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July 2006

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Monday July 31, 2006 7:10:47 PM #

Audio Blog - It's Hot
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Let's Go Surfing

» No more E3? or maybe just downsized?
via Slashdot

» Cool/Geeky Girls Knit Hat How To.

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Saturday July 29, 2006 2:48:07 PM #

Let's Go Surfing

» Target Couture. Target stuff, not from target. I want a bedazzled "Joy Dot" Belt! ;)

» Gee, I always wondered where pipe dreams come from, now I know.

» Awww.... Cute Ferrets.

» The Snakes on a Plane problem.

» Wintergreen Atari 2600 ET Video Game Music Video
via Metafilter.

» Sock Drawer guy's Flickr stream offers up these two heroicly dressed SDCC convention goers. Hot-cha! Chicago Wizard con is next week.

» Check-out this neat laptop stool.
via Cool Tools

» I've mentioned before but I'm mentioning it again. It's the equivalent of amateur voyeur porn for people interested in artist studios.

» Cool-hunting has a post on 12 bags for guys. Man-purse machismo.

» Neat idea: use a back of door shoe holder to hold all your gadgets
via Life-hacker

» Breast Shaped Shower Shampoo Dispensers
via Gizmodo

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Friday July 28, 2006 7:10:33 PM #

Random Non-Sequiters

Audio Blog - I Saw Ed McMahon in My Office Today.
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» Ed McMahon! You are Correct Sir! Click the Pink (>) Play button for the Audio blog, and then Click the Youtube Video.

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Wednesday July 26, 2006 8:12:40 AM #

» From the clip, "Sometimes the brown dogs and the darker dogs all look alike..."

They shall overcome? Free from the pound at last, free at last?

Seriously, Dog racism that's a new one.

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Tuesday July 25, 2006 11:47:45 PM #

» The WB Aquaman/Mercy Reef pilot is available on iTunes. (the pilot that was made to be an Aquaman TV Show, *NOT* the Smallville episode.) I downloaded and watched it for $2 today. Not bad. Unlike Superman/Smallville, unless they are uber-comic purists, most fans shouldn't get too annoyed with the liberties taken with Aquaman's origin. The important parts of the story seem to be accounted for. And I thought the extra Bermuda Triangle plot element worked for an ongoing show of this nature. The real question is: how fresh would they be able to keep this show as an ongoing series? That seems to me, to be the challenge (seen one stretch of ocean, pretty much seen them all, because of that the show could get repetitive fast, or worse they'd be forced to take Aquaman out of the water too much.). I think if they just told the main story over 10 hours or so and sold them on iTunes, the show could work well. I'd buy the shows on iTunes for $2 or $3 a pop if they did that.

If you like this sort of thing. Goto iTunes, download and do sea (see).

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Monday July 24, 2006 10:26:20 PM #

Let's Go Surfing

» TMNT trailer

» David Hasselhoff, with Kitt, Get Into My Car video. OMG. This is horrendous.

» Some Video, from some guy, of San Diego Comic Con. Includes Fans in pretty good Blue Beetle, Catwoman and Black Cat costumes.

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Sunday July 23, 2006 4:09:33 PM #

1 » I made my first trip ever to an Ikea store yesterday. I went to the Canton Michigan location. Unbelievable. It's the singularly largest most absurd consumer experience I've ever had. The building is huge, the picture at right of the customer loading dock does not do the immensity of it justice. You don't really shop this store in any sort of traditional sense. You walk in the door, and you are immediately herded into the escalator procession to the second floor. You follow the arrows on the floor. You keep moving. The second floor is largely room sets and small facimile apartment homes that contain all the product you can buy there in a "lifestyle" setting. After 30 minutes or so of following the arrows through the 2nd floor (and that's not really hardcore shopping it's pretty much a 30 minute walk through the second floor even if you don't much look at anything.) 4 you'll reach their Ikea cafeteria, where you can get yourself a massive and inexpensive plate of Swedish meatballs, among other things, and fuel yourself for the shopping to come. After the cafeteria, you rejoin the herd and proceed downstairs to the 1st floor, which contains most of the smaller, non-furniture stuff (think bed bath and beyond on a themepark scale). You can very easily take another 30 minute walk down there, again, lingering very little, before you enter the warehouse section, which has it's own displays but largely functions as the section where you pick-up the furniture that you saw on the second floor. The procession continues right out through the cash registers and back to your car. 6

My informal count had 20 people a minute walking to and through the cash register section. It's an absolutely insane display of spending made even crazier by the fact that for the most part the only people they have working there seem largely to serve as line control and to possibly call emergency personnel when bad things happen due to that scale of crowd.

