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February 2005

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Monday February 28, 2005 11:05pm #

Reading too time consuming? Get all my bad grammar and odd sentence structure in Windows Media Video format instead...
Video Blog: Oscar Thoughts
1 min 12 sec.

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Saturday February 26, 2005 2:51pm #

Random Non-Sequiters

» Good ep of Battlestar Galactica last night although I have to say that Starbuck was an odd choice to send over as an interrogator? Pilot, sniper, mechanic, flight trainer and now interrogator, many hats are being worn. The last two episodes are starting to stray into Star Trek territory-- in the way the lead characters/"command crew" are being used as "Jacks of all trades".

Not sure that I really have any idea where they are going with the Cylon's Religious subplot either. From reading the Battlestar Blog, it was decided after the pilot to play-up that angle more than originally conceived, hopefully they are going somewhere with it and it isn't just filler.

What I do need to know is what name did the Cyclon whisper to the President last night? I didn't make it out, and it seemed very significant. If you caught the show, please reply below if you heard the name. Thanks!

» Also I just noticed that the entire first episode of Battlestar Galactica is online in Streaming Real Format, on Sci-Fi's site itself. Watch it for Free!

Comments on Comics

Legion of Superheroes #3 Waid, Kitson
Good Writing. Great art. I really like the 29 page story count too. However, I do wonder how many issues that they will use to reintroduce these characters before getting into a more plot driven story. I plan to keep picking up this title for awhile now, but I think it would be interesting if they cycled a three issue arc then a character spotlight book, etc. to vary the series pacing. Good Stuff.

Let's Go Surfing

» Mattel JLU figures from 2005 Toy Show

» Nice subtle parody on "Drinking Responsibly" at the Onion.

» Nicely worded quote from this review.

DC doesn’t just feel like a shared universe at the moment; it feels like a shared epic.

» Toothpaste for Dinner is my top daily online comic read. It's single pannel cartoon makes sure I get my daily dose of wry observational humor and commentary. Two recent ones: Video Games Influence Kids and The Stoic Warrior

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Wednesday February 23, 2005 10:48pm #

Minutia Musings

» The "Planet Krypton" box of Green Lantern Rings came in today. At first glance I thought they looked identical to the rings that came with the various Green Lantern "Ring Busts". However they are ever so slightly different when compared side by side with those bust rings.

Differences between these rings and the Bust Rings are as follows. The bands are slightly smaller. I would estimate that the rings vary between sizes 10 and 11. The Hal Jordan ring has a slightly crisper logo, as does the Kyle Rayner ring. The new set's Kyle ring does not have the inner enamel paint coat of the bust version. The Alan ring is ever so slightly more squat that the Alan bust ring. The color of the new Alan ring is a shade lighter than the plastic ring that came with the Alan Power Battery. The original Alan bust ring was the same dark emerald as the Hal and Kyle ones. Sinestro's ring is virtually identical except it has a slightly slimmer and smaller ring band (an improvement over the first one) The Crime Syndicate ring is identical in almost all respects to the plastic Crime Syndicate Power Ring except it is of the higher quality material and the same darker green of the bust rings.

The display box that the rings came in was not very impressive. Fortunately the Planet Krypton liner is simply pressed in the roof of the display box and it removes easily (Which I immediately did, because it's an incredibly dumb idea.) The box is made of a bendable metal and the top is a little off square with the bottom.

Nice rings. Probably not worth it if you have the Ring Busts already, unless you are a completist and really want the Crime Syndicate Power Ring. Like the Bust Rings You could wear them, but they aren't really fine jewelry quality. These really are primarily display items.

Comments on Comics

Ex Machina #8 Vaugn and Harris
Very good series so far. the flashback sequences are being used to very good effect to give each issue a good dose of action, without having to have something "monumental" happen every issue of "current time". I was amused to read Dorian's review of the Gay couple, although I thought they seemed pretty much lifted straight out of Six Feet Under.

The New Avengers #3 Bendis and Finch

Straightforward Superhero team recruitment issue. Nothing much new to see here. Plot-wise, I'm not exactly sure how Tony Stark can't aford to fund the Avengers but can donate a a Skyscraper in the middle of Manhattan to them, go figure? Screwey funding reasoning but Good Stuff.

The Flash #219 Johns, Justiniano
Nice Wonder Woman team-up. It would be better if the Blind Wonder Woman plot thread wasn't in effect but still good DC stuff.

