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September 2005

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Friday September 30, 2005 10:12:51 PM #

A page or two where I ramble

I've had a Comcast DVR for about a year. It just mysteriously died. Fortunately it sounds like I just have to take it in to Comcast and they will replace it.

Just watched this weeks Smallville. I saw very little of last year's season but it doesn't seem like anything much from last year was required to understand this episode. The Fortress of Solitude stuff was nice. The minions of Zod were interesting. The Phantom Zone was cool. The Lois character seems unnecessary. Luthor getting his hands on the ship is interesting. The formation of Brainiac certainly looked cool at the end of that episode.

Nothing terribly unique (and certainly at this point the lack of flying seems implausible for the character) But with little in the way of Superhero shows on TV, I will probably try to catch a few more episodes.

On a similiar topic, I read this recently posted Erik Larsen rant and although it's probably stated a little to strongly, I think some of it has a certain truth.

I would agree with Larsen that there is alot of desire in our pop culture makers to retread the same concepts over and over. The Big Two comic companies certainly have locked themselves into fairly familiar territory restyling the same material over and over again. In TV and Movies, the same general comic stories are repackaged, special effected and restaged without much real change on the big and small screens whenever the genere is translated there.

I think Larsen's rant goes a little overboard though. Creating something new is just about impossible. The best most people are going to hope for is that they can create something that obscures it's sources at first glance enough from the casual observer to seem new. However, that's a noble goal I think.

Interestingly, while I was clicking on the Larsen Column archive to get a persistent link, I noticed that Larsen's article the week before almost comes across as counterpoint to this week's article. The topic of this second earlier column is "Should Comic Book Characters Age." Where Larsen, generally says no, before setting up an exception in his last paragraph.

Neil Gaiman and Joss Weaton in a recent interview by Time magazine, described a tangent situation in a different light:

NG: I think also, the thing that's odd is that we're now living in a second-stage media world anyway. One of the reasons that both Joss and I can do some of the stuff that we've done over the years is because you're working in a medium in which enough stuff has simply entered popular culture that it becomes part of the vocabulary that we can deal with. The materials of fantasy, of all different kinds of fantasy, the materials of SF, the materials of's pop culture. It's tattooed on the insides of our retinas. As a result, it's something that's very easy just to use as metaphor. You don't have to explain to anybody what a vampire is. You don't have to explain the rules. Everybody knows that. They know that by the time they're five.

JW: We're getting to a point where you don't have to excuse them, either. Where popular culture as a concept is itself popular, so it isn't as marginal if you say, oh, this has a fantastical element to it. People are okay with that. Part of that is the post-modern sort of we're-in-the-know, everything-is-referencing-everything. Which can actually be annoying after a while. But part of it is also an understanding that what's going on in society that is popular is maybe worth looking into.

Going back to Larsen's first article for a moment, he had an interesting passage:

Now, I'm not saying that Savage Dragon is the greatest creation in the history of contemporary pictorial literature. But at least it's something I did. It's something where I can say, I did this run on my book and it was all me and nobody else and it's something which I own.
It's all mine.

I just don't think that's the case. You can't really own a concept, or own an idea. We accept the concept of ownership in ideas because as a nation and a world we have as a civilization given "creators" or more often corporations or financiers exclusive rights publish "original" ideas to a mass audience.

Batman may be owned by DC Comics and DC may be owned by Time Warner, but even Time Warner can't stop the hundreds of thousands of Batman stories that are created without their permission every day. I mean, how many kids are running around in Batman capes or smashing Batman action figures together creating their own tales at this very moment? DC doesn't own Batman. And Erik Larsen doesn't own Savage Dragon. The moment anyone tells anyone a story, they lose control of that tale and character.

The above isn't an argument against copyright, however, copyright is a great thing, it allows there to be a professional class of people who can make it their primary focus in life to create all manner of media for others to enjoy and benefit from. I'm for our society giving creators and even corporations those rights. But Ownership? That's a different story, when it comes to ideas, ownership just isn't possible. It's not something that can be given. All a society can do in the realm of ideas is try to legislate what and how large an audience someone can "share" an idea with. In today's world it's almost impossible to stop any ideas from being shared. The only thing society can actually do is band together and punish anyone who treads on the copy rights that they have given to someone else, and hope that that punishment serves as a deterent to any future rights violations. But no law, no matter how powerful can actually confer ownership over an idea.

