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November 2007

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Fri 11/30/07 12:50pm #

I saw this Quote of the Day on Neatorama today:

"The American lives even more for his goals, for the future, than the European. Life for him is always becoming, never being."

- Albert Einstein, physicist (1879 - 1955)

I'm going to get that embroidered on a pillow or something.

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Thur 10/29/07 9:23pm #

Rock Band Game Night

Rock Band

Game Night last night became "Rock Band Night" from left to right Jeff, Me, Adam, and Dan aka Jethro, Christöph, Awesemo and Thorn... together they are the Elektryk Ninjas (Awesomo really really wanted that band name, whatcha goin' do? *shrug*)

Very involving game. Video games mashed with group karaoke equals good times.

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Mon 11/26/07 4:28pm #

Random Non-Sequiters

» I saw a phrase today on an internet message board: Bread and circuses. The below is the opening to it's wikipedia article:

"Bread and circuses" is a phrase that can criticize either government policies to pacify the citizenry, or the shallow, decadent desires of that same citizenry. In both cases, it refers to low-cost, low-quality, high-availability food and entertainment that have become the sole concern of the People, to the exclusion of matters that some consider more important: e.g. the Arts, public works projects, human rights, or democracy itself. The phrase is commonly used to refer to short-term government palliatives offered in place of a solution for significant, long-term problems.
I've probably seen it before, but it really resonated today. Great phrase for the times.

» On a lighter note, Friends' Adam and Comfort are back from Mid-Ohio Con 2007. They have lots of convention sketches and fan costume pictures on their blog. Go look! If Deviant art is more your thing Adam and Comfort have pages on there too. Good stuff!

» Second to last episode of Heroes tonight. Also I think there are only two or three episodes of Journeyman left. Looks like one this week and then Journeyman skips a week. I also saw a rumor on Sci-Fi Channel News that ratings and the writer strike might end up killing Journeyman. That would be too bad. It's the best new show on this season and one of the best shows on right now period.

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Mon 11/26/07 1:05pm #

Zod and Ursa DC Direct Figures

» I messed up and forgot to order these from my Previews book. My local comic shop didn't have any extras either. Fortunately I cam home and was able to order them online from Things From Another World. I had the figures by the next week. Although I still would love a Superman 2 Zod and Ursa. These are pretty good figs. A little on the large side, but as they are Kryptonians, it's not a problem. Their scale also works well with the Superman I use for display, so that works for me. Now say it with me... one of the greatest Super Villain lines of all time... here it goes....


Ursa Packaging

Ursa Packaging

Zod and Ursa Packaging
I'm suprised at how many Bizarros they keep making.
It would have been better if they rounded out the Kryptonian Villian trio.

Zod and Ursa
These are nice character design updates to Zod and Ursa. Nice figures too.

Zod and Ursa
Blowing capes take up alot of extra shelf room which is bad, but they do photograph well and that's good.

Zod and Ursa

Lex Luthor, Zod or Ursa
Prison Luthor works perfectly with these figures.

Zod, Lex Luthor and Ursa
"If you can deliver me the Son of Jor-El you shall have your Australia."

Superman and Zod

Superman and Zod

Kneel Before Zod
Unfortunately due to articulation issues, it's almost more of a
"Courtsey before Zod!"

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Mon 11/26/07 12:29pm #

Fantastic Four Legends 6" Wave 1

» I gave up on ever seeing these in the store, Captain Ron had found them locally back on October 6th, six weeks later I hadn't seen even one of this wave so I ordered them off HasbroToyShop.com instead. Mole Man is a fantastic figure, Namor not as much, which is too bad because Namor is still a major character that needs a good Marvel Figure.

Mole Man Package

Mole Man Package

Namor Package

Namor Package
I like Ronan the Accuser and if it it took five figures to build him,
I would have went for it. But buying 8 when I really only want 2,
well that's too much $$$ for a Minor BAF character.

If I see him in-store ever I still might go for Doom,
but as I already have an ok Doom I decided to pass for now.

