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October 2006

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Tuesday October 31, 2006 12:12:01 AM #

My Halloween Costume.

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Monday October 30, 2006 6:36:41 AM #

Made a simple wood base for the OMACs

Let's Go Surfing

» Not really my thing, but fans of Christian Music, I think this MP3 Player is for you.
via Gizmodo

» The Woz has 20,000 on him in cash at anytime, but gets excited about free parking. What an interesting psychological state to think about.

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Sunday October 29, 2006 5:36:21 PM #

Action Figures

Burgess Meredith and Penquin
Burgess Meredith and Penquin

Burgess Meredith with Penquin cigarette
Burgess Meredith with Penquin cigarette




Random Non-Sequiters


Marvel Comics Previews slolicitations for January 2007 MS. MARVEL #11 • MS. MARVEL SPECIAL • newuniversal #2

» Nice Dane Cook Parody:

» Kings of Myspace Rap - Neat the way most of the video happens on an "actual" Myspace Page.

Let's Go Surfing

» Detailed analysis of DC and Marvel September 2006 Sales figures.

» WIRED's Six-Word Sci-Fi Stories. A host of famous authors. Haiku-like but shorter.

» Save the Cheerleader, Save the World.

» Marvel Legends 15 Captain Marvel, Wolverine/Sabertooth Face-off two pack

» If Aaron Sorkin wrote a show about Baseball. Kevin Levine captures the Aaron Sorkin (West Wing, Studio 60) voice perfectly, and applys Sorkin's specific dialog and scene pacing style onto a Baseball setting. Great Parody.

» Fast Company article on comedian Lewis Black

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Saturday October 28, 2006 9:47:01 PM #

» Bill O'Reilly vs. David Letterman. Below is a CBS provided to YouTube clip from last Friday's Late Show.

Letterman: Let me ask you a question — was there more heinous, more dangerous violence taking place before in Iraq, or is there more heinous, dangerous violence taking place now in Iraq?

O'Reilly: Oh, stop it. Saddam Hussein slaughtered 300,000 to 400,000 people, all right, so knock it off… It isn't so black and white, Dave — it isn't, 'We're a bad country. Bush is an evil liar.' That's not true.

Letterman: I didn't say he was an evil liar. You're putting words in my mouth, just the way you put artificial facts in your head!

Click for the whole 11 minute interview.
via Digg via CrooksandLiars

Let's Go Surfing

» X-Men Perfumes? Now you can smell like Wolverine.
via Progressive Ruin

» Marvel Comics' Moon Knight coming to TV?

» Bush, "Stay the Course" Democrat Video.

» Two Page Green Lantern Origin from 52 one | two

» Costumes for your iPod?

» Marvel US Postage Stamps

» Drawings Created by Trees? Sort of. Personally, I'd think trees would have moral reservations about DRAWING ON PAPER!

» Finger Drum Mousepad $39.99. Neat.

» Instant FM Music a sortof "tivo" for FM Radio looks like a pretty neat device. CompUSA has it listed for $39.99, but it's not available for order quite yet.

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Friday October 27, 2006 8:37:06 PM #

Wrestling with my friend's kitten Gompers, there's a little background talk about Marvel Ultimate Alliance Video Game. But mostly it's just a cute Kitty video.

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Friday October 27, 2006 7:01:06 AM #

Comments on Comics (I'm about a month and a half behind what you're probably reading)

» I read Supergirl #9 and Flash #3 yesterday. Supergirl #9 was largely a series of 1 or 2 page scenes with very little tying them together. I'm not really sold on Supergirl's "bad girl" makeover, but it didn't completely seem "off" as a characterization in this issue. This book so far is only for the comics reading die-hard though. I think a casual reader would be compelely lost with the disjointed storytelling, heavy continuity placement, and non-traditional portrayal. Kara hanging out with the new Captain Boomerang is interesting and fits this new character and of course, Churchill's art is nice.

Flash #3 - Written by former Flash TV show writers and it shows. More or less a continuity-free zone, or at least it's not very necesssary in the context of the book. The art in this issue sort of has an X-Men Evolution Animated Series feel to it. Reading this book you can very easily imagine this take as a self-contained television show. All your traditional story beats and bits of business are there. Craft-wise it's a good issue, I'm just not sure if I'm ready to see Bart Allen as the Flash (and neither is he in this issue, which is a nice nod by the writers to what was probably anticipated fan anxiety.)

