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February 2004

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Sunday February 29, 11:59pm

Academy Awards

Sunday February 29, 1:50pm

Random Non-Sequiters

Here's the scoop!

When I'm asked about my blog invariably the most frequent comment/question is: "Chris, all these links and misc tidbits are great but when are you going to post your deep thoughts on important subjects? Like what Ice Cream Scooper do you think I should buy?"

Well finally, I feel I should answer that question. I reccomend the nameless ice cream scooper shown above, available at finer Meijer stores everywhere. Spring action scoop release and non-stick coating for quick clean-up... It's patented and from Taiwan, so you know it's quality. My reccomendation? Go Scoop!

Oscar's tonight

The Oscar's are on tonight. I think I've seen considerably less movies this year... but Billy Crystal is hosting so it should still be a good award show.

Pic of the Day

Here's a pic from yesterday of the entrance to my apartment complex... great weather this weekend, spring seems on it's way!

Saturday February 28, 10:35pm

Let's go surfing

Some interesting 1960s(?) Batman Trading Cards
via delicious

Another neat time lapse (and slow motion) site
via j-walk blog

A large collection of Typewriter fonts.
via j-walk blog

Frank Miller's Sin City, of which I've only read (but did enjoy) the first book, is going to be a movie

Friday February 27, 9:30am

Jornada flipped out yesterday and would not work. I could not restore from either of two most recent back-ups. I was able to restore most applications from a 17 month old activesync back-up. All data is current since that is stored on the desktop and just needed to be resynced... but even with most of the programs restored, it is a pain because of the complicated registration hurdles you have to jump through with most 3rd party apps. Most of the 3rd party apps make you reenter all the registration codes even after a back-up restore. I'm going to unistall as much as I can (some apps I really don't need as much now that I have the Laptop anyway.) And just avoid buying these types of programs in the future.

Going forward... simplicity is the key... it just takes way to much time to tinker with some of these things when they break.

Let's go surfing

Toothpaste for Dinner strikes again with this little gem of an explanation.

Kansas Woman dies in theatre viewing Passion
yahoo news via fark

Clothes that make women look naked. It's Couture. NSFW

Next season Justice League Information revealed:

Justice League Unlimited: The heroes of the Justice League return in August with a new series, Justice League Unlimited, which incorporates a bold new look and a much larger scope. Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and Green Lantern continue to lead the universe's most powerful superheroes in an effort to stop criminal plots and alien threats that endanger the universe. Now, in Justice League Unlimited, they are joined by an even greater collection of heroes some of whom are well-known, like Supergirl, Green Arrow and the Atom, as well as some that are less familiar, like Booster Gold, Hawk & Dove, Elongated Man, The Question, Mister Miracle, Big Barda and Zatanna. Each half-hour will tell a power-packed story, combining some of the original heroes with new ones as they band together to battle alien invasions, powerful sorcerers, vast shadowy conspiracies and even ancient gods.
sounds like it will be a fun change to the series. Lot's of other Cartoon Network info at the link below:
via toymania

Check out this neat time lapse video site. Look at the New York section. It helps to have a broadband connection for these.

Thursday February 26, 1:45am

Just got out of the theatre from seeing Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ

If you are looking to view two hours of torture... this is your movie. The violence actually wasn't as bad as I thought it would be from the reviews, however, since it is mostly beatings and close-ups of a blood ravaged body, you kindof get used to it after awhile. I think the biggest complaint about this movie I have is that they don't really do a spectacular job of showing you why you should care about Jesus getting crucified. There are some flashbacks to a few highlights of his career, but largely they are symbolic and they rely on the audience having previous knowledge of what they are alluding too, and the flashbacks are very short and they mostly serve to give a brief break from the beatings.

There are some interesting Satan bits that I don't quite remember from Sunday School, but they freshen things up abit since you are never quite sure where they are going to go with that. I thought that the actress that played Mary Magdelene was pretty hot, and Pilate does a pretty good acting job. I also didn't at all mind the subtitles, and in fact prefer them to if the movie had been done in english.

I'm sure that some will look at this movie and think that they experienced a documentary and therefore get very defensive about it, but all in all I think Mel Gibson would have been better off spending his money focusing on the life rather than the explicit death. Even though the latter is more important to the religion, it is the former that really gives the latter meaning and is probably the more important message for life, as the latter really only comes into play, if you believe, when planning for your death.

If you are into this sort of thing, go see, but you are probably better off just reading the Book.

Wednesday February 25, 9:02pm

Random Non-Sequiters

Well I just blew through about 70 plus web pages and I found pretty much nothing, nadda, zilch.... there's a funny story about Bush below, but when you think about it when isn't there?