Manhunter #7 Andreyko, Saiz
Court-TV crossed with Superheroes. While not a book I would read as a stand alone, if your going to sit down with a short stack of DC's this is a nice filler series to sandwich inbetween the more standard fare. I love the direction the defense is going with the cross examination, although I think this might have been done already recently in an issue of Astro City. (One fanboy point of note, I don't think the defense attorney should have asked Superman what his legal identity was. I thought it was pretty much canon that it wasn't public knowlege that Superman even has a secret identity. He doesn't wear a mask of any sort and it is public knowlege that his real name is Kal-El. Even on a technicallity Superman probably could claim not to have a legal identity since his adoption papers would have to be forged somewhat anyway. He would technically be an illegal immigrant from a non-recognized country without legal standing I would figure although IANAL)

Seven Soldiers of Victory #0 Grant Morrison, J.H. Williams
Eh. Obscure characters and a set that looks like it's out of Wil Smith's Wild Wild West, complete with Giant Spider. I'm not sure what all the fuss is about on this book. Technically it's good but it's not really grabbing me as something that I need to put on a must read list.

Let's Go Surfing

» Prompted by my mention of Robot Chicken a couple days ago, I got this Seth Green Streaming Audio Interview from NPR's Fresh Air link in a blog comment from Patrick today (Thanks!). There is a little mention of Robot Chicken up front but the interviewer steers away from that topic fairly quickly. Good interview though.

» Ben Affleck as Superman Not a rumor, not an immaginary title. Didn't see that one coming did you? Can we hope for Matt Damon as Jimmy Olsen?

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Tuesday February 22, 2005 10:35pm #

283,416 hours and tomorrow is my 1/3 birthday.

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Monday February 21, 2005 10:10pm #

Minutia Musings

I saw Robot Chicken from Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim this morning. Pretty much Toyfare cartoons brought to life. Short show, only 12 minutes long. Some funny stuff, some absurd stuff. Adult Swim, you know how it goes.

Comments on Comics

Action Comics #824 Fin, Reis
Pretty straightforward Superhero battle stuff. The Justice League Cameos were nice.

Firestorm #10 Jolley, Igle
Two Firestorms, Two Firestorms in one. Eh…

Adam Strange #5 Diggle, Ferry
It’s just good stuff.

Adventures of Superman #637 Rucka, Guedes & Clark
Nice art but Jeez-o-Pete, they ain’t going to make HIM the villain are they? And what about this panel with Lois?

Green Lantern Rebirth #4 Geoff Johns, Ethan Van Sciver
The Rebirth part. “Get the hell away from them” Cool. Next Issue, Green Lantern vs. Sinestro. Good Stuff.

JLA Classified #4: I Can’t Believe It’s Not the Justice League pt. 1 Giffen, DeMatteis, Maguire
Man, Identity Crisis has really hosed this series. Did they forget to include this creative team in on what was going down with IC? What about GL Rebirth? It’s made that last panel kind of anti-climactic too hasn’t it? It’s good stuff, but BAD scheduling.

Teen Titans #21 Johns, McKone
Speedy: “Hey, Listen. If I get… Hurt… Just let me take care of myself all right?”. Other than that plot thread, this is really good stuff.

More Minutia Musings #

» There's a disturbing trend that has been going on for some time that doesn't get nearly enough coverage and that topic is: Superhero Underwear Goes OUTSIDE your PANTS!. Say what you want about comics not being written for kids, or disturbing trends in adult themes or comics violence, but I think one important superhero tradition that the entire comic community can get behind is that: Superhero UNDERWEAR Goes OUTSIDE your PANTS!. There has been a trend for some time toward comic artist's subtlety changing superhero uniforms and putting their underwear INSIDE their pants. I say that a stand must be taken. Let it start with Aquaman! DC removing Aquaman's Black Speedo's should not be silently approved by the comic community. Send DC comics the message: LET YOUR VOICES BE HEARD: Superhero UNDERWEAR Goes OUTSIDE your PANTS!

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Sunday February 19, 2005 9:56pm #

Drip, Drip, Drip, Drip.

I have a Relaxation MP3 playing in the background, it starts with some subtle dripping and then progresses to a gentle rainstorm. It’s very nice.