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Thursday October 26, 2006 11:03:13 PM #

Birthday Illustration of me as a Green Lantern, given to me by two good friends of mine, Adam and Comfort. It's pretty cool. (Plus they've really captured the likeness of my heroic abs ;)

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Thursday October 26, 2006 5:11:38 AM #

Flash Hat
New Comic Wednesday yesterday, I got a Flash Hat.

» Haven't talked comics much on my blog lately, because I'm so far behind. I read them chronologically and yesterday I just reached Justice League of America #1 and Wonder Woman #2. Both were good, especially JLA. Vixen look's like she'll be entertaining under Brian Meltzer's scripting run. The superhero stuff is good, but the character moments are very good too:

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Tuesday October 24, 2006 10:21:34 PM #


Today was my birthday. Above are some Green Lantern "themed" birthday treats from a friend at work: Kilowog Krunchies, Ch'p Chips (like Buffalo Chips???) and "Tomar Re Remembers" Pepperidge Farm Golfish. Good times.

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Monday October 23, 2006 11:11:00 PM #

Random Non-Sequiters

Jimmy Dean's Pancake On A Stick
Pancakes and Sausage -- ON A STICK!

Let's Go Surfing

» Found this Legion Flight Ring on some guy's Flickr photostream. Neat.

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Sunday October 22, 2006 1:09:11 PM #

Random Non-Sequiters

» Thoughts on the 2006 Fall TV Season Sofar:

Battlestar Galactica - Very Good season so far. The show seems to to be turning into even more of a continuing strip than episodic, but it's very very good. One of the best shows out there right now.

Fantastic Four the Animated Series - Watched the first 3 episodes, and have a bunch piled up on the DVR. Ok cartoon. Not Justice League but entertaining for what it is.

Grey's Anatomy - Didn't see last weeks' yet, but the characters and situations are very interesting. It's a fun show. At some point I'm going to put up those Green Lantern clips from 2 weeks ago.

Heroes - How good was last Monday's episode? And the cliffhangers this show pulls off everyweek! They are replaying the first three episodes tonight. Check it out if you haven't seen it. It's not just geek tv, it's good tv.

Legion of Superheroes - I've watched a couple episodes, and have a couple more sitting on the DVR for this title too. It's good. I like it better than Fantastic Four.

Robot Chicken - Some of the funniest 15 minutes of television you'll see. Robot Chicken is the show that SNL should be.

Smallville- Haven't seen last week's Green Arrow episode yet, but the season has started off ok enough. They should have taken it off the air a couple years ago. The characters have aged beyond their premise. Clark should be Superman by now. I tune in to the show for the superpowers more than the characters.

Studio 60 - I like the dialog, I like the cast. The problem with this show is they tell you everything instead of *showing* you anything. It's all exposition. Good exposition, but it's not really good dramatic tv. It would probably make a better radio show than television, since the visual component of the show is completely unnecessary when they rally get rolling on the "let me tell you a story" conversational structure.

The Class - This show is alot of fun. the structure of several different simultaneous unconnected stories are freshly presented. It's not a deep show, but I like it.

30 Rock - Pure Situational Comedy, but funny. Baldwin, Fey and Morgan are really good in this one. A nice light funny 30 minutes.

What About Brian - Still haven't watched any of this season... will catch-up with it soon.

Brothers and Sisters - eh, saw the first couple episodes, the last few are on the DVR unwatched at the moment.

Jerrico - Also haven't seen the last couple, but I have suprizingly been enjoying this one. Not in Heroes league, but it is a good continuing drama.

Let's Go Surfing

» I just saw/got the ML 14 Mojo wave 2 weeks ago and already the ML15 MODOK wave has hit Washington and is making it's way west. ML 15 In Package shots.
via AFTimes Area Reports via Jakey-Jake via Fwooshnet

» Julius Marx reports that Bandai has cancelled the Teen Titans Action Figure Line.

