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January 2008

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Fri 2/1/08 11:42am #

Montel pwns Fox News

Good Stuff! Watch Montel pull a "John Stewart/Crossfire" on Fox News


via Daniel Meissler's Blog

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Did not pick up my books yesterday due to snow day. Will most likely get them sometime today.

New Comic Picks for 1/30/08

ACTION COMICS #861 $2.99
BATMAN #673 $2.99
TRIALS OF SHAZAM #11 (OF 12) $2.99


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Wed 1/30/08 10:50am #

You have new Picture Mail!

Today's Winter Anecdote

It got very cold last night very very cold, and very snowed. When I went out to my car this morning I found both my car doors were frozen shut so I had to climb in through my hatch. Once on the inside, I still couldn't open the doors.

So I turned the key to start the car. I had to turn it and ask it to start a couple times,

"If it's not a bother, car, would you please consider starting?"

"Pretty Please?"

"Pretty Pretty Please?", I said.

"Vroom Vroom" finally replied the car.

"Thank you." with a dashboard pat, I replied back, "good car".

I turned on the windshield wipers, Oh no, My windshield wipers were frozen to my windshield.

Perhaps I thought to myself, I shall roll down the window, reachover and unstick them.

Oh no, My windows were also frozen shut.

My windows are frozen shut, my doors are still frozen shut and my hatch does not open from the inside.

To quote Admiral Ackbar: "It's a Trap!"

I was trapped in my car with the engine running,
Fuel gauge on E, naturally

Hopefully the car would warm up before the gas ran out.

Hopefully. Hopefully. Hopefully.

Ten minutes later, Success!

The passenger door thawed enough to open it. I scootched over and out through the passenger door, I unstuck my windows and scraped off the shield.

Scootched back in and I'm on my way!

Until I got to the apartment complex exit... the exit on the hill.

The exit you have to drive UP the hill

After stopping at the stop sign, oh no, I couldn't start going again. Vroom Vroom Vroom Spin Spin Spin. No movement No go. Can't drive backward either because there 's a car behind me, can't tell how close it is becasue the windshield is so cold that it's frosting up on the inside even with the defroster on.

I can't open the driver door, and I can't open the window to wave the car around. I turn on my hazzard lights. Success! The car behind me goes around. I roll back down the hill and try again. Success! I'm up and over the hill.

Now to the gas station on the corner I go, I was on Empty remember?

Out through the passenger door, driver one still frozen, fill up the gas tank.

"Boy it's cold outside."

While filling up the gas, $$$ oh my, I decide, "I'm going to take a snow day off of work."

I go back through the passenger door, scootch scootch scootch, start start start, and get onto the road. "I'll take the other complex entrance, the one without the hill! That's what I'll do! Tha's the best way home."

Oh no! I can't stop, I've slid past the complex entrance.

I slide a little further and enter the strip mall, I drive through the strip mall to the back complex entrance and onto the apartment road.Stop Stop Stop, Whew, Almost sliding past my parking lot, I put my car back into it's spot. Happy to be home.

And so we reach the end of this morning's snow story.

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Tues 1/29/08 9:57am #


(Slight modification I did to some great art created at obeygiant.com. They had Progress and Hope posters. Change more sums up my interest in the candidate.)

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Mon 1/28/08 2:39pm #

State of the Union Bingo

Here's how it works, go to my Bingo Card Site Print it out. Then Refresh the page and print another card (They are random each time without repeats.)

It pulls from a list of 75 words, phrases, or situations. There are 25 squares.

I typically have a few people over and we play until someone gets a horizontal or vertical row, and then often try to clear the card also. Feel free to create your own prizes and it's also a good idea to discuss any confusing squares with your party beforehand as to what legitimatly counts for any given square. Feel free to make up your own house rules.

And if you're alone, use it as a drinking game, taking a drink everytime you mark off a square.

(I was going to rewrite the ASP code to PHP so I could host it here, but I ran out of time. So I Googled and posted it to a free ASP host.)

Enjoy the speech!

