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July 2005

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Saturday July 30, 2005 12:30:58 PM #

» This blog is becoming more of a weekly excercise than a daily one of late it would appear.

» A couple years ago when I started maintaining this blog I also had a movie review page that I kept fairly up to date. As I spent more time on the blog I moved the movie reviews primarily into this scroll, with the thought that I would add them to my Movie review database later. Of course I've never bothered to do that. And of late, with a dozen channels of HBO and Digital Cable, a DVR, Netflix and the theater, I'm seeing bits and pieces of way more movies on a weekly basis than I care to comment on as religiously as I once did. Basically, so much entertainment, so little time to spout out about it to an anonymous audience.

» While on the topic of movies, I did see Sky High last night, and I've got to say, I thought it was pretty good. It's sort of Invincible meets Harry Potter, meets the Legion of Substitute Heroes. In anycase, it lives up to it's Disney logo, in that there is nothing that any parent could remotely find objectionable in this movie, no fart humor or any thing of that sort either. But as a light family friendly Superhero movie, in the vein of The Incredibles, it's good stuff, Comic Fans and Parents with little kids, go see a matinee showing of this one. It's fun.

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Saturday July 23, 2005 10:50:42 PM #

Random Non-Sequiters

» Interesting episode of Justice League Unlimited Saturday. The episode was actually a finale for Batman Beyond, and had little to do with the league, still there was some good stuff there, including a grown up version of the Batman Beyond Bald head Green Lantern Kid.

» Do you watch 4400? I finally watched this past week's episode where Tom wakes up to find that the whole 4400 abduction/returns never happened. First episode of the series that I pretty much didn't care for. The whole thing seemed like a contrivance to put in place a new actress to replace Tom's wife who apparently didn't stick on for a 2nd season.

» Battlestar Galactica's 2nd season has also been pretty good (if a little slow sofar). One nitpick, the computer animated Cylons are looking to have been a bad choice, since it would appear there isn't enough budget to hardly ever show them. They look good the little they actually appear on screen though. Also, I still haven't listened to the podcasts of the Battlestar Galactica episodes, I'll have to catch up on those soon.


DC Comics Solicitations Previews for October 2005 Not a pick but BATMAN GOTHAM COUNTLY LINE #1 has the following description: " the investigation of grisly murders outside Batman's usual the Gotham suburbs!" I've never even contemplated the concept of Gotham City having suburbs • BATMAN #646, infinite Crisis Tie-in • BATMAN: LEGENDS OF THE DARK KNIGHT #196, conclusion of Seth fisher Snow arc • GOTHAM CENTRAL #36, conclusion of Dead Robin story • CATWOMAN #48, DCU villains • NIGHTWING #113, Villains United Tie In and a Red Nightwing costume. • ROBIN #143. omac • SUPERMAN #222, crisis • ACTION COMICS #832, spectre • ADVENTURES OF SUPERMAN #645, omac • SUPERGIRL #3, Outsiders • SUPERMAN/BATMAN #24, terrible looking Batwoman, Superwoman and Superlad cover • INFINITE CRISIS #1, I haven't seen both the covers yet, but my money is on George Perez • AQUAMAN #35, omac • BIRDS OF PREY #87 oracle vs. the calculator • FIRESTORM #18, omac • THE FLASH #227, new creative team • GREEN LANTERN #6, Rann/Thanagar War • GREEN LANTERN CORPS: RECHARGE #2, two green lantern books each month YAY! • GREEN ARROW #55, Dr. Light pt 2 of 4 • HAWKMAN #45, huh? • JLA #120 and 121, World without a Justice League arc begins • JSA #78, very nice Golen Age Flash Cover, Day of Vengeance tie-in • JSA CLASSIFIED #4 strangling Psycho Pirate on the cover • JUSTICE #2, Alex Ross Goodness • OUTSIDERS #29 Day of Vengeance tie-in, wha? • SHOWCASE PRESENTS: METAMORPHO VOL. 1 TP $17 for 560 B&W pages, Cool • LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES #11, good book • MANHUNTER #15, Single Issue origin of the Manhunter Suit • RANN-THANAGAR WAR #6 • SOLO #7 Mike Allred does the DCU • SEVEN SOLDIERS: ZATANNA #4 annataz ekil I • TEEN TITANS #29 with Red Hood • VILLAINS UNITED #6 • VIGILANTE #2 • WONDER WOMAN #222, Donna Troy and Supergirl • CAPTAIN ATOM: ARMAGEDDON #1 in the Wildstorm Universe? • EX MACHINA #16 • ROBOTECH: PRELUDE TO THE SHADOW CHRONICLES #1 & 2, Prelude to an Upcoming Original DVD release

DC Direct Solicitations Previews: GREEN LANTERN 13" DELUXE COLLECTOR FIGURE • IDENTITY CRISIS SERIES 2 feat: Turner versions of Batman, Elongated Man, Wally Flash, Black Canary, Captain Boomerang. I'm not a huge fan of these sculpts but still will probably get Captain Boomerang and Black Canary.