While it is “raining” in here, it is snowing outside. In ten minutes an alarm will go off on my PDA reminding me to watch Unscripted on HBO. Unscripted is a very good show. It is scripted but it is scripted in a way that it feels more or less unscripted. There are occasionally interesting cameos by famous people that you would not expect on a half hour show of this type. Merrill Streep, Brad Pit, Keanu Reeves, etc. etc. have all been on it in the last few episodes. I very much enjoy the program.

At work I have a desk with a keyboard that pulls out and I have the mouse off to the side on a stool. I cut a board to mount my computer, monitor and keyboard on at home to duplicate the ergonomics. It’s a very inexpensive solution but the posture matches. I had made a much more elaborate bridge thing for my laptop sometime back (blogged somewhere within these pages) but it’s too inconvenient most of the time to lift that up and put it into place so I almost never use it.

My PDA alarm is going off right now, letting me know that Unscripted will be on shortly.

The rainstorm MP3 has ended, the random play has now shifted to a comedy bit by Lewis Black. Not as relaxing, but much more amusing.

The PDA alarm is still periodically going off. I have it set to make a very delicate chime. It’s noticeable without being unpleasant.

The weekend is just about over. It has been a very nice weekend.

How was your weekend? Do anything interesting? Ponder any great questions of the universe? Clean that space on the floor between your refrigerator and the kitchen cabinet? I’ve got a great wand on my vacuum cleaner for that.

Is anybody out there? Anyone at all? (Repeat again with an 80’s rock background) Is anybody out there? Anyone at all?

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Sunday February 19, 2005 1:42am #

Let's Go Surfing

» Here's an interesting little essay on "Living in your own technological bubble". It has some good points.

And yet, there it is -- this growing trend of products allowing one to stay in one's own head, a private space where one can deejay one's own soundtrack to the world or maybe dive into the alternate reality of "The Sims" on the Game Boy rather than engage with those around them.
An interesting side effect to being plugged into one's own private universe while operating in the outside world is feeling excessively at ease. This makes people shift into at-home behavior -- the shoes might come off, a nose might get picked, a voice might be raised. When one is in the throws of rapping along to "99 Problems" or perhaps trying to download Seahawks scores on one's Blackberry, the distinction between the private self and public self is blurred. We are transported to our homes, where we surround ourselves with the things that relax us (video games, the sports section, music, etc.).
via Pocket PC Thoughts

» Slashdot discusses Jon Stewart and the Daily Show

» International version of Fantastic Four trailer

» Toy Fair Pictures: Alex Ross JLA Wave II

» Toy Fair Pictures: Identity Crisis Figures: Perez(/Turner) Style! Zatanna, Green Arrow, Hawkman, Dr. Light and Deadshot.

» Toy Fair: Batman Long Halloween Figures Batman (Gee another one!), Two face, Catwoman, Joker and Mad Hatter.

» Lots more DC Direct Toy Fair Pictures, Including Carded Green Lantern Wave
via Superhero Times

Minutia Musings

» In my server logs there was a google referer for Megas XLR porn. I dig giant robots, you dig giant robots, but that guy digs giant robots too much.

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Saturday February 19, 2005 10:20pm #

» Mixed opinions on tonights' Teen Titans. Some of it was pretty good, most of it was one of their "silly" episodes. The oddest was the addition of Robin's new Gatchaman, Battle of the Planets style riding helmet and glider cape.

» Hadn't ever thought I'd post a shower scene pic of Batman and Amanda Waller on my blog, but now I have. Good arc episode tonight. The explanation behind the government's anti-Justice League program is very well done. It's actually hard to see them as the bad guys. In fact by the end of the episode, Batman's mulling over their point of view, which makes for an interesting subplot. So in 30 minutes we got:

• The above mentioned shower scene
• A discussion of the big six around the JLU table.
• The Justice League evacuating a third world island.
• Superman fighting Doomsday in an active volcano.
• Dozens of cameos
• Luthor running for President.
• Hawkgirl (Can they get her out of the workout clothes and back into her uniform?)
• A comment by flash that makes me wonder if he'll make it through this season. (foreshadowing?)
• The Phantom Zone Projector
• And Philosophical discussion by the big three.

That's a pretty well packed 30 minutes.