It's pretty much mall shopping combined with an "It's a Small World" ride.

8 » Also of note, at the cash register's they have these Daim candy bars, because after stampeeding like cattle through this store, you need a "Daim kaundee bahr".

Let's Go Surfing

» Action Insider has some more new, from SDCC 2006, DC Direct and Marvel Legends Pics up. Including Blue Beetle, Batman Beyond, New Atom, more on the unmade Marvel Legend Villian pack-ins, Marvel X-Babies and more. Take a look at the link!

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Friday July 21, 2006 10:39:11 PM #

» Went and saw Clerks II tonight. If you like the whole Jay and Silent Bob, Leonardo NJ, View Askew Universe, you'll like Clerks II. If you haven't liked or you never got into any of Kevin Smith's films, you won't like this one either. I've got issues with the film, I could say a dozen different things I think they should have did, but I did laugh, alot more than I should have. What more do you want for your $8.

This flick ain't for general audiences, and for the most part the shtick is well worn but if you're a Kevin Smith Fan, if you consider him your heterosexual film-making life-mate, you won't mind and you should go see.

Pillow Pants, Walking, Pickle F----r, AtoM.

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Friday July 21, 2006 3:58:05 PM #

» I saw My Super Ex-Girlfriend at a sneak peek showing a couple days ago. It was a cute movie as dopey romantic comedies go (And it is more a romantic comedy than a superhero comedy). Go see a matinee or add it to your netflix queue. Now how long until someone on the internet takes the head off a Kill Bill action figure and makes it into a custom G-Girl?

» There's lots of action figure coverage out there right now with SDCC going on. Julius Marx convention coverage page is pretty good. Go there if only to see the Marvel Legends "Frog" Thor, that will probably never be.

» Some Guy's Flickr Show of SDCC.

» 9 minute video (YouTube | Quicktime).... some guy used James Earl Jones lines from other movies and remixed a bunch of Darth Vader sections of Star Wars, parts of it quite are funny.

» Star Wars on a Banjo.

» Some friends pointed me in the direction of Ask a Ninja this past week. The link goes to "Ask a Ninja's" review of Pirates of the Caribbean 2. Funny Stuff. There's lots more on youtube, just search for Ask a Ninja.

» Fish n Flush the toilet aquarium.

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Saturday July 15, 2006 9:50:19 PM #

freedom n.

  • 1. The condition of being free; the power to act or speak or think without externally imposed restraints
  • 2. Immunity from an obligation or duty

    furlough n.

  • A temporary leave of absence from military duty

    » Is everybody enjoying their weekend???

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    Saturday July 15, 2006 10:04:41 AM #

    » Pee Wee doesn't seem like the best person for an anti-drug PSA.

    Let's Go Surfing

    » How to make a macro photo studio/box

    » Cat Stair Shelves

    » Linticular Spider-man 3 Movie Poster Changes from Black to Red and Blue. (not in the image however.)

    » Joe Quesada, Editor in chief of Marvel Comics, will be on the Colbert Report on July 27th.

    » Dig this incredibly cool Motorcycle tank.Looks like a fun ride.

    » Completists might want this JLU Doomsday giftpack, but for regular collectors, seriously how many of that Batman, Superman, and Wonderwoman figures does a JLU collector have already.

    » Neat LED light that you can mount inside your patio umbrella right on the stem.

    » 2 second self-pitching tent. Cool.

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    Friday July 14, 2006 8:56:22 PM #

    » A friend of mine today really wanted to check out this furniture store, Stonesthrow, on Plainfield just outside downtown Grand Rapids. Nice store, sortof a Design Within Reach type vibe. Anyway I found and purchased ($35) this Torre&Tagus (fairly worthless, flash based, businesscard style website, but there is an email contact address) magazine rack that happens to be even more perfectly scaled for comic books. Neat.