Image Comics Solicitations Previews for October 2005: INVINCIBLE #28

Marvel Comics Solicitations Previews for October 2005 FRIENDLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN #1, not interested in the book, but it's a great name for an ongoing Spidey title isn't it? • SPIDER-MAN: THE OTHER SKETCHBOOK, I like Sketchbooks • ULTIMATE FANTASTIC FOUR #24, ultimate Namor • ULTIMATE SECRET #4 • ULTIMATE X-MEN #64 guest starring the Ultimates • NEW AVENGERS #12 Avengers vs. Ninjas! • THE SENTRY #2 • DEFENDERS #4 Bwahaha • YOUNG AVENGERS #9 • RUNAWAYS #9, Cloak and Dagger and the New Avengers • MARVEL TEAM-UP #13 • X-MEN AND POWER PACK #1, Wolverine's on the cover donchaknow

Let's Go Surfing

» Very cool one-wheeled motor cycle Embrio
via Funferde

» He Shoots He Scores!
via Gadget Madness

» Julius Marx has a nice page that overviews the DC Direct Booth at SDCC. It contains pictures of Saalak and the Shark from an upcoming second Green Lantern Wave. It also contains pictures of the 13" Cloth costume Green Lantern as well as the Alex Ross Green Lantern Figure. Also included is a Justice League wave patterned after Ed McGinnis (Includes John Stewart and Aquaman)-- Not my cup of tea, but some like it. Lots more there, give it a click.

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Sunday July 17, 2005 12:22:03 AM #

» ooh Justice League was good tonight! Anybody wanna place money on whether or not they are going to build a Hall of Justice? Wouldn't that be neat.

Let's Go Surfing (mostly about SDCC toy and comics news)

» Facinating article and pictures of Martian Dust Devils

» Julius Marx reports from SDCC that Target will have the following JLU Action Figure Three Packs in October:
Superman/Green Arrow/Black Canary
Green Lantern/Martian Manhunter/Orion

Lots of great pictures of the first wave of Marvel Showdown figures on Julius Marx Site as well.

» No real familiarity with the character but this Marvel Legends Iron Fist looks pretty cool.

» Take a read on the DCU panel at SDCC05 Make sure you sacn all the covers down at the bottom. That firestorm one is particularly creepy isn't it?

» Looks like DC is going to revive the Brave and Bold title and do a rotating Team-up book ala the current Marvel Team-Up format.

» Apparently Mark Waid gets a DCU architect role alongside Geoff Johns and Grant Morrison. He's also writing the above mentioned Brave and Bold Series.

» Marvel Team-up #14 will feature Spiderman and Invincible Wow, that gets my spider sense tingling

» Y'know, I have never really read much of the Spirit, but this info on him joining the DCU based in modern day Central City.... well, blah, Doesn't DCU already have the Question (who himself isn't truely a DCU character), isn't he more or less the same visual and modus-oprandi? There's going to be a movie too (that I'm a little more interested in).

» Cool soon I can add the Watcher to keep an Eye on my Marvel Legends.

» Mattel is going to do a Marvel Legends sized DCU line, pictures here. Only Batman an Superman figures so far. DC Direct has me covered I think unless Mattel goes out on a limb and produces some obscure characters (although they do have Azreal who for kids will certainly be obscure). Cool to note: these come with comics in package!

» Recap of the SDCC Green Lantern panel. A new Green Lantern from Ch'p's sector is coming in GL #4!

» Julius Marx SDCC DC direct round-up: Booster Gold and Earth 2 Huntress in 2006. 13" Hal Jordan. A Second Identiy Crisis wave, with alot of repeat characters: Batman [y'know you can't release a DC Direct line without at least one Batman), Black Canary (more of Birds of Prey modern looking), Elongated Man (Is a second Ralph in the same red costume needed?), The Flash (Yeah... It's turner style... but it's still a red suited flash), Boomerang II (interesting choice, although I'd prefer his Dad)], Alex Ross Sculps (Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Plastic Man, Joker, Poison Ivy)

Mattel JLU

» Dell has a $99 600 DPI Laser Printer, I think I payed something like $1300 for my HP one years ago.