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Saturday February 19, 2005 1:42pm #

At the Movies

Comic Book/Supernatural [R] about 2hrs.
In Theatres: 2/18/05 Date I saw it: 2/18/05 at Star Theatre Alpine

I've never read the Hellblazer comic. I have seen the Constantine character turn-up on occasion in other DC Books, but in general I'm not very familiar with him. The movie was good. Keaneu is watchable. The rest of the non-marquee actors do a fair job as well. The only thing that kept this from being a great movie, I think, are some structural issues. Such as, Keaneu's origin which wasn't really tied to the villain motivation or resolution in any tangible way. I also thought, Keaneu's abillities and actions, weren't really set-up adequately to the point where I would consider the movie to have been "playing fair" with the audience. There was nothing that came out of left field per se, but there were alot of things that happened that the audience wasn't going to have any opportunity to forsee, even in hindsight.

Sci-fi, suspense, horror fans, Go See. I liked it. My only disapointment was it was done well enough that it just fell short of possibly being great.

Overall[good] Story [good] Special Effects [good]
key: [awful] [poor] [ok] [good] [great]

Talking TV

» Good Battlestar Galactica last night. This show has turned into the best continuing Sci-Fi I've seen on television. It is also going to eventually make one hell of a Season DVD. Good Stuff.

» New Justice League Unlimited tonight.

Let's Go Surfing

» Can you smell the Power Cosmic that the Rock is cookin?

» Marvel Previews Solicitations for May 2005 Comics and tradepaperbacks Nothing that really jumps out at me... some neat covers though:

» Ace the Bathound and Streaky to be on the upcoming Krypto animated series. And Warner Bros. toughen-ups the Looney Toon characters in Loonatics

» Marvel Legends 10 pics and preorder

» There is an official Marvel Store.
via Julius Marx

» Great little site (PDA friendly) for network and IP information
via Pocket PC Thoughts

» Mark Waid's Psychological analysis of Superman

» Fonts based on Rock and Pop Band Logos

» Adult Swim Toys from Toyfare 2005. And Diamond Select Marvel Statues and Busts

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Wednesday February 16, 2005 8:10am #

Comments on Comics

DC Comics Solicitations for May 2005 BATGIRL #64 - With Deathstroke, SUPERMAN #217 - Fortress of Solitude in the Amazon Jungle? Uh No • AQUAMAN #30 - Black Manta • GREEN LANTERN #1 - Hey what's with that animated emblem and ring? • JLA #114 CSA concludes • GREEN ARROW #50 - Riddler • JLA CLASSIFIED #7 - BwaHaa Haa Continues • JSA #73 - Nice Cover

» DC Direct Solicitations and Previews for September 2005. Many figures, Much money to be spent. Justice League Gift Set. And another round of Alex Ross Figures. A Black Canary that can stand! An 8" tall Megas XLR statue for $125? Great theme song... but that's just insane.

Random Non-Sequiters

I was in Barnes and Noble Sunday and overheard the following conversation:
Late Teens Girl: You say'n I don't know how to read?
Older Woman: I know you know how to read, I'm say'n you don't comprehend.
LTG: You think because I don't read books, I ain't gettin' into college?

Let's Go Surfing

» No Iron Man for Tom Cruise

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Saturday February 12, 2005 9:38pm #

Talking TV

» Never been a fan of the Kirby New Gods/Apokolips stuff but we got an episode's worth tonight. This evening, Justice League Unlimited starred, Mr. Miracle, Big Barda, Oberon and Flash (you remember him don't you? He used to be on this show alot.) Despite my lack of interest in the characters, it was still a fun ep. It is amazing how good they've got at packing story into a half hour on this show.

The best part however, was probably the conversation in the begining between Elongated Man and Flash on the very topic of Flash's neglect this season. Flash, "Y'know, I was one of the original seven."

At least they keep Wally in the credits.

Also, for those that didn't know already, the actor who will be playing Reed Richards in the FF Movie voiced Scott Free in this this ep. I'm guessing that ST's own Worf, reprised his roll as Kalibak, and I'd take a wild guess that it could have been that short guy from Laugh-in (or an impersonation of him at least) doing the Baron's voice, but that's just a guess.

Next week, Doomsday.

» Teen Titans earier in the night was a good episode too. No wild anime takes. Cyborg got pulled back in time to defend a barbarian village. Good Stuff.

» Speaking of good stuff, there is a cartoon that follows Justice League, Megas XLR. It's got one of the best animated theme songs ever. I took the time to track down an MP3 of it online tonight (sorry no link, the site looked kindof sketchy) Lyrics though are below:

Living here in Jersey, fighting villians from afar....

You gotta find first gear, in your gi•ant ro•bot car....