The only way to own an idea is not to share it with anyone else, and then hope nobody else come up with it on their own.

Let's Go Surfing

Not sure what sight I was surfing to end up at these 2005 Dragon Con Fan Costume Photos but there are six pages of them. Some of them are great.

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Sunday September 25, 2005 2:08:03 PM #

Weekend TV

Saw The Doom Patrol Episode of Teen Titans Last night. It was a "straight" episode (As in "playing it straight" minus the cartoon anime "wild takes") Fairly decent, but heavily leaning on The Incredibles, especially in the music and choice of combat location. all in all better than TT's standard fair. Cartoon Network likes to rerun these episodes ad infinitem (as opposed to JL which only gets one airing), so if you missed it, try to catch it.

Also saw Saturday night's two episodes of JLU. The first Episode featured Warlord, and the Debut of a much better Supergirl Design, halfway between 80s Crisis and Turner's current version. Good Episode, although I probably would have enjoyed it more if I was more familiar with the Warlord.

The second JLU episode was a Wonder Woman feature episode. The highlight of the episode for me was the "Wonder Woman Spin". I've been locked into an discussion with some friends of mine (who were present last night) on the necesssity of having the "Spin Costume Change" in the upcoming Wonder Woman Movie. I've been taking the pro, because as goofy as it is... there's alot of girls out there that have probably spun themselves silly on the playground in their youth doing that move and to not have it would be like doing Charlie's Angels without their trademark group pose. Anyway, after the animated spin in last nights episode, which thanks to the modern marvel of DVR I replayed over and over :) I think my friends are a little less ardent in their oposition to said trademark moment.

Besides the Wonder Woman feature, Martian Manhunter actually left the Watchtower for a change (a plot point of the story actually) which I thought was nice. Question? I was under the impression that the Watchtower was decommissioned? and the new Hall of Justice Metro Tower was our heroes new base of operations? Anyone want to clear up this discrepancy for me? Over all Great Episode.

Also saw the season finale of Battlestar Galactica. Good episode overall, although personally the Abu-Grabe(sp?)-prison-like interogation could have been handled a little more subtly in my opinion. To run the same plot point on two major female characters, especially as graphicly as it was done with Sharon. Well, it was just a tad too strong for me. However, there was no doubting the 'evilness' of the Pegasus crew after that episode. I'm looking forward to January to see how the series continues.

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Saturday September 24, 2005 6:59:39 PM #

Busy week, this week, not much time to blog.
Wednesday, was the annual work Football game. Green- Good Guys vs. Blue- Bad Guys. Bad Guys won. Boo.
Thursday, Game Night. A rare victory for me in Heroclix, followed by playing Marvel Nemesis and X-Men Legends II game. Both video games, pretty entertaining.
Friday, Midnight outing to a showing of Office Space at the Rivertown Cinemark. Good group to see a good classic movie. There are so many movies out there that you could pull people into theatres for like this. More theatres should promote classic showings.
Cartoon Night tonight. New Doom Patol Episode of Teen Titan's and Two New Justice League Episodes.

Comments on Comics

Green Arrow #54 - Nice dual between Good Dr. Light and Bad Dr. Light.

Nightwing #112 - Not really been that into this book. Mostly following it because it seems likely that they are going to do something to Dick in the Upcoming Crisis. Rann-Thanagar War #5 - Been enjoying the Captain Comet segments. I like the older hero angle. Haven't been that into the Onimar Synn.

All Star Batman and Robin #2 Didn't care at all for the first issue, this issue is better, but that's not saying much. Still Jim Lee's art is nice, and worth ignoring Frank Miller's story for. I hope the flying car doesn't creep into the regular DCU though.

Hawkman #44 - Who knew a Hawkman book could be halfway decent? overall not a bad issue.

JSA #77 - Excellent Alex Ross Green Lantern Cover. Cover Says Day of Vengeance Tie-In. Seems like more of a tie-in to DC Special and Rann-Thanagar War to me. Nice Hal Jordan appearance though. Also enjoyed Jim Fern and Mick Gray's art.

JLA #118 - Major DC Crisis Book. Excellent.

Action Comics #831 - Supes vs. Black Adam. Nice book. Better than usual Bryne art.

Firestorm #17 - Villan United Tie-in - This book needs to once again collapse in the next DC implosion. It's not bad, but it just doesn't work. Costume is terrible. and Firestorm's new identity isn't very well constructed or designed. Star Labs in a Strip Mall? Just a bad book, DC should let Grant Morrison take a crack at this property.