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Wednesday July 13, 2005 7:02:35 PM #

Just Read Frank Miller and Jim Lee's All Star Batman and Robin. Nice Art, but absolutely dreadful on dozens of levels. It will still probably sell a bazillion copies but it is awful. Bad Characteization. Way too much gratuitous cheesecake. And terrible terrible dialog. "On your feet soldier..." [shudder] bad bad bad.

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Tuesday July 12, 2005 11:51:35 PM #

Random MP3 Player Lyrics
Amadeus, Amadeus, Amadeus. bunch of German words, German words, more German words, rock me Amadeus, rock me Amadeus. girl chorus: baby baby do it to me rock me, baby baby do it to me rock me, baby baby do it to me rock me. All to a synth-pop beat. (now that's going to be stuck in your head all for days)

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Saturday July 9, 2005 4:59:32 PM #

» Fantastic Four
In Theatres: 7/8/2005 Date I saw it: 7/8/2005 at Star Theatre Alpine

Good Movie. As far as this Summer's Superhero movies go, this one trails quite abit behind Batman Begins. During the movie it felt like there were extensive last minute scene cuts. The editing was very disjointed and jumpy and perpetuated a continual sence of "missing" little bits here and there. The star of the movie was Johnny Storm, the Human Torch. Followed by a better than expected Thing. Doctor Doom was a fun villain, but didn't have that grandiose true over the top evil that you would really want in a Big Screen Doctor doom. There was no fist raised to the air, "RICHARDS!" cry, that was disapointing as well.

The characters are lighter and more fun than any of the recent big release superhero movies, and the movie comes very close to feeling like a comedy. it's a large ensemble so individual character development suffers abit as the director devotes almost equal time to all five main characters. Comic fans and those in serch of a light summer action movie should enjoy this pic. I liked it overall and will see it again on DVD. Go see.

Overall[good] Story [good] Special Effects [ok]
key: [awful] [poor] [ok] [good] [great]

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Tuesday July 5, 2005 9:36:26 PM #

"Listen. I can say something to you, Denice, but all I've done is make the air move. I've caused no sensation in you; you cause whatever affect is achieved, based on how you interpret what I've said."
- Trent the Uncatchable to Denise Castanaveras
The Long Run, Daniel Keys Moran

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Monday July 4, 2005 10:48:20 PM #

dum daadda daadda da da dum da daadada daadada la la la dum daadda daadda

Goodnight internets!

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Monday July 4, 2005 5:03:37 PM #

Comments on Comics

Adventures of Superman #641 Rucka, Kerschl
Big OMAC cover, but it didn't seem that huge of a tie-in to me... much more focused on the Ruin/Pete Ross storyline (of course that may prove to tie-in tightly to OMAC, who knows.) The most interesting page to me was a phone call scene where Batman is taking a call from Lois Lane who runs though some background and gets some tips from Bats on a case she's working on. That's an interesting tie-in of the DCU. At the end of the call she calls him Bruce. To me that would be an interesting thing as a reporter to sit on. You can understand her not exposing her husband Superman, but if she knows who the majority of the other Leaguers are... that just seems like an awful lot not to report on.

Manhunter #11 Andreyko, Pina, Palmiotti
Interesting story. Manhunter, a fourth tier DC hero, is swept into a plot to kill all her fourth rate predecessor's of the same name. Still it's interesting to read a DC book with a little lower key, non-earth threatening storyline.

Batman Gotham Knights #66 Luieberman, Barrionuevo, Bit
Villains United Tie-in. No Batman or related hero appears in the entire book. Basically the book runs down similiar to one of Flash's Rogue Profile issues. Prometheus gets the origin treatment. Talia, Hush and minor appearance by Deathstroke.

Day of Vengence #3 Willingham, Wagner, Vines
The more relaxed of the four crisis books continues, with a Giant Shazam facing off against an equally oversized Spectre. You should buy it just to see see this dog Rover tell Detective Chimp what his real name is.