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Sun 1/27/08 11:18am #

Random Non-Sequiters

» I played around with Miro, the all purpose video podcast, bittorent video, youtube video playing wonder yesterday. I've tried it a few times before (all the way back to when it was called Democracy) but ver 1.1 looks to be the charm for me. Looks like it will work well for several video podcasts I follow on and off. Good Stuff.

Let's Go Surfing

» The poorly named WiDrive looks very interesting. The standalone device sports a BitTorrent client, RSS podcast subscriptions and a built-in web server, and connects to your network via Wi-Fi b or g. USB port is used only for charging. Coupled with a Wi-Fi enabled phone to access it's (I imagine) web driven menus, it looks like a very interesting device for the downloader on the go.

» Covers of Sesame Street Pinball Song. One two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve.

» Ron Howard might make Lensman. (Lensman is a Japanesse anime, think Green Lantern Corps crossed with Star Wars) That would be cool.

» Secret Headquarters in LA looks like one classy comic store.

» This "Whiteboard" Dry Erase T-Shirt looks like a fun idea.

» Interesting hinge-like camera mount

» Autonet the Wi-Fi zone for your car. How many people are surfing the net while you are driving?

» Noriyoshi Ohrai: Star Wars Illustrations

» Prestashop looks interesting if you want to set-up and run your own web store. It looks like it integrates with Paypal too.

» Gmail has Group Mailing List Functions now

» Viper Car and other Spaceship rides.

» What do cellphone bars mean?

» Steve Jobs' recent Macworld Keynote. 90 minutes condensed down to 60 seconds.

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Sat 1/26/08 7:50pm #

Random Non-Sequiters

» Tried out a new voice to text internet/cellphone service. Jott Seems more refined than Reqall. Jott supports sending voice to text emails to entire contact lists, or yourself. Jott also can schedule reminders for various future times and dates. Jott does not have an RSS feed like ReQall, but it will post to Twitter, which does have an RSS feed.

I suppose the above brings me to Twitter. I have started a Twitter page. ckarath on Twitter.

For the few of you that might be on Facebook, I've added Applications to my profile for Twitter/Jot, and this Blog RSS feed also. One note, If I don't know you in RL please don't try to add me to your Facebook Friends list, nothing personal, I'm just keeping Facebook strictly for Real Life People right now. But I still like you internet peoples... I post here after all and you can post in the comments, and if you want to talk one on one, I have that neat little Plugoo Instant Messaging application in the sidebar.

» If you've got an unlimited data connection for your cellphone, you might want to checkout the new and improved m.youtube.com mobile site. You can pretty much search and play the entire Youtube Library on your phone now. Sweet.

Let's Go Surfing

» I don't know if I've blogged about the Heroes (NBC) Action Figures Yet. but I'll probably get all of them. They look very good.

» This link probably made Mike Sterling a little happy.

» These were everywhere on the net a couple weeks ago but these Steampunk Gotham By Gaslight Custom Justice League Action Figures are pretty cool.

» This $130 Mini Microwave looks slick. I doubt they'd let me put one of these in my cube at work, but I bet it would be great for making those mini single size servings of microwave popcorn.

» Robert Ullman has a neat 5 page Short story comic up that's probably pretty relateable to early thirtysomething single guys I would imagine. I liked it anyway.


» Barack Obama delivering David Letterman Top Ten List (Youtube)

» Pretty funny video for anyone who knows alot of married people.

» You suck at Photoshop #1. (Not what you think, and funnier than you'd expect.) (Youtube) NSFW

» You suck at Photoshop #2 (Youtube) NSFW

» You suck at Photoshop #3 (Youtube) NSFW

» You suck at Photoshop #4 (Youtube) NSFW

» Jim Gaffigan - Bacon (Youtube)

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Fri 1/25/08 10:12pm #

Justice League New Frontier

I just watched the direct to DVD animated feature Justice League New Frontier. Fncking Awesome! If you are a fan of Silver Age DC. You will Fncking love this animated feature. BUY the DVD. in fact, BUY TWO DVDs just in case you play the first one so much that your DVD laser burns grooves in it.

