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May 2006

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Monday May 29, 2006 2:14:13 PM #

» Pictures of Natalie Portman with a Chimpanzee. Why? It's Natalie Portman AND a Chimp, there doesn't need to be a reason why, that's a prime internet blog link you got there. SFW (although site might be less so.)

If Chimps aren't your thing then how about George Lucas' patting a laughing Natalie Portman's bald head

» Make your own Six Person Chess Set.. I haven't played this but it looks neat.

» It is over 90° outside in Michigan right now. Nice if you want to go to a pool, a tad bit warm for just about everything else.

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Sunday May 28, 2006 1:12:16 PM #

Let's Go Surfing

» Action Figure Insider Review of Marvel legends Monster Set, includes background on the characters and shows the comparisons of the two figures that have reused pieces from earlier sculpts.

» Tim Eldred Comic: Grease Monkey. It has sortof an oldschool Star Frontiers Roleplaying game type vibe. 12 pages of Chapter 1 are up now. Chapter 2 goes up June 1st.

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Saturday May 27, 2006 11:40:41 PM #

» More Toys.
Daily Planet Wave DC Direct came in this Week.

  • Nice to see Perry White can dual pointing fingers with J Jonah Jameson.
  • Jimmy Olsen, Prison Grey Lex Luthor and Beppo the Super Monkey are also pictured.
  • On the Marvel-side, a friend picked up Loki from the New Marvel Legends 13 Wave for me.

    Click for my pictures

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    Friday May 26, 2006 10:04:25 PM #

    » Just came across Bill Maher's new talk show on Amazon Fishbowl Basically, the show (and it is a full-length show) has the same feel as Maher's one on one interviews on his HBO Real Time show. Not really overly commercial beyond the fact that all the guests have something, books, albums, movies etc. available for sale on Amazon. This isn't that odd though since most talkshow guests only show up on TV to sell something already. First episode has a short opening monologue, folowed by guests: Steven King, Paul Reiser doing a UPS commercial, Some Author of a book that has an indie film based on it staring Robin Williams and Rob Thomas doing two songs.

    Here's Amazon's Blurb about it:

    Now playing: the entire pilot episode of Amazon Fishbowl with Bill Maher, an original program coming to this June. Every week throughout the summer, the show will feature live musical performances; interviews with authors, directors, and actors; and a UPS Special Delivery to an Amazon customer.

    Beginning June 1, the show will be streamed every Thursday at at 8 p.m. Pacific / 11 p.m. Eastern. Until then, you're invited to enjoy the pilot episode in the video player below.

    Internet Videos

    » 10 Things I Hate About Commandments-- funny Teen Comedy/Ten Commandments Movie Trailer Spoof.

    » We Built this Starbucks-- Terible corporate meeting song parody with mocking employee video accompaniment.

    » Target, Everything that I Wanna Be-- Even worse Target employee motivational song.

    » E3 Stampeed to see the Nintendo WII

    Let's Go Surfing

    » Nice Custom 3D Heroclix Barriers

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    Friday May 26, 2006 2:41:59 AM #

    X-Men 3: The Last Stand
    Superhero [PG13] 1hr 45min
    In Theatres: 5/26/06 Date I saw it: 5/26/06 at Cinemark Rivertown

    The more you know about the X-Men, the less you are going to like this movie. It's an action flick primarily. It takes several turns with many of the major characters that most fans aren't going to want to see. It's got one really funny line featuring Juggy, 'nuff said. I've got major issues with the end of the movie as I really don't understand the basis of the conflict at the end of the film, other than good guys are supposed to beat the bad guys. It's better than Catwoman, It's better than Elektra, I'm fairly certain that it's better than the forthcoming Ghost Rider. It has it's moments, but all it all, not the X-men trilogy endcap that should have been. Eh.

    Overall[poor] Story [poor] Special Effects [ok]
    key: [awful] [poor] [ok] [good] [great]

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    Monday May 22, 2006 10:08:19 PM #

    Monday, Monday.

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    Sunday May 21, 2006 5:10:08 PM #

    » Last month I came across a song, Code Monkey (post), by Jonathan Coulton. I revisited his site today and downloaded some more of his songs (click on the happy faces, those ones have free downloads). Basically he's got a bunch of songs with lyrics, that in theory, could be beamed directly from Kevin Spacey's American Beauty character's psyche. Sardonic songs about the American suburban experience; he posts a new one each week.