JLA Classified #8 and #9 Giffen, DeMatteis, Magusir, Rubenstein
The Bwahaa Ha run ends with an S&M Mary Marvel and a battle within the folicles of a Godzilla-Sized G'Nort. When the trade comes out, you really should get this. Above creative team will be taking this shtick to Defenders at Marvel next. As always, good stuff.

House of M Spider-man #1 of 5 Waid, Peyer, Larroca, Miki
Surprisingly entertaining "What if" riff on what would have happened if everything "went right" from the begining for everyone's favorite Wall Crawler. Nice costume update too. Good Stuff.

Green Lantern #2 Johns, Pacheco, Merino
The Top Gunish new relaunch of Green Lantern continues... it's still slow trade paperback paced but well done. The rebuilt ghost town Coast City is a great setting as well. But "Highball", hmm... is that new???... I don't recall ever seeing a Jordan call sign name before, seems like an odd nod to the bad addition of the Emerald Dawn Alcoholism back story. At the end there was a pretty big deal made about a new upgraded Manhunter but it looks more or less like the earlier model to me. Eh... but it's Hal Jordan, Green Lantern so it's a very highly rated Eh!

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Monday July 4, 2005 12:23:19 PM #

» Forward, onward to the future, to infinity and beyond... hey wait--- wasn't that my exit? Damn.

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Sunday July 3, 2005 8:35:15 PM #

» Page 44 of the July 2005 WIRED, in the wired, tired, expired feature:
wired = DC Comic Movies
tired = Marvel Comics Movies
expired = Stand-up comics movies

» Been running a constant DVR driven background movie marathon all day. Top Gun, Judge Dredd, Private School, Frankie and Johnnie, and Batman Subzero. ("You're Dangerous", "I am the Laaaaawww!", Phoebe Cates!, Potato and Celery Rose, and a Batman and Robin vs. Mr. Freeze movie worth watching.) Can't say that *really* watched most of them today (although I've seen them all previously), mostly just caught bits and pieces while I've been in and out except for Frankie and Johnnie which I rewatched pretty much in its entirety. (Really Good Flick!)

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Sunday July 3, 2005 10:14:17 AM #

» Here's a thought on television (and I suppose it applies to radio to a lesser extent.) contrasted with books and comics. Television Shows, just show up in your home. There is a very low level of "choice" occuring with television as compared to books and comics. Someone is likely to be exposed to new shows and new ideas much easier with TV than books and movies, because the actions to do so are so minimal. One only has to make three decisions to come accross something new on TV, and they are fairly low level decisions.
• Decision One: Turn on TV
• Decision Two: Begin pushing the "Next Channel Button"
• Decision Three: Dedicate a small amount of time to linearly surfing the channels and waiting for desireable content to appear.

A given home may have a hundred or so channels of distinct programming, much of which is changing every 30 to 60 minutes. Keep making the simple decision of pressing the next channel button and most people will in fairly short order find something to pleasantly occupy their interest.

Books don't work that way. There are much higher level decisions involved in getting books. Generally there is either travel and/or a commerce transaction involved. Both of those activities easily raise decision and action costs much past television's simple "next button".

The internet is closer to the experience of television, but stumbling apon new content is still more involved, as there isn't the linear simplicity of hitting tv's next channel button and just having desireable content appear. Typically one also starts at a search engine or bookmark list which requires much more involved action than television's simple "power-on" step.

There are some rumblings that eventually television will be far more "request on demand" than the current channel structure. If that level of choice becomes the majority usage, television and our culture as a whole, will become a very different place indeed.

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Saturday July 2, 2005 10:32:06 PM #

Random Non-Sequiters

» Went to Atlanta for work this past week. Second time I've been there. Nice city. Hot, but nice.

» Saw War of the Worlds last night at Cinemark. If you are going to see it, I'd see it on the big screen. Not much of a story, but they blow up things real nice and the aliens are interesting enough. Probably too much Tom Cruise though. He's basically in every scene. There's some post-911 type stuff in there too that's sort of odd. It's big budget Spielberg though, so it a good popcorn flick.

Overall[ good] Story [ok] Special Effects [good]
key: [awful] [poor] [ok] [good] [great]

» Really good 2nd part episode of Justice League tonight: Flashpoint. Cameos galore. The next final part to the 3 part story should really kick @ss.

» 4400 Marathon on USA network today. Good Series. Layed the whole thing down on tape and will probably try to pimp the show to some friends now.

» Is there anything much better than driving with the window down to 78° Michigan weather while hitting a freeway straight-away with the opening guitar to U2's Streets have no name playing out over the radio?

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