Namor and Mole Man

Namor and Mole Man

Mole Man and Namor
Masters of the Depths.

I know he's not everyone's favorite, but I prefer Fonzie Namor to Underpants Namor. It' amazing to look at these two figures and see how much they are now skimping on using any plastic with the newer waves. Namors


Aquaman and Namor

Aquaman and Namor
Smiley Aquaman should not be this much bigger than Underpants Namor. It's sad that's what it is.

Mole Man vs. Fantastic Four

Mole Man vs. Fantastic Four
Somebody needs to mass produce a pack of Moloids now.

Mole Man and Fantastic Four

Namor and Mrs. Seamonkey
Namor with Mrs. Sea Monkey!

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Mon 11/26/07 12:00pm #

DCSH Clayface

» A friend of mine picked up Clayface at Toys R Us for me a couple weeks back. I was looking forward to this one and although it's not what I expected it also didn't disappoint. It's a very interesting figure. The arms and the chest covering are rubberized. If you look at the back packaging you'll see that the arms are articulated but in the actual figure they are rubber over what I imagine is a flexible wire core. The rubber and plastic parts match in color and shape very well. The only real question I have is how will the rubber parts of this figure age?

Clayface Package

Clayface Package Close-up
Notice the "touch me" hole on the side of the packaging.

Clayface Package
You can't tell from this packaging but the Blue Batman on the roof on the left is actually a Bruce Wayne figure. I thought about getting him, but I'm still waiting for them to make a Bruce Wayne that is completely in street clothes.

The regular Batman in this wave was really nice too, but I don't want to get carried away with too many Batmen. Already have a bunch.




Batman and Clayface
I probably should have had Robin in this picture saying "Holy Crap!"

Batman and Clayface
Clayface works great with DC Direct Scale.

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Mon 11/26/07 11:47am #

Batman and Son DC Direct Wave

» I bought the Robin and Damian two pack and the Joker a few weeks back. Not a bad wave overall.

Robin and Damian


Batman and Son Packaging
Manbat was a nice figure too, but he's not the "real" Manbat, and I already have a Manbat so I passed. (Beside I'd end up with 2 or 3 of them, because of the story, if I decided to get them and they'd take up alot of room with those wings.)

Robin, Damian and Joker
Batman and Son's DC Direct Wave Figures. Roin and Damian and Joker.

Robin, Damian and Joker
Damian could probably make a nice Power Pack Jack custom I think.

Robin, Damian and Joker

Batman and Robin
It's almost be worth it to try trimming that Robin cape off at the yellow wouldn't it?

Batman and Robin
Batman and Robin

Tim Drake Robins
Tim Drake figures. I like the new costume better, but I perfer the older figure sculpt. The cape on the new figure is very unwieldy.

Nightwing, Robin and Damian
Boy Wonders.

A couple of Jokers
A couple of Joker's

A couple of Jokers
I'm torn at the moment on which of these Joker's I prefer. Part of it has to do with scale. If the Kubert Joker was a little smaller, it would probably go into my case, as he's certainly more menacing.

Joker and Harley
Harley and Mr. J.

Joker and Harley
This Joker works really well with the Harlequin figure.

Batman and Joker

Batman and Joker
This Joker is a little on the large size as DCD scale goes.

Franklin and Damian
Comparison of Franklin and Damian

If you live in Grand Rapids Michigan and collect, please think about participaing in my Grand Rapids Toy Forum

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Mon 11/26/07 11:45 am #


» Michael Moore Sicko segment about Norway cut from the movie (It's about Prisons oddly enough.)

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Sun 11/25/07 9:12am #

Apple Store

Yesterday I went up to Woodland Mall. I haven't been to Woodland Mall in some time. They appear to have their cheesy store count growing as there were several more “local” shops with ragtag signs pasted over previous, but now gone, unchanged chain store branding.

