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August 2006

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Thursday August 31, 2006 9:06:10 PM #

» Cool Simpsons theme/Star Trek Theme Mashup:

» Todd McFarlane Directed Animated Video Cover of Genesis’ Land Of Confusion (via the beat) Windows media OR Quicktime

» Odd little Battlestar Galactica Parody: Paddlestar Galactica made by some kids at Summer Camp.

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Thursday August 31, 2006 7:40:26 PM #

» Sadly I'm woefully undereducated in World War II history to know whether Olbermann's analogy is apt, but the sentiment is well spoken.

MSNBC site with transcript.

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Sunday Tuesday 29, 2006 10:30:13 PM #

» Yoda Backpack! Recreate Luke's Dagobah training everyday by putting your stuff into this backpack you can take to work or school. (One of the geekiest thinks ever... absolutely fantastic.)

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Sunday August 27, 2006 3:39:13 PM #

Let's Go Surfing

» Create Whiteboard Animations with your computer and webcam it also has a link to free animation software MonkeyJam.

» Detroit News has a new Comics Blog. (Comics Continuum originally spun out of the Detroit News, but this is a far as I know completely seperate.)

» Very facinating look at DC's books and sales figures the last year up to July 2006. Looks like an ok book does Low 30K, a good book does 45-70K, and beyond that there are only a few stunt books and special cases. Interesting analysis at the link. Take a look.

It's a sobering look at what really are small audiences.

» Evolution of Speechballoons

» Nintendo's Wii to be around $170? Cool.

» Here's a neat site yes.com shows what radio stations are playing. Type your stations call letters into the search box and it has the recent playlist, with links to iTunes to purchase them too.

» Johnathan Coulton's Thing a Week Charon sings to Pluto song: I'm Your Moon

» Cool... take any photo on the web and make it look like a Polariod picture with handwritten copy on it. Works great with Flickr Image Links.

» I saw the below posts on Raving Toy Maniac's Buzz Board:

Reading the post I learned that there is a "Hall of Justice" at a New England Six Flags. I took a look at flickr and found the following images: Batman, Building, Building 2, and Flash

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Friday August 25, 2006 7:59:39 AM #

» From Justice League America #0

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Friday August 25, 2006 7:58:58 AM #

» Possibly, sometimes the trick is to figure out if you are dealing with a person or if you are dealing with a process that happens to have a human interface.

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Tuesday August 22, 2006 10:38:06 PM #

Let's Go Surfing

» Slashdot crowd discusses Snakes on a Plane

The movie is what it is: a generic B horror/suspense film. And anyone looking at just the screen will see that. But those who where out there last Thursday at 10:00 in a theater full of high schoolers and college kids hearing the last ticks of summer? That was the real Snakes on a Plane. People hissing, screaming, yelling. It was a truly shared communal experience. The content on the screen was mere pretext. It was a nation-wide community that hadn't been forced down from some marketing firm that went from flash to bang in six months. MTV, Nike, Universal-Vevendi didn't tell anyone to do this.

» Weird Al Yankivic's MySpace has a new song. Don't Download This Song. While your there you might want to click on the "Your Pitiful" James Blunt: "You're Beautiful" parody.

» Titles and Synopsis for the first 4 Fantastic Four Animated Episodes

Wally Wood's 22 Panels that Always Work

» "Games industry is 'failing women'" - or maybe most women aren't as interested in sitting in front of a tv and mashing their fingers into a control pad for hours on end? "Failing" seems a little strong doesn't it?


» DC Comics Solicitations Previews for November 2006-- Batman/THE Spirit • All Star Batman and Robin #5 • Batman #659 • Detective Comics #825 • Catwoman #62 • Nightwing #126 • Robin #156 • Huntress: Dark Knight Daughter TP - earth 2 classic stories • Action Comics #844 • Superman #658 • Supergirl #12 • Superman/Batman #31 Superman Confidential #1 - Darwyn COOK AND Tim Sale • 52 - #26,27,28,29,30 • The All-New Atom #5 • Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #47 • Birds of Prey #100 • Blue Beetle #9 • The Flash #6 • Green Arrow #68 • Connor Hawke: Dragon's Blood #1 • Green Lantern Corps #6 • Green Lantern #16 • Green Lantern Archives vol #6 HC • Guy Gardner: Collateral Damage #1 • Ion #8 - (Four Monthly Green Lantern Books.... How fantastic is that?) • Hawkgirl #58 • Justice League of America #4 - Vixen on the cover • JSA Classified #19 - Dr. Midnight story. • Martian Manhunter #4 • OMAC #5 • The Omega Men #2 • Outsiders #42 • Secret Six #6 - Vandal Savage • Supergirl and the Legion of Super-Heroes #24 • Tales of the Unexpected #2 - Spectre • Teen Titans #41 • Showcase Presents Shazam vol 1 TP • Uncle Sam and the Freedom Fighters #5 • Wildcats #2 - Jim Lee, Scott Williams and Morrison • Astro City: The Dark Age Book Two #2

» DC Direct
Batman Beyond (Man I wish this wasn't in McGuinness' style), Maybe the Superwoman... cause it looks similiar to the recent Alternate Timeline Lois/Clark daughter Supergirl), Warlord, new Martian Manhunter, new Atom, and new Blue Beetle.