On other matters.... Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ had the next three showings sold out when I went to my local cineplex at a little after 6pm. I have a 10:30pm showing I'm going to drop into to see how bad the carnage is. Most reviews are pretty bad on the topic of the movie being overly violent, and I'm steeling myself for that, since I don't generally enjoy that type of thing. But I do so love an event picture on an opening night and I'm sure it will be an interesting and different crowd.

TV Guide had the below to say:

P-DAY HAS ARRIVED: Following months of hype, curiosity and controversy, Mel Gibson's provocative religious opus, The Passion of the Christ, makes its debut in U.S. theaters today. The film is garnering mostly positive reviews from critics, including our own Maitland McDonagh, who describes it as "never dull — no mean feat, given that it spends two hours telling a story whose end is widely known." Unspooling on a blockbuster-worthy 4,600 screens, Passion could bring in as much as $50 million over the next five days, insiders predict. And a quick heads-up: If you're planning to see the film, just make sure you stick around through the end credits. Word is the outtakes are hysterical.

They're kidding right? I mean I've made a couple jokes at this film's expense but that is a pretty bold statement for a national publication. If they're not kidding, then I imagine that such a thing will be worth the price of admission.

Let's Go Surfing

This one's pretty good, A Bush Presidential report is suggesting that burger flipping in fast-food be classified as "Manufacturering jobs". Apparently the economy is worse than we thought.
via Fark

Tuesday February 24, 7:15am

Asimov's Magazine makes local station Wood TV8 their biatch in this rebuttal to a recent sensational story linking the magazine with the intentional corruption of the innocence minors. Still won't change the fact that Mel Gibson's The Passion will probably out-open Star Wars Episode I around here. Wood TV 8 knows its audience even if they don't know what good journalism is. < shakes head >

Monday February 23, 11:32pm

Random Non-Sequiters

No Skiing today... too slushy outside.

Something bad did happen at the jewelry store next to the coffee shop today though... not sure what but it looked like they had their very own CSI action going on in there.

Let's Go Surfing


I installed Mozilla Firefox .08, open software web browser, today and so far I'm pretty impressed. What I like so far:

• The tab function browsing. This is a great feature that allows you to click on a link and have it start loading while you continue with the page you are on. There is a little swirling icon on the tab that spins while it is downloading in the background as well. When the icon stops swirling you know the page is loaded. It's a whole different way to browse and it rocks!

• Also the Multiple tab windows are in the application not on the task bar... it works alot cleaner that way.

• The Bookmark section let's you launch multiple pages at once too... which is convienent, coupled with my surfing program, I have it automatically pulling up 40 pages in one click. (still takes a little time to download all that though ;)

• It's a persistant bugger.... while Internet Explorer will give up on pages after awhile... Firefox appears to be tenetious and will keep working on the page until it gets everything. No matter how long it takes.

• Download Manager.... All your active downloads in one clean little box instead of in those little windows all over the place.

• It seems a little faster

• No Pop-Ups!

• IE causes memory hang-ups in Windows after awhile if you get to many windows going at once. Firefox doesn't seem prone to this problem so far.

A handfull of pages have rendered a little odd in Firefox (clipping some text, and squishing some "area" padding.) but it's not a major issue and has only been on a couple pages so far.

More Let's Go Surfing

Things other people accomplished when they were your age. Neat site concept, even if it is a little poor in the implementation. It is a client-side Javascript, so view source on it and you can sort of see all the entries.
via delicious

Sunday February 22, 11:20pm


Interesting post on Bill Maher's website a couple days ago:


One thing you have to give the president: people are “comfortable” with him, they want to have a beer with him – but its too late for that.

John Kerry doesn’t really give off that same appeal, that same “comfort” level – and in a week when Congress was looking into how Janet’s boob made us all “uncomfortable,” I would like to know when it was that Americans got it in their head that if they were jarred out of their comfort zone for two seconds, the terrorists win. The Superbowl was a typical American overreaction to a threat that didn’t really exist – it wasn’t about sex or nudity, but about COMFORT – the god given American right to never have anything be UNCOMFORTABLE!

And now I’m hearing a lot of people say they don’t know if they’re “comfortable” with Mr. Kerry. To which I would like to counsel: Who cares if you’re “comfortable!” He’s not running for national game show host. You don’t have to fuck him, just vote for him. Even if he’s a prick – I hope he is a prick, if he’s a prick who gets things done, who makes the right decisions – I would love a prick like that in the White House. In fact, I think that should be his slogan: “A prick in the White House!”