    IMG_4085 IMG_4084

    » There was a very nervous raccoon that wandered itself up to my office building yesterday. (I don't think the groundskeeper who walked up to look at him with a chainsaw by his side help it's nervousness any either.) He made quite a travel too, because there aren't any woods or trees within two or so football fields of the building. Poor little guy

    » A past co-worker and occasional lurker on my blog pointed me in the direction of the absolutely fabuloso zefrank, the show video blog Every weekday zefrank posts a new 3 minute video blog, with commentary on his travels, commentary on the comentary on his vblo,g odd songs, and Daily Show style news updates. He's not for everyone, and the video blog is incredibly self referential (you really got to watch a bunch of them to start getting all the in-jokes) but it's now one of my favorite internet things.)

    On today's show (Click on the big baby), zefrank started the voting on his "I knows me some ugly, myspace contest." and also did a nice 'rant' on design and the masses. (no news today though... bummer.)

    I've been finding his catchphrases infectious and have added: "hard chargers", "League of Awesomeness", "bobo twins", "som-som-someth-something from the comments" and "bonesaw" to my personal lexicon. (I've also started having his particular style of saying "assholes" occasionally run through my head as well lately, but that's another story.) Don't worry if during the show you get lost, because you can check out the wiki being maintained, and search for alot of the stuff you need to know.

    » In case the guy from the chatroom who left the question about the Toyfare Marvel Legends spread comes back, here it is below:

    Try to pick-up the magazine though, there's alot of good stuff in that issue.

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    Monday July 10, 2006 8:11:02 PM #

    » Tomorrow is the 11th of the 7th month (7/11 doncha know). Celebrate by picking up a Slurpee at your convenience.

    » Nice Apple PC Guy/Mac Guy Ad Parodies:

    » Neat little flash app-- ant simulator.

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    Sunday July 9, 2006 9:18:06 PM #

    » Time to get my blog geek on with more toy pics! Below, Old figure but new purchase, Kraven the Hunter! you've got to love a Supervillian with the b@lls to wear Leopardskin pants!. Couple of Bat Villians thrown into the shot for the h=ll of it.

    Kraven the Hunter Kraven the Hunter

    Next up, rockin the the new 80's Crisis figures: Brainiac (Robot Style), Anti-Monitor and Power-Suit Lex Luthor. Tremble before their 80s villiany!

    Crisis! Crisis!

    Darwyn Cook New Frontier Figures, Green Lantern. Nice Retro costume, and dig that stand. Also, Blackhawk (shown here with Sgt. Rock.) Picked-up Green Arrow too, but it looks like I've forgot to snap a shot, shucks.

    Darwyn Cook New Frontier Green Lantern Blackhawk and Sgt. Rock!

    Finishing Up Up and Away, with Earth-2 and Earth-1 Supes. No "Just For Men" on Earth-2 Supes, he's got the grey temples going.

    Super Twosome

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    Sunday July 9, 2006 11:14:54 AM #

    » Yoda's Got Moves! (Humor)

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    Saturday July 8, 2006 11:57:29 AM #

    Random Non-Sequiters

    » I downloaded a neat little one-man-programmer-freeware app off the internet today. It required the framework. I didn't have that installed on my laptop, where I wanted to run the app, so I went to Microsoft and downloaded the framework. No problem so-far.

    When I went to install the dot-net framework, it required that "Windows Installer" be installed. Annoying.

    When I went to install "Windows Installer" from Microsoft's site, it told me that "Microsoft Genuine Advantage" needed to be installed first.

    Isn't that a bit much to get a home-brew dot-net app to run? My Laptop is a couple years old, it has Windows XP on it, which it came preloaded with. It's legit and all, but something about "Microsoft Genuine Advantage" is just a little to big brotherish for me. A little too "Mother May I?" It doesn't set well in my stomach, and I'm not going to download it.

    » OMG. Richard Simmons on Whose Line is it Anyway

    via Metafilter

    Let's Go Surfing

    » Make a Chewbacca Puppet. Go Ahead, laugh it up with this fuzzball.

    » Zombies wth backpacks?

    » Otter with a Bud Light via Cuteoverload

    » Very Cool Door Concept. Would be great for a Studio.