Let's Go Surfing

Turn your Hamster into a fighting machine.

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Friday September 23, 2005 6:52:58 PM #

Look! A post to my blog, with words and everything. Tomorrow I just might try sentences and paragraphs formed into some thoughts and musings. Such as they'd be.

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Tuesday September 20, 2005 10:15:59 PM #

DC Previews Solicitations for December 2005 - ALL STAR BATMAN AND ROBIN, THE BOY WONDER #4 It's not as bad or as good as you would think it'd be GOTHAM CENTRAL #38 - Two DC cops both named Jim Corrigan, could they be brothers? ;) CATWOMAN #50 with Zatanna guest star, this one looks like one not to ssim. NIGHTWING #115 - ok, Grayson must most definently be undercover for Bats right, it's just beyond obvious at this point. ROBIN #145 - Shadowpact (y'know those magical heroes in 'Vengeance') ALL STAR SUPERMAN #2 - Will this be good? SUPERGIRL #4 INFINITE CRISIS #3 - Might pick this up ;) AQUAMAN #37 - Spectre vs. Atlantis BIRDS OF PREY #89 - Calculator CRISIS ON MULTIPLE EARTHS: THE TEAM-UPS VOL. 1 TP FIRESTORM #20 - Animal Man in Space? THE FLASH #229 - Vandal Savage GREEN LANTERN #7 - Green Arrow GREEN LANTERN CORPS: RECHARGE #4 GREEN ARROW #57 - Dr. Light HAWKMAN #47 - Adam Strange JUSTICE #3 - Really good stuff JLA #123 SHOWCASE PRESENTS: JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA VOL. 1 TP - 544 pages for $17 JSA CLASSIFIED #6 JSA #80 - The solicit for this one confuses, makes it sound like all the elseworlds are really out there? LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #13 OUTSIDERS #31 - Infinite Crisis SOLO #8 - Interesting creative team WONDER WOMAN #224 - Infinite Crisis #3 tie-in DC Direct Solicitations The Daily Planet Wave looks very cool. It's sad to say but I'm looking forward to having a Perry White next to my J Jonah Jameson. And who wouldn't want Sperman's Pal Jimmy Olsen? Prison Jumpsuit Lex and Beppo the Super-Monkey? That's just cool. The Alex Ross Poster Style Green Lantern Action Figure ships. The Joker in that series looks terribly good too. DC also has some Mystery Box Figures... like this tiny Hal Jordan Origin sculpt

Let's Go Surfing

"In some ways, Microsoft may be looking to eliminate the role of the designer in the future," he said. "Microsoft wants to turn developers into designers."

Sounds reasonable to me. Afterall, it's the tools that are hard. Other than that everyone could be a designer?

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Sunday September 18, 2005 10:14:46 PM #

Zoom Zoom Zoom....

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Sunday September 18, 2005 5:21:39 AM #

Interview with Jonathan Ive, senior vice-president of design at Apple whose innovations include the iPod and iMac.

Check out this Special Pizza Cutter Fork
via J-Walk blog

Cool Table

DC had 6 of the top ten titles in August. Marvel only had 4.

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Sunday September 18, 2005 2:53:14 AM #

Two New episodes of Justice League Unlimited tonight. SPECTACULAR. Hall of Justice! Legion of Doom Darth Vader helmet headquarters. Fire and Ice. Carter Hall: Hawkman! Cool Cool Cool.

Unfortunately... my DVR ate the first episode after I recorded it. For some reason Cartoon Network doesn't do reairings of Justice League. So... for the sake of a friend that I normally save the episodes for, anyone know of a BitTorrrent or P2P site where the first "Legion" Justice League Unlimited Episode is up at?

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Saturday September 17, 2005 3:39:05 PM #

With the addition of Hawkman and Hawkgirl, pretty much have the entire Satellite era Justice League covered in that picture. Yeah, I know, yea-- me. Still a few obscure characters on my to get list. And there are a few interesting upcoming figures but the majors are pretty much covered.

Second picture has the current active Earth Green Lanterns front and center (although it would be nice to have a Jade figure, if one existed). Includes the New JLA Gift Set John Stewart.

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Thursday September 15, 2005 9:01:17 PM #

Wolf Blitzer is such a tool.