One chain store I did go into, however, was the Apple Store. I played with the iPod Touch and took a look at the new Nanos. I have played previously with the iPhone, but the iPod Touch is even slimmer, it's a very impressive device and a lot of fun to mess around with. I've had various Windows CE devices for years now and one thing that stuck me as I was playing with the “touch” is that there is a fundamental difference between the current Pocket PC's and the iPod Touch. The iPod Touch is almost exclusively a retrieval and viewer device, whereas the Pocket PC is much better at creating. So as fantastic as it is, if you want to “create” on the go, Microsoft's Pocket PC is probably still going to be your device.

Now I'm not talking involved complicated creation, but instead little stuff. Lists, Notes, Word Documents, Spreadsheets, sketching, that sortof thing. Those are all things where the stylus comes into play in a big way. Again, though this isn't a slam against Apple really. They built a beautiful media playback device but after playing with the Touch abit, I came to the conclusion that isn't how I use my handheld primarily. I primarily use mine to store little bits of information and then recall them later. I play the occasional movie or music on it sure, but that's not my main use for it.

(I'd love to have that web browser on the iPod Touch ported to my Axim (or even my Eee) though... Apple's done an amazing thing in designing that mobile browser.)

I also got to pick-up and hold the new Nano. I'd seen them in cases in other stores, but actually picking one up and holding it. Wow, there's nothing there. It's practically 2 dimensional. Unless Apple is going to make iPod earrings, they've got to be about as small as they're going to go at this point right? The thing is basically a compact flashcard with a screen. Very impressive.

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Sat 11/24/07 8:38pm #

Video of Me

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Sat 11/24/07 1:25pm #

Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited

So I tried Marvel Comics new Online Viewer. Like DC's Zuda.com, my conclusion is that Marvel's online offering also sucks. Now to be fair to their site, I did try it out on a 12" laptop. And overall it probably would have looked better on my 19" Widescreen, but like Zuda, it's the flash interface that makes the experience so poor. Flash viewers are a terrible way to view comics. CBR and CBZ viewers do the job much better.

To date, SLG's Eyemelt site seems to have approached this the best. Eyemelt is certainly a format that Marvel and DC should look at for their 60s and 70s books at the very least.

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Fri 11/23/07 2:52pm #

Let's Go Surfing

» Early Sesame Street not sutible for today's child.

According to an earnest warning on Volumes 1 and 2, “Sesame Street: Old School” is adults-only: “These early ‘Sesame Street’ episodes are intended for grown-ups, and may not suit the needs of today’s preschool child.”

What an odd warning.

» Indianna Jones never rides bitch!

» The Other Boleyn Girl. Big screen version of Showtimes' Tudors it looks like. I find all the big name actors look like they are getting in the way of believing in the historical characters. But that's just me maybe.

» q10 a freeware fullscreen writing environment.

» Sienna Miller as Baroness in the G.I. J.O.E. Movie. One of the commenters on that article summed it up pretty good with "Are they going to get Jude Law as Destro?"

» DC Direct Action Figure Green Lantern Wave 3: STAR SAPPHIRE 6.5”, SINESTRO 6.75”, CYBORG SUPERMAN 6.75”, BATMAN AS A GREEN LANTERN 6.75” on sale July 9, 2008. I saw all these last summer at Wizard World Chicago. Nice Looking wave.

» $299 Portable Pocket Computer Projector. Looks like the perfect compliment to an Eee PC.

» Video of Live Bikini Girl "Tetris"


» Cowbell Hero

» Katie Curic obsesses about her coat.

» Why pay a premium? An Examination of Starbucks.

» Barack Obama 11/14/07 Speech and Q&A at Google Headquarters. More interesting after the speech during the sit-down.

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Fri 11/23/07 9:22am #

Black Friday

I feel completly "un-American" in saying this, but there is nothing I want to buy this Black Friday.

Circuit City has a Nokia N800 Wi-Fi Custom Linux\Opera browser based Internet tablet for $199, with free shipping. I thought about that for a minute or two, but having just bought the Eee PC, I can't imagine that I would use the Nokia much.