    » The July 6th episode of Amazon Fishbowl had Kevin Smith as a guest. Alot of times Bill Marr tries to ask his guests very direct questions in order to throw them off balance and generate an interesting interview. This didn't seem to work well with Kevin Smith since Smith has no problem answering very direct questions. Marr seemed at a loss as to how to apply his usual shtick. Not a great interview, but hey, it's Kevin Smith.

    » Want to keep a simple diary/journal on some topic or other? Have a PC with Windows? Try this trick:

  • 1. Open a blank Notepad file
  • 2. Write .LOG (in uppercase) in the first line of the file, followed by Enter. Save the file and close it.
  • 3. Double-click the file to open it and notice that Notepad appends the current date and time to the end of the file and places the cursor on the line after.
  • 4. Type your notes and then save and close the file.
  • 5. Each time you open the file, Notepad repeats the process, appending the time and date to the end of the file and placing the cursor below it.

  • I saw the above tip on Life Hacker which is a really neat blog of Personal information, scheduling etc. management ideas.

    » Amusing little anecdote on Social Customer Manifesto:

    I've been on hold with "The New AT&T!" for about ten minutes now. The hold music? An enless loop of a horrible cover of the Doobie Brothers' "Minute By Minute."

    Yes, as I sit here on hold, I hear a loop of

    Minute by minute by minute by minute
    I keep holding on...

    That's the only part of the song that's playing. On a loop. Indefinitely.

    » Loooks like there is going to be an Indy Legends/DC Direct compatible line of Superheroes/Comic Characters from Shocker Toys. The first four 6 inch figures (20 pts of articulation) are slated to be: Witchblade, Madman, Shadowhawk and Judge Death. Other future licenses include:

    ...Indie Spotlight include 2000AD, Top Cow, Classic Media, Image, Troma, AAApop, Blue Water Productions, King Features, The Freshmen, Solar:Man of the Atom, Magnus Robot Fighter, Judge Dredd, Dick Tracy, Lone Ranger, Jack Staff, Moonstone, Honor of the Damned, Madman, Deadworld, Strangers in Paradise, The Atomics, Witchblade, Darkness, Lullaby, Lions Tigers & Bears, Nexus, Popbot, Shark-Man, The Moth, Retro Rocket, Zoomsuit, The New Toxic Avenger, Slayer, The Phantom, Ninja High School, Warrior Nun, Sachs & Violens, Ant, The Wraith, Scud the Disposable Assassin, Isis, Jack The Lantern, Bushido, Bounty Killer, Victoria Secret Service, Judo-Girl, Shadowhawk, OZF5, Grim Jack, Fallen Angel, Buzzboy, Badger, Cyberforce, Jetcat, Atomic City, Smoke & Mirror and God of Thunder. There will be more additions as the line progresses so keep watching!

    » Custom Star Wars Republic Attack Cruiser-- Large (I mean F'ing sofa/couch table large!) Custom Star Wars Star Destroer-like playset. Neat.

    » April 2006 Copper Cartoon I catch-up with this site fairly irregularrly since it only posts once a month. Often the cartoons are philosophical. The one above is pretty good.

    » Clerks "Inaction Figure" Shorts/movie commercials:

    Warning the one below is NSFW:

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    Wednesday July 5, 2006 8:54:33 PM #

    » Look across the field of green grass and walk toward the hill. When you get to the top of the hill, build wings and fly. When you reach the edge of the sky, build a rocket to the stars. When you reach past the last star and stare into the nothingness that is before you, think back to the field of green grass and the way it squished between your toes as you looked over the hill, through the night sky, at the distant twinkle of a universe full of stars.

    Let's Go Surfing

    », neat site that lets you draw on and place your own markers ontop of Google maps.

    » I think I'd really be into this Spinvox Voicemail to text message concept if it was provided directly by my cellphone company. You can wathc their little slideshow at the link above, but basically when you get a voicemail, they convert it via voice recognition to a text message and send it back to you for situations where it is easier to glance at your phone's screen and read a message instead of listening to it.

    » eHub

    eHub is a constantly updated resource of web applications, services or sites with a focus on next generation web (web 2.0), social software, blogging, Ajax, Ruby on Rails, location mapping, open source, folksonomy, design and digital media sharing.