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    Saturday May 20, 2006 9:43:09 PM #

    » Bizarre Toy I came across this weekend: Market Racer. Antman is just there for scale (ironic to use Antman for scale, now that I think about it.) The store had two more, one that looks like a tank and other one that was driven by an alien with little rockets on the side. Anyway, I'm going to glue a little Meijer logo on the front of this thing. Click on the picture for a few more images.

    One thing I do like about this toy is the helmet. Remember kids you can outfit a shopping cart with a double exhaust Hemi, but safty first, wear a helmet!

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    Saturday May 20, 2006 2:07:08 PM #

    It's Saturday!

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    Thursday May 18, 2006 10:09:28 PM #

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    » The week just moves too fast. Another weekend is upon.

    » Mike Wieringo is doing a series of Monkey Sketches Sentry as a Gorilla, Invincible as a Gorilla, and J Jonah Jameson as a Gorilla so far.

    » Mike Sterling at Progressive Ruin has a post with scans of Leonardo (of TMNT fame) instructing the proper way to disembowel your foes.

    » Really neat Advertisements on the side of Vending and ATM machines.

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    Monday May 15, 2006 10:50:10 PM #

    » Took a while this evening to get set-up. But I've got broadband. Not sure what kindof throughput I have. Spoke a little with the service person on the topic. Seems likely that I'm using abit too much extension cable and maybe one to many splitters... but is mucho faster than dial-up anyway. Yay me.

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    Sunday May 14, 2006 6:04:05PM #

    » Watched Meet the Press today. Hillary/Newt?? 2008?? *shutter* scary thought.

    » USA National Bikini Team. Bunches of links down the side. NSFW but PG13.

    » Forearm Forklifting Straps for moving large items.

    » Neat freeware program Taskbar Shuffle let's you rearrange the order of your taskbar buttons by dragging them around. Cool.

    » Here's a great tip for bulk renaming files in windows. a) Select your range of files. b) Hit F2. c) Type in your new name. All the files will be renamed with (1) (2) (3) etc. appended onto the file name. Looks like a great way to rename all those digital camera pictures according to an event etc.

    » Transform your laptop into a touchscreen sortof.

    » The above monitor hardware is neat... but this virtual reality room walls and ceiling is way way neater.

    » If Cute Overload isn't specific enough for you check out: Daily Kitten.

    » Wow talk about your one-stop page for the latest web happenings! Bookmark: and scan bunches of sites for their latest and most popular links.

    » Very cool/powerful Program Launcher: Launchey Nice looking pop-up launcher app. Point it at your start-up folder and a folder of shortcuts and you can easily type your way to launching programs and folders. Very Slick.

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    Sunday May 14, 2006 2:37:10 AM #

    » First look at the Legion of Superheroes cartoon character style. Eh. It ain't no Justice League.

    » Uma Thurman as Super Exgirlfriend. Various stills and pics.

    » Still of the Jim and Pam Kiss on The Office or if you prefer YouTube Video.

    » Disturbing Man in Suit made from babies

    » Justice League Unlimited Series finale tonight. Good stuff. Pretty much an extended fight scene, but lots of fun. Enjoyed the Ice "Spider-friend Ice-man tribute" Bummer that there won't be any predictable presence of this show on tv for awhile (tv movies are rummored so all is not lost). Of course the show has been sporadically scheduled and long hiatuses between new episodes aren't that unusual.

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    Saturday May 13, 2006 6:33:38 PM #

    » Care Bears Live!

    » Sci-Fi's Battlestar Galactica Characters done in Simpson's Style.

    » Hampster on a motorscooter and Cute Grub.

    » Best friend of mine is working on this game: Resistence the Fall of Man. Reviews from E3. one, two, three.

    » Series finale of Justice League Unlimited tonight!

    » Personal note: I've finally going to give-up on Dial-up. Too much video, too much baddly written database driven bloated HTML, too many pictures on too many pages that are way bigger than they need to be, too much baddly composed myspace and live journals, too much Flash oh god how there's too much Flash these days, and Ajax Web 2.0 oh my how you suck, etc. etc. etc.... The simplest of pages are just too big and slow anymore even for a multi tabbed patient surfer like me..... ARRRRRRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!... I give up, I called the Cable provider and I'm gonna go self install me some broadband Monday.

