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November 2003

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Saturday, November 29, 2003 11:03pm

Good Episode of Justice League tonight. Episode: Hereafter. Wildly different first and second parts. "Death of Superman" got worked in, as well as Lobo, and a return apperance by Star Saphire and Vandal Savage. Many other villains as well as an interesting trenchcoat Green Lantern Dress Uniform concept.

Saturday, November 29, 2003 9:49pm

Word of the Day:
Emergence - What happens when an interconnected system of relatively simple elements self-organizes to engage in more intelligent and more adaptive higher-level behaviors.

Surf's Up

    Really good article on the fundementals of executive dashboards.

    Star Wars Scout Walker Kama Sutra (NSFW- you don't want something this dumb showing up on your workplace surf logs.)

    Second Season of Teen Titans Starts 1/10/2004 at 9pm and MTV's Spider-man DVD comes out 1/13/2004

    The Catwoman movie pics keep getting worse.

    Computer Programer or Serial Killer? Take this Quiz

Saturday, November 29, 2003 2:32pm

Ran around a little bit on Friday, the holiest retail shopping day of the year. Bought the NAMCO TV Games Video Game Controller/System (I got it at Circuit City, but I've also seen it at Software Etc.) pictured below:


The game includes: Pac-man, Dig Dug, Galaxian, Rally-X and Bosconian.
Plugged it in today and played around with it for awhile. Well worth the $15 just for the novelty factor. You could easily mount this in a full sized arcade case and be hard presssed to tell the difference that these are not the real games. Having the repo of Galaxian is especially cool. My brother when he was little loved that game, he would actually stand there in the arcade just watching it jumping up and down completely mesmerized. It was a much simpler time in video games.

Quote of the moment: "You could sleep with us if you want?"

Tuesday, November 25, 2003 9:43pm

Random non sequiturs

    I picked-up the X-men 2 DVD which came out today. Best Buy had it for $16 (vs. Meijer's $22).

    Schuller's Book store is a much better book store than Barnes and Nobles.

    There are alot of unenthused retail clerks out there, I got some custom paint mixed today at Home Depot and the mixer girl literally took time to watch some of it dry. It was actually quite amusing in a dry comedic way. You had to be there.

    Lay's Stax are not as good as Pringles.

Let's Go Surfing

Michael Cain to possibly play Alfred in the next Batman movie (which so far looks to be shaping up alot better than the Catwoman movie)

Read this today on AvantGo/Sci-fi channel Sci-Fi Wire(sorry no link), Rumor is that the Original Star Wars Trilogy will again be subtlely reworked:

• For example, an aged and scarred Hayden will now appear as Anakin at the end of Return of the Jedi, when Luke removes Darth Vader's helmet, the site reported. Among the other rumored changes:
•The original Star Wars movie will restore the moment when Han Solo (Harrison Ford) shoots Greedo first.
•Lucas will revamp the lightsaber fight between Obi-Wan (Alec Guinness) and Vader.

Hopefully the Han Solo part is true.

Quote of the day: "I guess you showed me"

Monday, November 24, 2003 9:23pm

Once upon a time when you wanted to run Windows you looked for an IBM compatible computer. But for some time now, Intel and AMD have been the major players in the PC chip market. What was once an IBM compatible (a non-Macintosh) is now generally refered to simply as a PC or Wintel (Windows/Intel) machine.

Therefore the new ad by IBM in the new issue of PC world can be looked at with much irony. In the ad IBM touts their new 64 bit chip that will be used in the upcoming Apple Macintosh G5's.

It would then appear that in the future, IBM-compatible machines will now, most likely, be from Apple.

20 years ago who would have thought that?

Let's Go Surfing

Inventor of the Credit Card dead

Playboys' Women of Wal-mart (NSFW=Not Safe for Work) Pages 1, 4, 5, and 6 have "blue smock" strip teases.

Monday, November 24, 2003 8:02pm

Winter has come to West Michigan. Two days ago no Jacket was needed. Today however-- BLIZZARD. Would have posted a pic but I was in all day and the night shots were too dark.

Two great words today:
en·nui - n.
Listlessness and dissatisfaction resulting from lack of interest; boredom

an·o·mie or an·o·my - n.
1. Social instability caused by erosion of standards and values. 2. Alienation and purposelessness experienced by a person or a class as a result of a lack of standards, values, or ideals:

Quote of the day: "Gifts that Pull"

Sunday, November 23, 2003 11:40pm

This is amusing: the guy who invented the term "Metrosexual" has apoligized for it:
"I had no idea what I was starting," he said, speaking exclusively from his home in London, England. "If I'd known that metrosexuals would take over the world and make everyone wear fake tan and use glutinous hair care products I would have written about baseball instead."