» Image and Top Cow Previews Solicitations for November 2006

» Marvel Previews Solicitations for November 2006

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Sunday August 20, 2006 11:57:57 AM #

» I watched Meet the Press and Face the Nation today. MtP had John McCain as a guest. FtN had Joe Lieberman as a guest. John McCain today seemed returned to his normal self after trying out a bizzare, more pandering, version of himself earlier in the year. Although still supporting the Republican party overall, he was much more critical of the President's Iraq strategy than Joe Lieberman was on FtN. It seems a Democratic Senator should not be less critical of the current situation in Iraq than a Republican Senator, yet there it is.

Joe Lieberman was also asked whether or not his positions on the war ran counter to the country's given the polls on the issue. Lieberman said the standard political jargon about not going by polls. That's fine, but people voting at the polls should count.

Although not directly confronting that, he did say that he didn't want the 15% of the populace that voted in the primary to decide the race, and that he wanted to have the entire state vote. Whatever you think of the Primary process, it seems a bad thing to have a sitting Senator discount the established rules of the political process that in his long term in office (AFAIK) he has not tried to change until they ran counter to him.

Sour Grapes on a grand stage.

Let's Go Surfing

» Sony Transparent TV

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Saturday August 19, 2006 3:37:26 PM #

Let's Go Surfing

» Some Guy made a really cool Optimus Prime Hand Puppet

» Write Words in a Zombie Font

» The Smashy Adventures of the Hulk. Adorable Web Cartoon. Scroll to the bottom and then start reading them upwards.

» "I'm a PC", NPR and Daily Show famed: Hodgman has a blog

» Make your own Street Luge
via MAKE

» Bring Me the Head of Charlie Brown. Video Parody.

» Jessica Simpson on Rollerskates. Very Madonna "Holiday-esk" Public Affair video with Andy Dick???

» Fun folksong, Clinton Got a Blow-Job MP3 (NSFW, duh)

Media-opoly. Saturday TV funhouse political/media humor.

» Kinda Creepy steve Jobs Desktop Wallpaper
via adfreak

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Saturday August 19, 2006 9:57:30 AM #

» Just took a look at the 2006 Fall Season Broadcast Network Line-up. Below are the shows that I plan to at least give a try (Returning favorites are in bold):

ABC 10pm (9/24) Brothers and Sisters - Calista Flockheart

FOX 9pm (8/21) Vanished - Rebecca Gayheart
NBC 9pm (9/25) Heroes
NBC 10pm (9/18) Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip - Bradley Whitford and Mathew Perry
ABC 10pm (10/9) What About Brian

CBS 10pm (9/19) Smith - Ray Liotta
FOX 9pm (9/5) Standoff - Ron Livingston

CBS 8pm (9/20) Jericho
NBC 8:30pm (10/11) 30 Rock - Tina Fey, Alex Baldwin, Tracey Morgan

ABC 9pm (9/21) Greys Anatomy
ABC 10pm (9/21) Six Degrees
CBS 10pm (9/21) Shark - James Woods
CW 8pm (9/28) Smallville
NBC 8pm (9/21) The Office

That's 13 hours of TV a week up there, so lots of stuff isn't going to make the cut.

I also came across a chronologically listed New Fall 2006 Release list.

I looked around Google and some more tv specific sites to try and find a list of Cable Network premieres, but did not have any luck. Alot of the really good shows are on Cable and not the broadcast networks now, it's too bad they are so difficult to find each season compared to the big broadcast network grids that get put out and are so easy to find. (I know that Battlestar Galactica starts sometime in October but other than that I can't think of any Fall Cable Shows at the moment to add to my above list)

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Friday August 18, 2006 12:17:30 AM #

Just saw the movie and Snakes on a Plane is


Go See!

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Thursday August 17, 2006 7:15:40 AM #

Carmel Oreo Cookies

» mmmmmmm..... Dulce de Leche, Caramel Creme, Oreo Cookies, yumm. (Available at Meijer....)

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Tuesday August 15, 2006 8:31:55 AM #

» Oh Yeah.... It's my Cat's Birthday today, can he get a Meow Meow? Woot!

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Tuesday August 15, 2006 6:26:38 AM #

» Blog Blog Bloggity Blog. This is supposed to be a slow week. So not slow.... Tuesday AM and the week is already over, all but the performance of it. Places please, We're going to do this one in one take people, places everyone, roll camera. Tuesday August 15, Take One and ACTION!