PS: Representative Wilson was fuming mad at the Viacom guys because her constituents riled her when their comfort level got breached, and that is sort of the way the system works: she is a representative, and the people want her to represent how they feel. It’s just a shame the people are such pathetic bunch of simpering schoolgirls.

It's a very thought provoking point. Do too many people expect to be "comfortable" all the time and avoid anything that might potentially be uncomfortable? Is "comfortable" really what we want life to be? It certainly isn't how we like our entertainment.

Would we watch a movie where the main characters lay around in their pajamas all day amid a sea of pillows being fed grapes one at a time to their heart's content? That would be a pretty dull two hour flick.

For any story to be interesting it has to occasionally have a little conflict or drama, be a little uncomfortable for awhile, there needs to be at least a little aprehension that the outcome might not go exactly as planned... even if we are 99% sure there is going to be a happy ending, it's that 1% of the unknown, that little uneasiness, that little bit of discomfort that makes a story worth telling, watching or participating in.

Just a thought, maybe a little uncomfortableness is a good thing. (but I suppose it should also be mentioned.... I have 10 pillows on my bed :)

Sunday February 22, 10:10pm

Sex and the City finale. They did a good job of tieing up the loose ends without actually ending the characters or the story. It very much feels that the character's lives will continue after this episode, but as a veiewer you're not left with any lingering questions as to what will happen next and they don't leave you with any BIG questions either, in fact at the very end you even find out HIS name. (In a very subtle and sly way that was very apropro.) As to my earlier post this evening on what they needed to do to make this a good ending. It Was Good.

Sunday February 22, 7:15pm

My Stuff

Took off my "Magnetic Poetry" refridgerator magnets today and replaced them with handcrafted "Scrabble refridgerator magnets" (which means I got a Scrabble game and cut little squares out of a self adhesive magnetic sheet and stuck them to the game pieces). Much thanks to my sticker adhering dinner guest this evening that helped out on this. I never did create much poetry with the old magnets.... I think I shall be much more apt to go for a tripple letter score now instead, at the very least you can spell swear words with these... something that was much trickier to do with the magnetic poetry. Also of note, the little wooden tile tray makes an excellent pen holder when you use magnetic tape to stick it to the door too.

Found some cheap but cool little "green lanterns" for my computer room today. I have way too many candles for a single guy, me-thinks.

And as long as I'm going all foo foo in this post, the Series Finale of Sex and the City is on in 45 minutes. Hopefully Carrie ends up with Big otherwise it will be a pretty bad ending I think.

(Man instead of a coffee shop I really should be in a sports bar or a strip club today to balance out all the above don't you think?)

Let's go surfing

Fark has a couple of good Photoshops going: Bad times to have super powers and What will Disney do with the Muppets now that the own them

Sunday February 22, 1:05am

As the iTune Turns!

It's worth noting here, that a fellow co-worker from another floor of my office building quite accidentally stumbled across my blog today via Google, and has become the first person of which I know in RL to randomly do so and email such fact.

My more dastardly iTune collecting conspiratorial APPL-evangelical co-workers (both of which are occasional readers of my site) and their disciples (of which at least one other is also known to be a sometime reader of this burgeoning online tome) may wish to take note that the above mentioned co-worker also owns an iPod and was dismayed to learn of the Pepsi-contest-foiling chicanery being perpetuated in our cafeteria ;)

Gee... suddenly I feel like my weblog is a mini Drudge Report and I have inadvertently sown the seeds of what may become a great workplace controversy! (or probably not :)


Had my first IM chat session while surfing in an internet cafe while also talking on a cell-phone. You may now bow before my geekiness!

Saturday February 21, 10:45pm

Random Non-sequiters

Got ticket to see Lewis Black in KZOO this April.

I have now decided that I am wrong: 25% of the time.

Lemon Pledge rocks!

Let's go surfing

Some guy's almost coherent rant titled Why I hate Weblogs.
via delicious

Toothpaste for dinner coffee commercial cartoon.

Interesting article on mental development.

Children's early understanding of what makes people do the things they do appears to develop in two stages. In the first stage, children understand that people act in order to get the things they want: that human beings are agents whose actions are directed to goals. At 18 months, a child already understands that different people can have different desires or preferences—that for instance an adult experimenter may prefer broccoli to crackers, even though the infant herself much prefers crackers. Toddlers not yet two years old talk spontaneously about the contrast between what they wanted and what happened. Even nine-month-old infants expect an adult to reach for an object at which she had previously looked and smiled.

Children in the first stage are missing something very specific: the notion of belief. Until sometime between their third and fourth birthdays, young children seem not to understand that the relationship between a person's goals and her actions depends on the person's beliefs about the current state of the world.