Green Lantern fans... Hal Jordan is great in this film. Outstanding.

It's really really really good. Hawk-Aaaaaa!

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New comic Picks for 1/23/08

ROBIN #169 2ND PTG (GHUL) $2.99
TEEN TITANS #55 $2.99
WONDER WOMAN #16 $2.99

According to Diamond Comics Shipping List

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Tues 1/22/08 8:40pm #

Comics Previews Solicitations for April 2008
DC Comics

DC Direct
DC Direct for September 2008 has All Star Action figures wave one with the G-d Damn Batman, Batgirl, Superman and Lois Lane as Superwoman. For the goth in your life there are also some nice, but very expensive Sandman/Death Bookends.

Marvel for April 2008

More Companies

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Sun 1/20/08 2:08pm #

Random Non-Sequiters

» Various pictures of Smallville's upcoming, 2/7/08, Black Canary over at Comics Continuum. Fairly true to character costume design. I'm not sure if that is a good or a bad thing within the context of the Smallville show. The sprayed on mask is "feathered" at the edges, which is an interesting touch, but the whole mask thing makes her reminiscent of her appearance in All Star Batman and Robin don't you think? The more interesting part of the article: Dianah Lance is a conservative Talk show host? WTF?

» I haven't had much time this weekend to create my regular weekend monster link list. I may or may not later, but right now it's looking to lean toward the "not" at least until a couple days from now anyway. Little posts here and there until then.

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Sat 1/19/08 11:29pm #

Random Non-Sequiters

Bluetooth Bluetooth » I got a bluetooth earpiece for my cellphone this week. It was a bargain on Woot. I've been suprizingly entertained by the device. Until having just used one, I hadn't fully understood how Star Trek these things are. Tap it once, it chirps and you can call someone just by saying "Call [their name]" You can launch applications like the camera etc. just by talking and "pick-up" a call even if the cell phone itself is across the room, again by just tapping the button. Like I said, I've been very entertained by it.

Now I find myself daydreaming about the bluetooth earpiece working with everything. It would be great to start your car, launch programs on the computer, set the DVR, etc. etc. you get the idea, or maybe you don't?

» Last night I saw Cloverfield with some friends. Overall, I liked the movie, but I would recommend seeing it on the small screen and not in the theater. They went a little overboard with the shaky hand-cam effect to the point where the movie will most likely give you a headache in the theater. The only downside besides the overdone "amateur camera work" would be that I really didn't care about the main characters much. The movie opens properly spending some time "getting to know" the characters, but after I got to know them, I was actually hoping something bad would happen to most of them. I just couldn't help thinking for most of the opening, that the party they were at was a party I wanted to leave.

Once the action starts and it starts quickly enough, the movie is very involving, so don't let my comments above dissuade you from seeing it. Overall not bad, certainly something a little different. Do rent.

» I've been watching Daily Show and the Colbert Report these past couple weeks. Suprizingly, it doesn't seem to make much difference that they don't have writers. I miss some of the more involved bits, but I actually think I like the Colbert Report better currently. Colbert is practiaclly a parody of itself right now, and it's been fun watching him flail around trying to fill time. On the Daily Show, John Stewart has been more than capable of carring the whole show by himself most nights.


» Rachel Welch Space Girl Dance. (Youtube)

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Fri 1/18/08 10:40am #

Random Non-Sequiters


Can you see co-worker John in the above office photo I took on my cellphone yesterday. It might be hard to spot him because he's employing the power of camouflage to blend in with his surroundings. Look again. See him now?

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New Comic Picks for 1/16/08

BIRDS OF PREY #114 $2.99
CATWOMAN #75 $2.99
FLASH #236 $2.99
ROBIN #170 $2.99

According to Diamond Comics Shipping List

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Tue 1/15/07 1:27pm #

Stevenote thoughts

Macbook Air looks really really cool, but $1,799? Not interested, I could buy 6 EeePC's for that.