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Saturday August 12, 2006 11:05:34 AM #

Let's Go Surfing

Image » Inspirational Star Trek Posters (Actually these are fairly uneven, most of them break format unsuccessfully, but the concept is funny.)

» Escher, Lego Style.

» The five stages of drunkenness

» Funny customer reviews of milk on Amazon

» Very cool Lego ad campaign

» Neat American Express Commercial Tennis Pro vs. Pong Give it a watch.

» Jude Law as Zod? Possibly. The voice would work certainly.

» Make your own Colbert Show On Notice Board. Slick.

» The Previews that is due today... (this stuff was solicited last month)


» DC Direct: SuperGirl, Red Son Hal Jordan, Nightstar, 52: FERRIS AIRCRAFT T-SHIRT (Would get it if it didn't have "Test Pilot" screened on the back)

» Marvel Previews Solicitations for October 2006 • THE IRREDEEMABLE ANT-MAN #1 • BEYOND! #4 • DR. STRANGE: THE OATH #1 • ETERNALS #5 • MARVEL TEAM-UP #25 • RUNAWAYS #21

» Marvel Merch - Marvel Select Mephisto Action Figure

» Other - Invincible #37 • Marc Silvestri Sketchbook • Who Wants to be a Superhero One Shot

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Monday August 7, 2006 7:10:14 PM #

A couple more Wizard World Chicago Videos.

» Before the Wizard World Chicago 2006 Kevin Smith Panel, the crowd spontaneously started tossing their free pokeballs giveaways. One ball begat two, two begat four, four begat eight, and the next thing you knew five or six minutes of pokeball madness.

» Wizard World Chicago, Entire Justice League!

Let's Go Surfing

» Came across a web cartoon called Shortpacked. Mostly eh, but there is some funny from the site: Lou Dobbs, Joys of Action figure hunting denied., Transformers review Pixar's Cars, More Toy Hunting, Internet Fanboy Forum Board Bingo,

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Sunday August 6, 2006 2:44:35 PM #

Wizard World 2006 Day 2 » Did two days at Wizard World Chicago. Sunday is a day of rest. I have went the last several years now and whenever I get backed I'm all "geeked-out" read "tired out on geek stuff". It's a good time however, and much much fun.

I posted a few pictures from my cellphone in the Flickr strip in the right column of this page. I also posted a couple audio blogs from the cell (one of which is horribly garbled). Mobile blogging is fun. Check those out.

picI shot over one hour and 45 minutes of convention footage (in 15 second to 3 minute long clips). Three of those are below:

» First up, "Marvel Civil War" comes to Wizard World Chicago as Fans costumed as Captain America and Iron Man duke it out in the IFL ring on the convention floor.

The best part is at the end: Spoiler (highlight to read) [[- Tony and Steve Hug it out at the end. -]] Later in the day I was standing in line for a panel and ended up behind Cap. I asked him whose idea that bit at the end was and he said it was Iron Man's. good stuff.

» Next up, Kevin Smith talks a young couple into getting engaged (using a member-of-the-audience's donated Batman ring no less) also at Wizard World Chicago. The lead up to this point was pretty good too, but at the time I was too involved with the display to think to pull out my camcorder. The girl is 18 and the guy is 19. The incident started from Kevin Smith trying to help the guy out by suggesting that he lock "this one down" before she goes to college this fall. Kevin asked the guy if he wanted to marry her and then suggested proposing to her right then. He didn't have a ring, so Kevin asked the audience if anyone had a ring to give the guy. At first a Green Lantern ring was suggested but when the Batman ring was offered Kevin was delighted with that choice, the proposal follows:

» This final video, (for the moment) is just a gratuitous short clip of Fangirls dressed as Hawkgirl, Woderwoman and yes, Power Girl (With Elvis???)

That's all (for now). If you find any of these entertaining, click on the comments link. My poor blog really hasn't been feeling the comment love and I loves me the comment love.

More Wizard World stuff to come (Video, Digital Camera Pics, and maybe some shots of a toy or two)... so check back throughout the week. Looking for something particular? Ask, I might have taken a picture or shot video of it.

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Thursday August 3, 2006 10:52:35 PM #

» It's August. Still hot but looks to be a little more bearable over the next couple days.

A couple blog things of note.

» If you look over in the small righthand column of this page, you'll see a Flickr strip that has the most recent 3 Photo's I've uploaded to the web (quite possibly from my cellphone).

» Below that, you'll see an Odeo Player (Think "Youtube for Mp3's) that contains my most recent Audioblogs (also quite likely to be from my cellphone while out and about.)

So... if you don't see anything in the main section, give that area a look, you might find something new there.

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8/8/06 DVD: Ultimate Avengers 2

8/18/06 Snakes on A Plane

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