Neat superfulous business sentence generator

Quote of the Day
Friday: "GILF"

Thursday February 19, 8:05pm

If you think something on this page looks just "a little bit different" you are observant.

I decided to dive into style sheets a little on this blog. More "frills" I suppose. I'm mostly using this feature to space out the lines a little and for a finer control over blockquotes, and indenting sections, highlighting and link behaviors, etc.

Hopefully you won't notice it too much and that the page is just a little nicer to read.

Quote of the Day "Oh it's not over yet."

Wednesday February 18, 11:05pm

Made-up Word of the Day WIGATI - acronym - the opposite of ASAP. Short for "When I Get Around To It". Sentence: "I'll get on that WIGATI!"

Let's Go Surfing

Here's a great blog posting by some guy that has been floating around the web for a week or so on the topic of "Meeting Agenda Detection". Humorous and Informative.

My iTune-fiend co-workers were delighted to see this article via boing boing today. It seems that if you look at the Pepsi Bottles at just the right level you can tell whether they are winners or not.

Even Non-trekies should take a look at this trek inspired elementary school computer room

Toy Fair Pics

Weird Space suit Green Lantern
First Appearance Green Lantern one and two
First Appearance Superman
A long awaited fan favorite Firestorm
Atom in three sizes
Bat-mite rules!
First Appearance Flash
Dark Knight Robin
Now this is a figure I'm looking forward to Adam Strange
Plastic Man sucks... The real Justice League rubber man: the Elongated Man
All the DC First Appearance Figures
This life-sized Iron Man Helmet is pretty cool
Nice White Queen Statue close-up
Now who wouldn't want Herbie from the TV version of Fantastic Four?
Franklin Richards is pretty cool but I'd rather see classic Power Pack.
An entire box of Fantastic Four Fun

Quote of the Day "If you did a good job today, go out and buy YOURSELF a drink."

Tuesday February 17, 10:46pm

Random Non-Sequiters

Skiing again yesterday.... our small group had most of the place to ourselves. And sorry no pictures of me in my spiffy (whooo -- not really) new "night vision" goggles either :(

Yes I once again entered internet cafe-land--- Many FARK links are not appropriate for internet cafe land.... but still internet-cafe is very good... there were many coffee house types, a girl in superman pajamas that payed for her coffee completely in pennies and a young couple playing Othello. The guy had to explain how to play Othello to the girl. I have come to a broad and completely unscientific conclusion that girls for some reason do not learn to play Othello as kids, as I have also had to explain this game to the fairer sex myself several times. It is a good game, much more fun than checkers. Go Play!

Made-up Word of the Day ignorance - n. The act of ignoring or the state of being ignored.

Let's Go Surfing

US Circuit Appeals court upholds the Federal Do Not Call Registry.... The fun part is the below quote from the USA today Article:

Officials in the telemarketing industry did not immediately return calls seeking comment.
via slashdot

Polariod reccommends not 'shaking it like a Polariod picture'.
via FARK

Disney owns the Muppets
via Fark

Toothpaste for Dinner continues to be one of my most favorite cartoon sites. Cartoon from 2/14/04 at right.
from Toothpaste for Dinner

Y'know I'm not a reader of Asimov's Science Fiction but c'mon how bad could this be? Grand Rapids... (shakes head) It can't possibly be as bad as the Super Bowl (smile)

You can read some Image comics online for free here I highly reccommend that you scroll down and read Invincible #1. It's good.

Surf from your PDA or just load lightning fast pages with this list of PDA friendly web sites from
via compu2go

Quote of the Day "She's not a stranger."

Sunday February 15, 10:05am

Let's Go surfing

Movieoke - It's like Karoke but with movies

Some toy makers don't want to play with Wal-mart

Saturday February 14, 8:52pm


This is my first ever post and actually the first ever time I have wirelessly surfed the internet from a coffee shop. Cool huh?

Let's Go Surfing

There will be an Evening with Kevin Smith II: Even Harder DVD. The first is a must for Kevin Smith fans I'm sure this one will be just as interesting/entertaining.

I doth kid you not there will be a 3D animated Popeye cartoon special on FOX at the end of the year.

Here's a neat little digi-cam for $28, probably not quite as good as my Ion 50, but it looks to be just as small. And here's one that takes better pictures than my ION 50 (1.3 megapixel) and also directly plugs into USB ($99). I might have to get one of these.

Cool spoiler photos of the upcoming Hawkman episode of Justice League... screen caps here contain animated versions of all of the league's secret identities.

Saturday February 14, 5:45pm

My Stuff

My new Bizzaro Superman T-shirt! I normally don't do superhero t-shirts (not even Green Lantern ones) but I think this one is really cool.