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Sunday September 11, 2005 10:10:50 PM #

Y'know, HBO's Rome show is starting to grow on me.

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Sunday September 11, 2005 12:27:54 PM #

I haven't really touched base on specific comics lately, so here's a run down on last weeks' pick-ups.

Villains United #5 Simone, Eaglesham - Issue Five and I can't say that I really feel like this book has moved anywhere. If this were an ongoing series I think I would cut it some more slack but being a mini-series, you would think there would be some kindof begining, middle and end here? Interesting characters and characterizations but not likely a trade that will be revisited much in the future. Consolation prize, DC gets a Wolverine character in the newly relivened Catman.

Superman #221 Verheiden, Benes - Swell enough Superhero romp, although the cover is a bit misleading since there isn't any appreciable appearance by Zoom in the book.

Gotham Central #35 Rucka, Brubaker, Kano, Gaudiano - Part Three of a Four Part 'Dead Robins' Story. Very good stuff. Excellent storyline in a generally excellent book. Would make a great trade for non-superhero comic readers.

Aquaman #34 Arcudi, Kirk, Clarke - Eh.

Demon #7 Byrne, Pfeifer, Nekros - Day of Vengeance Tie-In so I picked this one up. eh, I'm just not a very big fan of the mystical side of the DCU. Neither, Day of Vengeance or this title has changed my mind much on that. Individual characters, sure. But in general with so many different mythological takes on the Supernatural in the DCU, nothing really hangs together fo me on these types of books.

Outsiders #28 Winick, Clark, Thibert - One of those, 'we've been having a bunch of battles let's do a stand alone, take a breather' issues. Sure the first 4 pages are a nice gratuitous scene, but having Batman's Protege in a relationship with an extraterrestrial princess, well-- I've never been too fond of that plot construct. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for interplanetary couples :) but I've just never been too big a fan of tie-ing the Batman family in too deeply with DC's Sci-fi elements.

So all and all, a large collection of middle-type issues without many story climaxes, maybe a better week next Wednesday?

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Saturday September 10, 2005 11:32:19 PM #

There should be a rant here or at least a long rambling musing. But there isn't.

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Tuesday September 6, 2005 9:17:16 PM #

There is a comment thread going over at Postmodern Barney on Comic Boxes (among other things. At Right is a 'leather' "short box" available at Target for $17.99.

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Monday September 5, 2005 9:17:16 PM #

Some random camera phone pictures---

A really big bug hanging out on my car at work.

A Support our troops ribbon on a Ford Expedition.

A real live Turkey hanging around my Apt Complex.

Detroit News Front Page, 'Lee Iacocoa raps with Snoop Dogg' on one side,
'Wayne Juries Lack Diversity' on the other side.
(Hmm... looks to me they have the answer right on their cover.)

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Monday September 5, 2005 7:59:35 PM #

So I'm pretty much completely caught up on my DC Comics now. So heres' what we know. (There might be spoilers in here... yadda yadda yadda...)

Black Canary: Well Ollie, you see it's like this... Batman was already completely PO'd with the League since he found out the League (minus Diana and Clark, but you know that, you were there) voted to have Zatanna erase a tiny little bit of his memory. I mean I don't really see the big deal... it was only that ten minutes where he walked in on us rearranging Doctor Light's mind, I mean I know we didn't vote for that but still after what Doctor Light did to Sue, well maybe the rest of the League shouldn't have done what they did but I don't get what Batman was getting so uppity about at the time.

Well anyway Bats is still all up in his belfrey over that, when Superman goes and just about beats him to death. I mean it wasn't Clark's fault, he was being mind controled by Maxwell Lord. I mean Maxwell Lord had control of Superman's mind and caused all these crazy hallucinations making Clark think that Bats was Braniac and that he had just killed Lois. And I mean geez it's not like there was any permanent damage done since Wonder Woman used the Amazon Purple Ray to heal Bruce anyway.

So You See that's why Batman is all Bye Bye to the League and not speaking to Supes either. Clark tried to apoligize but Bat's is all like... "Your too powerful and shouldn't have let something like that happen" or something like that and he totally doesn't take Superman's sincere heartfelt.