You - dig - gi•ant - ro•bots,

I - dig - gi•ant - ro•bots,

We - dig - gi•ant - ro•bots,

Chicks - dig - gi•ant - ro•bots,


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Saturday February 12, 2005 6:25pm #

Minutia Musings

» Ah the joy of computers. Spent two hours yesterday and two hours this morning fiddling around with my home network, to bring everything back in harmony again. (of course it only took about 10 minutes to fix the problem, it's the other 3 hours and 50 minutes to diagnose and trial and error tinker that's especially unpleasant.)

» Missed Battlestar Galactica last night. I plan to catch the replay Monday at 10pm. Networks replaying shows, is a good thing.

» I've been using a account at home and work for some time now. It's a very nice webspace. You create a free account, copy a special javacript link to your browser toolbar and you can then store and catorgize bookmarks on the internet with one click.

I liked it so much that I wrote my own personal to run on my home network last night. Now I can use the web surfing program I've written and had for some time on my laptop to scout out sites on the internet, and locally and quickly save the more lengthy ones with one click creating a list of pages for more leisurely reading on my PDA elsewhere outside my office later.

» Have you seen Losing Lois yet? It's a great 20 minute "fan film" that non-comic and comic fanboys alike will enjoy. This short film follow's a depressed Superman recently dumped by Lois Lane who moves in with his buddy Jimmy Olsen. Funny stuff. Think of it as Seinfeld, meets the Superfriends with a little slathering of reality show on top. My favorite parts: "Green Lantern that Man-Whore", "C'mon guys we're supposed to be Superfriends", "Green's not a power" and "I gotta get me a Gotham girl" It's good stuff.

Watch It. See the production site here
Link via Sterling's Progressive Ruin

Comments on Comics

Ultimates 2 #3 - Millar, Hitch.
I liked the resolution to the Hulk/Banner Thread. I like the the 3 issue story format. It's Good Stuff.

Young Avengers #1 - Heinberg, Cheung
Ok book. Ok "shocker" of a last page. I'm not sure it would be that much of a shocker if anyone picked up this book and didn't know who the villian in question was. Art's very good. It's up in the air for me on whether or not I'll be picking up the 2nd issue.

Superman #213 - Azzarello, Lee
I'm not very familiar with recent incarnations of Zod, can't say that I like this one. I'm partial to the Movie version.

It's a Bird - Seagle, Kristiansen
Do you wear alot of black? Would your friends consider you something of a hipster? Do you enjoy introspection more than socialization? Secretly even if you would never admit it to others, you know you are just a little smarter than pretty much everyone you meet or know? If you've answered yes to all these questions, my guess is that you don't read comics either. Well this is the comic for you.

It's a Bird is a self contained semi-autobiographical fictionalized account of Steven Seagle an indy-sensibility comic writer who gets offered the job of writing Superman. He really doesn't want to write Superman though, and has no interest in the character. In fact, the book really doesn't have anything much to do with Superman at all. What the author has done is tangently thrown Superman into a book that if it didn't contain any superheroes, the comic buying public at large never would have picked up and that would be a shame, because this is a really good book, the pictures are very very nice too. Dare I say it, this is Art.

Here's the link to the book on Amazon. Buy it, make yourself a latte and enjoy both some Sunday afternoon.

Bizarro World - Various
DC's first indy-creator anthology Bizarro book, is one of my favorites, so I was eagerly anticipating this sequel. It's worth buying for all the varied art styles alone. The framing sequence is somewhat along the lines of a "get a life" tale directed at the fanboys. Most of the tales are just an excuse for indy creators with decidedly non-mainstream art and writing styles to get a crack at taking DC's heroes out for fairly non-confrontational straightforward spins. Some of the shorts I enjoyed: Abe Foreu and James Kochalka's Legion: Chameleon Boy in "Where is Proty", Yungbluth and Paulos' "It's not easy being Green", Bergeron and Kerschbaum's "The Power of Positive Batman", Doughty and Hellman's "Aquaman" (which would fit in well with "Losing Lois"). Horrock, Dairymple, and Hornschemeier's "Dear Superman", Roman and Telegemeir's "The Justice League of America 'Bring Your Kids to Work Day'". Good Stuff. Here's a link to this book on Amazon and the original volume too

Let's Go Surfing

» In Package shots of Marvel Legends 9 There are going to be alot of people with partially constructed Galactus' soon.