The New Apple TV, looked somewhat interesting. $229 for the box, no Mac required, downloads off of iTunes. Movie Rentals $2.99 for older, $3.99 for new. New movies available 30 Days after DVD release, $1 more for HD versions.

Nice device, but the prices are basically at Pay Per View levels, Plus they only let you watch it within a 24 hour window once you start the movie. If you got the movie for a week or a month, $3.99 might be ok, but at that pricepoint it still looks like it's less hassle to just sign-up with Netflix. They're getting close to doing this right, but they are just not there yet.

They also had a wireless harddrive for $299 called Time Capsule. Probably a little pricy but the features sounded good.

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Sun 1/13/08 4:39pm #

Random Non-Sequiters

» I like the occasional bit of light pop philosophy in my comic books. The below page is from Wonder Woman #6 (yeah... I'm really behind on my books)

After making a monumental post to consumerism earlier, and spending a fair portion of my afternoon organizing and disposing of various kipple that's collected in my home office, this page resonated with me today.

» Also flipping through the channels last night, I caught the first 30 min or so of Matrix Revolutions on HBO. Love the scenes with Neo stuck on "Mobil Ave." Also some great light pop philosophy there.

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Sun 1/13/08 1:22pm #

Let's Go Surfing

PMPs, MIDs, and UMPCs, oh my

AOC-x300 • AOC-x300- PMP: most major formats and flash.

AIGO MID • AIGO MID - nice looking internet device with touchscreen and slide out keyboard. Video at the link.

Sony Mylo 2 • Sony Mylo 2 looks like a very useful little internet device Gizmodo video. The Mylo 2 is one of the more interesting ones I've seen.

• Everex Cloudbook - It's "Eee-ish" with a 30 gig harddrive $399 coming to Wal-mart on 1/25/08.

• Fujitisu UMPC. Rugged looking little beastie for $1K.

• LG UMPC runs Vista. I'm guessing this one won't be cheap.

• M-Tube - PC!! Linux/Wi-Max/1Ghtz. Looks sweet.

• LimePC concept devices... but these are some small PC's. Won't be long now.

• iRiver Handwriting Tablet. Not any details, but thanks to the Kindle's success there is now some buzz in this tech space. This iRiver device picture certainly intrigues.

More Tech stuff from the week of CES

» Video of Microvision's Handheld Projector. Gizmodo also has some video of Texas Instrument's Pico Projector. Really slick. Definetly want one of these.

» Shuttle $199 Linux PCs and $99 Barebones kits. Computing is getting really cheap.

» First you had speakers/Alarm Clock and other dock for iPod, how about an entire electric automobile "made for iPod"?

» Interesting stuff about Sprint/Asus/Wi-max. Wi-max is probably going to be one of the more interesting things to happen this year in tech.

» This car is a Gas/Compressed Air Hybrid. Definetly would want for the right price. Only a one seater but it looks like it would be fun to drive.

» The Indian made $2.500 Tata Nano. Looks a little more practical as a micro car. I doubt that American Automakers would allow an automobile at this price on American roads. But, I'd absolutely buy one for $2,500.

» Linksys Wireless G Home Monitoring Camera Motion Detection, uploads to internet etc. etc. $120. (and Linksys' stuff is starting to look nicer now too.)

» Portable Clip-on Camcorder PVR. Not cheap at $500. But neat device.

» RCA Small Wonder HD resolution in an even cleaner looking design.

» AudioVox's Refridgerator Video Messaging Whiteboard device got some buzz over the week. But it doesn't seem very useful to me.

» Interesting technology for "splitscreen game play". Instead of splitscreen, both players images are overlayed on top of eachother, special glasses allow each player to see only "their screen", giving each player the entire TV to view and hiding the other players actions from view. Info and video.

» Will Creative's InPerson Video Conferencing device finally bring video conferencing to every office?

» Mommy, Why is there a Server in the House?. Amusing Microsoft children's book styled slide show on home servers.

» Windows Rally automatic Wi-fi device descovery looks pretty good. Camera and video at the link.