Quick story on this shirt: When I got home with it, I put it on and looked in the mirror and was quite annoyed to find out that the logo was incorectedly printed "forward". It took me a minute to realize that since the logo is naturally backwards on the shirt that the REVERSE effect of the mirror, made it appear to be in fact not-reversed. So long-story short, I took the above picture to see what the shirt REALLY looked like since it doesn't work well in a mirror.

I found a very perfectly comic-sized basket at Meijer this week.

I added a new Kingdom Come Flash (foreground) to my collection. The other Wally West Kid Flash/Flash figures I own are also shown. Makes a nice costume/age-progression for Wally West.

I also picked-up the hardcover Archive Edition of Adam Strange's first appearances. Edited by Julius Schwartz, written by Gardner Fox, art by Gil Kane, Carmine Infantino and Murphy Anderson among others. These are classic Silver Age tales by some of the medium's masters!

Here is a cool find at CompUSA, a travel sized retractable USB cord with multiple sized USB adapter sizes perfect for my laptop. Only $15.

Random Non-Sequiters

Here's a fuzzy yet cool pic of a co-worker's delight at winning yet another free iTunes song from a Pepsi cap. I have two co-workers that are completely immersed in drinking Pepsi to win these songs.

Let's Go surfing

  • Jon Stewart on the Daily Show created a George W. Bush drinking game. From Lisa Rein's Radar Blog:
    The Shrub was on message, as usual. Jon created a drinking game: a shot of tequila every time the Shrub says "Terror," "Danger," or "Madman."
    via boing boing
  • DRM won't work. Here's a good article on that point
    Media companies face a tough climate. Their existing business model is disappearing. The existing business model depended on reproduction and distribution of products being somewhat expensive. It cost a significant amount of money to print up a book or CD and get it to stores, or to ship movies nationwide and play them in a theater.

    Now, that's changing. Reproduction and distributions costs are nearly free for music, the same thing is happening for movies and I expect it will happen for books. Media companies are reacting by trying to use laws and police to change public opinion, and DRM to shackle technology. They're trying to get water to run uphill.

    As Cory Doctorow, a writer, blogger, and digital rights activist, is fond of saying, "No Windows user rolled out of bed this morning and said, 'I wish there was a way that I could get Microsoft to deliver me tools that allow me to do LESS with the music I buy.'"

    via boing boing
  • Bill Maher has a blog.
    via delicious
  • I don't read Ultimate X-men (or any X-man title for that matter) but I did think this sounded like an interesting comics/movie news item:
    While details on Marvel's Reloaded X-Men event are still trickling out at the pace of molasses, Variety revealed that X-Men movie director Bryan Singer would take a swing at a year's worth of Ultimate X-Men along with screenwriters Dan Harris and Mike Dougherty. more
    from newsaramma
  • Check-out this Groovetube gadget... you put it over your tv and and it diffuses the light into little disco squares.
    via J-walk blog
  • Lots and lots and lots and lots of archived internet humor... you know that stuff that goes around in fwd after fwd after fwd? This site has alot of it. Many are NSFW.
    via J-Walk blog
  • Here's a company that will print messages, pictures, etc. directly on roses.
    via j-walk blog

  • Coinsiding with the release of the Original Star Wars Trillogy Special Editions on DVD (you knew about those already right?) are new action figure sculpts with retro feel and packaging.
    via Toy News International

  • This is going to be such a bad movie, here's movie Catwoman Barbie
  • Here are some designs one two three for toys based on the soon to be aired "Newer Younger Hipper" Batman Cartoon.
  • There is going to be what looks like a neat video game based on the Transformers from Atari
  • Recent Quotes of the Day

    Wednesday: A complete live redition of the less well known Mr. Roger's Neighboorhood show "Ending" song. A co worker, in sweater-vest, changed his shoes, gathered his bags, put his coat on, and turned out his lights in his cube when leaving for the day, while singing the lyrics through-out with feeling in their entirety (all actions were done on the beats of the song as well). I won't completely type the lyrics here, but it was definetly a moment worthy of inclusion in my "quote of the day" section.

    Thursday: "Dead is silent too."

    Friday: "My ass is burnt and I can't stop scratching it!" and "autononominious"

    Tuesday February 10, 9:32pm

    Hmmm... what was that about a great big sucking sound?
    Perot Systems to increase workforce in india
    via FARK

    What is the internet?

    If the Internet is so simple, why have so many been so boneheaded about it? Could it be because the three Internet virtues are the antithesis of how governments and businesses view the world?

    Nobody owns it: Businesses are defined by what they own, as governments are defined by what they control.