» More Fantastic 4 Movie toy pictures

» When I was a kid, I had alot of the small G.I.Joe action figures and really liked the cartoon. I would have loved to buy these nameless green shirt army builder 6 packs.

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Tuesday February 8, 2005 9:42pm #

Random Non-Sequiters

» Anderson Cooper 360, CNN's answer to 7 o'clock news. Tonight featuring: Teacher Sex Scandals (The newest teacher, upper left is the hottest yet.), Droopy Pants Ban, and a exploration of the porn movie (not the Watergate source) Deep Throat. (Yet another aside: If you look under the "Inside Deep Throat" headline, you'll notice the ticker scroll has the statement: "It's time to open a new chapter in our relationship". hmmm...) there was also a feature on a woman accused of being a bigomist (she allegedly married 3 different men at the same time.) I didn't notice an update on the Michael Jackson Child Sex scandal though.

I switched over to MSNBC a little later, Pat Bucannan was hosting an entire program, complete with as much video as they could get away with, on the topic of "Hardcore at Home?"

And let's not forget the Bill Cosby "Groping Scandal" That all the stations are covering. (There's a Pudding Pop joke in their somewhere if one were to craft it)

Thank God, the Superbowl was free of any titillation.

Let's Go Surfing

ABC is doing a reimagining of Little House on the Prairie. Man they're really out of ideas.
via FARK

» Cool Snowflake Photos

» A Billion FARK comments on the Paul McCartney Halftime show.

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Monday February 7, 2005 10:10pm #

» You need to know, 'cause here I go again...
Not that anybody's mentioned it, but looking back on yesterday's post, I might have been a little harsh in commenting on Paul McCartney's halftime show. It wasn't so much an intended as a dis on Paul McCartney, in and of himself. I like Paul McCartney. My favorite-song-in-the-world is by Paul McCartney. Choosing McCartney all by himself, just didn't feel Superbowlish to me. In anycase, go over to Fred Hembeck's Beatle blog, he has much nicer things to say about the show. :)

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Sunday February 6, 2005 11:21pm #