» Skype on PSP

» Windows Mobile 7 screen shots: Gizmodo and Engadget. Looks like the iPhone heavily filtered through a Microsoft lens.

» Sony 27" OLED TV. Very nice!

» $20 motion enabled CFL Bulb. Turns on the light when you enter the room, turns off the light when you are no longer in the room. Slick.

» Light Emitting Wall Paper. What I want to know, is does it also come in green? and can I get it in the shape of a Green Lantern Logo?

Non-CES Stuff

» New Star Trek Movie Trailer in front of Next Week's Cloverfield movie.

» Real MJ New York Times Personal Ad. Funny.

» xkcd comic

» Bitlet.org is a web based torrent application. It also makes it easy to send a torrent link to friends who don't have a bittorrent client. You can send them a link:


Looks like a neat service.

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Thur 1/10/08 11:53am #

CES Tech

There's a ton of oddly interesting little gadgets coming out of CES this week. No real show stopper stunners like an iPhone or anything, but there's enough little incremental things that have got my mind a turning.

I've been "starring" things like a madman in Google Reader all week. If nothing comes up, I might sift, sort and comment on alot of it this Sunday.

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Wed 1/9/08 9:59am #


» So according to CNN Clinton won the NH Primary. But with 96% of the vote in, she actually only got 2% more votes than Obama.

Clinton 39% (110,550) Obama 37% (102,883), Edwards 17% (47,803), Richardson 12,987 (5%) and Kucinich 3,845 (1%).

You've got to figure if Kucinich wasn't in the race then most of his votes would go toward Obama or Edwards. If Edwards steps out, you've got to figure that most of the Edwards votes would go to Obama.

Still even without all that “What if-ing” Obama only lost to Clinton in NH by seven thousand and change votes. But those 7K make all the difference in the media spin.

It's also interesting that although Obama got 25% more state delagates than Clinton in IA. The “super delegates” are all going to Clinton. Obama even with a solid win receives 16 delgates out of IA and Hillary still got 15. Iowa delgates

The whole system is about as transparent as mud really.

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New Comic Day Picks for 1/9/08

NIGHTWING #140 $2.99
SUPERMAN #672 $2.99
SALVATION RUN #3 (OF 7) $2.99
WONDER GIRL #5 (OF 6) $2.99

According to Diamond Comics Shipping List

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Sun 1/6/08 2:53pm #

Random Non-Sequiters Let's Go Surfing

» Thanks to the Writer's Strike, January is looking pretty scary for new Television. TV Guide has a simple line-up of what's going to be new

Sara Conner Chronicles and Kyle XY (and I suppose Flash Gordon and Stargate Atlantis) are looking to be pretty much it though.

» I just tried this site called Reqall. You can call it from your cellphone and leave up to a 60 second message that they will transcribe and email to you, for free. They use a combination of computer and "human transcription" which I assume means that there is someone in India or somewhere processing the messages that the machine can't transcribe. What an odd world we live in isn't it?

Anyway, looks like an interesting service to use until either Vonage or Grand Central start providing this service for free (or at least a reasonable flat fee... Vonage is still charging per message).

» I might be in the minority, but I really liked Superman Returns and will be bummed if Singer doesn't return as the director for the next Superman movie.

Let's Go Surfing

» Lego Mini-Fig Legion of Doom and Hana Barbera Superfriends Lego Mini-Figs

» Time Magazine Barack Obama Photo Essay Slideshow

» Nice Small Space Couch/Bed/Desk Design

» An impolite Business We're Closed Sign (NSFW)

» USB Stick Dog Tags

» "EeePC-ish" Noapad also runs linux but has an interesting dual touchpad keyboard and foldback screen concept.

» Xpadder is a freeware program that will allow you to map keyboard presses to joypad controls. Slick.

» A couple Firefox extensions worth trying: Read It Later, Slick bookmarking/recall utillity and FavIconizetab which allows you to reduce tabs you keep open all the time to just icons, thereby saving room on your tab bar.
via Jatecblog

» Interesting Fantasy Art

» Color E-Paper, you just can't make enough posts about color e-paper.