Also noticed that Office Depot and Staples have a Color Laser Printer for $99 ($249 - $150 MIR). That blows my mind. I currently have a 14 year old HP B&W laser printer that still works great (orig. $1,200 back in the day.) as well as a year old decent HP color inkjet and I rarely use either one of those. I'm much more likely to email something to my phone, or upload a file to my handheld or laptop than print anything. So no sale there, as intriguing a pricepoint as $99 is. Sigh.

At some point in the near future I'll probably make the jump to a large flat screen LCD TV. I'm still hoping that a company releases a low priced (Sub $600) 10" or 12" Windows Tablet PC in the near future (something I could directly paint in photoshop with). I could think of a few uses for a computer LCD projector too if I found one for super cheap. Those are the only new major tech items on my radar at the moment, but even they're not things I'm itching to get right this second.

Enjoy YOUR Black Friday, looks like I'll be sitting it out.

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Thur 11/22/07 11:10pm #

Random Non-Sequiters

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.

Only 3 or so short posts in 12 days, that's got to be some sort of non-record for me on the blog.

I have been surfing the Internet alot more than usual lately though. The still new novelty of my Eee PC has seen to that. But I just haven't seen alot of things I wanted to post or comment on. I have a decent sized link-post semi-constructed that will probably go up Friday. Plus I still have a bunch of Action Figures to put new pics up for eventually, but I just haven't had the blogging bug of late.

Purchased my first item off Woot! today. A fairly nice looking, yet inexpensive MP3 player to carry some audio books and podcasts around on.

I saw Beowulf in 3D last week. It was pretty good. I think they should have went for the Hard R instead of the Hard PG-13, but other than that, Good Stuff. See it in 3D, you get good glasses and the movie was definitely made for that format.

Hmmm... looks like this is going to be a short post for now too. Maybe more tomorrow.

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Mon 11/19/07 1:46pm #

Amazon Kindle

The Amazon Kindle looks like a great device. It's a little over priced and charging for indivdual blogs is going to be hard for alot of people to sign-up for but here are the big deals:

• Mass Market E-Ink device. Most people have never seen and don't understand E-Ink, this will help this technology.
• EVDO - This is huge as it puts a cheap consumer device that can receive text and EMAIL anywhere, for Free supposedly. No idea if there is a limit to the email that you can receive, but if not, that is a HUGE sleeper feature. People are complaining about the lack of Wi-Fi, but I find the EVDO much more interesting than Wi-Fi.
• Dedicated Reader device. We already have dedicated Audio and Video Devices, Having a small device optimized for reading, it's suprizing it's taken this long for something "mainstream" to release.

Neat device.

Product Page (with videos)

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Tue 11/13/07 6:54pm #

Let's Go Surfing

» A list of how many episode remain on many popular shows. Basically there are 4 or 5 episodes left of most popular programs. Then it's rerun or reality time.

» Astro boy Movie concept art It's an odd looking character for 2007 isn't it?

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Sun 11/11/07 3:00pm #

Random Non-Sequiters

Game Night
Game Night Photo. I have a large square table top I place on my coffee table where the modular Heroclix board is set-up on. More often than not the game becomes a race to hold and defend the high ground. Comics, Videos, Pizza, and dice rolling combat of little plastic superheroes. Good Times.

Dave In Comic Store

Dave In Comic Store

Couple of photos of Dave from work who joined us last Wednesday/Halloween on our weekly lunch hour comic run.

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Sun 11/11/07 11:32am #

Let's Go Surfing

» Very well done Stick Figure "Hangman" Flash game. Guess the words before a violent and gruesome stickfigure death befalls you.

» For decades TV was just TV now I'm supposed to know all this 1080 or 720 p or i and reverse inverse telecine stuff. Some content looks better on one screen, other content looks better on another screen, and it doesn't even seem that if you "buy the most expensive one" that the issue is solved. Blah.