Superbowl Commercial Commentary
• 18:31 2/6/2005 - Excellent Star Spangled Banner, performed by the combined choirs of the US military acadamies.
• 18:32 2/6/2005 - Pizza Hutt Muppets, "Looks like the Pig's hittin the sauce again."
• 18:35 2/6/2005 - Some little kid tossed the coin. It didn't flip at all in the air. It went straight up and then hit the ground like a pancake.
• 18:43 2/6/2005 - Bud Light Pilot jumps out of plane, heh heh
• 18:43 2/6/2005 - Constantine, Comic movies are going to take another hit.
• 18:50 2/6/2005 - Puffy Award Show Diet Pepsi Truck. eh
• 18:54 2/6/2005 - The Pacifier, uh no.
• 18:55 2/6/2005 - Fed Ex 10 Things, Awesome.
• 18:55 2/6/2005 - Bud Light Cedric island. Slick.
• 19:01 2/6/2005 - Rebel Billionare Volvo Boldly Go ad, Eh
• 19:01 2/6/2005 - Diet Pepsi, woman after woman (including Cindy Crawford) checking out guy strutting to Staying Alive drinking a Diet Pepsi, Ends with Carson from Queer Eye turning his head as well. Funny.
• 19:01 2/6/2005 - - Yeah! a dotcom noone has ever heard of with a gratuitous "wardrobe malfunction" style senate hearing commercial. Gratuitous Sexism. Cool.
• 19:11 2/6/2005 - Bud Light Camera Phone "She's sharin alright"
• 19:11 2/6/2005 - Adam Sandler in a more serious waterboyish movie, The Longest Yard.
• 19:11 2/6/2005 - McDonald's Lincoln Fry again. Dumb.
• 19:14 2/6/2005 - Marvel Superhero Visa Commercial, plus Underdog. Silly.
• 19:15 2/6/2005 - "You're Getting Robbed" Party Store Commercial. Ameriquest. Funny.
• 19:22 2/6/2005 - End of First Quarter
• 19:23 2/6/2005 - mnba Gladys Knight Rugby, WTF?
• 19:33 2/6/2005 - Philly Touchdown, NE 0, PHI 6
• 19:33 2/6/2005 - Kick is good. NE 0, PHI 7
• 19:34 2/6/2005 - Budweiser Donkey, "Look what you started.", Cute
• 19:34 2/6/2005 - Lays MC Hammer, Funny
• 19:34 2/6/2005 - Subway Window Steamed Stoners, Cool.
• 19:37 2/6/2005 - Pepsi iTunes, eh.
• 19:37 2/6/2005 - Be Cool, ok
• 19:37 2/6/2005 - Degree for Men, Mammas Boy Action Figure, cool
• 19:43 2/6/2005 - Another Pepsi iTunes, eh deux.
• 19:44 2/6/2005 - Cadillac tunnel car, dumb.
• 19:51 2/6/2005 -, I work with a bunch of monkeys. Cute.
• 19:52 2/6/2005 - Bud Light Cockatoo, eh
• 19:57 2/6/2005 - Batman Begins, Please Don't suck
• 19:57 2/6/2005 - Micalob Rich and Smooth, cute
• 20:00 2/6/2005 - Patriot Touchdown, NE 6, PHI 7
• 20:00 2/6/2005 - Patriot Kick, NE 7, PHI 7
• 20:10 2/6/2005 - Halftime
• 20:13 2/6/2005 - Motorolla Text to Win a Million, ???
• 20:19 2/6/2005 - NFL stars singing "Tomorrow" advertisement for next season. Cool.
• 20:20 2/6/2005 - Paul McCartney, Halftime Show, nice video floor. Baby you can drive my car? Is he singing or is this lip synced? He's a classic, but really how old is this guy? Not exactly the definition of excitement right now. Time for some relaxing Rock and Roll I suppose. JoJo, Get Back. No fear of a wardrobe malfunction here. Audience might be asleep by the next half though. don't get me wrong I like Paul McCartney but this is a lame halftime show. No Spectacle at all. Live and Let Die? Well it's a James Bond Song I suppose. A 30 ssomething year old James Bond Song. Rockin.... Hey Jude. Man nothing ramps up your energy level like Hey Jude. Those NFL players have got to be pumped now. HEY JUDE! Got to hand it to the FOX network, that's the least possibly offensive thing that's ever aired on their network. Sponsored by Ameriquest Mortgage, because when you think Superbowl halftime excitement you think Mortgage Payments and 60 year old British Pop Stars!
• 20:34 2/6/2005 - Nationwide Killer Robot, now were talking.
• 20:36 2/6/2005 - Creepy frozen dead Ford Mustang Guy.
• 20:48 2/6/2005 - Patriot Touchdown, NE 13, PHI 7
• 20:48 2/6/2005 - Patriot Kick, NE 14, PHI 7
• 20:50 2/6/2005 - Tobassco Sauce. Hot!
• 20:51 2/6/2005 - Robots. Bland Fun.
• 20:51 2/6/2005 - Anueser Busch Military Slow Clap. ok.
• 20:51 2/6/2005 - Napster Music Player ad, ok. Three different MP3 players (Olympus has done a couple commercials for their Emerald Camera/Music Player and of course there have been the Pepsi iTunes ones too.)
• 20:59 2/6/2005 - Ameriquest Pasta Cat. FUNNY
• 20:59 2/6/2005 - Monkey Whoppee Cusion, cute but the first one was cuter.
• 21:01 2/6/2005 - Have they even shown a cheerleader in this superbowl?
• 21:01 2/6/2005 - War of the Worlds, Cool - Tom Cruise Spielberg, big disasters.
• 21:01 2/6/2005 - Our first ED ad this year: Cialis, Erections lasting 4 hours? contact your doctor!
• 21:01 2/6/2005 - I spoke too soon, Cheerleaders from the neck-up and burried behind pom poms... nothing to scare middle America here, move along.
• 21:11 2/6/2005 - Philly Touchdown and kick, NE 14, PHI 14
• 21:13 2/6/2005 - Verizon Miniatuized Celebrities. Cool!
• 21:24 2/6/2005 - NE Touchdown and kick, NE 21, PHI 14
• 21:26 2/6/2005 - Prius, Technically neat.
• 21:32 2/6/2005 - Mastercard, Animated Grocery Characters. Priceless!
• 21:38 2/6/2005 - Emerald Nuts Easter Bunny, Unicorn, Santa, Cool
• 21:39 2/6/2005 - Cedric Budweiser, Designated Driver dance, Slick.
• 21:39 2/6/2005 - More Monkeys
• 21:24 2/6/2005 - NE 24, PHI 14
• 22:01 2/6/2005 - Sahara, Can you say Ishtar?
• 21:24 2/6/2005 - NE 24, PHI 21
Patriots Win. Star Wars Theme (Movie Distributed by Fox) during trophy presentation.

