style mask.

Earth One and Earth Two Hawkman
I haven't really decided which wing style I prefer. Those E1 poseable wings are nice, but E2 Hawk will be easier to display on the shelf.

Earth One and Earth Two Hawkman
Same Hawkmen shot but in Black and White. oooohh dramatic!

Justice Society America
Did somebody call for the Justice Society of America?

Justice Society of America
I'd really like a Wildcat to go with this group.
But I've never managed to nab one on eBay for anything reasonable.

Justice Society America
Now I just need to make a big round table.

All for now, I hear the action figure drought is letting up, so hopeffully I'll have more purchases and pictures soon.

Did you pick-up any of these figures? What did you think of them? Leave Comments below.

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Fri 3/14/08 7:36pm #

The Root of Stupidity

I watched about 10 minutes of Lewis Black's: The Root of All Evil.

The Format: Lewis Black does a little Daily Show "Back in Black" style set-up pitting two different things against eachother. The opening episode "vs" topic: Whether Oprah or the Catholic Church is the "Root of All Evil". Whuh? I don't get it either. Anywho, Lewis Black then sits up on an oddly girdered 80s styled courtroom bench and ushers in two comedians to "make the case" for each of the competing "Evils".

Yeah, it's as stupid as it sounds. Also, Greg Giraldo was one of the comedians.

What is Comedy Central's facination with continually putting Greg Giraldo on TV shows? Seriously? What's up with that?

Anyway, the 10 minutes I watched was incredibly lame. Despite having a studio audience, it sounded like they were also using a laugh track. It was just bad overall.

Hopefully it ends quickly and Lewis Black winds up back on the Daily Show doing a weekly diatribe, but who are we kidding? Comedy Central will probably keep going and going and going with this show. They are the network that brings you Mind of Mencia afterall.

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Fri 3/14/08 6:09pm #

Three Important Internet Created Holidays.

Techies Day (October 3, 4, or 5th it moves around a little?)

Techies Day has fallen out of prominence the last 5 years or so, but it was a big deal around the turn of the century

Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 15)

Talk like a Pirate Day is another great internet holiday where you are supposed to spend the day talking like a pirate arrrr!. It's proved to be much more wildly celebrated than Techies Day.

• And Today (March 14th)

No Hallmark cards available. But I've always thought grocery stores should promote it.

Two other Internet Holidays of Note:

No Pants Day (First Friday in May)

And an even more niche Internet Holiday (that frankly has never really gotten much traction)
International Read a Comic Book Naked Day (March 3)

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Fri 3/14/08 6:52am #

Go Speed Racer, Go!

New Full Speed Racer Trailer. This movie looks like fun. (Youtube)

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Thurs 3/13/08 7:27am #

Do Over

It doesn't look bad, but with a glut of superhero movies coming out this Summer, it doesn't necessarily look like one of the better ones either.

Hulk Smash Puny Trailer

Will definetly see though.

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Wed 3/12/08 11:35am #

Random Non-Sequiter

Money can buy anything except for the things defined as things money can't buy.

Different people have different definitions on what falls into the "except" category and to complicate things more there are some people who simply do not have the "except" category.

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NCW 3/12/08 New Comic Picks for 3/12/08

SALVATION RUN #5 (OF 7) $2.99
SUPERMAN #674 $2.99
TINY TITANS #2 $2.25
WONDER WOMAN #18 $2.99



According to Diamond Comics Shipping List

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Tue 3/11/08 10:06pm #

Random Non-Sequiters


» Discovered these tasty treats at Meijer last week: Meijer Brand Sausage and Cheese Breakfast Sandwiches. 20 to a bag for less than 6 bucks. Probably terrible for you, but they are tasty. I like that the cheese on them is round too. Very soft mini hamburger buns. Good Stuff.

That's a bag that will last awhile.

Individually wrapped goodness.

45 to 50 seconds in the microwave, yum.

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Tues 3/11/08 10:00am #


Here's a short peek into my mind. A Chris vignette if you will.

This weekend I'm on my way out of the mall. Across the hall through a window in a restaurant I notice two cute girls sitting at a booth.

Then one of them starts waving right at me, like she knows me.

The natural reaction for most people would be to wave back AND THEN wonder who it was.

My brain however goes into analytical mode first and wave second, apparently, because I started thinking, "hmm, I wonder who that is that is waving at me?"