» Neat Paperfolding video shows you how to make a small booklet from oneside sheet of paper. Still Frame Step by Step | Word Doc Template

» "Bob Ross" paints Star Wars. Happy little Interegation Droids. (humor)

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Sat 11/10/07 7:47pm #


Hooray for the writer strike! I mean it’s terrible for the people out on strike and others effected by it, but it’s doing wonders for me clearing off my DVR. Without all those Daily Shows, Colbert Reports and David Lettermans to catch up on I’ve been putting that TV time to good use zipping through lots of saved episodes of stuff.

I spent a few hours, fast forwarding mostly, through the last 7 or so episodes of Smallville. [Some SPOILERS ahead] I watched the last two episodes of the last season and caught up to current on everything played this season. Wow is that show ever off the rails. It’s not even any good as a Soap Opera now.

Let me just throw some stuff out there randomly for abit. Lana Lang, I mean what have they done to that character? And tying in Martian Manhunter to Jorel? And what’s with all the Kryptonians jaunting back and forth to Earth now? Or why can’t Clark Fly when everyone around him is doing it. Even he would have to realize during the Lana off the top of the building rescue scene that he must be able to fly. He couldn’t possibly FALL FASTER than Lana? Martha Kent now as a US Senator? State Senator was bad enough. They weren’t giving her much to do, but now even she has left Smallville, why is Clark still there again? Did I fast forward through the bit where Bizarro gets defeated or did they just forget about him. Dean Cain as a Vandal Savage character of sorts? Couldn’t they have at least given him an evil goatee or something? Kara looks good in a bathing suit, but her character is even worse on that show than her relaunch in the comics.

Bla, I suppose that’s enough ranting. Damn shame is what it is though ;)

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Fri 11/9/07 12:19pm #

Let's Go Surfing

» Annie Leibovitz Celebrity Disney Photo Desktop Wallpapers. A half dozen or so at the link. Like this Scarlett Johansson Cinderella.

» Next Generation Star Trek Home Theater, Bar and Ready Room. Three different Star Trek Themed rooms in the same house. Nice.

» Retractable Wii Sensor Wiire

» Oprah gives out Free Flip Cameras. I have an older model of one these. Absolutely love it. Glad to see the format is being popularized by the Oprah.

» Zipit Wireless Instant Messenger. I like the idea of these single purpose devices. This Instant Messenger looks slick. $150 seems a bit high though, they should get it under $100. I'd probably get one if that was the case.

» New PS2 loses the Power Brick. Certainly will make the game more portable.

» Seinfeld Dictionary of Terms and Phrases

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Thurs 11/8/07 8:20pm #

I decided to try out the Wyoming Public Library's Wi-Fi tonight. It's a very nice modern library. I set-up shop in the magazine room. It's dead quiet, which I suppose is to be expected as it is a library and all.

The library is one of the few public spaces I can think of where one can go and not be expected to purchase something. How is it that we have a country that has so few public spaces that are commercial free? It's all very odd really. I'm sure it's not that way everywhere, but in the suburbia land I'm in that's pretty much the case.

I think my grandmother died

We weren't very close. We had some fundamental disagreements on how the world should operate, how people should be treated and what is important in life. We hadn't spoken in a long time. I really don't regret that, it was a mutual decision, and for the best. I am saddened at the finality of it all though. Although, I never really believed things would get any better, as I said the disagreements were fundamental, and she was not a person of compromise, I am saddened by the finality of the situation and the end of the slimmest chances of hope that things could change.

She had a large family, many that shared her beliefs and views, so that's something I suppose. It is too bad it worked out the way it did.

Vacation Time

I've been fortunate to have some time off this past week. Actually, I'm fortunate to have a considerable amount of vacation time I can draw upon. I'm not one to travel however. I'm not opposed to travel, but it's something that to do by myself holds little appeal for me. I find travel to be more interesting as a shared experience. If I'm going to be by myself, I'm generally quite happy to stay within a few miles of my home. Oddly however, whenever I take time off I do feel a little guilty for not going anywhere, as it seems to be the thing that others around me believe is the natural course of things with vacation time. But most of them don't have as much vacation time as I do, so from my perspective it's not as scarce a resource either.