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Sunday February 6, 2005 5:42pm #

» Presidents Bush I and Clinton, in matching blazers on the Superbowl Preshow. Pitching for Tsunami relief. Fox also ran a Declaration of Independence tribute while they were there.

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Sunday February 6, 2005 2:32pm #

Random Non-Sequiters

» Here's a mini-rant. Sometime in the last year my zipcode changed. Mind you, spatially my home is in the same spot, but where there was one zipcode, there is now two. I first pieced this together when I saw the number listed differently on some junkmail. It seems that a lot of larger companies have the capabillity to roll through their databases and update this sort of thing when it occurs. Others do not. I've noticed this on various web forms I've filled in. Many verify your Zip Code to deterime if your address is correct, the thing is, there is no way of knowing what list they are verifying the address on, so if I use the new or if I use the old zip code, 50/50 the odds are that one or the other will be rejected. Minor as far as life's problems go, but I thought I'd share anyway.

» Last night's cartoon episode of Teen Titans was one of their arc episodes. If you follow Teen Titans at all you probably noticed that it can be one of two different shows. There are the majority of single episode wild anime "take" Teen Titans and there are a handful (usually 5 episodes a season) of straightforward, more Justice-League-like "Arc Episodes". Yesterday's Teen Titans was one those. Scan your online TV Listings for this week's replays of Friday's "Episode 42: Birthmark". And keep an Eye on the schedule for: Episode 46: The Prophesy, and Episode 50, 51, 52: The End [Parts One, Two, and Three] for this good stuff. Check out which has this season's schedule and is an excellent guide to all things animated Titan.

Let's Go Surfing

» Take a look at these Spacebox modular stackable studios on mocoloco. The manufacturer(?) site is here. Neat stuff.

» I downloaded an opensource program called Synergy last night. It allows you to use one keyboard and mouse to control many computers on your network (I have it running on four at the moment) Moving your cursor off a side of a monitor causes the cursor to appear on one of the other machines similiar to a "multiple monitor" set-up. The software is available for PC, MAC and Linux and apparently works in a mixed computer environment. Neat stuff.

» These photoshopped iPod Shuffle images are pretty cool. (props to the site I found this on.... which I can't remember at the moment :(

» If blogging about blogging is a sin, then this site must aspire to being hell.

» The FARK community takes a photoshop contest stab at suggesting possible Star Trek Franchise Ideas now that Enterprise has been cancelled. Star Trek F•R•I•E•N•D•S and Star Trek Apprentice were my favorites. (It's sad to say but I would probably watch a reality show that put William Shatner in the Captain's Chair, Trump Style, and followed a bunch of red shirt contestants through Star Trek themed challenges. But I'm just geeky like that.) image by FARKer: Xx_Zombie_xX

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Saturday February 5, 2005 11:52pm #

» A Justice League episode with none of the big seven today. Black Canary, Green Arrow, Wildcat, Roulette, Atomic Skull, and a background cameo of Evil Star (among other 4th string villians that I couldn't begin to name). A little "dramatically" overdone, but overall still a fair episode.

» Paris Hilton is the guest host of SNL on right now.

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Friday February 4, 2005 11:02pm #

» Added a fun building to my heroclix gameboard this week. It is a replica of the comic store I and my fellow players shop at in Grand Rapids. Of course Apparitions Comics and Books would not be complete without also including a Heroclix figure of it's manager Dave, so I made up a figure to include him on the board as well. Good Times.

» While on the topic of games, at right is my State of the Union Bingo Card from this past Wednesday. After brainstorming with some coworkers on likely possible Speech phrases and actions, I wrote an ASP web page at work that would generate unique Bingo cards to print and play along with the speech. (we came up with over 50 unique phrases for the program to choose from). It took me 35 minutes to get the Bingo shown here.

» Went to a "Bad Movie Night" thing. Watched Catwoman which I originally reviewed here. It was still bad.

» I got access to my corporate wireless intranet/internet today. Web surf, check email etc. from my pocket pc any where on campus. The novelty part of it was by running picowebserver on my handheld coworkers could literally "pull files through thin air from my pants!". Like I said, novelty.

» Another good Battlestar Galactica episode tonight. Sure it was a the most "improbable" one to date, but it was still fun. Good Stuff.

» Life is minutia.

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