Several inconclusive mental paragraphs of thought wondering who just waved at me, later, I found myself in the parking lot-- having NOT waved back and thinking:

"Some time this week someone is going to say, 'I saw you in the mall this weekend, waved and you kept walking right on by.', yeah that's going to be one of those minor awkward moments."

Sure enough, today, someone at work said "I saw you in the mall this weekend, waved and you kept walking right on by."

"Oh that was you..."

Analyitical problem solved. But I was right, it was a minor awkward moment.

It's too bad my brain doesn't smile and wave first and then analyze second.

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Mon 3/10/08 10:39am #

Go Speed Racer Go!



It's a little Dick Tracy looking at the moment but in the end, I bet they pull it off.

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Sun 3/9/08 10:19pm #

Random Non-Sequiters

» I saw 10,000 BC. Pretty boring for the most part. There's some interesting faux Discovery Channel moments during the movie but that's about it. I wouldn't recommend it.

Let's Go Surfing

» Indy Spotlight Action Figures. I'll probably get a couple but nothing that I'm that excited about.

» Have you seen the Watchman Movie Character Photos from a few days ago. I thought these were neat.

» Anyone tried Marvel comics on Facebook yet?

» Smallville picked up for an 8th season. I've watched almost none of the 7th season. I have some of it on the DVR, but jeez, let this show die already.

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Sun 3/9/08 4:29pm #

Let's Go Surfing

» Battlestar Galactica Last Supper. This was taken for Entertainment Weekly. I'm very much looking forward to the start of the new season.


» Trippy little animated interpretation of Superman set to song. (Youtube)

I want to hear your

Sun 3/9/08 4:23pm #

Random Non-Sequiters

I read an acquaintance's blog today...

...or should I say, "I skimmed it". It was long and the paragraphs were large. I have no doubt that it was well thought out, but my attention span is constantly under demand and there were just too many words, it didn't seem worth the effort. I'm sure I could pay attention to the topic at length over lunch or dinner, but there was more text there than I wanted to digest in a blog, so I just skimmed it.

It's increasingly important to keep it short.

I've noticed this with all forms of communication lately. More than three or four sentences, and you're going to lose the other person. It's unfortunate, but you have to say things in short declarative sound bites. And keep it to one idea at a time.

Even then, good luck to you, if it's not a topic your audience is primed for, or interested in at that moment, you're still out of luck.

I saw last week's George Carlin HBO comedy special: It's bad for ya last night

It starts off slow with alot about getting old and funerals etc. but the stuff about Kids and Child Worship was fantastic. I also thought his section on "rights" was provocative. It's replaying several times over the rest of the month on HBO and I'm sure if you look it's out there on the internet somewhere too.

New TV series recommendations

Several times over the last week I've had different people recommend TV series to me. Honestly, I just don't have time for any more TV. Movie recommendations are great, because movies are a short commitment. TV series, you're talking 11 to 22 hours a year, and forget about it if we're already in the 2nd season or farther along. The only way I'm watching more TV, is if it becomes part of a social evening every week or every other week. (And I've only got one or two slots on the monthly calendar available for that.)

Media every waking moment

Along the lines of the topic above, I have enough media I'm interested in to do nothing but consume media every waking moment. TV shows, podcasts, Youtube, comics, books, magazines, news, Internet and RSS. There's a sizable chunk of my time spent managing that vast media queue. I spend more time deciding what NOT to watch than what to watch.

People talk about the importance of other people...

...and I have a dozen different ideas on this topic waiting to be expressed because it's a topic I've been thinking about alot lately, but instead I'll just say: "It's just talk". Man, that sounds bad or bitter even, it's not intended to. I wish I could positively frame and support the argument for that statement here, but I think it would take too long to type and in anycase most people wouldn't read it anyway, they're either not primed for it, not interested, or oooh is that a new IM message......

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Sat 3/8/08 4:02pm #

Let's Go Surfing

» The Combination: Chicken Nugget/Pop Cup. Sweet.

» VideoCacheView is a nice piece of windows freeware that will scour your Internet Explorer and Firefox Caches for videos and easily let you save them.

» AudioCutter is a nice little freeware program to chop up long MP3s into smaller files.

» Alien Lawn Ornaments. Out of this World!

» The Chumby Wi-Fi widget thing is a great idea that just needs to be at a price point a third of it's $180 current cost.

» R2D2 Winter Cap. Knitastisic.

» Custom Steampunk Iron Man and Tony Stark Action Figures. Nice.

» Intellectual Property Donor Sticker. That will make an interesting statement as you're wheeled into the emergency trauma center.