Cats that walk

I took a walk with a couple of friends of mine today. I've mentioned walking with them and their cat before. Well it had been awhile since I went with them AND their cat. Previously the cat didn't so much as walk as get carried. But I was suprised to see that they actually trained that cat to walk with them on a leash. I was very impressed with the whole situation.

Back to the Library

I'm not sure the library is actually any better than surfing the internet from home. It is absolutely quiet in here.

All for now.

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Thurs 11/8/07 5:58pm #

Let's Go Surfing

» Stripping Weather Girl Station.

» $348 Windows Laptops and $198 1.5 Ghtz 512 meg ram Desktops. Computing hardware is extremely accessable isn't it? Pretty much not really worth looking for a used deal anymore. The $198 desktop looks like it would make a great home web server too. I've been looking to move my home apps off of Windows/ASP/VBScript onto Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP (LAMP). This Everex $198 (with Ubuntu or Xubuntu on it) might be the machine for that task I think.

» Just tooled around Zuda Comics. Eh. Not a fan of that Flash Player or the delay between loading pages. Also not a big fan of the horizontal page format. There might be some good stuff on there (and if there is let me know) but I lost interest in the mechanics of the site works pretty fast. Give me a CBZ, CBR or PDF file any day.

» Asus Eee PC disected., oh the horror! (Actually, ain't that much to it is there?)

» I like the sound of this Wedon/Dushku Dollhouse television series.

» This MTV Hyperactive show sounds like a bad take on the Flash.

» MyTeamCaptain.com looks like an interesting way to manage team sports schedules.

» Cheeky little Wonder Woman in Batman Panties Sketch from the ever adorably illustrated Katie Cook site.

» I doubt in the long run that diamonds are actually going to buy you (monogamy)100. Seems to me to be a sad marketing campaign.

» Make My Logo Bigger Cream, Whitespace Eliminator Spray, Starburst Dust, Flourescenizer and Emotionator Video Commercial Parody. Graphic Designer Humor. Good Stuff.

» retro Gaming Desktop Wallpapers

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Thurs 11/8/07 2:00pm #

More ZeFrank... This time a Song...

"for when you are scared."

This is a pleasant byproduct of the Writer's Strike, the fact that Ze Frank has time to post videos again.

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Thurs 11/8/07 1:43pm #

Bee Movie

I saw Jerry Seinfeld's animated Bee Movie. I think it can be best summed up by a few lines from his I'm Telling You for the Last Time special where a prescient Seinfeld said the following:

"Most of the movies you see aren't very good these days and they're very complicated, you know. I mean, you go see some piece of junk and it's a hundred million dollars and two years in the making.

You go to a bad movie, it's two hours; you're in a bad movie, it's two years.

I'd be afraid I'd be in the movie looking out at the audience saying, 'This sucks, doesn't it. I can't get out of this thing. They got me under contract.'"

Beautiful animation, but there is no story, and what little story there is seems to be poorly taken from a dozen other animated movies you've already seen. Even worse, after the movie I'm not even sure what the point or theme was. There's probably better ways to entertain small children too. I'm a big Seinfeld fan, but I say skip this one.

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Wed 11/7/07 6:58pm #

Random Non-Sequiters

Me at Panera 28th St.

» Me at Panera on 28th St. I was also just pleased to see that the built-in photo manger on the Eee PC has an upload to Flickr function built in. So many things yet to discover on my new toy.

Let's Go Surfing

» Facebook is going to allow you to add products to your friends list

Facebook wants to turn every member into a spokesman for its advertisers. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder and chief executive of the superhot social network, today announced what the company calls “social ads.”


Facebook now will give advertisers the ability to create their own profile pages on its system that will let users identify themselves as fans of a product. Each user’s news feed will contain items like “Bobby Smith is now a fan of Toyota Prius.”


In addition, Friends of Bobby, to continue this example, will see banner ads for Toyota throughout Facebook’s site. At the top of each of these ads will be a photo of Bobby and the fact that he likes the Prius.