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Saturday October 21, 2006 11:58:40 AM #

Random Non-Sequiters

» Played Justice League Heroes for PS2 this week (Actually I watched the game more than I played, as two friends with greater Video Game proficiency than I did most of the playing.) Neat game, too bad it's not 4 player like Marvel Legends. Even though I'm a DC guy, I'm looking forward to next week's release of Marvel Alliance more. M.A. is 4 player, which means my friends can concentrate on solving the levels and I can just button mash!

» Creepy commercial for the PS3

Let's Go Surfing - Strap yourself in you're in for Jumbo-movie-bucket-sized portion of links!

» Hellboy figures for Heroclix AND Horrorclix. One set of figures compatible with both systems?

» Writers on Writing Geoff Johns Interview

» Coming Soon: Fraggle Rock: The Movie

» You'll be able to use your Nintendo DS as a Nintendo Wii Controller. Very cool.

» Instantly print emails for Grandma for $150. Neat but about 7 years too late.

» Want to quickly map Directories to Virtual Drive Letters? Virtual Subst is a Portable Freeware App that very elegantly and quickly accomplishes that task. Very Useful!

» Super slim Laptop Mouse

» A History of Computer Commercials. Bunches and bunches of Youtube videos in this PCWorld article.

» [Quote] TV.com has word that Veronica Mars executive producer Diane Ruggiero will create a one-hour superhero action/comedy for The CW. According to The Hollywood Reporter, it’s being described “Sex and the City meets Batman.” The untitled show features two women whose superpowers only work when they’re together — like the Wonder Twins, only different. [/Quote]
via Blog@Newsaramma

» I'm not savy to the whole homebrew game/software for Nintendo DS scene but if I was this USB Media Enhancer would be a neat thing to have.

» Make Ice Candles. (Sort of)

» Picresize is a website that let's you upload an image, crop, resize, and apply some simple filters. Nice free service, but I'm not sure how often I'd need use of such a thing. Still if you need to resize an image, it looks like it works good.

» Here is a site that provides clocks you can embed into your webpage.

» Very COOL Very Dramatic Action Figure/Toy Photography Check it out Lots of neat Very professional looking Pics.
via Boing Boing

» Battlestar Galactica Cupcakes

» Motorcycles from 100 years ago. This is the sortof thing I bet, Chris at Evenings on the Lake, would probably like.
via Make

» 'Kneel Before Blog' has another neat Action Figure cartoon: Ms. Marvel with some trick-or-treaters.

» Battlestar Galactica Cylon Pumpkin and Sesame Street Bert and Ernie Pumpkins

» Cool Retro Bluetooth Cellphone Wireless Handset
Y'know how people are always walking around the mall with their cellphones? This would be a really neat way to do that, plus it is large enough that you could do the 'holding the phone between your head and shoulder thing', thereby having your hands free.

» Wi-Fi enabled picture frame Play your pictures directly off of Flickr. Neat. Still a little pricey at $249 but these things will probably be everywhere in a few years as they get cheaper.

» These Scrabble Bench Couches and Pillow Tiles are spiffy. The pillows by themseleves are a great idea too.

» Homemade Futurama Bender Costume. Nicely done.

» Gizmondo has this cool full touchscreen iPod conceptual. Not a real Apple image but probably pretty likely. Very Slick.

» I'd very much like to get a wi-fi/internet controlled robot web camera like this. Much Fun.

» Very cool Portable App/Video Game: Star Wars more about it here or download it here. The brief few minutes I played, it seemed to be a raster take on the old vector stand-up arcade game. May the Force Be With You.

» Katie Cook is an Ann Arbor based Cartoonist/Illustrator with an always interesting blog. She's also the owner of a very cute kitten named iPod.

» More of p2wy's photo's:

» Make your own PVC Camera Steady Cam
via Make

» Cool Idea: Murdered Victim Rug

» GIANT MAP of Simpson's Springfield. Wow, you could make a poster out of this. Big Image Size.

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Sunday October 15, 2006 12:09:11 PM #

Let's Go Surfing - Surfing the net, so you don't have to.

» Surf the internet on your TV with the Wii. click the link, watch the video.

» V for Vendetta Action Figure

» Changes betweeen the Infinite Crisis Hardcover and the original issues. Additionally some analysis that postulates the return of Earth 2.