    Everybody can use it: In business, selling goods means transferring exclusive rights of use from the vendor to the buyer; in government, making laws means imposing restrictions on people.

    Anybody can improve it: Business and government cherish authorized roles. It's the job of only certain people to do certain things, to make the right changes.

    Business and government by their natures are predisposed to misunderstand the Internet's nature.

    via Slashdot

    Tuesday February 10, 9:32pm

    Comments on Comics

    I posted about the death of Julius Schwartz, the editor and architect of DC Comics Silver Age a couple days ago but the below is DC Comics eulogy (and serves as a well written mini Schwartz- DC Comics Biography) for Julius Schwartz. For any that have any interest in genre of Comic superheros it is worth a read:

    via an article on Comic Book Resources News Site. There are additional links reflecting on Julius Schwartz in that article

    Here's a great thought/quote from Marv Wolfman (Crisis on Infinite Earths, The New Teen Titan's) on Julius Schwartz's far reaching effect on Comics:

    Legend says because of the success of Julie's comic, The Justice League of America, Marvel Comics decided to start a super-hero line of their own. I think it is safe to say without Julie, there probably would not be a Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Hulk or any of the others, my characters included.
    via Marv Wolfman's blog

    Writer Mark Evanier has posted several stories about Julie Schwartz on his site. I really liked this quote:

    Lastly, to the readers of this site who have little or no interest in comics: Sorry if this baffles you but this man was important. I'll be back to the normal mix of topics here tomorrow.

    Sunday February 8, 11:32pm

    2004 Grammys

    Neat discovery today... I switched to a shielded coax cable on my video capture board today... It appears that the outer metal edge of the previous one was slightly touching the metal PC chasis and this was causing static in the picture... now with the new cable the picture is crystal clear.... cool!

    Sunday February 8, 4:40pm

    Comments on Comics

    Julius Schwartz (Google News Search), has died (silverbullet news). If anyone is responsible for the revival of the Superhero to comics in the 60s or responsible for the silver and really also modern day versions of DC's superheroes it is Julius Schwartz. He is also the editor responsible for the Hal Jordan version of Green Lantern, The Barry Allen Flash, the creation of the Earth One and Two concepts as well as the formation of the Justice League of America. Truely a comic great, I reccommend his autobiography as well. He is certainly a man who helped make a large mark on American Culture and at the very least entertained and delighted several generations. Sad news.

    Let's Go Surfing

    Need a valentine card for that not quite so very special valentine

    Sunday February 8, 10:31am

    My best friend just moved out to California with a new job a couple of months ago. He also just purchased a camera phone and sent me the above photo of one of the more amusing landmarks he passes on his drive to work: Circus Liquor, Jr. Market.

    Saturday February 7, 11:22pm

    Seinfeld at Devos Hall tonight!

    What a really GREAT show... if Jerry Seinfeld comes to a town near you, you should go. I thought he was GREAT, I'm sure you'll think he's GREAT. I mean he was really GREAT! I didn't think he would SUCK, I mean I thought he would be pretty great, but really he was really really GREAT, and I'm not just "blowing smoke up your ass", I "laughed my ass off" and I nearly fell out of my seat and "onto my ass" it was really that GREAT.

    And while I'm telling you about it; what great weather to go downtown, you "would not believe the weather". And during the hour plus forty show, never once did I look down at my watch, but when I did "I could not believe the time" really "I could not believe the time."

    (ok enough of that :)

    As far as my real review goes: It was great, pretty much all new material, a couple classics put in with a fresh twist. I honestly did constantly laugh for the whole show.

    The pics here are from my mini ION 50 digicam, which has no flash and no zoom and is probably about a step below your average cell phone cam but it's small and stealthy and from the pics you kindof get the idea of the seats and the theatre.

    Getting a little more back to the review:

    There was an opening comedian who did a short set. I've completely forgoten his name, but he had some good stuff. He was very similiar in style to Seinfeld's earlier bits and was a good warm up act.

    Jerry came out on stage, in a very crisp black suit and red tie, very much like the posters for the Comedian movie; with no introduction to a standing ovation. He kindof slide-stepped/sneaked to center stage with exagerated comedic strides. Not goofy but slick. He played around with Grand Rapids name very briefly... stretching out: "It's GRAND" and "RAPID" and then launched right into the set.

    Every joke hit, there was nothing that didn't get a laugh.... if he didn't occasionally reach for a quick sip of water the audience would have had little chance to rest the corners of their mouths from smiling and laughing so much.

    Although the set was different than his older "What's with..." stuff (a phrase he has pretty much retired) the trademark inflections and occasional mumblings were still there and alot of the set-up stuff was just as funny as the payoff/punchlines strickly due to his delivery.