So anyway, back to the whole Maxwell Lord mind controling Superman thing. After Max got done siccing Supes on Bats he totally made Clark think that Wonder Woman was Darkseid and that Darkseid was going to kill Lois (yeah I know crazy isn't it) So Supes is just all Crazy going after Diana and trying to kill her right? But after this big insane battle where they both go crashing through an interstate making a crater and all what not. Wonder Woman somehow summons a bunch of birds to distract Superman. Yeah... Birds, who knew she could do that? Any way Supes is all distracted and Wonder Woman flys off to Switzerland or something and is all up in Maxwell Lord's secret Lair and she Lasso's him and ties him up. And she's all up in Max's grill and is like...

"How do I break your control over Superman"

And Max is all "You Can't! You'd have to kill me" and well the Lasso of Truth is wrapped around him, so she knows Max isn't lieing, so 'krk' she snap's Max neck and does just that right?

I mean... I was shocked, but Max did kill Blue Beetle already and he's been behind all these crazy killer OMAC robots and everything and Supes would have eventually killed Diana if she didn't stop Max. So, I mean I can kindof see it, right. But Superman is all "I can't believe you did that and You Murdered him..." bla bla bla, right and Wonder Woman's all "It ain't like that!" and like Supes totally isn't into the killing thing so he totally can't feel where she's coming from. So Superman and Wonder Woman are just not hanging out any more right?

So Diana tries to explain the whole thing to Bruce right, but Bruce just sits there not saying anything. You know that Bruce is so totally against killing, what with what happened to his parents when he was a kid and everything... So after Wonder Woman finishes, Bats just throws her out of his Cave.

Like Bats should talk right? Everybody was already creeped out by that big Brother Eye spy satelitte that it turns out he had been using to spy on all of us since the whole mind wipe thing. Everyone freaked out at Bats even more when it turned out that evil Max had taken contol of that sattelite and learned all our secrets. But now besides all that, Bats isn't talking to Diana or Clark. Diana is just not going to apoligize to either of them, because she totally feels justified. And Supes just feels bad about them all not being Super Friends anymore and is just hanging out in his room or in his new rainforest fortress of solitude crying on Lois' shoulder you know.

And it ain't much better with the kid's either. Superboy's all freaked out because Luthor took over his mind and made him attack the Titan's. And Robin's all moved out of Gotham to Bludhaven because he just needs some space from all Bruce's issues. And then Barbarra just all got out of the hospital after being infected by the Brainiac Techno Virus. Nightwing's all up and left the Outsiders and I hear he's hanging out with Deathstroke the Terminator, if you can believe that. Which reminds me, Ollie, how is Speedy doing?

Green Arrow: Roy, he's just fine...

Black Canary: Not Roy- Arsenal, I'm talking about your new Speedy, Mia, how is she feeling?

Green Arrow: Mia she's positive, er I mean, she's doing great!

Black Canary: Well you tell her I'm thinking of her.
Anyway back to Luthor, have I mentioned that he's all done and went and organized all the Super Villians into one big Society and they know all our Secret Identity's now because Despero unlocked all the memories that the League had erased. So NOW we're gonna have to fight them and the Brother Eye (which has gone all insane and autonomous since Max was killed) and it's killer OMAC robots.

Really, the only good things are the fact that Wally's twins that were killed by Zoom ended up being unkilled when Wally was joined by Barry (yeah Barry, he's still dead but this was a time travelling version of Barry before he died) and they knocked future Zoom into the past Zoom stopping him from causing Wally's wife Linda's miscarriage.

So like since that didn't happen in the past, Flash now has boy and girl twins. Oh, yeah I said there was more than one good thing, Donna Troy's back and isn't dead anymore either.

Green Arrow: Wow, things were so much simpler before I died and and came back.

Black Canary: Oh don't I know it, and I haven't even touched on the half of it, there's all that business with Firestorm, and Hal and Kyle and the Rannians and the Thanagarians and and Ray's wife being possessed by Eclipso and all smooching on Spectre and getting him to go postal on all the magical heroes, and poor Power Girl, nobody knows what's going on with her anymore. It's all CRAZY I tell you. I really feel like were all headed for a great big CRISIS!

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Monday September 5, 2005 12:45:10 PM #

Okay here's the thing. I've had some vacation time off the past week. I didn't go anywhere spectacular or exciting. Didn't work on anything monumental. Just saw some friends a couple days and for the rest of the time, generally hung out and relaxed. Didn't use an alarm clock. Caught up on some reading. Watched a few movies. Checked off a few minor errand projects at home. etc. etc. yadda yadda yadda. It's been very nice.