» Kneel Before Blog. There's some funny action figure comics there Spidey trying to decide on a halloween costume, A Cosmic game of Jenga, and a little bit between Goblin and Spidey. There's also a smattering of geek friendly topics, check it out.

» Sweet Bandaid shaped Skateboard

» Neat Magnetic Wristband that keeps track of parts while you work.

» This cardboard workshop miniature is neat.

» Green Lantern's: Hal, Hohn and Kyle from the upcoming Justice League Heroes video game.

» A few photos from a Flickr Blog I follow: A Woman Text Messaging in front of a fountain, and a couple one | two creepy beach photos that look right out of Myst.

» Need to more effectively flip people off in traffic? Here's the gadget for you

» Wedding Shots of Sue Storm from the upcoming Fantastic Four 2. Lots more in this Flickr set too including both Thing and Stan Lee in Tuxes

» www.doodle.ch, Really Simple Web Software for getting groups to select meeting/event times.

» Video of George Lucas on Colbert Report

» Very cool, very mini travel iron

» Do you really like sandwiches? Then this is the ring for you.

» Audio Podcast with GTD Author on the topic of: Procrastination.

» Jim Lee Animated Teen Titan's Drawing featuring his Kids

» Enable your iPod's demo video mode (so it can be like a screensaver.)

Ever wonder how the iPods at the Apple store play the video demos over and over? Easy, make a folder called "Demo Mode", drop a movie called demo in it and you're pretty much done. Handy for a mini kiosk...
via make

» Demotivator poster: Just because your necessary, doesn't make you important.

» How to draw steampunk machines

» 10 Ways to get people to comment on your blog. What do you think about this link? ;)

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Saturday October 14, 2006 2:35:29 PM #

Action Figures

» Got the Marvel Legends Mojo Series this past Wednesday (Everyone except Iron Man, which although a neat figure, I decided to pass on him). Bunch of pictures I took below, The Steven Colbert Report homage is my favorite.

Is that Hershey Bar in your Hand for Me?
Is that a Hershey Bar in your hand for me?

Mojo, Psylocke, and Longshot
Mojo, Psylocke, and Longshot

Brother and Sister
Brother and Sister - Captain Britain and Psylocke

Marvel Ninja Chicks
Marvel Ninja Chicks

Heroes for Hire
Heroes for Hire -Powerman and Iron-fist

Heroes for Hire
Heroes for Hire -Powerman and Iron-fist

Marvel Legends
Marvel Legends -Falcon, Blade, Powerman, Iron Man (Rhodes), Black Panther.

Captain America and Falcon
Captain America and Falcon

Captain America and Falcon vs. Baron Zemo
Captain America and Falcon vs. Baron Zemo

+ permalinkA homage to the Steven Colbert Report I couldn't resist.
Captain America and his Black friend, Falcon
A Homage to the Steven Colbert Report I couldn't resist.

Excuse Me is this the place for the G.I Joe Movie Auditions?
Excuse Me is this the place for the G.I Joe Movie Auditions? - Baron Zemo and Baron Vonstrucker with a couple of Hydra Agents.

A Couple of Wise Crackers
A Couple of Wise Crackers - "Eh, what's up Spider-Doc?"

Pimpin' ain't easy for a Powerman
"Pimpin' ain't easy for a Powerman" - Hat from a Rocky Figure.

A Shelf of Marvel Legends Action Figures
A Shelf of Marvel Legends Action Figures - One of Several.
Random Non-Sequiters

Flash Birthday Balloons
Some Birthday Balloons created in honor of a friend of mine this week.

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Tuesday October 10, 2006 7:38:35 AM #

Random Non-Sequiters

» Saw heroes again last night. Interesting Episode. Slower pacing than normal for Network fare, but still packed with alot of material. Should make a very very nice DVD eventually.

Google bought YouTube. Doesn't seem like a great idea, but who knows it might have bought a few more months of YouTube staying as it is, as I imagine it takes more time to prepare to sue Google.

This week has just begun, yet it feels as though it is already done.

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Sunday October 8, 2006 4:33:50 PM #

Action Figures

Some recent action figure acquisitions:

Infinite Crisis
Alexander Luthor, Superboy Prime, and a host of OMACs

Infinite Crisis
Earth 2 Superman, Power Girl and Lois Lane

Azreal and Batman
DCSH Azreal and a DCD Batman

Mogul, Green Lantern and Superman

Cloak and Dagger

Rocky and rocky?