    There were cereal jokes and bits on old people, some new stuff about kids, now that he's a dad. As well as some pretty great humor on brides, being married and relationships.

    There was also a fun/true bit on how close Great and Sucks really are and that everyone's life sucks, even his, although OUR life "sucks more" than his (which got a big laugh) For a little under an hour though I don't think anyone much in the house was thinking about any suckedness it their life... and that definetly was worth the price of admission.

    If you get the chance: go see!

    Saturday February 7, 3:12pm

    Comments on TV

    I was pleasantly surprised to see Green Lantern on today's episode of Static Shock: Fallen Hero. View this page of screen caps I put together.

    Comments on Comics

    Several really good comics out this week, among the ones that I read right away:

    Invincible #8 - $2.95
    Superman Birthright #7 - $2.95
    Supreme Power # 7 - $2.99
    My Faith In Frankie #2 - $2.95

    Invincible continues to be one of my most favorite regular reads, I highly recommend it.

    Superman Birthright has been a suprisingly good retelling of the Man of Steel's Origins. This story, in my opinion, has really taken the best aspects of all of Superman's updates over the years and truely kept everything that works and woven a fantastic tapestry out of what has become a very frayed story over the past 75 years.. Can we get Mark Waid to do Green Lantern next?

    Supreme Power Although this is a very slow moving tale, you don't notice that while your reading it because of how wonderfully JMS, the author, retravels over these well worn paths making you feel like you really are reading this retelling of a esentially a retelling for the first time.

    My Faith in Frankie I had just as much fun with this book as with the 1st issue. I do reccomend that you pick-up the trade paperback instead when it comes out though, that is really how this book is designed to be read.

    Also in this week's take I picked-up : A Green lantern Snowglobe 9"h x 6"w x 6"d. Well constructed and larger than I expected. It makes an interesting addition to my collection.

    Let's Go Surfing

    LaCie has a Firewire/USB 2.0 Compatible 1 Terabyte External hardrive available in March for $1,199.

    Microsoft according to this post on Ars Technica is developing a Windows XP Light

    Here's a parody/twist on Pepsi's iTunes Superbowl commercial.

    Snowman Porn NSFW
    via- not really sure how I got to that page

    I thought the below quote from an article on "Basic Income" was an interesting:

    Mr. Wray insists that only such a job-creation program can solve the modern problem of structural unemployment. He says that the training-and-education programs currently favored by policy makers are based on a fallacy. "If you bury nine bones and send 10 dogs out to get them," he says, "only nine of them are going to come back with bones. Now, you can take that one dog and teach him the latest, most up-to-date bone-finding techniques, and he might come back with a bone the next time. But you know that some dog is always going to come back empty."

    Sony Blue-ray DVD recorders are due out in May. The discs will hold over 23Gigs of data.
    via Gizmodo

    Free Software Finds


    I haven't tried these yet but they look interesting...


    Publisher's Description: This small utility allows you to assign any keys on your multimedia or non-multimedia keyboards to launch specified applications and shortcuts. For example, you can re-assign your "Media" key to launch Winamp instread of WMP. You can also use Start/Stop, Prev, Next keys to control winamp. You can do with your keyboard anything you want. Winamp control executables also included.


    Publisher's Description: WinPDF is professional PDF creation software. It installs a virtual printer named "Easy PDF Creator", which enables users to create PDF files and convert existing documents into PDF format though the print command offering PDF paper size, resolution, orientation, fonts embedding, live hyperlink, embedded images, formulas, tables, figures, encryption, document metadata, usage control, automatic and batch output. Freeware, no watermarks, no pop-up.
    Pic of the Day

    A co-worker of mine turned a very nice Wrigley Field photo into a real "desktop" background. The night game image works very well in our very dark office row.

    Quote (and a Pic) of the Day Friday: "Give me 5 minutes!"

    Monday February 2, 11:25pm

    Skiing again today.
    Higher Hills + Snowing = Faster skiing and More Fun
    Snowing + high speed - Snow Goggles = Where the Hell am I going!
    Overall, good times!

    Sunday February 1, 10:41pm

    (mostly everything but the) Super bowl

    Superbowl Streaker Guy NSFW

    The commercials more or less sucked maybe I should have watched the Lingerie Bowl instead?

    Yep, Justin definitly exposed one of Janet Jackson's boobs NSFW

    Sunday February 1, 4:25pm


    Yes, the day has finally come, It looks like I'm getting rid of the empty Pringle can collection, the final total is 137 (which may be 138 by the time I take them to the curb) A completely pointless multi-year Warholian experiment in collecting a completely irrelevent personal object of pop interest has run its course as I've decided to put the space above my kitchen cabinets to more practical use.