    I'm going to hold on to the dial-up a little bit just to switch some things over but today the 13th of May... it is the tipping point. 12 years of dial-up with the same provider, not a bad run all in all.

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    Monday May 8, 2006 10:37:40 PM #

    » Friend of mine found and picked-up the new white costume Storm. Shown here with the still fairly recent, Black Panther.

    » Anybody play with a Neuros MPEG4 Recorder? Use it with a Pocket PC? Thoughts on this topic?

    » Missed "Free Comic Book Day" on Saturday. I feel like an Irish guy who missed St. Patrick's Day. World continues to turn though. Not a biggie in any cosmic sense.

    » Money, Family, Religion, Work, Drinking, Sex. Hmm.

    » Ever make a serious point and have that dead non-understanding silent stare from another person? Like you just told someone the world was flat, when they know it's round? It's an interesting moment.

    » Article

    When a listener hears the “filler”, they continue listening rather than start talking. “Um”, “er”, and “ah” are examples of phonemes. In linguistics, phonemes are the smallest meaningless speech sounds humans make. The smallest meaningful speech sounds humans make are called “morphemes”. Everything we humans say is either meaningless or meaningful. A lot of people never learn the difference.

    » It's easy to start letting thoughts and habits continue open ended.

    » Got to work in a reference to Star Frontiers, Free Pizza and a Corporate situation simultaneously at work today.

    » Checkmate #1 So um, has anyone noticed that Green Lantern, Alan Scott, is dressing up like Nick Fury and leading an international anti-terrorist covert organization that employs deadly force, like slitting peoples throats with knives? Um, wow, Superboy Prime hit that wall pretty hard. Can we cancel this and have Rucka restart to Gotham Central?

    » DCU current Earth, not 1 not 2 not 8 but... Earth Cherry-Picked?, very funny.

    » Battle for Bludhaven, um yeah, like, wow... so with this and Checkmate, um DC certainly straightened out the DCU. Much cheerier, more heroic place. Makes that Sentinel stint seem pretty good though.

    » Last Night's West Wing, good good good. Nice wrap up to the CJ story.

    » Last Night's Grey's Anatomy, good good good. Chris O'Donnell, Robin the Boy Wonder. Good Stuff. (Bad hair on George though, geez, what am I typing?) Karev: "...the She-Shepard", now that's funny.

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    Sunday May 7, 2006 6:01:24 PM #

    » So um, it's another nice day outside, so um here's a picture of cute kittens, a baby bunny reading a book, a baby dwarf hamster the size of a penny, and some baby chicks leery of a candy peep, all courtesy of Cute Overload.

    » Funny "Free Katie Homes" Poster Design via adweek.

    What my dear is that lovely fragrance you are wearing? Is that ou de Playdoh?

    » Really neat Covertible Murphy bed/desk Check out the little animated gif showing it in action.

    » Who watched Justice League Unlimited last night? Great fanboy epsisode or what? So much a bummer that this show is ending. I'm sooo going to miss my periodic JLU fixes when this series wraps up.

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    Saturday May 6, 2006 11:27:50 AM #

    It's a lovely Saturday in Michigan. A little cool but clear and blue. Nice Day.

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    Friday May 5, 2006 1:25:15 AM #

    » I bought a bunch of Marvel Legends action figures this past week. (Young Avengers Boxed Set, Marvel Monsters Boxed Set, Hulk vs. Leader Face-off, Kingpin vs. Daredevil Face-off, and Ant-man from the Wal-Mart Exclusive Wave. ). I bought them at Wal-Mart. Meijer, sadly, isn't getting some of these :( Which is a bummer because you should shop Meijer instead of Wal-mart whenever possible ;).

    Besides the Marvel Legends, I also just bought a Pure Digital Point and Shoot Digital Camcorder, which for the few hours I've had it, has been super super cool. I'll be sure to complain in these pages if I have any problems with it. In anycase, click on my shiny new movie button (above) to see all the pictures as well as audio comentary of the fore mentioned toys. YouTube Hosted Video of Marvel Legends Wal-Mart Action Figures. (My first use of YouTube too)

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    I don't spell check and my grammar, sentence and paragraph structure on this site leave alot to be desired. Most times I forget to go back and reread a post to see if it makes sense. Sometimes I type the word "Fnck". Flip the "n" over... I don't have a problem with the word myself, I just type it that way to slip it past overzealous work censorship programs and for the benefit of those that are sensitive to that sort of thing.

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