Let's Go Surfing

» Lego Ice Cube Trays. Cool.
via MAKE

» She-Ra is coming. (stop snickering, you're reading that wrong.)
via Blog@newsaramma

» So what exactly what will the cellphone companies do with this personal data? Targeted ads once-a-month? Is there anything computers won't know soon?
via Gizmodo

» Cool USB Rechargable/programable Scrolling Badge

» Stair ideas for building your own secret lair
via Boing Boing

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Sunday October 8, 2006 2:32:32 PM #

» Cable internet service sucks to my building today. It's been down most of the weekend It would appear they have too many users around me and not enough cable juice to power it all. Signal strength is way low.

I have discovered that if all else fails, I can post short little snippets via cell phone to the Flickr picture in the right column... Click on those if I disapear for a few days.

I've also added two new feeds to the right column. One feed for the Flickr Photos and One feed that will let you follow the Gably Chat Room for this blog at the top of the page.

I've considered also using the Flickr moblog feature to post the occassional Grand Rapids Toy Update when I'm out and about. Any Grand Rapids area Action Figure collectors reading this blog that would be interested in that? Reply in the Comments Below. Let's Go Surfing

» Demitri Martin, Daily Show's Trendspotter, is coming to the Kalamazoo State Theatre Sunday October 15, 2006, $27.

» Now This is the way to play miniature games.

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Sunday October 1, 2006 10:29:35 PM #

Let's Go Surfing

» The Coming Death Shortage: Why the longevity boom will make us sorry to be alive

From religion to real estate, from pensions to parent-child dynamics, almost every aspect of society is based on the orderly succession of generations. Every quarter century or so children take over from their parents—a transition as fundamental to human existence as the rotation of the planet about its axis. In tomorrow's world, if the optimists are correct, grandparents will have living grandparents; children born decades from now will ignore advice from people who watched the Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show. Intergenerational warfare—the Anna Nicole Smith syndrome—will be but one consequence. Trying to envision such a world, sober social scientists find themselves discussing pregnant seventy-year-olds, offshore organ farms, protracted adolescence, and lifestyles policed by insurance companies. Indeed, if the biologists are right, the coming army of centenarians will be marching into a future so unutterably different that they may well feel nostalgia for the long-ago days of three score and ten.

» How to run a meeting like Google.

» This Fold-Up Bike is awesome!
via Metafilter

» Nice Physical tour of the Wii hardware below:

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Sunday October 1, 2006 1:18:11 PM #

» Yesterday I set-up Google Reader and subscribed a couple dozen blogs and web sites I follow to it. It's a pretty slick program and I can definently see the benefit of following favorite web sites in that format.

This blog is done manually in a text editor and I sortof enjoy it that way, but now that I see the benefits of something like Google Reader, I'm going to make an effort to periodically digest my content on my LiveJournal account, which can be subscribed to.

Visitors to this site are a small group but I am interested in how many are using Feed Readers so please take the survey below:

See the Results Without Voting

Thanks, and if you want to subscribe to this blog, use the Orange Icon Subscribe at the top of the sidebar or Subscribe through Feedburner here.

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Sunday October 1, 2006 9:47:37 AM #

Random Non-Sequiters

» Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark in a Jon Farveau directed Iron Man movie? Yeah, I can see that. I really think it will not suck. It'll be odd in ways like the Burton Batman was, but I think it probably will *not* suck.

Let's Go Surfing

» Parody from the Onion (go to the link and read more):

BOSTON—The now-monthlong invasion carried out by more than 200,000 college students who bombarded this normally quiet, historic city has forced native Bostonians to relinquish their rights as citizens and settle into a new life under occupation.

» Espresso Book Machine Instant Paperbacks on Demand.

» Came accross this really neat web based comic strip creator: www.com-mix.org. Very slick interface, mix and match elements from a variety of artists, flip, scale and rotate the images, add backgrounds and create caption boxes. No save feature yet, but you can screen capture. Neat.


I had a pretty good-sized post on the blog yesterday too. Check that out.

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