» Microvision Show Handheld Projector a 100 inch 848x480 projected screen. 2.5 hour battery life. This is another device area that I'm excited about progress in.

» Shower like you're on Star Trek. Neat fixture.

» Nice little Freeware App that let's you use "List view" on your Desktop instead of "Icon View" Deskview

» Presidential Candidate "Mortal Kombat" style Flash Game. You might want to click "skip intro" and get straight to the game. See who really would win between Hillary and Giuliani, and others.

» Mattel DCU Wave 3 variants photos from Action Figure Insider. These look very nice, but isn't DC Direct is doing these exact same figures soon. DCD and Mattel are going to need to start coordinating abit. Collectors like to spend money but not necessarily on the same characters/same costumes in the same quarter/6 month period.
via AFHub

» Awesome amateur created Raving Rabids Plush

» Neat looking lounge

» Picture of all 4 NECA Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Action Figures.

» I don't think I'd eat Mickey Burgers on account I bet they'd taste goofy. What I really want to know is if they have smaller Minnie Burgers?

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Sun 1/6/08 2:52pm #


» David Lynch on watching movies on cellphones. (Youtube) Warning: Language.

BTW: I disagree with the statement. There are plenty of not-so-great films that are perfectly served by watching them on a small mobile device.

» Dutch Travel Agency with Direct to Beach Flights. Humor. (youtube)

» Girl in Bikini plays Wii. (Youtube)

» A Kitten playing in the bathtub (youtube)

» Dark Knight Trailer replaced with 60s movie footage. (youtube)

» What if God had a Myspace? (youtube). Meh... it is interesting to note that God is running Windows XP on a Mac though.

» "Lost" Star Wars IV Opening Scene (5 min). Good Stuff. (youtube)

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Comic Picks for 1/4/2008

ALL NEW ATOM #19 $2.99
METAL MEN #5 (OF 8) $2.99
SUPERGIRL #25 $2.99

According to Diamond Comics Shipping List

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Thur 1/3/07 7:49pm #

Random Non-Sequiters

New Year
Well it's 2008. Y'know I hadn't really given much thought to the rolling over of the calendar date and it hasn't really hit solid yet that we're in a whole new year. Looks like only 24 months from a whold new decade of 2010 too. The future isn't as futuristic as I thought it would be, but really in the grand scheme of things, no complaints.

Blog Hits
Now how about a little blogging about blogging? December 2007, brought 4797 unique visitors to this blog, setting it's new monthly record. April 2007 was the previous unique visitor record holding month for my blog with 4508. A lot of that is Google related traffic but apparently there are a few people out there checking in with my rambling typings on occasion, so thank you for continuing to return occasionally. If anything piques your interest please use the comment links at the bottom of each post. Comments are far more interesting for me than stalking my unique hits count.

2007 Monthly Unique Hit Counts

Metro Detroit Area
I did a little visiting in the Metro Detroit area yesterday. It's odd, I've spent most of the life I can remember in Grand Rapids, but there is still something more familiar about the pace, the people and the tempo of Metro Detroit that feels more like home.

Let's Go Surfing

» Xpadder is a slick piece of freeware that let's you map the controls of any gamepad controller to various keyboard and mouse buttons. Very nice graphical/visual set-up, allows you to create multiple profiles etc. If you have a wireless controller and a media center PC this might be just the type of thing you are looking for to create a remote control. Good Stuff.

» Eric Tan X-Men Poster. Uncanny!
via Neatorama

» Gizmodo reviews the Cintiq 12wx. Nice review.

» Mark Evanier's blog love note to the Cheerio

» City of the Snow People. Calvin and Hobbes would be right at home there.

» It looks like EeePc Accessories are finally almost avaialable. If the British pricing is any indicator then they're going to cost a little bit in the US. Still it would be nice to have a second battery and a second power adapter.

» In other news it looks like Eee may be teeming up with Sprint for WiMax. That would be very useful. Hopefully they create something that can be added on to the existing units too.

» Make your own Moon Sand

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