This is both brilliant and insanely stupid at the same time.

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Tue 11/6/07 2:14pm #

A New Ze Frank video!!!

He does a classic the show style video on the Writer Strike and other topical news in the now. I miss the daily Ze.

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Mon 11/5/07 12:01am #

Remember, Remember the 5th of November
Image from Newsarama

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Sun 11/4/07 5:32pm #

Random Non-Sequiters

Me at Noshville

» Camille's was empty so I switched to Noshville for a Hot Chocolate. Noshville is very High School but it's more lively.

» I'm kindof bummed that Heroes Origins is on hold/canceled. Even though Heroes has been slow, Origins looked to have promise.

Let's Go Surfing

» The Rock is playing Black Adam


» Darth Vader in Love. Not terribly funny, but good production values.

» Old CNN story on the creation of Image Comics

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Sun 11/4/07 4:08pm #

Random Non-Sequiters

» I'm not really sure I'm that interested in a Flash movie. I like the comic, I thought at the time the TV show was ok, but I'm not sure about a Flash Movie. What would a Flash movie be about. Flash is the least conflicted character in DC's pantheon so I'm not sure what conflict they put into the center of the movie. He has lots of great villains but no real arch nemesis. Without changing the character, I'm not sure how it works as an American movie.

There's probably more potential for the Green Lantern Movie that's back on track. American movie's love the evil opposite arch nemesis, and GL has that in Sinestro. I'm less confident that they will be able to do Hal as the John Wayne/Top Gun Maverick character he is though. There's an exclusive focus on making heroes in modern movies be reformed clueless slackers. Hal doesn't fit that mold. Honest and Fearless? What's the last American movie you could say the hero had that going for them? In any case, i really hope they do this as a 60's period piece, that would be the way to go I think.

Let's Go Surfing

» Why you shouldn't order a cake from Wal-mart

» Wanted movie trailer is up. Looks good.

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Sun 11/4/07 2:50pm #

Me at Camille's Sidewalk Cafe

» Internet Cafe "tour" continues. Today... Camille's Sidewalk Cafe by Rivertown Mall. Kindof empty at the moment.

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Sat 11/3/07 3:07pm #

IMe at Panera

Picture of me taken with my Eee PC webcam, and uploaded via the Eee over Panera Bread's Wi-Fi (where I currently am). Hooray Technology.

PS: Had a delicious ham and cheese on sourerdough with some chicken noodle.

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Sat 11/3/07 9:44pm #

More Eee PC musings

A little browsing on the user forums and I installed/enabled The Full Desktop mode on the EeePC. After that I was able to add additional application repositories to the install manager, from which I installed: Gimp (Photoshop), Scribus (Indesign), Inkscape (Illustrator) and Comix (a Comic Book e reader). All seem to work fine. I'm completely in business on this machine now. It's awesome.

With the 133ppi screen comics are completely readable full page when turned sideways. It's like reading a little digest edition.

Scribus page layout is a little awkward. I doubt I'll do much with that on this form factor, but it's nice to know I could put together a simple PDF flyer to email out if the Eee was all I had on me.

Gimp is surprisingly useful for photo editing even at this small size.

Inkscape on this screen reminds me a little of using Illustrator 88 on a mac classic back in the day.

After day one, I think this little Eee PC is the most interesting little computing device I've ever owned. Very Cool.

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Fri 11/2/07 4:42pm #

Halo 3 Lan Party tonight, 3 machines lots of people and chips. I suck. (I'm going to try for a record number of respawns this evening) Still it will be a good time.

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Fri 11/2/07 3:25pm #

Got my Eee PC! Typing out this very message on it. Initial impression: very sweet. The wireless access is very intuitive for open networks. The Wired connection works very good too. The front end interface to the Linux OS is really really Windows looking, non techies probably won't notice that it isn't windows. Firefox is snappy on it. Screen is sharp. Case has a stylish pearlescent finish, it doesn't look cheap. It looks like a iPod Laptop. My playing with it shall now commence.

I want to hear your

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