So a friend of mine calls me to check up on how my vacation's going. If you read the above you'll notice that there has been no conflict of any type on my vacation. That's good right? No it isn't. You see, half the days off, I've made a big stack of waffles. I've been starting my day with waffles. Starting your day with waffles does not make for an interesting conversation. It's nice, but waffles, followed by reading in bed and a beautiful walk outside-- don't get me wrong, it's all good stuff, but there is absolutely no conversational suspense in a recap like that.

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Sunday September 4, 2005 11:24:59 PM #

I haven't been commenting too much on the comics I've been reading lately. Actually there have been too many in my stacks to both read and write on. So I've been doing the former rather than the latter.

I've got to say that as good as DC is right now and as cohesive as things are running, I'm thinking of pulling back on the books I'm getting. Not because of the quality and not because of the combined price. The things is, there are really only so many of these imaginary characters you can keep up with. It becomes a time and a mindshare issue after awhile. It's easy enough to ramp up the numbers when something like Identity Crisis hits, and then ramp up a little more when they roll out exciting events like OMAC/Villians/Vengeance/and Rann-Thanagar but I may be hitting a wall before Infinite Crisis and the big tie-in even gets here.

As a side note, I've been watching eBay for some of the figures on my list.... holy cow... are some of these figures going for outrageous sums. $76 and climbing for a 3 year old Power Girl figure? $50 for a Raven? Aye Carumba.

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Saturday September 3, 2005 2:39:19 PM #

I have a lot of DC Direct Action Figures. Bunches and Bunches actually. In fact I pretty much have the majority of what I'd consider 1st and 2nd tier characters. Justice League, probably got it. Green Lantern related, definetly got it. Flash related, most certainly. Major Iconic Villain or Minor Iconic Villain? probably got them too. It all started with just getting the Green Lantern Figures, then I branched out to Flash and then to the Justice League and then, well, then the flood gates more or less opened and I've been getting swarms of them.

For some time now, I've been picking up more obscure "back-figures" here and there on lighter weeks where nothing comes out. I've reached the point however where I've exausted the in-store "back-figures" inventory of the three local stores in my area. So with that being the case, I present:


containing some of the more obscure figures that I'm looking to find.

Here's the disclaimer though. While there are a few figures on the list that I'd be as happy as a kid on Christmas morning to get, most of these are just going to round out the edges of my collection, and part of the fun would be coming across them in a store or at a convention. I mean if I actually found all these for a $1 each in an estate sale, I'd probably be bummed (I'd buy 'em but I'd be bummed afterward in that same way you get bummed when all the chocolate cake is gone.) because then I'd have none of them to look forward to stumbling across the next time I drop in some obscure new comic shop when I'm in a "foreign" land (yeah, I know that's weird).

With that said, I figured I'd post this list since, I'm going to be less and less likely to stumble across many of these figures as time continues to go by.

Note, many of these figures I've taken a pass on, on numerous occasions as well, either because I picked up some better figures at the time, or since they've been offered I've gotten other figures that they would now "connect with" better (ex: Raven was never a big deal to me until I looked at my shelf recently and realized that I have most of the Titans now except her, so hmmm... maybe I should put her on the list to round out the collection. Follow me?). Some of the figures on the list, I'm just not interested in paying the $15 to $20 that they were released at but I would be happy to get them for less (Either a principle thing or their contribution to the collection just wouldn't rise to the higher price).

So with that said, if you take a look at my list and have a figure on it you want to part with, or know your local store has one and you want to do me a solid, send me an email, I just might want to buy one of these. (Or I might not, so don't promise your little Bobby or Susie a new bike, "just as soon as you sell your DC direct Figures to the nice internet man.")

If you just want to talk DC Direct Figures... well comment away below too. Excelsior! (er... hmm... what's a better DC way to sign off?)

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Friday September 2, 2005 12:32:39 PM #

Still watching alot of the TV coverage of the Gulf Coast crisis in the background over the last few days. The cable news still seems focused primarily on the "man on the street- here's what happened to me" coverage, which although emotionally interesting, does not seem to me the best use of their resources. A shift is starting to take place, however as every few minutes the networks are starting to report like real organizations again. The response of getting people, supplies and equipment into place down there seems embarrassingly slow. It seems to me, that in a crisis such as this the government should have a better plan in place to appropriate and direct civilian busses, trucks and other supplies in faster order.

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