    » Hamster into the blue frosting via cuteoverload.

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    Tuesday July 4, 2006 10:17:17 AM #

    » I'm trying out an in-page embeded chat client above that I found on a site called I get very little traffic on any individual page so I figure the odds of running into somebody in it to be small but it looks like a neat piece of code.

    » Has some pretty basic stuff, but it's a well put together site. Take a look.

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    Monday July 3, 2006 11:17:38 PM #

    » Smart and Sexy (and a whole lot geeky) the Freudian Slip

    » This kicks ten kinds of a$$. Wicked Cool. Bush + U2

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    Sunday July 2, 2006 8:10:25 PM #

    » I saw Superman Returns for a second time Saturday in IMAX 3D. While I enjoyed the movie the second time, visually I thought it worked better on a traditionally sized screen. The close-ups of many scenes don't lend themselves well to the IMAX format, and the 3D while a novelty did not add much. Great movie.... but see it on the regular screen.

    (I may very likely catch this for a 3rd showing in a couple weeks.)

    » Also caught the first three episodes of the third season of Entourage this weekend. Good show. (Would have been even better if we could have seen Vincent Chase actually in an Aquaman costume.)

    » How to avoid lame morale events


    • Inject fun into group dynamic. Good morale events create stories: something crazy Fred did, how Sally kicked the VPs ass at Tekken, or the comeback the boss had for John’s rendition of his boring speech that morning. Create an event that makes stories possible! Those stories live on as a positive force, forever, in your org. Think karaoke, an obstacle course, a scavenger hunt, something with seeds for stories. You have to take risks: even if the day is a complete disaster, guess what? That’s a story! Playing it safe never ever provides stories. We went to the movies. Yawn.

    • Experience something new. Crazy, challenging (but non-threatening) morale events work because they force memories - They stand out and define that time for everyone there, giving them all a shared memory unique to their working experience. I can’t remember a single morale event on teams that just took us to the movies (see below) - but I can remember running through every building on campus when Win95 released, the time our team had a manager vs. programmer waterfight outside building 27, and the insane foodfight at the IE4 ship party (I have $50 for anyone who can find that lost photo of me with a pound of guacamole in my right ear).


    • Three key elements: fun, interaction, challenge. Movies are the worst morale event in history because they are not interactive and offer no challenge. How can sitting in the dark, in silence, with people you don’t know well, raise morale? And who wants to see movies in a packed house at 10am on Friday just because that’s the only time you can rent the place? Good morale events hit the trifecta, giving people a fun way to interact with others in the course of challenging themselves. Going to sports events isn’t as bad as movies, as you can talk to and see each other, but you’re watching other people do things instead of doing things together yourselves.

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    Saturday July 1, 2006 9:41:44 AM #

    » Amusing commercial for An Inconvienent Truth featuring Al Gore and Bender, from Futurama:

    » Nice article analysis of Infinite Crisis:

    As the story begins, Superman, Superboy, and Luthor sit in what is essentially the universe's basement, watching and critiquing, claiming to know what's best for the DC universe and how things would be different—"better"—if they were in charge. The villains of this massive series, which will affect years of comic books to follow, act like nothing so much as a bunch of stereotypical comic-book nerds.

    In Infinite Crisis 4, Earth-Prime's vindictive Superboy, angry over his prolonged incarceration and the loss of his loved ones and homeworld, picks a fight with DC's current Superboy. Like The Simpsons' Comic Book Guy, the villainous Superboy is a whiny, awkward loner, who stammers, "You're ruining me!" as he battles a group of heroes. The fact that Superboy's Earth-Prime represents the readers' world confirms his status as a stand-in for the ugly side of comics' audience.

    Readers seem to have largely missed the subtext; indeed, a trip to DC's message boards reveals a fan base validating Johns's characterization with its vitriol. A typical comment reads, "Thanks . . . for making my heroes the most disgusting, childish, nasty, ridiculous people ever."

    The portrayal of Infinite Crisis's villains reflects the comics industry's contentious relationship with fans. The readers typified by the evil Superboy are fiercely loyal but resistant to change, much like the art form they love so dearly. DC finds itself forced to serve two masters: these fractious lifers and the children that were, in decades past, comics' target demographic.

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