Sunday, November 23 2003, 10:31am

Early Morning Surfing

Kevin Smith video archive of comedy bits from the Tonight Show.

Sunday, November 23, 2003 4:06am

Here's a neat word that I came across in this month's issue of Wired Magazine. apparently it was invented by author Philip K. Dick (of Blade Runner fame):
Kipple - n. all the useless crap that creeps into our daily lives like junkmail and gumwrappers and old newspapers. Philip K. Dick's First Law of Kipple: "Kipple drives out nonkipple".

Sinestro (Green Lantern's arch enemy) was on tonight's episode of Justice League: "Secret Society". Lots of detailed constructs... alas still none employed by John Stewart.

Now let's go surfing:

Cool genetically engineered Blacklight Fish to go on sale this January and they're working on non-allergenic cats too. Science!

Holy Wax Statue Batman!

New Mattel Justice League Green Lantern Toys on the horizon. An Action Figure with knee and elbow articulation (as well as neat constructs) and a motor bike which is kindof silly for a super hero that flies, but most certainly less silly than a motor bike for the fastest man alive, Flash, also pictured.

While on the topic of upcoming toys, DC direct just released their monthly pics of their new toys and collectables a couple days ago. As neat as it is I don't think I can quite bring myself to spring the $200 for this Gil Kane style Atom statue but I will order this much more resonably prices ($10-$20?) first appearance Flash. The classic first appearance versions of Batman, Wonder Woman, and Shazam are neat too, but I'll pass on those.

Mark Hamill's (Y'know-- Luke Skywalker) Comic Book The Movie Making of Featurete in Quicktime from the upcoming DVD. Was this in theatres?

Rrrwwww! Catwoman Movie news: My god this movie is going bad. Check out the below that I pulled off of who themselves got it from something called: (which I didn't bother to read)

In a rare moment of cinematic continuity, talked to Halle Berry, who discusses how she has a Gotham connection. "I do wear a mask in this one, and what I like a lot about this script is that it harkens back to the Catwomen of the past. Like we're not presenting that I'm the only Catwoman. I'm one of nine Catwomen. We believe there are nine Catwomen in this life and I'm one of them. I would be the sixth or fifth one. And so, there are scenes where they talk about, yeah you know, that really great Catwoman on the east coast, which is supposed to be Michelle Pfeiffer. It leaves room for us to appreciate the ones of the past and also make a space for this new Catwoman version which is mine who is a little more 2004. The costume is a little bit more sexy than the costumes of the past, she's a little bit more urban, and hopefully we'll find a right tone for her that will make her like the other ones, but somehow different at the same time."
Horrible... oh and if you haven't seen it yet take a look at her costume. she looks great but can you really fight crime in opentoe high heels and a leather bikini top?

Do you remember the "Monkey" dance Steve Balmer Video from awhile back.... now it is an ipod commercial (a parody of one at least).

Want to know what's coming up on your favorite sci-fi tv shows?

Also it's been anounced on Teen Titan's at Animation Insider that the Teen Titan's cartoon (Cartoon Network 9pm Saturdays and on the WB at Saturdays 8:30am) has been picked-up for 4 seasons. (It is only on it's first season now). It is a cute quirky show aimed mostly at kids but it is very watchable.

Saturday, November 22, 2003 10:22pm

Just an interesting thought I had while I was updating my Movie-List. When I coded it a couple years ago I put in seperate date fields for VHS and DVD (because of course the DVD used to come out after the VHS). While updating some entries today it occured to me that the DVD and VHS dates are the same now, because nobody gets VHS anymore. When exactly did that happen? I'm not a big video renter but it was just interesting to me that I missed that little transition to both VHS and DVD being released on the same day universally.

Saturday, November 22, 2003 9:50pm

A blog is born!

I decided a couple months ago that I would try maintaining a blog.

A place to put interesting things I find on the web or from RL (RL=Real Life). I then started looking for blogging software but nothing looked like exactly what I wanted. So I thought, well my Movie List is automated and I've written some really spiffy link surfing/cataloging code at home, and then there is my epic Print/Project Tracking software I've written at work, and I already have some web based home Journaling software (that I never write in BTW) that is pretty close to what I want-- I should just write my own blogging software.

Weeks pass.

And more weeks pass.

I of course don't get around to writing my own personal blogging software. I did today however have a marathon session of updating my Movie List after which it dawned on me. Why not just go completely old school, I mean really old school. No fancy blogging software. Just pure unformated raw html straight out of a text editor. So here it is: C h r i s K a r a t h's Blog v. 0.1

Basically I'm doing a Blog Home Page and then a series of Flat HTML files with a simple backwards date naming convention ex: blog0311.html where 03 is the year and 11 is the month. It should be pretty easy to maintain from anywhere and I can carry the entire site around on a USB thumbdrive this way. Plus it will most certainly load lightning quick!

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