    Random Non-Sequiters

    Someone has hung a really big American Flag off the back deck of their apartment. The view seen here is from my apartment's window.

    The gas station in Fowlerville, Michigan shown here is the exact place in the universe that my car nears running out of gas when I drive out and back to/from my parents place on the east side of the state.

    Y'Know there is something about personal web pages and pictures of one's cat that just go great together, like peanut butter and chocolate... so here's another picture of Bongo.

    For awhile now I've kept a log of all the comics I buy as I buy them. It makes for a nice little index of the recent portion of my collection. Entering the last three weeks take, which mostly I haven't gotten around to reading yet, I noticed that I somehow mananged to buy 3 copies of Green Arrow #34, over the last 3 weeks in row without realizing or recognizing it as something I bought. I generally don't pick-up more than six issues or so in a given week so this is a pretty impressive lapse in memory. Congratulations to Marcos Martin and Alvaro Lopez and "Good Javier" Rodriguez (no I am not making those names up) for designing a cover so generic and forgetable that made it easy for me to do :) Points given however to the Judd Winick's story, which was very good, although not worth purchasing three times.

    "LUKE SKYWALKER TOOK MY MONEY"-- I purchased a DVD staring and directed by Mark Hamill called "Comic Book the Movie" I had to eject it after 15 minutes. It is completely unwatchable. My apoligies again to a friend that came over to watch that with me. "Kevin Smith was in it, who knew it'd be that bad..."

    Super Bowl Commercials are on tonight....

    Let's go Surfing

    Do you know that they were considering the pop star Beyonce to play Lois Lane in the upcoming Superman movie?

    It seems that popular outcry had some effect. Ain't It Cool News' Harry Knowles followed up on his prior reports that Warner Brothers was looking at singer Beyonce Knowles for the role of Lois Lane in the upcoming Superman film. Knowles said, "Seems that McG had decided he wanted to go with Beyonce, nothing official had been signed at that point, HOWEVER, agents of other actresses that were up for the part, their agencies, a few secretaries and assistants here and there all heard that the part was no longer available and was going to Beyonce. Today, according to a plethora of sources, the part of Lois Lane is WIDE-OPEN and the line being spread was that Beyonce was, of course, never going to be Lois Lane, but rather ... ahem ... that was just a really bad idea that was being floated, and ... ahem ... of course Warner Brothers would ... ahem ... never do that, because of course they respect the source material and it's long and valued history ... ahem ..."
    How craptacular is this Superman movie likely to be?

    For the frugal and technologically inclinded out there
    via boingboing and a guy from work

    I work in advertising and this is stupid: (This is taken from: J-Walk Blog)

    You cannot say or print:

    "Super Bowl"

    "Super Sunday"

    The Super Bowl logo

    "NFL", "AFC", or "NFC"

    "National Football League"

    "American Football Conference"

    "National Football Conference"

    Any team name (e.g., "Buccaneers") or nickname ("Bucs")

    You can say or print:

    "The Big Game in Houston"

    "The Professional Football Championship Game in Houston"

    The date of the game (February 1, 2004)

    The names of the cities of the competing teams in the Super Bowl (e.g., Indianapolis vs. Tampa Bay), but not the team names

    You can make fun of the fact that you cannot say the phrase "Super Bowl" (e.g., by beeping it out)

    No entity should get to have this tight of control over language.
    via J-Walk Blog

    You Can't Buy My Records at Walmart catchy little MP3.
    via J-Walk Blog

    Cool office craft project Materials Needed: Tall 100 Plastic CD Spindle and Christmas Lights.

    One of these days I'm going to get around to learning how to silkscreen.... here's what looks like a very good tutorial with step by step pictures.
    via some poster on

    Not what you think: SFW
    via memepool

    DIARY OF INDIGNITIES SPECIAL EDITION: Uncle Patrick's Advice to Children NSFW... but some of these amused me. Here are some excerpts:

    Here's a helpful tip for job interviews: try not to stab your future boss in the arm with a freshly sharpened pencil. If you must stab someone with a pencil, have the common sense to dull the point to a state where you can be sure it won't easily break the skin.

    Head wounds do tend to bleed a lot. Don't panic.

    If you accidentally rear-end another car while driving, Florida law dictates that you must stop and confer with the affected party. Turns out just waving to let folks know you're alright while driving away is a little something the state troopers like to call "leaving the scene of an accident."

    via "I have no idea how I got to that page"

    Upcoming Jason Todd (Robin II) "Hush" storyline Batman Villian action figure. A Toy Fare Exclusive.

    Turn of the Century Pickled Dragon
    via boing boing

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