» It's 3am, the Joker has just busted out of Arkham Asylum and the phone rings... It's 3am and the Penguin is terrorizing Gotham and the phone rings... It's 3am and the city is in trouble. When the commisioner calls at 3am, shouldn't the call be taken on a red hotline bat phone?


» The Jedi Ginsu

Jedi Ginsu Knife Commercial - video powered by Metacafe

» XBox360 Laptop

» High Tech Bed

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New Comic Picks for 3/5/08

END LEAGUE #2 $2.99
ALL NEW ATOM #21 $2.99
DC SPECIAL RAVEN #1 (OF 5) $2.99
NIGHTWING #142 $2.99
SUPERGIRL #27 $2.99
TWELVE #3 (OF 12) $2.99

According to Diamond Comics Shipping List

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Tue 3/4/08 8:08pm #

The Uniques

Please indulge me another commercial message for Adam and Comfort's The Uniques Comic Book.

Besides the Awesomely priced 99¢ digital Download CBZ file, the Standard Sized Printed Paper Comic Book is also now available for $5. It too is 35 pages of Full Color awesomeness. So if you like the feel and smell of real paper, now you're covered.

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Tue 3/4/08 3:48pm #

Toyota iQ

This upcoming Toyota iQ would go great with my Eee PC.

Toyota’s being coy about iQ, its latest pocketcar that just rolled out in its shipping trim at the Geneva Motor Show. Clearly aimed to compete directly with the Mercedes-built Smart Fortwo car, the company’s not saying if iQ will be hybrid-powered, but did mention “low-emission engines” and a specially designed flat gas tank underneath the floor. One thing’s for sure: the 9.75-foot city car is tiny and exceptionally cool-looking. They’re calling its styling “techno-organic.”

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Tues 3/4/08 2:23pm #

Embed Google Talk on Your Webpage or blog

Get IMs from anyone. This could be monumentally distracting.

Google Talks' Chat Badge

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Monday 3/3/08 6:49pm #

Two of My Very Best Friends Have Released Their Comic!

Hooray! It's Up It's Live and You can Buy the Book!


My very good friends: co-artist, co-writer, maried- couple- comic- persons- extreme: Adam and Comfort have released the first Issue of their Superhero comic Book:

The Uniques Issue #1: New York

...and it's available for immediate purchase as a digital download! And get this it's 35 Full color pages of awesome for only 99¢.

99¢ people that's McDonald's value meal prices. You can't not go buy it at that price!

But don't let the low cost fool you, this book is as nice as anything you'd get from the big guys like Marvel, DC or Image and it's ad free, DRM free and at 99¢ pretty darn close to free. Adam and Comfort aren't one-issue wonders either. I've personally read FULL scripts (and they are FULL, you get great art and a great read) all the way through issue #7 and I've seen art on darn near most of Issue #2 already. So be sure that after you read #1 you won't have any kindof crazy All-Star Batman or Ultimate Hulk vs. Wolverine type wait for the next issue. So go over there and buy an issue. It's good stuff.

Not just a great comic...

There's a whole website to be seen about the Uniques. There's Wallpaper, sketches, fan art, character bios, a forum and darn near everything you could want in a comic website. (You can even buy shirts and hats!) If there's something not available in a comic website that you're clamoring for, then let me know because I've been helping the fabulous Adam and Comfort set-up the site. That's right if you like the art on the site, thank them! and if something breaks blame me, (nothing's going to break though, I've made it rock solid using real rocks!).

Join the Forum!

And that ain't the half of it... If the navigation links weren't so easy to use, you could get lost in there.

So to sum up. Good People, Good Comic, Good Website, Get goin!

PS: If by some stroke of luck there are any big comic blogging folk still reading my blog. Please go take a look, take the gamble on the 99¢ and if you like it, I'd sure appreciate if you could throw a little traffic Adam and Comfort's way. Thanks!

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Sat 3/1/08 1:48pm #

Random Non-Sequiters

» Yes, my blogging draught continues... still working alot on helping set-up Adam and Comfort's Uniques Website launch (still early next week, fingers crossed). In fact we set up a phpbb forum for their site yesterday. Not too much to the install, as it's a slick automated set-up, but there's still a little technical knowhow involved and it took a little time.

There's been a small pile of action figures crying out to have their pictures taken for months now. I've said before, but I am going to get to those eventually.

Have a good Saturday March 1st Internets! I might pop back on here or into the mobile feed above later today, but if I don't, it's been nice chatting with you.

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